Be Careful What You Wish For: A Cuckold's Story

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Be Careful What You Wish For


A Cuckold’s Story





By J.W. McKenna


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Chapter One




loved his wife, but he had to admit, after
years of marriage, things had grown
largely uninterested
in sex and was generally
content with their once-every-
session that lasted all of

It shamed him to realize he was
to blame for their lackluster sex life.
He considered himself to be a bit of a schlub. He stood five-nine and had a small pot belly. But that wasn’t the main problem.
Although he hated to admit it, his
was undersized. When he was fully erect, it measured
less than
five inches. Not bad, really, but he often had trouble bringing Liz to an orgasm. Although they did not talk about it, he suspected that the diminished frequency of their love-making was due in part to his small
not being able to fully satisfy his wife.

Liz had been so beautiful on their wedding day, with her long
hair and generous breasts. She had green eyes and a big smile that lifted his heart every time he saw her. It killed him that he couldn’t give her the orgasms she deserved.

Before the marriage, she had worked as a waitress at Hooters, but she told him many times she didn’t like
the way
some of the customers treated the women. Rick wouldn’t let her debase herself like that
. H
e had a good job
at an Atlanta
company that provided temporary fencing for constructions sites
so he
told her to stay at home until she could find something she liked.
She never did.
That had been six years ago
both had come to like the arrangement
She kept the house spotless and cooked wonderful meals and Rick earned the money.
They had talk
ed about starting a family, but
neither one was quite ready.

“We have time,” Liz told him. “I’m only twenty-nine, you’re thirty – let’s not saddle ourselves with kids just yet.”

Over the last six years, Liz
had gained some weight
he thought she might be substituting food for sex. If she couldn’t be satisfied with one, she could with the other.
It didn’t matter to Rick – he still loved his beautiful bride.

Out of guilt or frustration,
Rick had turned to masturbation as his relief. If he could sneak away and beat off, he could pretend he was a real man again. He
a fantasy of watching a man with a larger cock
fuck his wife
. He often spent his free time perusing the “cuckold” sites on the Internet and was amazed at the size of some of those monsters that hung between men’s legs.
In many scenes, the husband with his small dick would be in the background, or manning the camera, while a well-endowed man would
the wife. It always made him instantly hard. He would love to see her climax on one of those bad boys, but he was afraid to bring it up to her. She was so reserved and classy, he was sure she’d reacted badly and then he’d have to admit his sorrow about not being able to satisfy her.

The couple lived in quiet frustration. They still had fun, going out and doing the things a couple might do. On their sixth anniversary, he took Liz out for a nice dinner
. They had cocktails at the bar beforehand
and shared a bottle of wine
during dinner
They were both a bit tipsy
on the way home
and Rick
felt emboldened enough to test the waters
“Tell me, hon, if you could do it all over again, would you marry me?”

“Of course I would,” she said. “Silly!”

“That’s nice. But I’d like to do something special for you. Tell me one of your secret fantasies and I’ll try to make it come true.”

“What? I don’t have one.”

“Come on, every woman has a secret fantasy!  I can’t believe you don’t have one!”

Um, n
ot really, no,” she said, shrugging.

Rick knew his wife was hiding something.
He pulled into their driveway and turned to face her.
“I don’t believe you. Remember that time I came home early and I caught you masturbating? You never did tell me what you were thinking about.”

Liz blushed. “I did too! I said I was thinking about you!”

“And I didn’t believe you because y
changed the subject.
Come on. If you tell me yours, I’ll tell you mine.”

Her eyes widened. “Oh? You have one? What is it – a threesome with some blond

“No,” he said, his jaw set. “You go first.”

“Oh, no – you’ll think I’m a weirdo. Or worse.”

Aha! So you do have one! I knew it.
Come on, maybe I can make it come true.”

Oh no
!” She shook her head. “I don’t want you to think I’m not a good wife.”

“You’re a great wife! Why would you think differently?”

“I’m fat and
I’m not very sexy
, that’s why!”

“You are
fat. Okay, so you’
ve gained maybe ten pounds since our wedding.
That’s nothing!
I don’t care
. You know that!” He gave her a hug. “And I think you’re very sexy!”

t’s more like twenty pounds. I
feel like a frump.”
She suddenly got out of the car and headed for the door. Rick quickly followed.

Now you’re just avoiding the issue.
Please, tell me
your fantasy
They stood on the porch and he
began rubbing her upper arm, something he knew she liked. He leaned in and kissed her neck and she shivered.

“Let’s go inside first,” she said.

He nodded and unlocked the door. He couldn’t wait. He pulled her to the couch and they sat down.

She sighed. “I guess I’m just drunk enough.
I can’t believe I’m actually saying this out loud…” She seemed to gather her thoughts. Rick kept his mouth shut, afraid she’d change her mind. “
know I was raised in Charleston,” she continued. “
was always some underlying racial tension
My family was not too bad, but they did look down on the blacks a little. In school, they taught us about the Civil War and how it ended slavery, but it also ruined the plantation life that
white folks
seemed to miss. I guess it kind of fueled my imagination.
” She stopped and sighed again. “I shouldn’t be saying this – you’ll think I’m terrible.”

“Hell no,” he said. “I can guess where this is going and I find it

Liz flashed him a small smile. “Really?
okay. M
y fantasy
– the one that’s always guaranteed to get me off –
was that I
the daughter of a plantation owner in about 1850
, a girl of
or so. One day,
I catch the eye of some
black buck
and flirt with him a little, just to tease him, you know. I go into the barn and he follows me. There’s no one else around and…” She trailed off and gave Rick a shy smile.

“Ohh, so you and a black man! That’s hot!”

“You don’t think it’s racist?”

He laughed. “Not if you’re fucking them!”

“Yeah, I guess so. Okay, tell me yours.”

“Wait, I want to hear details! You can’t leave me hanging.”

“Oh? You like to hear about that? I would think you’d be jealous.”

“Not at all. I find it exciting.”
Rick was actually stunned – it fit in nicely with his secret fantasy

“Wow. I would not have expected that.” She tipped her head for moment,
lost in thought
. “I’ll tell you some details, but first, you have to tell me your fantasy.”

“You won’t believe me.”

She raised an eyebrow. “Try me.”

Okay. I’ve always wanted to see you fuck another man.” He waited for the explosion. She just stared at him.

That’s … not what I expected to hear.
I mean, that’s like
wanting me to have an

It’s not an affair if I’m there too
” He paused. “
I think you know where this fantasy comes from. Sometimes I feel like I don’t quite satisfy you

She put a hand on his leg and said, “Ohh, honey, you do just fine.”

It wasn’t exactly the ringing endorsement he had hoped for. “
Maybe I’d like to live vicariously through a guy who’s, you know, bigger.
” He looked down at the ground in shame. “
My fantasy is
really not all that different from yours.”

“Yeah, but in mine, I’m getting fucked. In yours, you’re just watching… How is that the same?”

“Oh, I fuck you afterward. While I’m watching, I’m touching myself, getting all excited. Then when he’s done, I jump on and fuck the daylights out of you.”
He dared not share the rest of his fantasy, where he would
take pictures or videos and masturbate to them later
. That could come later, if at all.

“Wow. I never would have thought that.” She paused. “Is this mystery lover
you see me with
ever a black man?”

“Actually, no – but I could get into that. It wouldn’t really matter to me.
As long as he was, you know, big.

… that’s really interesting.”

* * *

Nothing more was said that night. It was as if both wanted to think about the shocking revelations. Liz couldn’t
Rick would want her to
make love to
another man – and right in front of him, too!
No matter what he said, s
he was sure he’d be jealous and it would ruin everything. Not that they would ever do such a thing! Best to keep those thoughts as fantasies.
But she couldn’t stop thinking about having a man with a big cock inside her. It made her wet. She had never considered the idea before because she was sure it would make him feel inadequate.

Truth be told, he was a bit small for her. He had trouble reaching her in the right places.
Privately, she called Rick her “one-hit wonder” because
he came, he’d roll over and fall asleep
, often leaving her frustrated. No wonder she wasn’t always responsive when he was horny!
It was all just too much trouble.
But he was a good man and a good husband and she was satisfied to let sleeping dogs lie. At least, for now.
When he was at work, she could take her time with her vibrator and her fingers to bring herself to climaxes she had missed. She didn’t need another man in her bed.

Did she?

Rick became
when she didn’t reject the idea out of hand. He even went so far as to show her some of his favorite sites on the Internet, which dealt with this so-called “cuckold” lifestyle. The term sounded quaintly Victorian or even Elizabethan. But the pictures took her breath away.
They showed
women fucking men with enormous cocks and having thunderous orga
ms. She asked to see
pictures of black men and she was amazed. Some of those penises were as big as her forearm!

“That’s too big for me,” she said again and again, while her pussy grew wet. It was a big lie and it shamed her to think she might actually want to experience a big cock.

“Why would you want this?” she kept asking him, but he had trouble explaining it.

“I just find it exciting,” was all he’d say. She suspected his worry about his small penis went deeper than she had imagined. No wonder they never talked about it! The idea that he was turned on by the thought of her fucking another man opened up new possibilities in her mind.

Later, when they were in bed,
found the confession
and the websites
had turned
on and their love-making had a renewed sense of urgency and heat.
She pretended Rick was a big black lover and tried to imagine what it might feel like to have him inside of her. But his cock couldn’t quite make the fantasy come alive. She pretended to climax, just to make him feel better.
added fuel to the fire of
her imagination

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