A SEAL's Seduction (Alpha SEALs Book 4)

BOOK: A SEAL's Seduction (Alpha SEALs Book 4)

He’ll heal her wounds one night at a time…


Kenley Bristow has her future mapped out: she’ll meet a nice guy, settle down and have kids, and live the stable family life that she never had growing up.  The last thing she wants is the assertive Navy SEAL who pinned her against the door, his hard body filling hers with desire she’d never felt before.

Navy SEAL Mike “Patch” Hunter prefers his relationships to be only one night.  The petite woman with the face of an angel wasn’t who he thought she was.  But after he felt her trembling beneath him, he knew one taste would never be enough.

When an accident leaves Kenley injured and alone, she’s forced to call on the one man she swore she’d never see again.  But with heat she’s never felt before burning between them, can she fend him off long enough to escape what she really fears—a life together?

A SEAL’s Seduction, a stand-alone novel, is book four in the new Alpha SEALs series.


A SEAL’s Seduction






Makenna Jameison

This book is a work of fiction.  Names, characters, places, and incidents are the product of the author’s imagination.  Any resemblance to actual events, locales, or persons, living or dead, is coincidental.



Copyright © 2015 by Makenna Jameison.



All rights reserved, including the right of reproduction in whole or in part in any form.






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Chapter 1


Mike “Patch” Hunter locked and loaded his HK416 assault rifle, taking aim at the target downrange.  There was a slight breeze on the brisk autumn day, whispering across his skin, and he adjusted his calculations accordingly.  It was cool out.  Clear.  His finger itched as he caressed the trigger, ready to take the shot.  Guaranteed to meet his mark.  The target sat immobile 200 yards from where he stood, not exactly the same as the fast-moving targets his SEAL team took out in battle.  But hell, he’d taken plenty of kill shots to unaware men.  Drug kingpins.  Terrorists.  Armed guards.  All part of his duty to Uncle Sam and the US Navy.

Just this spring his SEAL team had been sent on an op to the Middle East to retrieve a high-value asset.  The other guys had been on the ground ready to grab him.  Mike had the sniper’s roost across the street, and when their target—needed captured not killed—stepped out of the building flanked by two bodyguards, he’d taken them out in an instant. 
Pow.  Pow. 
They hadn’t even known what had hit them.

Mike spat on the ground beside his dusty boots before returning his eyes to the prize.  The men around him fired off shots on the range, and a couple of his SEAL buddies stood behind him, watching, but he tuned everything out.  Let his vision tunnel.  The only thing that existed was the target.

The slight chill in the air nipped at his skin.  He blinked.  Focused.  It was nothing but him and his weapon.  In the zone.

Eye on the scope, he pulled the trigger.


Every damn time.

“Not bad, man,” his fellow team member Christopher “Blade” Walters said as Mike pulled off his headset and glanced back.  Christopher lounged beside Brent “Cobra” Rollins, both of them looking relaxed and ready to roll onto the next part of their Saturday.  Despite their intense training at Naval Amphibious Base Little Creek Monday through Friday, the three of them had headed to a local gun range today to get in some practice and unwind.  Or something like that.  What was it about weapons and fresh air that made a man so damn content?  The adrenaline rush of his job was what kept Mike going half the time, ready to take on the whole world.  And shooting on the weekend with his buddies?  He was fired up and ready to go, energy surging through his veins.

“Not bad?” Mike laughed.  “That was fucking spectacular.”

Brent raised his eyebrows.  “Modest as always, asshole.”

“I get it,” Mike said.  “You’re jealous of my good looks, talent, and way with the ladies.”

Brent guffawed.  “Not a chance in hell.”

Mike held back a grin.  While some of the guys on their SEAL team were content playing happily-ever-after with their women, Mike, Brent, and the third single guy on their team, Matthew “Gator” Murphy, still enjoyed carousing for ladies at the local bar.  Although Mike enjoyed female company when the mood struck, he usually kept things light.  The chase was part of the fun, and some of those girls that hung around him and the other guys were just too damn easy to be caught.

While Mike and Matthew had enjoyed their fair share of women over the years—hell, maybe
than their fair share—no one seemed to have more fun than Brent.  A new woman every night was his MO, and the trail of broken hearts in his wake was a mile long.  At least.

“Speaking of the ladies,” Christopher interrupted as he stood.  “I told Lexi I’d be back soon.  Are you about wrapped up here or do I have to hoof it back to my apartment?”

Mike chuffed out a laugh.  That guy was whipped.  “Is she bringing any of her friends to the party tonight?” he nonchalantly asked as he gathered his gear.

Christopher’s gaze flicked over to him as Brent’s ears perked up.  “Kenley will be there, if that’s what you’re asking.”


Brent guffawed.  “She’s still pissed at you?”

“Something like that,” Mike muttered.

The petite, brunette beauty with a head full of curls and angelic face was a friend of Lexi’s.  Lexi and Christopher were old flames who had rekindled their love over the summer after a chance encounter.  Lexi, an IT whiz, had been sent down to their base in Little Creek from the Pentagon to stop some attempted hackings to their secure networks.  When she was kidnapped by the man behind the ploy, her best friend Kenley had come racing to Virginia Beach to help find her.  As Mike and Christopher had searched the condo Lexi had been in the afternoon she went missing, Kenley had appeared from one of the bedrooms.  Mistaking her for an intruder, Mike had instantly pinned her to the wall.  And holy hell.

Trapping her small, curvy frame against his had made him harder than steel.  At that moment, he hadn’t even cared if she was the enemy or not.  He’d had a sample, and he needed more.  Her soft breasts had pressed against his hard chest, her lips almost brushing against his neck as he held her in place, her soft breath whispering against his skin.  His fingers had wound round both of her slender wrists, holding her immobile, and the vanilla scent she wore had permeated the room, making his mind fuzzy and his dick stand at attention.

The second he’d realized she was Lexi’s friend, not a foe, he’d been a goner.  He had images of holding her body against the wall every night as he drilled into her, sinking his throbbing cock into her soft, wet heat as she whimpered for more.  As he pleasured her again and again.  No doubt a woman as gorgeous as her was used to a man’s attention, but hell if he wouldn’t love to be the one to have the honor of exploring every one of her curves—and then making her come in every way imaginable.

She was so small, he could easily hold her up as he took her, lifting her petite body up and down his shaft.  Her legs would wrap round his waist, and she’d arch back in ecstasy as he made her come in his arms.  On his cock.  He wondered if she tasted of vanilla or something else sinfully sweet.  If she’d been wet as he held her there against his hard body—God knows he’d been thick and throbbing for her the second he’d touched her.

Not that she’d exactly seen it the same way.  She’d trembled for him, but from fear, not arousal.  Christopher had growled at him to get off of her, and the split second he’d realized she was Lexi’s friend, he’d gone from aggressor to protector.  He’d wanted to haul her against him again, but this time, to keep her safe from the evils that were out there.  From the men who’d kidnapped her best friend.  Something didn’t sit right with him at leaving her alone and defenseless in her condo while he and Christopher continued their search for Lexi, but what choice had they had?  Kenley was a grown woman; she wasn’t his.  If she wanted to stay there, they sure the hell couldn’t stop her.  And Lexi had been the one being held by a crazed kidnapper, the one who needed their help.

The memories washed over him as Brent smirked.  “Time to make a move, lover boy. Send her flowers or some shit like that.”

Mike raised his eyebrows.  Brent had never bought a woman flowers in his life.  He’d probably never taken a woman out on an actual date—his bed seemed to work just fine.

“She’s still pissed as hell at you from what Lexi says,” Christopher said, falling in step beside them as they walked off the range.  “She didn’t take you pinning her against the wall like some criminal too well.”

“Don’t I know it,” Mike admitted.

“She asked about you though,” Christopher added.

Mike swung his gaze over to his friend.  The way his heart pounded in his chest like a damn freight train was annoying.  So what if she asked about him.  Didn’t mean a fucking thing.

“I think she was hoping you got shipped out—without the rest of the team,” Christopher laughed.

“Crash and burn, lover boy,” Brent said.

“Damn it,” Mike muttered.  So much for making amends.  She’d probably be perfectly happy never seeing him again.

“What’s this chick look like anyway?” Brent asked, eyes sparking with interest.

“Don’t ask,” Mike and Christopher said in unison.  Hell, Mike could understand why Kenley would be mad at him.  She’d trembled against the wall as his much larger body caged her in, and it sure the hell hadn’t been with desire.  She had to know why they’d be on her in an instant though.  Everyone had been on edge the minute Lexi was taken.  Kenley herself had raced down to Virginia Beach from DC in search of her best friend.  It wasn’t like he made a habit of grabbing defenseless women in their own homes.  The condo had been the last known location Lexi had been, and when she’d appeared unexpectedly out of the bedroom, his training had kicked in instantly.

Mike and all of the guys on his SEAL team were trained to be alert and aware in all situations.  To neutralize the threat, getting in and out with their asses in one piece.  They worked seamlessly as one unit, and he and Christopher hadn’t even needed to utter a single word to one another as they swept the condo.

The fact that Kenley had been on the receiving end of it had been unfortunate, but it’s not liked he’d harmed her.  Just held her in place until he could determine who she was—and desired her more strongly than he’d ever wanted a woman before.  Must be that forbidden fruit thing—he shouldn’t have her, so he wanted her that much more.  Mike shook his head, clearing the heated images that had been burned on his brain.

The men walked out to the parking lot, stashing their gear in the back of Mike’s large SUV.  He slammed the trunk shut as they each climbed into the vehicle.  “So Patch, what are you up to tonight?” Brent asked Mike, addressing him by his nickname.  “I know Christopher’s all pussy-whipped and busy with his woman.”

“Sonofabitch,” Christopher muttered under his breath.  Mike smirked.  Despite Brent’s ribbing, Christopher was happier than ever, engaged to the love of his life.  If he wanted that, then awesome for him.  Mike was content living alone, flirting with the pretty girls whenever he felt like it, spending the night with one every so often.  He didn’t mind doing the flowers and dinner song and dance some of the time as long as the woman he was with understood he wasn’t after anything long term.

He really did need to talk to Kenley tonight and formally apologize.  If one of his SEAL buddies was marrying Kenley’s best friend, their paths would no doubt continue to cross from time-to-time.  He didn’t need her feeling uncomfortable around him, and if smoothing the waters between them led to anything more, well, he sure the hell wouldn’t complain.  Not when the memories of her lush little body pressed firmly against his filled his brain every night.

“We’ve got that bonfire on the beach tonight,” Christopher said.  “Didn’t Patrick and Rebecca invite you?”

“Hell, I guess so,” Brent muttered.  “I need some female companionship though, not a night with you motherfuckers.”

“Are you hitting up Anchors instead?” Mike asked as he started the engine.

Anchors, a popular bar in Virginia Beach, was usually packed with single military men and plenty of available women.  Their team went there on the weekends, enjoying a few drinks with their buddies before taking a woman home for the night.  Their team leader Patrick “Ice” Foster and his girlfriend, Rebecca, had organized a get together on the beach tonight instead.  Each single parents, they’d started dating last spring and been inseparable ever since.  There’d been a brief stalking incident, when the spouse of one of Rebecca’s clients had been following her, but all’s well that end’s well.  That dude was in jail and his teammate, “Ice,” who everyone thought would never date again, seemed smitten with his woman.

The couple had organized the beach bonfire tonight for the guys on the SEAL team and their dates.  Mike supposed the women his teammates were dating didn’t enjoy hanging around the loud, crazy pick-up joint.  Not that he blamed them.  If he did ever settle down, he sure the hell wouldn’t be spending his weekends at Anchors.  Not that he was exactly the settling down kind.  Playing the field had suited him just damn fine.  And with his career of frequent deployments, long days of training, and weeks or months away, that was probably for the best.

“That depends on who’s going to be at this beach party,” Brent said.

“Alison is bringing along some of her nurse friends from the hospital,” Christopher said, smirking.  Alison, a pediatric nurse, was Evan “Flip” Jenkins’s girlfriend.  She’d been promising to set up some of the single guys with her friends.  Mike had taken one of the pretty nurses out on a date, but the way she’d thrown herself at him had been entirely unappealing.  Even for a guy like him, used to having his pick of women, he enjoyed a little bit of a challenge.  An easy lay wasn’t exactly what he was after.

“Just steer clear of Kenley,” Christopher added, his eyes sweeping toward Mike.

Mike gripped the steering wheel tighter.  “How’s that?”  He swallowed, trying to ignore the feelings of lust and desire churning inside him at the mere mention of her name.  Hell, the way the woman wound him up like that was unnerving.

“She’s still madder than hell at you.  Lexi only got her to agree to come by promising to keep you away from her.”

“What’s she still doing in town anyway?”

Kenley lived in Northern Virginia, near Lexi.  After Lexi and Christopher had gotten engaged over the summer, Lexi had put in a job application to work on base here at Little Creek.  She and Christopher had been together out in Coronado years ago, and if all went according to plan, they’d be working on the same naval base again before the year was up.  Lexi could keep a position with the Department of Defense but live down here with Christopher.  Since Little Creek’s own head of network security had been arrested as part of the hacking scandal, a position was open.  With her connections and computer expertise, she’d probably be a shoo-in.

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