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Authors: C. J. Fallowfield

Tags: #Literature & Fiction, #Erotica, #Humorous, #Mystery, #Romantic Erotica

31 Days of Winter (55 page)

31 Days of Summer

The conclusion of Ellie and Dan’s story


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December 2014


Trying to move on with her new life, Ellie has started dating again. It’s
been six months since she last saw Dan in Scotland, but while out on a date,
chance throws him right back into her path, reigniting all the feelings that
she’d so desperately tried to supress.


When her date recognises him, and tells her who Dan really is, and what
he knows of his past, Ellie automatically feels conflicted. While she’s still
not forgiven Dan for the secrets he’d tried to keep from her, at the same time,
she knows she’s never going to get over him until she faces him and gives him
the chance to explain himself. Once again, Brooke persuades her to book a
flight to Scotland to confront him and get the truth, the whole truth, and
the truth.


Will Dan’s candid explanation resolve everything and pull them back
together, or will his confessions prove insurmountable for Ellie and drive a
final nail in their coffin?


A massive shout out to all
my loyal readers who have continued to support me from my debut books,
Austin Series
. Thank you, and welcome to new readers as well. The support
and messages you send me are never taken for granted.


Thanks to my four Beta
readers, Amy, Michelle, Pollie and Holly who tested out my first draft, and to
my editor Ella Marie. I had already partially written
31 Days of Winter
when I took Ella on for
The Austin Series
, so we were amazed at the
similarity in name, occupation, and physical appearance of my fictional
character Ellie, to Ella Marie herself, when I advised her of my new project!


Thanks also to Karen J, my
best friend, who offered to proofread for me and has given me so much support
and encouragement as I continue with this writing venture. You’re a very
generous hearted and kind lady and I’m proud to have you as a friend.


Next Release

Filthy for the Night (For the Night #3) ~ Out on 12
December 2014

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For the Night Series


My name is Logan Steele.
I’m devilishly handsome, seriously ripped, well hung, charismatic and highly
sexed. Women just can’t resist me. So when I lost my job in the construction
industry and was struggling for cash, I decided to put my assets to good use.


By day I’m a private
personal fitness trainer. By night I’m a high class gigolo.


I don’t advertise my
sexual services anymore, I have a long client list that come to me through word
of mouth. I’m that good I’m booked months in advance. Scores of women pay me
extortionately high fees to fulfil their fantasies. And for the most part I do.
I have a strict set of rules that I abide by, which are provided in the full
contract that you’ll receive along with the booking form, if accepted. I’ve
bullet pointed an abridged version below, just so you’re clear before you send
me an email request:


Rules my clients must
comply with are:

I must see a picture in

I can decline the booking
request without explanation.

I can only be booked for
the night.

All sexual acts must be

I will provide you with a
report to complete, then I will choose the setting for our meeting based on
your scenario.

I am flown first class or
by private jet if I am required to work abroad.

In the event of the above,
I will provide my dietary requirements in advance.

I will perform a full
background check.

I base my variable charge
on the scenario being requested.


“No” rules that I
stipulate are:

No bareback.

No minors.

No physical violence.

Nothing illegal.

No form of emotional
attachment during or after the event. I am merely performing a sexual or companion

No contact after the
event, unless it is for a new booking.


And my absolute number
one rule, without exception is:

Full payment up front
which, is non- refundable.


There is no requirement
for a refund clause, I never fail to perform.


So, now you are aware of
my rules for the night and are about to contact me, all that remains to be
asked is “Who do you want me to be?”



A selection of comments from some of the Book Blogs
reviews of

Strangers for the Night (For the Night #1)


Cara ~ Brit Nanny Reads ~ 5*

say this book is HOT is an understatement! It is hot, sexy, calculating and
delicious! So for strictly over 18's. Logan is a sexy, hot man! Personal
trainer by day and an exclusive gigolo by night. He has his standards and he
sticks to them. He demands the best because he is the best….and I think I fell
in love with him a little during this book.”


Nicole ~ My Book Filled Life ~ 5*

recently finished up C.J. Fallowfield's The Austin Series, I knew going into
this book the sexy times were going to be hot. And let me tell you: this book
does not disappoint!”


Christina ~ Love between the Sheets ~ 5*

become a fan of Ms. Fallowfield’s writing and the idea of this novella series,
based on a series of different clients is intriguing … The book is sweltering,
the writing is excellent and the characters are spot on.”


Lorena ~ Author Groupies ~ 5*

does not disappoint and I am just so excited for the next instalment of this
series. I will read anything, and I mean anything by this author because her
books really captivate me and are also interesting. It's not all about sex,
there's actually a storyline in her books. You will not regret reading this
book, trust me. There is a little bit of everything in here and it will

attention from page 1 of the book.”


The Austin Series

books must be read! I repeat MUST. I spent the summer with Mia, Gabe, Lexi,
Doug and they have made me mad, laugh, cry, happy, sad... it was an emotional
ride that's very well written.” Yasmila, Goodreads Reviewer.


must read this series. I have read all the books separately and this series
will not disappoint you. I have read a lot of series’ and this one is one of my
favourites and will never leave me. CJ writes in a way that connects you to the
characters, and with this series you will guarantee, laugh out loud, cry and
get mad. These books take you on one hell of a journey and you will fall in
love with all the characters. Gabe and Mia are two lost and broken souls who
cannot deny their instant attraction to each other. Both have their demons and
commitment issues but what they grow to feel for each other cannot be denied.
Are they willing to put their hearts on the line and break down each other's
walls? The journey they embark on is passionate, fiery, loving, romantic, full
of drama, hot passionate sex. But can they make it to their HEA? Not without
their ups and very low downs. Get the tissues box ready as you'll need them. If
you love sexy, dominant, controlling, sensual alpha males that adore the women
they love and would do anything for them you will also fall in love with Gabe
Austin. He's my new book boyfriend. Once you have finished this series you will
not forget it and, like me, you will want to re-read and not let go.” Toni,
Goodreads Reviewer.


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