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Authors: Lauren Agony,Jan Springer

Tags: #Romance, #Erotic

A Hero’s Welcome



Chapter One


Sometime in the not so far future on a faraway planet…

Squeals of excitement rippling through the air prompted Annie Wilkes, Male Slave Doctor, to lift her head and see what was going on. She wasn’t the least bit surprised to find five women trying to subdue a naked male slave in the hub square.

What did surprise her was the size of his penis. Unusually large, it bounced gallantly as he swiveled his bound legs up in an effort to kick at the women holding down his arms and head.

Annie had always fantasized about finding a male that big. A male she could dominate and use as her own personal sex toy. She licked her lips as lust rippled through her body.

The male struggled valiantly and she silently cheered him on. To her disappointment two of the women quickly grabbed the slave

s legs and held him down on the ground.

Sweat beaded his muscular body. An ugly raw bullet wound marred the left side of his neck.

Annie forced her gaze away from the newly captured slave back to
, who stood stooped over beside her. Her mouth was warped in concentration as she tried to twist together the loose ends of a barbed wire fence that had rusted apart.
would know what was going on. She was the slave catcher and trainer of their hub and owned all the incoming slaves.

, who is that male? I’
never seen him before.” She spoke casually. No use in letting
know she was interested in this male. It would only make her increase her price.

eyes narrowed as she followed Annie’s gaze.

“That one’
s trouble. He’s violent. Every woman in my crew has tried to mount him, but he won

t let anyone do him.”

s he from? I don

t see any markings.”

“Found him in the Outer Limits. No brands. Most likely escaped the breeding camps when he was little. He’
s slated for castration. It

make him more docile.”

Annie bit her bottom lip in frustration.

“It seems such a waste. Males that big are rare.”

Might want to take a look at him after they

re through with the castration. He got wounded when he was captured.”

“Castration will prevent him from performing sexually for at least a few days.” Annie pondered aloud.


s head snapped up. “Do I detect a little interest in this slave?”


s face suddenly flamed.

“My God! You want to fuck him, don’
t you?”

Annie avoided

s amused smirk and looked over at the woman picking up the glowing castration knife from the crackling campfire.

Darn it. They were going to destroy him in a minute. She had to do something to stop them.

“Yes, I want to fuck him. Do me a
. Don’
t castrate him. Not yet.”

“I don’t do favors, Annie. I’ll want something in return.”

Annie watched wide-eyed with frustration as the knife-wielding woman hunkered down over the struggling male. Impatience soared through her.

“Name your price later. I’ll do whatever you want.”

“He won’
t be a willing participant.”

Annie forced herself to focus her attention back to
and winked. “They make the best kind.”

dropped the pliers and headed toward the scene.

Annie’s heart crashed against her chest as she watched the knife lower to the man’s genital area.

“Hold off on that castration!”

The gleaming knife stopped a mere inch from the man

s scrotum.

Annie sighed in relief. Quickly she followed
, all the while cursing herself for what she’d just done.

What in the world had come over her? She

d never saved a slave from castration before. Never felt the need.

When she reached the group, Annie

s gaze immediately latched onto his massive penis. Obviously the women had been amusing themselves with him. Despite the fact he was weak from his neck wound, his hard shaft stuck out fully erect waiting to plunge itself into her aching
. How powerful would he be inside her when he recovered? The thought enticed Annie to no end.

The women let the male loose. Muscles blazed to life in his upper thighs as he wasted no time getting into a defiant crouched position. More muscles rippled in his arms as he drew his bound legs up to cover the massive penis she

d been staring at.

As she studied this newcomer

s naked physique, she sensed he was different.

Immediately she was drawn to his face. To his straight nose, the curve of his strong jaw line and the sexy shadow of stubble covering his cheeks and chin. His mouth appeared hard, determined, his lips full and lush.

She noticed he was staring back at her, his green eyes snapping with anger.

Annie shuddered. She

d expected to see fear in the male

s eyes. Not anger.

This was quite interesting. He acted as if he knew what they

d been planning to do to him. As if intelligence brewed within him. But that

t possible. Males

t supposed to be smart. They were stupid creatures bred for their strength and farmed for sexual purposes. They

t even educated anymore. They were more manageable that way.

The way Green Eyes had fought so valiantly meant he retained some sort of brainpower. Perhaps he

d been secretly taught by a woman. She

d heard stories about those type of females. How they became attached to the male offspring forced upon them by the dreaded fucking machines. About how the female prisoners rescued their offspring from their fate as male slaves and disappeared into the surrounding forests to never be heard from again.

Excitement rippled through her. Was this male one of them? Did he understand what was going on around him? It wouldn’t be to his advantage if he did understand.

Women didn’t want smart males. They wanted docile sex slaves.

But with a massive rod like his, the women of the hub and many other hubs would be lining the streets for the pleasure he would bring them. He could be a king among slaves. Well looked after. And she would be able to visit him whenever she wished.

“Annie, where do you want to fuck him?”

s question broke into her thoughts.


s face heated up again as the women standing around smirked and elbowed each other.

“I don’
t think he

s in any condition for that right now,
. His wound needs tending.”

“Shit, Annie. I thought you wanted a go at him.”


t help but to notice the male watching her. Betrayal lurked in his green eyes. For the first time in her life she felt guilty. Guilty at wanting to mount a man who obviously

t want to be mounted.

Why should she even care what he was thinking of her? Or care what he wanted? He was a male. Males were bred to serve women.

“If you don’
t want to fuck him then—”
took the knife from the other woman

s hand and started toward the defiant slave.

Annie grabbed her elbow, stopping her cold.

“What the hell are you doing?”
Yanking her arm free from Annie

s desperate grasp,
held up the knife in a defensive gesture. Annie’s blood froze in fear and

s slave training crew murmured excitedly at this unexpected turn of events. No one went up against
. No one told her what to do.

And no one ever touched her. Not unless she wanted them to.

Annie might just have ruined any chance of helping out this slave. She needed to do something. And fast.

“I hate to pull rank on you,
, but if you force me, I will.” Annie

t believe how steady her own voice sounded.

Despite that, her insides quivered at her unexpected boldness.

“Shit, woman. What has gotten into you?”

“I don’
t see your brand on him,

“I told you why. And don’
t bother trying to claim him. He

s mine. I shot him.”

“As the Slave Doctor of this hub, it is my duty to remove an injured slave if I deem his life is in danger.” Annie’
s heart began to thump wildly. She

d never stood up to
before. No one in their right mind would. It

t beneficial to have
as your enemy.

“What are you saying, Annie? You’
re taking my slave?”

“You said I could fuck him. I say he can’
t be fucked in his condition.”

“You think I can’
t take care of what

s mine?” The hurt in

s eyes was quite evident.


t insinuate that at all—”

“Damn you! You remove him and it’
go down on my record. I

never had a mark against me.”

keep him off the record. Just between you and me.”

Annie held her breath and waited for

s answer.

studied the male, her eyes narrowed with hatred. But Annie could hear the wheels grinding in

s head. If the slave allowed Annie to have sex with him, it meant he could be broken. And if she broke him he could be trained and that would bring her lots of money when she stuck him into the brothel.

could give an answer, the male slave suddenly slumped over, unconscious.

The women were thrilled. Their excited shrieks filled the air and they quickly crowded over his prone figure, groping his genitals.


s heart climbed into her throat at the sight. She

t blame them. A big sized male was virtually non-existent these days.

Shooing away the women, she crouched beside him and placed a couple of fingers to his neck. Her stomach did a little nauseating flip at what she discovered.

“Pulse is slow. He’
s burning up with a fever. I

have to move him immediately,
. He might have blood poisoning.”

shouted. “There goes my perfect record.”

keep him off the records…if he lives.”


* * * * *

Joe kept his eyes closed and clenched his jaw as a soft hand moved seductively over his bare chest. Her touch felt good. Real good.

He wanted to open his eyes. To look into the face of the woman who touched him so gently. But he was afraid he might be dreaming. And he didn’t want this dream to end.

Her hand moved lower. Over his belly.

He shuddered involuntarily as her warm fingers cupped his balls, lifting them, testing their weight.

Her gentle fingers let go and moved to his flaccid penis. They wrapped around his shaft and squeezed tenderly.

Blood pooled into his groin area. His penis jerked to attention and grew hard as if he were readying himself to plunge into her hot

A small startled gasp made him open his eyes. He blinked in confusion as a room he

d never seen before rolled into focus. A sterile, white room. And it sure as hell wasn’t a room in his spaceship.

What the hell was going on? Where was he?

In an instant the memories hit him like a body blow.


After a year in hyperspace, he and his two brothers had finally landed on the planet they’d been sent to explore.

An unmanned space probe had discovered the planet a couple of years ago. Before losing contact with NASA, the probe had sent back sporadic and disturbing images.

Disturbing in the fact this newly discovered planet resembled the terrain and atmosphere of Earth, including an orbiting moon as well as various types of space junk. Space junk that indicated intelligent life existed or had existed at one point in time.

Because Joe and his two scientist astronaut brothers had been involved with helping to invent hyperspace travel, NASA had asked if they might be interested in the top-secret mission.

All three had readily agreed to participate, including agreeing to not make physical contact with any potential inhabitants and on the off chance they did, not to ask questions to arouse their curiosity. It was one of NASA’s prime directives not to interfere with another race or let them know they were being studied until such a time as it was deemed the inhabitants were friendly enough to secure some type of diplomatic relations.

The three of them hadn’t been on the planet for more than a week when his two brothers hadn’t come back from a day of exploring. Efforts to contact them on the
-link had failed.

When they still hadn’t returned by the next morning, impatience had spurred him to go looking for them. He’d searched all day throughout the area where they were supposed to have been and hadn’t found so much as a footprint.

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