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Authors: C.J. Fallowfield

31 Days of Autumn (3 page)

‘Here’s a bottle of water each, Mrs. Davenport.
You have the satellite phone to call me when you’re ready?’ Dean shouted over
the sound of the spinning helicopter blades above us.

‘I do,’ she confirmed, tapping the neoprene
band on her arm that I’d assumed was holding her iPod. ‘Thanks, Dean, see you

‘Enjoy your day,’ he nodded, flicking the
controls. I moved Ellie to a safe distance as we watched him take off, then
turned to face her.

‘I thought he was my pilot?’ I asked, amused to
see her in control for once.

‘You swore
for richer or for poorer
said all that you had was now mine. You know I only married you for your money,
I’ll be filing for that divorce anytime now,’ she winked, making me chuckle
with a shake of my head. ‘Come on, let’s warm up. If I remember right, it’s a
long, steep climb up to the waterfall.’

‘It is,’ I frowned, suddenly concerned for her.
‘Are you sure you’re up to it? I could call Mr. McAdams to bring over the Argo
ATV to take us up again.’

‘I had a baby, Dan. There’s nothing wrong with
my legs, I can still run, thank you. In fact, I reckon I could beat you up
there,’ she challenged.

‘Right,’ I nodded, flicking my head over to a
fallen pine tree that would be perfect for us to stretch against. ‘In your

‘O, game on, arrogant Davenport,’ she gasped.

‘Fine, I’ll give you a five minute head start,
seeing as you’re a woman and you have shorter legs than me, but that’s all I’m
giving you. You want to play in the big leagues, I’ll show you the big

‘What do I get if I win?’ she asked, giving me
a coy look as she put her foot up on the wide trunk and grabbed her toe. I was
distracted for a moment by her curvaceous backside, her sexy cheeks peeking out
from those shorts, tempting me as usual.

‘Me,’ I shrugged, matching her pose.

‘I can have you whenever I want, you need to
come up with something a little more enticing than that.’

‘I was thinking about you getting me in
Davenport’s board room, dressed in my three-piece suit, with a riding crop and
some bondage rope. You’d have to call me “Sir” and obey all of my instructions.
But, if that’s too boring for you …’ I shrugged with a teasing smile. Her
beautiful green eyes sparkled with enthusiasm immediately.

‘The boardroom? On the huge table?’

‘And the CEO’s chair. Might as well give me
some good memories to get me through some of those tedious quarterly meetings.’

‘You’re on,’ she nodded, her smile lighting up
her whole face, making me chuckle.

‘What do I get if I win?’ I asked, both of us
changing our poses to stretch out the other leg.

‘Well, I was going to save it as a surprise for
your birthday, but I guess I could use it as an incentive now,’ she mused,
giving me a mysterious smile.

‘Baby, I can’t think of one single sexual
position we haven’t now tried,’ I reminded her with a smug smirk. We really had
been through the entire Karma Sutra and after Jonas had been born, she’d
finally allowed me to claim her sexy backside. I’d thought it was never going to

‘Not sex, but it may as well be, you’ll get
that excited,’ she giggled.

‘What?’ I demanded, straightening up. I put my
hands on my hips and flexed them from side to side as I waited for her answer.

‘I may, or may not, have used my connections to
Hollywood’s leading actress to secure VIP passes for us to go on set in Canada
to watch an episode of
The Flash
being filmed, and to
meet all the stars,’ she shrugged.

‘Are you serious?’ I exclaimed, beyond excited
at the thought of it.

‘The Arrow director has even agreed to give you
a walk on part, too.’

‘Ellie Davenport, I love you more than life
itself, but knowing that’s my prize, I’m so going to whoop your arse.’ I
grabbed her and crushed her to my chest, kissing her forcibly. She knew me
better than anyone. The world saw a powerful alpha male at the top of his game,
she saw the softer, down-to-earth man inside, the man who loved his family and
comic show recreations and action films.

‘Damn it,’ she moaned. ‘I should have used that
as an incentive to let me win, I have no chance now.’

‘I’m feeling in a generous mood after you’ve
just given me the best birthday gift ever. I’ll make it a six minute head

‘O, thanks so much. One whole minute more. You
miserable bugger,’ she laughed, slapping my arm. I cocked my head to check out
her shapely long legs. I was getting hard.

‘I’d suggest you get moving before I rip off your
clothes, otherwise you’ll be too dazed to even think about standing, let alone

I laughed as she tossed me a glare before she started
running up the track between the trees. I checked my watch and stood with my
hands on my hips, watching her. Jesus, she’d only had my son six months ago,
but you wouldn’t even know. She was back in shape already, sensational shape. I
checked my watch again, impatient to make a start and catch her up. What most
people didn’t know was that my Ellie was actually a master thief. Whenever she
left me, even if it was only for a few minutes, it was like she took my breath
and my heart with her. I’d spent many years feeling lonely, but I never felt
more alone than those moments without her by my side. I shook my legs
impatiently when she disappeared from view and checked my watch. It was still
less than two minutes. Screw this, what if she fell over on the rough track and
hurt herself while I was standing here waiting for my time to start? I made up
my mind instantly and my legs powered me forward, over the dry ground, as I
took deep inhalations of the hot air and the smell of the pine trees. This beat
running in London any day, especially when I knew Ellie was my prize at the end
of it. I was impressed when I made it over the first ridge and turned the
corner to find she still wasn’t in sight.

She really had worked hard on getting back in
shape after Jonas was born. I grinned as I ran. I’d been so happy to hear we
were having another boy, though I knew Ellie longed for a girl, which was why
I’d reluctantly agreed to try again. Those last few weeks leading up to the
birth had been the most stressful in my life. I’d barely slept for worry, but
nothing compared to being in that delivery room with her. Memories of being
back at Rebecca’s side all those years ago had made my heart beat out of my
chest that day. Ellie had pleaded with me not to stay, to let Brooke be by her
side instead. She’d insisted it wasn’t fair, that I shouldn’t have to go
through it again, but I couldn’t leave her. No matter how much it hurt, I
couldn’t walk away. The thought of something going wrong and me not being there
to tell her again how I felt about her was too painful. Not to mention I hated
that I hadn’t been there for Oliver’s birth. I knew Jonas being delivered by
caesarean, at both the doctor's and my insistence due to his breech positioning,
wasn’t the same, but no way was I missing another birth. That moment when Jonas
arrived and the doctor reassured me that Ellie and my son were ok, I’d
collapsed into a chair, completely drained, unable to say anything. While the
staff tended to Ellie and my boy, Lucas had to come in to check on me. He’d
joked that Ellie was the one who’d been cut open, yet I was the one who looked
like he’d done ten rounds with Mike Tyson and needed a rest. I did, but not
until much later that night, when I was stumbling on my feet from exhaustion,
safe in the knowledge that my family was ok.

I took my gaze off my feet pounding over the
dry pine needles on the ground and looked up ahead. I grinned, I could see her
again. It wouldn’t be long before I caught her up. I powered on, the thought of
grabbing her and kissing her soft lips giving me an extra boost of energy. Part
of me didn’t want to get her pregnant again, the selfish part of me that knew
I’d struggle with the birth all over again. I was perfectly content with my two
sons, and it was hard enough getting quality alone time with Ellie as it was,
let alone if we added a third child to the tally. But the biggest part of me
just wanted to make her happy. Seeing her smile, seeing the love she had for
our children, knowing that she trusted me to protect them all, made my chest
swell with pride. I may run one of the largest and most profitable corporations
on the globe, but being the husband and father she needed me to be gave me so
much more satisfaction. I knew how desperately she wanted a little girl and I’d
promised to give her anything she wanted the day we got married. So, getting
her pregnant again wasn’t something I could back out of.

‘No way,’ she uttered, astonishment all over
her face as I caught her up and ran at her side. She looked down at her watch,
then back up at me.

‘I cheated. I missed you.’

‘Oliver Daniel Davenport,’ she laughed, shaking
her head. ‘I’m still holding you to that offer of sex in the boardroom that you
promised if I won. In fact, to make up for not honouring our deal, I’ll expect
a lovely new set of lingerie to wear for the occasion, too.’

‘Done,’ I confirmed, grimacing as I felt my
cock swell at the thought of her in green lace matching underwear and a pair of
high heels. She screamed when I grabbed her waist and spun her around, crushing
her to my chest and kissing her. ‘I want you,’ I murmured against her lips.

‘I was going to let you have me under the
waterfall,’ she confirmed between gasps for breath.

‘That’s about another twenty minute run and I’m
not a patient man. How about a brief interlude?’ I suggested with a wiggle of
my eyebrows.

‘Brief? I’ve never known you to be brief in
your life.’ She locked her fingers behind my neck as she gazed up at me, her
eyes full of adoration. I loved that her attraction to me was written all over
her face. She’d never been able to hide it, not from the moment she shook my
hand the first time we’d met in the airport.

‘I don’t know, you challenge my stamina, woman,
every single damn time. Maybe I’ll imagine I’m with someone else and I’ll last
a hell of a lot longer.’

‘Don’t you dare!’ she warned. ‘Firstly, I don’t
want you to ever think about another woman, just as I don’t any men. Secondly,
any more stamina and you’d kill me.’

I laughed and slipped my hands down from her
slim waist to clutch her gorgeous backside. I lifted her straight up my body
and she quickly wrapped her legs around me, her breathing not evening out in
the slightest. Her beautiful green eyes glistened with happiness and love. I
couldn’t understand how her arsehole of an ex, Zac, had treated her so badly.
She was the most incredible woman I’d ever met and I could never tire of her.
I’d never stop loving her or wanting her, every single second of every damn
day. I walked her over to the largest pine tree I could see, backing her up
against it as I took her mouth in a possessive kiss. She was mine, she’d be
mine until I took my last breath. I was never letting her go.

‘Ellie,’ I groaned, her tongue tangling with
mine and creating an inferno of desire for her, which surged through my body.

‘I want you, Dan, so much,’ she whispered
against my lips. ‘Don’t make me wait, please.’

‘I don’t want to wait either,’ I confirmed,
grasping her ponytail with one hand as my tongue dove into her mouth. My other
hand slid down into her knickers, grazing her clit lightly and making her
whimper. Christ, I could feel her lips were swollen already and I’d bet she was
soaked as well. Just the mere thought of sex made her flood. I always had to
make her come before I fucked her. The minute I penetrated her, it took all of
my strength not to want to come immediately as it was. If she came straight
away, it was game over for both of us. This way, it meant the pleasure was
prolonged, and I was all for that. She quickly caught the rhythm of my circling
fingers, riding them as she clasped my face, kissing me back with so much
passion my knees nearly buckled. I loved fucking outdoors, there was something
about feeling the sun on your skin, a breeze catching your hair, not to mention
the thought that anyone who decided to come for a hike could come across us at
any moment. I was too selfish to share Ellie, to allow another man to see her naked
body or watch her come, but the mere thought of maybe being caught had my cock
stiffen even more.

‘Dan,’ she moaned, pulling her mouth away from
mine as she gasped for air. ‘Please.’

‘Please what?’ I murmured, moving to kiss and
bite her throat as she threw her head back against the tree supporting her.

‘You know what. Fuck me, please fuck me. It’s
been hours.’

‘Twelve and a half, to be precise,’ I chuckled,
trailing my lips over to her neck.

‘Too long,’ she whimpered, tilting her head to
let me kiss her favourite spot, the one that had breathy moans leave her lips,
the sound of which amped up my need for her even more. ‘It’s like dog years, an
hour without you inside me feels like days.’

‘You can’t get enough of me, can you?’ I
whispered in her ear.

‘No,’ she admitted, letting out a cry as I
rubbed her responsive clit a little more firmly.

‘It’s a good thing, as I feel exactly the same
way, baby.’ I shoved my fingers lower, sliding through her folds and easing two
up inside her. Jesus, how was she still so tight?


‘All this wetness just for me,’ I groaned
loudly. ‘I need to taste you, Ellie. I want to drown in you and have you scream
so loudly that every single bird will rise above the forest canopy to muffle
the noise.’ I pulled my hand out and sucked one finger clean as I held her
gaze. Her pupils were dilated, her eyelids hanging heavy as her chest heaved.
She was so close to coming, it wasn’t going to take much. ‘You taste amazing, I
could dine out on you every single day.’

‘I have no problem with that at all,’ she
smiled, taking my other finger into her mouth when I offered it to her. I let
out a primal grunt when she gripped my hand and refused to release my finger,
mimicking sucking my cock as she held my gaze. Christ, it sent shivers all the
way down my spine. It was like I’d just been plugged into an electrical charge,
everything was suddenly heightened.

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