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Authors: C.J. Fallowfield

31 Days of Autumn (8 page)

‘Ok, if we’re being serious, it would be Queen,
You’re My Best Friend
.’ I leaned over and kissed her on the cheek.

‘Ahhhh, babe, that’s so sweet, I love that
song. Come on, Molly, what would be yours?’

‘Michelle Branch,
It’s You
,’ she
whispered, her tears starting all over again.

‘O babe, that’s a beautiful song,’ Brooke
whispered, clutching her chest.

‘I don’t want to play this game, Brooke!’ Molly
howled. ‘I really thought I was losing you and I even tried to pick the perfect
song to sum up my feelings for you last week. I never want to hear it now,
because if I do, it means it’s real and you’ve left me.’

‘Babe. I had no idea you were so worried,’
Brooke sighed, turning to gather Molly in her arms.

‘You really are stupid,’ Molly moaned, clinging
tightly to her. ‘You’re my wife, the thought of losing you makes me sick. I’ve
been having nightmares about it.’

‘I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.’

‘Never do that to me again,’ she sobbed.

‘Or me,’ I added, trying my hardest not to cry
as well. Poor Molly. I felt so bad that I hadn’t been there for her to share
the burden.

‘I promise, as long as you both do, too,’ she nodded,
her face full of remorse.


Day Five



I let out a contented sigh when I woke up, feeling
Dan tucked up behind me, his palm placed protectively on my stomach. I’d slept
like a log last night. Just knowing that Brooke might have a diagnosis and it
was all out in the open and being dealt with was such a relief. I really felt
for poor Molly. If that had been Dan, I’d have been beside myself. I’d also slept
better knowing that I only had one more night of being pregnant. I was so
impatient now, I just wanted to meet my little girl.

‘Morning,’ his husky rasp greeted me.

‘Morning. What time is it?’

‘Early. I need to get up soon.’ He kissed my
shoulder and rubbed the tip of his nose along it.

‘Do you have to go in, today of all days? Your
mum and Magda are coming to collect the boys this morning, and John and Edward
are coming over for lunch to see us all.’

‘I’m sorry, I’d much rather stay, but if I’m
going to have a few weeks off when Eva arrives, I need to finish off some work.
I’ll try and get back for lunch, but no promises.’

‘Ok,’ I sighed, trying not to sound too
disappointed. It was unrealistic of me to expect a man with a global company
like Dan’s to be home all of the time. I was spoiled with him working from home
so often as it was.

‘What can I do to make it up to you?’ he
whispered, kissing the crook of my neck and making my skin goose up. I felt a
familiar longing blossoming between my thighs. He had a direct hotline to my

‘Make love to me, I’m so horny right now.’

‘I guess I’ll have to man up then,’ he
chuckled. ‘All in the name of keeping my pregnant wife happy.’

‘Of course. Nothing to do with that morning
erection you woke up with.’ I gave him a teasing smile over my shoulder and he
brushed his lips across mine, then teased me in return with gentle kisses from
one side of my mouth to the other. I melted in his arms. What power did he have
over me to make me so ravenous for his touch?

‘That old thing? No, I’m really not that fussed
about sex. I could take it or leave it, to be honest.’

‘Right,’ I giggled. He was the most sexual man
I’d ever met. How he’d resisted for so long that first winter we met was beyond
me, especially after years without sex.

‘I’d better warm you up first,’ he murmured
between more forceful kisses.

‘Trust me, I never need warming up when you’re
around. Get down to business.’

‘Well, maybe I enjoy the warming up parts, and
who’s in charge here anyway?’

‘If you wanted some easy, meek, and compliant
woman to boss around, Davenport, you picked the wrong woman.’

‘I picked the right woman,’ he advised with a
tender kiss this time. ‘You’ve never looked more beautiful than you do right
now. Pregnancy suits you.’

‘Thank you,’ I replied, feeling touched and squeezing
his hand tightly. He always made me feel so special and loved, even when I felt
at my least sexy. ‘But if you think I’m having anymore, think again.’

‘Christ no,’ he laughed. ‘I’m not sure how I
survived your caesarean with Jonas, and I’m worried sick about our daughter’s,
I can’t do it again.’

‘I’m sorry to put you through this one more
time. Just try and remember that it all went ok last time,’ I reminded him. I’d
agreed to have a caesarean again, even though I wanted another natural birth,
because the doctor said it was less risky given my previous caesarean, and I
also thought it would be less stressful for Dan.

was it going ok? Jesus,’ he
groaned. He was starting to stress out again, I could feel his earlier relaxed
body tensing up behind me.

‘Until my appointment, you can’t do anything,
Dan. But I’d love for you to do something to me right now, before our boys wake
up and interrupt us.’ I picked up his hand that was resting on my naked stomach
and raised it to my mouth, kissing the pads of each of his fingers ‘Make love
to me,’ I pleaded.

‘Mission accepted, Mrs. Davenport. Move your
right knee up as far as you can,’ he instructed, nudging it with his own. I did
as he asked, suddenly feeling a rush of euphoria. I felt him reposition me as I
lay on my side, then his fingers trailing over my hip and down my backside. I
jolted as they ploughed through my swollen flesh from behind. He gently teased
me, caressing my labia, circling my clenching entrance, being careful to avoid
my throbbing clit. ‘How much do you want me inside you?’ he whispered, his lips
working on my neck and rendering me to liquid form.

‘More than breakfast, and you know how starving
I am when I wake up lately,’ I moaned. He laughed and continued to tease me
with his fingers.

‘You have a very healthy appetite, for all
things. Thank God one of them is me.’

‘I’ll never tire of you,’ I whispered

‘Ditto.’ His low, gravelly tone and his fingers
slipping around, stimulating all of my nerves, had me close my eyes and arch my
back in pleasure. He tightened his arm around my shoulder, his fingers reaching
for my sensitive nipple and gently tweaking it. It felt like a bolt of
lightning had struck me and I gasped in surprise. I covered his hand with mine,
encouraging him to do it again. He bit the side of my neck and gently sucked as
his fingers worked on me in both places at once. I was breathing hard and fast.
Stimulation of my breast and pussy had me teetering on the edge of a climax
already, that’s how needy my body was at the moment. Sex and food were my
primary needs these last few weeks.

‘Dan, touch me, please touch me properly. The
boys could wake up any minute,’ I urged.

‘I can’t wait until you’re ready for long and
slow again,’ he chuckled, finally letting his index finger connect with my
pulsating clit. I cried out as the powerful sensation surged through my body.
It was like being submerged in a warm bath, everything tingled and hummed. He
barely needed to stroke me a few times before I shattered in his arms, tears of
bliss streaming down my face. ‘O, baby. You’re so responsive, I just love

‘I love … that, too,’ I panted, my eyelids
fluttering as I tried to regain focus. I moaned as I felt his plush head
nudging against me, then his fingers curling around my hip as he gently eased
himself into me with a groan. I took in a sharp breath. He went in so deep at
this angle, the feeling was incredible. ‘Yes,’ I mewled, eager for more when he
pulled out of me, then gently thrust back in again. ‘

‘I also love how hot and wet you are for me.
The way your muscles grip my cock, it’s better than my hand.’ His voice sounded
incredulous, as if it was the first time we were doing this dance. I could
understand that. Every time with him felt like the first time, like I’d die if
he stopped and I never knew what it would feel like to climax with him. ‘As
soon as you’re up to it, we’re having that meeting in the boardroom I promised
you a year ago by the waterfall,’ he whispered, nibbling my ear lobe on the
crest of another penetrating thrust that had me grind back against him. I
tightened and released my muscles over and over, trying to squeeze the orgasm out
of him so I could come, too. I was holding back, waiting for him, and it was
killing me.

‘I’m up for it, very up,’ I panted, as we both
found our rhythm and moved in unison. I reached behind me and clasped at his
taut backside, not wanting to lose our connection.

‘I want you face down over the table so I can
play with your backside as I fuck you. I’ll be fully clothed and you’ll be
naked except for a pair of high heels and bondage rope.’

‘O shit,’ I moaned, clenching even tighter at
the thought of it. ‘Now, let’s do it now.’

‘I can’t lie you on your stomach right now,’ he
reminded me, making me groan in frustration. Him taking me from behind was
probably my favourite position when it was all about raw sexual need. I loved
that he could go deeper, dominate me as he grasped my hair, or had his hand
anchoring my neck, with a free hand to play with my backside or clit. When I
wanted soft and tender, missionary was best, so I could look into his
beautiful, sincere green eyes, at his handsome face, and kiss him. The heat
inside me had built up to furnace levels, I needed a release and fast.

‘Tell me … you’re close,’ I begged, digging my
nails into his backside.

‘Nearly there,’ he confirmed, speeding up his
plunges into my core. My body started to tremble, my jaw dropping and juddering
as whimpers of pleasure burst from my lips, tangled up with his name.

‘Dan, please, I can’t … I can’t hold … back.’
My toes had cramped, my back had arched and a shivering sensation was working
its way up my spine.

‘Let go, Ellie. I’ll catch you, I’ll always
catch you,’ he reassured me, squeezing one of my breasts. That was all I needed
to tip me over the edge. My hips jerked as my climax ripped me apart from the
inside out. I heard him mutter something as he thrust into me one last time
with force. His body tensed behind me, his cock flexing inside me as I felt his
warmth filling me. Tears of contentment rolled down my face as I finally
slumped against him, completely spent. ‘God I love you, woman.’ He plastered my
face with kisses, while all I could do was nod, totally incoherent.

He palmed my stomach again and we just lay
there, him still inside me, as we rode the wave of pleasure all the way back
down and calmed our breathing. Mornings with Dan were just the best. All I
needed now was a waffle and maple syrup breakfast with some fresh fruit and to
see my babies, and I’d be happy for the rest of the day.

‘Thank you,’ I finally whispered as we lay
there in contented silence.

‘It’s hardly a chore. Getting up to go to work
is, though,’ he sighed. ‘I’d love to spend the day in bed with you.’

‘Me too. But what you’re doing is important. I
get that.’

‘You’re one in a billion, Ellie,’ he replied,
kissing my shoulder. ‘I’m so sorry, but I need to get up and showered if I have
any chance of making it back for lunch.’

‘I’ll come and shower with you, then maybe we
can go and get our boys up and have breakfast before you go. Just the four of

‘Five of us,’ he reminded me, gently patting my
stomach. ‘I’d love that.’


We crept into Oliver’s room at seven-thirty.
Everyone else seemed to be asleep. He was on his back for once, his arm wrapped
around his favourite teddy. He was the spitting image of Dan. Luiza had shown
me photos of him at Oliver’s age and the resemblance was uncanny. Dan bent down
and carefully scooped him up, kissing his forehead while I planted one on his
cheek. He let out a moan as his fingers gripped Dan’s waistcoat. It was hard to
believe that one day he might be dressed up just like his dad, getting ready to
go into Davenport Technologies. That’s if he wanted to follow that path. Dan
was adamant that both boys were going to join his firm. I wanted them to have
the choice, not to feel pressured to follow in his footsteps. We’d had a few
heated arguments about that already and they were both still under four years
of age. Oliver yawned and slowly opened his eyes.

‘Morning, gorgeous,’ I smiled, feeling my eyes
prickle with tears. I loved him so much.

‘Mummy.’ He held out one of his hands as a
smile broke over his face. I grabbed it and kissed it repeatedly, making him

‘Shall we go and get Jonas and then have
breakfast with Daddy?’ I asked.

‘Yes, please,’ he nodded, looking up at Dan,
who kissed his forehead again.

‘Quietly then, we don’t want to wake everyone
up, ok?’

‘Ok, Daddy,’ he nodded solemnly. We went
through the connecting door we’d had put in to find Jonas already awake and standing
up in his crib, his fingers gripping the wooden bars to steady himself. He
started laughing and stamping his feet excitedly when he saw us, but when he held
his hands in the air to be picked up, he fell flat on his backside with a sulky
pout. Oliver giggled.

‘He’s wobbly, like jelly,’ he observed.

‘He is,’ I laughed, hoisting Jonas up, then
putting him on my hip and giving him a kiss. ‘He’s not learned to walk as fast
as you did.’

‘I’m a clever boy, aren’t I, Daddy?’

‘You are, Ollie, very clever. Come on, Mummy
has a craving for waffles, what do you say?’

‘Yes, please,’ he nodded vigorously. Jonas
clapped his hands as his smile widened. We carried them down and Dan got them
settled into their chairs as I got the already-prepared batter mix out of the
fridge and made a start.

‘You realise this is going to be the last
breakfast we eat with just the boys?’ I smiled at Dan as we all tucked in.

‘The men in the family will still outnumber
you, three to two,’ he winked.

‘Think again,’ I laughed as Jenny headed over.

‘Morning,’ she called. The boys’ faces lit up
and she went and gave them both a kiss. ‘Anyone for any more if I make some?’

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