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hear the details of your adventure in depth and your care of my

daughter has my undying gratitude. Please, let me invite you to

dine tomorrow. I will send along an invitation in the morning.”

Jonathan’s expression was smooth, his eyes cool as an azure

sea, though Jenna thought she saw a flicker of his signature ironic

amusement there. “I appreciate your invitation.” He hesitated, just

a fraction. “But…perhaps you will not understand this, but I have

been responsible for your daughter for nearly half a year, and she

has been barely out of my sight. I would like to accompany her and

be there when she tells our story. It might be easier for her and

those details you spoke of more clear with both of us explaining

our adventure.”

Her father was not a fool. Jenna saw his gaze sharpen, and the

two men looked at each other eye to eye, as if weighing the

measure of each other. Her heart began to beat quickly, and her

palms felt suddenly damp.

Her father said slowly, “As you wish. I have a carriage


* * * *


Emma Wildes

Damn if he wasn’t tired, travel-worn, and not anxious to do

this, but as Jonathan accepted a glass of brandy, he glanced at the

wan face of the young woman seated in the chair in her father’s

study and knew he could not let her endure this interview alone.

Jenna wore a soft rose dress, the material gathered under her full

breasts, and her shining hair was gathered into a demure chignon,

but nothing could disguise the still golden hue of her flawless skin,

or the apprehension in her dark blue eyes. She had discarded her

cloak quickly and sat down, hoping, at a guess, to put off exposure

of her condition. She began, “Papa, I know that you must—”

“Perhaps, the earl should talk first,” her father interrupted, tall

and regal behind his desk, almost as if he were conducting a war

council. His gaze was like granite. “Since he seems to think he

needs to be here. Tell me, Charbeau, what it is that my daughter

cannot tell me alone?”

Well, Jonathan thought with resignation, he
been warned.

“I suppose you realize now, considering where we were found, that

we had been blown miles and miles off course even before the

second storm hit.”

That fact, stated so blandly, made the general nod once, his

face tight. “I concede I was surprised. I had sent out ships

searching, of course.”

“But, in the time it took them to get there and given the fact

that they were looking in the wrong place, you found nothing. In

fact, had fate not taken a hand, we would beyond a doubt still be

there, locked on our little island, battling snakes, jungle cats, and

tropical storms for years and perhaps always.”

“I trust all this has a point, my lord,” Jenna’s father said


“It does. Let me say that it was the consensus between Reeves,

myself, and Charles, that we were probably there for life. Jenna,

also, knew what the odds were because we kept nothing from her.

At first, of course, we were all understandably unhappy with the

Savage Shores


notion.” Jonathan paused and then said in a deliberate voice, “But

in the natural course of things, we

The general was not slow, that was a certainty. He stood

immobile, his blue eyes frosty, his lips barely moving as he asked,

“Just how well did you…adjust, my lord?”

“Your daughter,” Jonathan said mildly, “is very beautiful.”

Very quickly, Jenna, who had said nothing, stood and crossed

the room, looking with imploring eyes at her father, stopping just

short of his desk, her dress falling in soft folds around her. Her

cheeks were pink but her head held high. “I am not ashamed of

anything I’ve done, but I am well aware you might be. However,

please consider that this life,” she indicated the very civilized

confines of the study with its bookcases and leather-bound chairs,

“is more remote to me, even now, than walking half-naked on a

sandy beach. One of them guarded me; a spear and knife at ready,

at all times. There were predators everywhere, sharks in the sea,

leopards, huge snakes…I would be dead ten times over if not for

Jonathan and the others. Yes, I guess I am not the innocent young

maid I once was, but I am not sorry.”

“Jenna,” Jonathan said, feeling a curious tenderness at her

willingness to flay her own behavior in front of her beloved father.

“Please sit down. Your father and I will work this out.”

She ignored him, announcing, “I am going to have a child.”

General Hayward’s face reddened slightly, but he inclined his

head grimly as he looked pointedly at her. “I have already

surmised that. My question now is what exactly is Lord Charbeau

going to do about it.”

Jenna opened her mouth again and Jonathan feared she was

going to blurt out the truth about Anthony and Charles, so he rose

quickly and said, “I take full responsibility, of course. I would like

us to be wed as soon as possible, perhaps even tomorrow if I can

get a special license. Please understand, I have not even yet seen

my family and I think I am still officially dead.”


Emma Wildes

“You still could be,” the general muttered.

Jenna turned and looked at him. “You wish to marry me?”

“He damned well better wish it.”

“Father,” Jenna said in hot reproach, swinging back. “I love

Jonathan with all my heart and he saved my life. I want this

baby…oh.” Very suddenly, she stopped talking and her hands flew

to her stomach, pressing the small swell there. “Jonathan, it

moved…I mean—I thought all morning it was simply butterflies,

but—our child moved.”

She loved him.

Forgetting her father completely, Jonathan’s world suddenly

narrowed to one lovely blond young woman with her hands

smoothing the precious curve of a new life. He crossed the room in

two strides, catching her in his arms. “It did?” he asked, ignorant

of what happened to pregnant ladies, looking down into her

suddenly glowing face. “Tell me, my love, how did it feel?”

Jenna smiled up at him and incredulous tears trembled on her

lashes. “Like a tickle, really. A brushing inside me…Oh, Jonathan,

do you really want to marry me or are you saying so for my


“I insist on marrying you,” he explained firmly, lowering his

head to brush his mouth against her soft parted lips. “And keeping

you all to myself.”

She blushed then, knowing what he meant. “Can I keep

?” she asked tartly. “You reputation precedes you, my


His smile was tender and infinitely wicked. He said truthfully,

“Even if I were trapped for eternity on a desert isle, I would not

need anyone else.”

Savage Shores



The Improper Ladies 1




Emma Wildes is the author of numerous erotic novels and short

stories. Reading has always been her passion and she finds that

vibrant characters with strong personalities have a tendency to

draw her straight into the story. History is her passion, and it

reflects in her choice of wickedly dashing heroes and willful

heroines. She lives in rural Indiana and is working on her next

romance. Please stop by and visit at She

would love to hear from you.

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BOOK: 193356377X-Savage-Shores-Wildes
3.41Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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