Becoming a Jett Girl (The Bourbon Series) (9 page)

BOOK: Becoming a Jett Girl (The Bourbon Series)

He saved me and I owed him.

Chapter Ten

“Candy Shop”


Kace: She’s all set. Will go over contract tomorrow.

I received the text message from Kace not very long after I saw him take Goldie up to her room. I was intrigued to know how she felt about the room I specifically designed for her, the art supplies I picked out, and the lingerie that I had especially designed to show off her best assets, her curves.

Jett: Do you think she will sign?

The thought of Goldie not agreeing to the contract had floated through my mind ever since I drafted it. She was stubborn and proved to be difficult to rein in since it took over a week and a mugging to make her commit to coming to the club.

Thinking back, the last thing I wanted to do was to send Reggie over to take care of her, but frankly, I didn’t have any other options. I wanted her to be a part of the club and with the fucking rate we were headed, it was going to be Christmas before she committed to becoming a Jett Girl.

Kace: After watching her reaction to her room, no doubt about it. She’s hooked.

I smiled to myself after reading Kace’s text. That was exactly what I wanted to hear. I wanted her to be hooked; I didn’t want her going back to her old life. She needed to be with me, with the club. I knew Kace didn’t think she would be a good fit, but I had other ideas. She was going to be difficult to tame and difficult to rein in, but the challenge aroused me.

Taking a look at my watch, I got out of my chair that sat behind my desk and walked across the hall to the Bourbon Room that was across from my office. The room was where I went to play, to please, and to fuck my girls raw. I specifically designed the room to my liking and to my specific brand of kink. I knew what I liked and I made sure when the room was constructed, I had a part in every little decision. When I fucked my women, I fucked them in the comfort of my own surroundings.

As I walked in, I was blessed with the beautiful sight of Pepper, tied in silk ropes, with her legs completely spread to the sides and lying on her back. She was strapped to what I called the balance beam. I had it designed so the board she laid on was only four feet long and five inches wide so her legs hung off the side and were strapped backwards, showing off her beautiful arousal. Pepper’s arms were tied behind her as well, right at her lower back, displaying her breasts for my liking and she was blindfolded. The beam was well-cushioned, so even if they were in an awkward position, they were comfortable. I always made sure the girls were comfortable. It also had the hydraulics of a low-riding Cadillac, so I was able to lift, turn, and maneuver the girls any way I wanted, into any position I wanted.

Pepper had been lying on the beam ever since Goldie arrived at the house. I tied her up ahead of time and left her to think about all the exquisite things I was going to do to her body. One of my favorite practices I conducted with the girls was anticipation and patience. If they were able to have patience, then I guaranteed them an explosive release that would leave them completely sated and satisfied.

Pushing play on the stereo, I listened to the hard beat from 50 Cent carry through the speakers. Music and sex were like peanut butter and jelly to me; they belonged together and you weren’t doing it right until you fucked someone to a musical beat.

I took off my pants and freed my erection. Just the sight of Pepper stretched across the beam had me stimulated and ready.

The beam was currently horizontal to the floor so Pepper was laying down as if she was on a bed but with all her limbs tied behind her. I ran my hands from her sternum, down her stomach, to her slick folds which were saturated with her own arousal, making my dick jump at the discovery.

“You’ve been very good waiting here for me,” I praised her, as she squirmed under my touch. “What have you been thinking about? You’re incredibly wet, which you know pleases me.”

“Your cock,” Pepper said in a husky tone, pure and simple. That was what I liked about her, she always gave it to me straight.

“What about it?” I asked, as I reached for the lever attached to the beam. I pumped the beam high off the ground and then leveled her out so she was now vertical to the floor and looking straight at me. Once I had the perfect height, I unlocked the beam and slowly turned it so she hung upside down and then I locked it back in place. Her mouth was at the perfect height to take my cock in and my mouth was ready to tear apart her ripe pussy with my tongue.

“I thought about it in my mouth, my tongue gliding across it, my throat constricting around your girth.”

“And that is why you’re so wet?” I asked, as I took off my shirt and finally put Pepper in place.

Her chest was heaving in anticipation as she nodded her head.

Happy with her confession, I moved closer to her and placed both my hands on her thighs, which were at eye level, as well as her pussy, which was ripe and ready for me.

My cock jutted out and brushed against her lips, but she kept her mouth closed until told otherwise; she knew the rules. I moved my hips side to side as my cock lightly brushed against her lips. The light tickle of skin against skin sent a warm sensation through my legs. I was so fucking hard, so fucking aroused from seeing Pepper naked and strapped down, as well as seeing Goldie come to the club for the first time. Both thoughts together questioned my normal stamina; I wasn’t going to hold out very long.

“Suck me off, Pepper,” I demanded gruffly, as I shoved my cock in her mouth.

At that moment, her mouth flew open and she took my entire length in, making me groan in anticipation. Out of all the girls, Pepper was the best at giving head. That was why she found herself in such a compromising position more often than anyone else.

What I really wanted to do was throw my head back and enjoy the feeling of a gorgeous woman sucking my dick off, but I was never selfish when it came to sex. I always made sure my women were pleased, even if that meant I had to sacrifice my pleasure for them.

Wanting to reward her for her masterful work, I lowered my head and licked the outer edges of her pussy. She gasped as my cock was down her throat, which sent a thrilling sensation through my veins. She pulled her head off my cock and took a deep breath.

My tongue gently licked her folds, but never really delved too far in. She squirmed in her restraints, trying to press her pelvis into my tongue.

“Pepper, need I remind you what your task is right now?”

“I’m sorry, but please, Jett.”

I pulled away and looked at her. “Who’s in control here, Pepper?”

“You are…” she responded breathlessly.

“And what have I taught you about patience?”

“That it will come with a big reward.”

“Exactly, so be a good girl and suck my cock until I tell you to stop. You hear me?”

She nodded her head and opened her mouth. I slipped myself back in her and let her do her work, work that was driving me insane. Noting the time, I knew I needed to hurry up because I knew the blood would soon be rushing to her head, making her dizzy.

I let her play with me a little bit more by licking the underside of my cock, licking my balls and sucking my cock deep in her throat. She really was magnificent when it came to giving head. I thought about having her teach the other girls, but decided differently; I never wanted to compare the girls against each other. They were all special in their own way and Pepper was the sucking specialist.

Enough time had passed that I was way too damn close to exploding in her mouth, so I decided to move on. I knew a couple flicks of my tongue would have Pepper flying over the edge and I was just about ready as well, so I lowered my head, spread her lips and fully licked her. My tongue rubbed against her bundle of nerves, making her stiffen her mouth around my cock. The feeling of her closing around me had me pounding my hips into her face.

She moaned out loud, which sent vibrations through my cock, making me harder than I thought was imaginable. I was going to fly off the fucking edge as I continued to blow right through her mouth.

After a few flicks with my tongue, I felt her go completely wet with pleasure and stiff has her pelvis yearned for a couple more swipes. She flew over the edge and gripped my cock with her lips like a damn vise, making me explode in her mouth and down her throat.

We both ran our orgasms out and when we finally were able to release all the tension that built up in our bodies, I flipped the lever so Pepper was right side up again. I untied her and pulled her into my arms. I brought her over to one of the many benches that lined the wall of the room and wrapped a robe around her. I stood in front of her as she looked up at me with her deep blue eyes.

“You pleased me very much tonight, Pepper. Thank you.”

“Anything for you, Jett.”

Just what I liked, a willing submissive. I smiled at her and left the room. It was time to get some sleep.

Chapter Eleven

“Hit It”


The warm morning sun beamed down on my body as I slowly woke up from one of the best night’s rests of my life. I really didn’t know a bed could make that much of a difference in a good night’s sleep, but damn was I wrong. The bed was so damn comfortable that I didn’t even want to move.

The smell of rich coffee floated through my room, making me sit up to see where the smell was coming from. My hair was strewn across my face as I looked through the room. I pushed it to the side and was startled when I saw Kace sitting in a chair next to a wheeled-in cart of food.

When I looked him in the eyes, they were burning with…desire?

That was when I remembered I like to sleep naked. I knew I should cover up as quickly as possible, but I couldn’t help but flaunt my body when a man was staring at me with such heat lacing his eyes.

“Good morning,” I said, while giving him a sleepy smile.

“Are you going to cover yourself up?”

“Why would I do that when you are clearly enjoying the show?”

Kace looked down at his coffee and cleared his throat. “Put something on, Goldie.”

God, he was such a grouch.

I threw my robe on, well the robe that was given to me, and sauntered over to the cart where there was another chair for me waiting to be sat in. I crossed my leg just to show off an expanse of skin to drive the man crazy. Ever since I met him, he grated my nerves and if I could torture him a little, I would.

He glanced down at my leg before looking back up.

“I thought you got laid last night,” I said, while grabbing a croissant and shoving it down my face. The buttery, flaky pastry melted in my mouth, making me moan from the delight. I grabbed another and started chewing on it, in a more ladylike manner this time.

“I did,” Kace said, as he watched me inhale the French bread.

“Then why are you so grumpy?”

“I’m not.”

I paused before I shoved another piece of croissant in my mouth. “So, you’re telling me this is how you act all the time? Damn, I wouldn’t want to piss you off.”

“Glad you realized that. Now let’s get down to business.”

Kace pulled out a folder from behind him and placed it on the cart. I licked my fingers clean, took a big gulp of the smoothest coffee that ever hit my tongue and grabbed the folder. I crossed my legs Indian style, making sure to push my robe in front of my Britney and opened the folder.

“That is your contract. Read it carefully and sign the bottom.”

“Ugh, that’s too much reading. Can’t you just explain everything to me?”

Kace rolled his eyes and cleared the cart so we could both look at the contract together. He scooted his chair closer to mine and I got a good whiff of his cologne. I was pretty sure my lady folds just screamed in excitement from the scent radiating off of the moody man.

Damn him.

“Alright, we already discussed the attire and restrictions about having to wear masks around the house. If you leave the house, you are to be fully clothed and you need to leave through the back, never the front. I will show you the back entrance later.”

“Oh, will you?” I asked, while wiggling my eyebrows.

Kace ignored my innuendo and continued. “Every first Monday of the month all the Jett Girls go for their monthly cleaning.”

“As in the dentist? I thought it was every six months. Is this Jett guy some sort of clean teeth freak?”

Kace ran his fingers over his eyebrows and then looked at me. “Can you keep the snarky comments to yourself? Otherwise it’s going to take us for fucking ever to get through this thing.”

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