Autumn's Hope (Cowboy Seasons)

BOOK: Autumn's Hope (Cowboy Seasons)
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Cowboy Seasons 2


Kathleen Ball


Sensual Romance


Secret Cravings Publishing


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Sensual Romance


Autumn’s Hope

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I dedicate Autumn’s
Hope to my dad, James
and to all the
Tighe/Farrell Clan. Your support has meant the world to me.

To Dawn Carey,
Province, Lisa Tompkins, Theresa James, Shirley
, Maureen
Margaret Nicolson, Julie
, Barbie Herrera, Judy
Christi Williams, Gail Lindsay, Geneva Stevens and Nola

A special thanks to
Hooves and Paws Rescue of the Heartland Inc.
Stoops-President—for helping me in my research. They are a wonderful
organization that takes in neglected animals and tries to make them whole again

And to Bruce, Steven
Colt, and Clara, because I love them.


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Seasons 2

Kathleen Ball

Copyright ©




Lavin rejoiced as she parked the rental truck in front of the Carlston Bar and
Grill. Lightly touching her still slim stomach, she smiled. “We’re here,” she
murmured to her unborn baby. It looked even larger than the pictures she saw
with its big windows and huge front door. The exterior was wooden, all two
stories of it.

got out of the truck and reached into her jeans pocket for the key.
Anticipation filled her as she walked up to the big oak door. This was her new
home, her new destiny. She’d be able to support her child without worrying.
Well, without too much worry.

lock stuck at first but it opened after she jiggled it. The inside was
everything she imagined and the rustic feel of the place awed her. She headed straight
for the old wooden bar and ran her hand over it, smiling at the numerous carved
names in it. The whole place reeked of history. She’d made a good choice, a
good decision to leave her hometown behind.

hoped to make friends here without being judged for being a single mother. But
she had to admit, it wasn’t being a single mother that made her leave. She
became pregnant on a first date and it set tongues wagging. Those old biddies
and their vicious gossip had broken more than one person’s spirit. Motherhood
she could handle, but the fear of what they might say to her child became too
much to contemplate.

upstairs, she found the two apartments. One was much bigger than the other.
She’d wait and see how far her finances would take her first and then maybe
rent the smaller one. The whole place looked wonderful and it was a big relief.

A female yelled from downstairs.

hurried down. A pretty woman with blonde hair and blue eyes stood by the bar.
“Can I help you?”

must be, Autumn. I’m Summer Fitzgerald. You bought the property from me.”

yes. It’s great to finally meet you. The place is great. Do you mind if I ask
why you sold it?”

grinned. “I inherited the Bar and Grill from a dear friend. I worked here for
three years. Long story short, I fell in love with a handsome cowboy.”

romantic. Did you get married?”

held up her hand with her diamond engagement ring. “I’m hoping for sooner than
later. My fiancée is a veterinarian and we’re waiting for a replacement to
come. We’ve been in limbo waiting to hear.”

hope you hear soon.”

me too. If you need anything, call. I’ll send my future brothers-in-law over to
help you move in.”

liked Summer immediately. “That would be great, thank you. Would they be able
to come over now?”

problem. You take care and welcome to Carlston.”

you. It was really nice to meet you.” Autumn watched Summer wave as she left.
She hoped that the guys she was sending over were strong. Her boxes were heavy
and she’d been a bit concerned about lifting them because of the baby. There
were plenty that she could move herself and she knew she’d best get started if
she planned to be moved in by nightfall.

the cavalry arrived an hour later, four very eager young men stopping by to
help. She almost laughed when they said their names were Matthew, Mark, Luke
and John. She was certain to remember. They were younger than her twenty-four
years. The oldest was eighteen and the youngest twelve. They all had dark hair
and brown eyes and were handsome and strong. Soon enough they’d have the ladies
chasing them down.

are you fixing to do with the place?” Luke asked.

smiled. She had big plans and no one to share them with. “I’m going to open a vegetarian
restaurant with a juice bar.”

laughed, his eyes dancing. “No, really what are you going to do with it?”

laughter puzzled her. “What’s so funny about a juice bar?”

lifted his black Stetson off his head and ran his fingers through his brown
hair. All of his brothers had stopped what they were doing to listen. “Here’s
the thing. Montana is one of the best beef states and people like steaks and

would you know about beer?” she asked.

shrugged. “Enough to know that people order it with their steak.”

laughed. “Well since there will not be any steaks, I don’t need the beer.”

went out to the truck and came back with a big box. He set it down and wiped
his brow. “That’s the last of it.”

guys are great. Here, let me find my purse.”

need to pay us, Autumn. Holden would skin us alive if we accepted money,” Mark
told her.

all looked so much alike. “Who’s Holden?” she asked.

took a step forward. He still looked like a young boy. “Holden is our big
brother. He’s going to marry Summer.”

BOOK: Autumn's Hope (Cowboy Seasons)
7.53Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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