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Authors: Season Vining

Beautiful Addictions (32 page)

“Oh, you’ll definitely remember it,” he responded, smirking crookedly at her. Tristan
ducked his head and ravished her mouth with kisses. The tiny moaning sounds coming
from her throat drove him to devour her even more affectionately.

“I love you,” she whimpered. “To the moon and back.”

“Only 477,800 miles worth of love? I love you that much times a googolplexian.”

“That’s not even real,” she said, giggling.

“It is too. It’s the largest number with a name.”

Tristan placed kisses along her neck and collarbone before kissing her lips again.

Josie’s hands flew to his grown-out hair, pulling and tugging at the coal-black mess.
He hummed in approval and rocked his hips. Starting at her feet, Tristan bathed her
entire body in kisses and tasteful benediction. He let his teeth scrape over her skin,
trailed by his tongue, which refused to be left out. There wasn’t one part of his
anatomy that did not hunger for Josie.

“Stop teasing,” she pleaded.

This was a new first, something they would share and equally recall. He wanted every
detail of it to remain clear and unhurried. He wanted Josie to treasure it always.

After they’d exhausted every pleasure to be had, they settled beneath the cool sheets,
curled together like woven ribbons. Tristan let his fingers roam Josie’s satiated
body. Just as his hand trailed from her knee up to her thigh, the clouds parted and
the most beautiful moonlight bathed their bodies through the open window.

He was reminded of the lunar beams that had revealed Josie hiding among the iron railings
of her fire escape not so long ago. Just as it did then, the light seemed to reveal
and bind them to each other.

Josie sighed and pulled herself closer to Tristan. She ran her hand up over his hip,
past his fingers, and around his biceps. She watched as his breaths became slow and
steady as he drifted off to sleep. His face was perfection as far as she was concerned—hair
that she loved to run her fingers through, eyes that always saw through her bullshit,
and lips that spoke words of adoration. The feel of his body wrapped around hers was
intoxicating and she couldn’t remember ever wanting anything or anyone more than she
wanted him. But what was most intriguing was what lay inside this amazing, complicated
man. All of his memories, his intellect, his unwavering love and devotion for a girl
like her is what made Tristan her perfect and beautiful addiction.


Thank you to Danielle and Chap, who endured many evenings listening to the click-clack
melody of a MacBook keyboard. Thanks to Becca, who, through three different colored
fonts in a shared Google document, helped with the mapping of this wild ride. To the
readers, especially Bridget and Ricky, who endured the first, second, and third drafts
of this manuscript, I apologize and thank you. From coast to coast, much love to my
Fuckery Book Club girls–defenders, motivators, and pimps extraordinaire. Gracias to
Jerry, my official Spanish Mexican Slang Consultant. To the watchers of the internet,
thanks for not putting me on a high profile list somewhere for the things I research.

A special thank-you to the two ladies that I met in the swamp, where we toasted a
beautiful sunset and drank wine off the library’s reference cart. Rose, who fell in
love with this story from the very first page, and whose enthusiasm and editing eye
made it better with each pencil mark. And Rachel, my cape-wearing, fine-print-reading,
top-notch-negotiating, corgi-loving, voice of reason and pusher of all things me.

Lastly, I’d like to recognize all artists, whether they express themselves through
written word, enamel paints, or inked skin; anyone fighting the demons of addiction,
who have the strength and will to overcome; and those who were once victims, but who
refuse to wear that label, you are all an inspiration.

About the Author

SEASON VINING is a writer, a bookworm, a cook, a night owl, and always a student.
Beautiful Addictions
is her first novel. She lives in Louisiana, where she works as a graphic designer.
To learn more, visit her on the Web at

This is a work of fiction. All of the characters, organizations, and events portrayed
in this novel are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously.

Copyright © 2014 by Season Vining. All rights reserved. For information, address St.
Martin’s Press, 175 Fifth Avenue, New York, N.Y. 10010.

Cover design by Lisa Marie Pompilio

Cover art by Trisha Picky

e-ISBN 9781466849853

First Edition: January 2014

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