Accidentally Still Married (The Naked Truth #2) (5 page)

“My neighbor, good ol’ Mr. Spitzer. I endured enough when he reached for his tools as I was heading to my car and got a glimpse of his hairy coin slot,” she said.

“That’s not right.” He laughed, and the atmosphere around them lightened a notch. She joined him, her limbs loosening, and for a moment everything seemed easy and comfortable.

“You tell me. I try to avoid him, especially in the spring when he works outside a lot.” She snickered and removed a card from the stack. “Who is the sexiest woman in the world, dead or alive?” she read, and repositioned herself, stretching out her legs.

Sebastian scooted closer to her on the sofa, and their legs brushed. A surge of adrenaline shot up her thighs. “She’s right in front of me.”

“Oh, please.” She waved her hand in the air, dismissing his compliment. Ignoring the racing of her heart, however, was a different deal. “You’re going to tell me all the glamorous, gorgeous ladies you dated don’t hold a tiny candle to me?” She playfully batted her eyelashes. “C’mon…”

A guy like Sebastian didn’t need but to up his brow to set the female population on fire. What woman in her sane mind would resist his orgasm-inducing accent? Not to mention his hunky face… beautiful, in a rugged kind of way. The kindness in his green eyes contrasted against the imposing square jaw and strong facial structure.

Sebastian outlined her jaw with the tip of his finger, and heat dropped her stomach to the floor only to lift it up again, the rush sending her on a dizzy spell. “When you smile, the most adorable dimples dent your cheeks.” His voice dropped an octave, his accent more pronounced. “Your eyes are the color of the ocean.” He ran his finger up her cheek and she struggled not to melt into his caress. “And your breasts… they deserve their own commemorative stamp. Or to have a street named after them.” With his gaze locked on hers, he lowered his hand to her chest, making an invisible pattern on her pointing nipples with his fingers.

“A street?” she breathed.

Sebastian snaked an arm behind her and pulled her closer. “A whole city. A country, even,” he said with a growl. His hot breath electrified her scalp, and he kissed her earlobe. She thought she was going to explode, her blood flowing fast and furious through her veins. Instead of aiming at her mouth, he rose to his feet, looped his hands under her knees, and lifted her off the couch and into his arms.

He laid her down the mattress, and she barely registered the softness of the bedspread or the pillows he tossed to the side. He was all that there was, all there could be, as he eased on top of her. He dipped his head and took her mouth in his, his tongue delving into her dark corners. She cupped his face and intensified the kiss, giving in to a hunger she didn’t know she had. Well, she knew. But she’d avoided it. Ignored it. Suppressed it.

Tonight, there was no holding back. She wrapped her legs around him, and the brush of her thighs against his thick legs, his hardness teasing her sex, was mind blowing. She squirmed against him, and he reached for the zipper on the back of her dress. With the mastery of a pro, well —she didn’t want to muse over his experience—he unzipped her dress and removed it over her head. He hesitated before touching her again, and beamed at the sight of her sparkly purple bra and G-string.

“You came prepared.”

He reached under her buttocks with circular movements, his hands warm and heavy over her skin.

For a moment, she felt like stretching her hand out and pulling the bedspread over her. The exposure sank in. Of course, the lighting was dimmed, still… she lay in bed, vulnerable. He removed her bra and slid her panties off her legs, and he assessed every inch of her naked body.

She worried her bottom lip, still tender from his kiss. The look of male appreciation in his green eyes encouraged her to sit up and start to undress him. Stripping him distracted her from her own nerves and soon enough she would get over herself and ditch her insecurities. With every part of him she exposed, her heart beat each time faster than the last. Sebastian was… gorgeous, his muscles shifting on his smooth chest, as he breathed heavily. When she reached for his pants, he inhaled.

Flashing him a smile, she undid his fly and pulled down his pants and black briefs. Oh, yeah… his cock sprang out, and she didn’t resist fisting her old friend. Old and large. “I’ve missed you,” she told Sebastian, running his length with her fingers.

He frowned, and asked, “Is that all you missed?”

She hesitated and drew back. Sex before the marriage, and arguing after, were the only two things that stuck in her head every time she thought of being Mrs. Sebastian Zwane.

“Come here. I’ll refresh your memory,” he said, and he pulled her down to the mattress.

Okay. Good. So the awkwardness was gone. She must have imagined the tense flicker in his eyes, the thinning of his lips as he asked her that question. Silly Grace. He’d meant sexually, of course, and there she was, letting her mind delve into non-existent paranoia. Bad Grace! He started a trail of kisses on her breasts, and she threw her head back, burying it into the goose-feathered pillow. He flicked his tongue over her nipple, while he cupped the other one with his palm. She moaned, arching her body to him as a silent message for him to go ahead and take her already.

Sebastian had other plans. Of course. He licked her belly, and then nipped her skin with his teeth. The temperature upped another twenty degrees and sweat threatened to break out and glisten over her body. When he bent further and his breath coated her thighs, she was already trembling. Using his tongue, he entered her swollen walls and twirled it around her flesh, each time deeper. Each time, getting close to her G-spot. Did he remember, after all this time? He flicked her clit. Her moan turned into a pleading scream when he plunged deeper and… Oh yeah. He remembered.

Her body clenched all at once, and spasms started at her sex and swept over her trembling legs all the way to her curling toes. He continued to suck her and she quivered.

A misleading sensation of peace washed over her. Peace? He bent on his knees, and with a wicked smile, demanded, “Get on all fours for me, baby.”

Chapter Four

Sebastian’s mouth watered. She leaned down and lifted her gorgeous ass in the air. He traced the heart shaped tattoo above her buttocks, and groaned. He rolled the condom he had strategically placed on the nightstand on his length, and she smiled over her shoulder.

His cock grew bigger. Easy, he told himself. He wanted to make it good for her. Not good, memorable. After eavesdropping on her phone call to her friend, and the way her eyes lit up when he showed her the stack of cards filled with ice breakers… All he wanted was to give her pleasure – and to distract himself from a powerful, lingering emotion that had driven him to arrange the flowers, and prepare the place for her. Nostalgia?

He bent and nipped her buttock, the skin firm and smooth under his teeth. Delicious.

She moaned and stayed put, and he moved on to the other cheek, savoring the firm flesh. Exquisite. He cupped her sex, and snaked his fingers into her dripping-wet essence. She had tasted so wonderful, he could do that everyday. Nonsense. He could do it for as long as they had each other.

He flicked her clit again, using his finger to stroke the warm bud.

“Sebastian, come inside me,” she demanded. “Now.”

“Your wish is my command.” Aroused, he spread her cheeks with his length, easing slowly into her hot, wet sex to give her time to adjust. He felt rather than heard her intake of breath, the planes of her back stiffening, and he almost withdrew all the way. The last thing he wanted was to hurt her.

She cast him another glance over her shoulder, and smiled. “What the heck are you waiting for?”

He reached for her hair, and pulled it, fisting his fingers in her silk. Driving inside her was like diving into a parallel universe. She was so tight… Her walls clung to him, her inner muscles clenching around him. She thrust her hips toward him, and he threw his head back, the blood rushing through his body. Oh yes… he impaled her, sending his length into her, the ripples of pleasure building in him. She whimpered and he tugged at her hair again. How amazing it was to be in charge of her, even if only sexually… He smacked her perfectly round and fleshy butt, and a couple small growls filled the air. Yeah. She was enjoying it as much as he was.

“Sebastian. I’m coming. I can’t even…” she said in a strangled voice, and he let go of restraint and slammed her all the way to her hilt. Breathless, he gave her one more slap on her ass. Then, he watched her shiver, until she thumped her upper body on the mattress, and he withdrew himself all the way just to return one more time. Deeper. Stronger. He reached her most secret spot, plunging into her, and soon he came. The release of raw energy, from his body to hers, had him closing his eyes. It was better than before. Nonsense.

He fell on top of her, rolled off and snatched her to him. Her body, slicked with sweat, draped over his. He threaded his fingers through her hair, and paced his breath. Suggesting they got intimate again had been a bold move, but as his body still pulsated around her, his blood pressure slowly coming down… it was all worth it. Sex with her was the one way he could have her. And fantasize about what otherwise couldn’t be.

He’d been made a fool by her once, because he believed there could be something more. Now, he sank into this twisted divorce deal with both eyes open – despite his traitorous cock.

“Why didn’t you ever tell me about your mother? When we were together?” she asked, her voice soft.

The muscles in his neck tensed up. He had told her his parents weren’t alive anymore, although he had spun the story so she believed he’d lost both of them on the same day. Because, hadn’t it been that way? He loosened the hold, and brought his hands behind his head. “Men don’t usually advertise their flaws.”

With a sigh, she propped herself on her elbows and turned to face him, her expression growing serious. “In what way is losing a parent a flaw?”

Trying to avoid her scrutiny, he fixated on the textured ceiling. “I should have taken care of her. She was all I had after my father left us, and I should have seen it coming. I kept telling myself it would be okay,” he said in a low, coarse voice. “It was my idea to move to the States.”

“You were sixteen. You don’t see how that was her decision?”

Her decision? His mother hadn’t been able to make choices, her will to live slipping away each day. If he hadn’t insisted on moving to Florida, would she still be alive? “Maybe, but—”

“No maybe. There was no way you could have avoided what happened. You couldn’t watch her around the clock, and like you said, she was long gone before she physically went.”

He swallowed the lump lodged in his throat, gathered his strength and glanced at her. “When we met… it was nice not having to think about that part of my life,” he said, and shook his head. Time for a change of subject. “Don’t you see yourself somewhere else? Other than Florida?”

“No.” She shifted in bed and sighed. “I spent my first eighteen years of life moving from campground to campground with my parents. I was homeschooled, and never got to make friends. By the time I learned people’s names, we were on the road again. I know they wanted to show me the country, but it wasn’t fair to me.”

No, it wasn’t. How could anyone raise a child like that? If he hadn’t lost his parents, perhaps he would have that sense of belonging – one he no longer shared. “Did you ever tell them that?”

She snickered. “I might have slammed the door a couple times when I was a teenager, but I knew that was just their nature. I couldn’t go against it. ”

“You’re an adult now. You can make your own decisions and come and go as you please.”

She bit back a smile and played with the hem of the sheet. “Yeah but I could never abandon my grandmother. I’m all she has left.”

His stomach curled. That kind of love he understood well, and respected. Why hadn’t she been able to commit the same way to him? He clenched his jaw, and damn it, he knew he shouldn’t bring this up, but before he stopped himself, he said, “You say it like it’s hard for you to leave people behind.”

“Sebastian… If I hadn’t fallen pregnant, we wouldn’t have gotten married so soon. And when James was gone… I couldn’t deal with things. You suffocated me.”

Could that be true? He cracked his knuckles and sat up on the bed. “You lost our baby after we fought. Of course I wanted to take care of you, and I still don’t know why that was a big deal.” An invisible knot looped around him, allowing him to breathe in gasps. The air around him was in short supply. What else was left to say? There was no way they’d ever agree on this.

“No point in talking about it now.” She cocked her head to the side and scooted away from him. She checked the alarm clock and brushed her temples with fidgety fingers. “Shoot. I have to get going and get some sleep.”

He cleared his throat. “Don’t go.”

She shrugged, as if that was out of discussion, and jumped out of bed. While he watched her scramble into her clothes, adorable and naked, he thought of ways to convince her to stay. Then, it hit him. It was pointless. And why did he want to complicate things? A no strings affair was what he wanted, what he needed. He’d had enough complication to last him a lifetime. “I’ll see you tomorrow morning so we can go over the numbers.”

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