Belize: Bad Boys on the Beach Book Two (13 page)

“I was just saying how sexy you look in your hiking shorts,” he says, stepping over the roots.

“No,” I say, looking at him sideways. “That wasn’t it.”

“Well it should have been,” he says, looking me up and down. “I’d follow you up Mount Everest if I got to stare at your ass in those tight shorts the whole way up.”

“I think you should climb up a volcano instead,” I say, raising an eyebrow.

He leans in close. “I’d rather climb up onto you. You’re hotter than a volcano.”

“And more deadly,” I say, poking his hard chest with my finger and pushing him away. “Watch out or you’ll get burned.”

He opens his arms. “That’s what I’ve been waiting for. Come and burn me.”

You’re hot enough.

We hike for the next hour chatting and laughing as we enjoy the thick, lush scenery and spectacular birds. I like his company and he always has me laughing.

The path starts to rise on an incline and I notice him struggling a bit on his bad knee, no matter how hard that he tries to hide it. I stop every so often, pretending to be fascinated by a plant, an insect, a bird, anything to give him a rest without insulting his manhood.

The path comes up to a part where we have to climb up a few rocks. Chase grunts and breathes hard but he manages to get up. He’s rubbing his knee on top as I follow him up. Stephanie strolls towards us grinning like a villain in a Batman comic book.

“A Navy SEAL who’s having trouble walking a beginner path,” she says with an evil smile. “I guess America is not as safe as we thought it was.”

Chase clenches his jaw as he turns towards his cousin.

“Who the hell asked you?” I ask, stepping between them.

She continues laughing in her fake, bubbly laugh. “A six-year-old in Spiderman shoes passed you, Chase,” she says, snorting out a laugh. “Maybe that’s why we haven’t caught Osama Bin Laden yet.”

“Actually, we did,” he says, placing his hands on his hips. “Did they not cover the story in Whore Weekly?”

Stephanie glares at him. “No, they didn’t. Hey let me know if you have any more trouble walking up this beginner path,” she says, pointing to his knee. “I’ll have my fiancee, a real man, carry you.”

Chase stares her down. He’s trying to act like her words don’t bother him but the big vein popping out of his neck is saying otherwise.

“I’ll see you guys at the waterfall,” she says, heading back up. “If you can make it.”

Chase grimaces as he continues walking. He looks like he’s in pain now and isn’t able to hide his limp.

I bite my lip as I watch him go. “I know you don’t like talking about it but we can just hang out here if you want until the group returns.”

“I’m a Navy SEAL,” he says in a serious tone. “I can survive any condition.”

“Even IKEA on a Saturday afternoon?” I ask, trying to lighten up the mood.

He laughs. “Well, most situations.”

We continue hiking but he’s talking less as he fights through the pain. He’s a tough one. And a stubborn one too.

The path turns and I gasp when I see the lagoon and waterfall in front of us. “Wow,” I whisper under my breath. It’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.

Chase takes a deep breath as he looks at it.

Well, second most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.

The tall waterfall tumbles down slick rocks covered in bright green vegetation and colorful flowers into the turquoise lagoon below. It’s a secluded little oasis just for us.

And our group.

And Stephanie and Aaron.

Megan and Lucas run and dive into the water to meet Ethan, Matt and Tanya who are already swimming near the waterfall. The rest of the group is in various stages of undress as we admire the spectacular scenery.

I strip down to my bikini as Chase pulls off his shirt. We’re both watching each other out of the corner of our eyes.

“Shall we?” Chase asks.

“We shall.”






Chapter Nine


Day Three



Tanya is pulling out sandwiches from Ethan’s backpack and handing them out to everyone as I step out of the fresh warm water. The lagoon is paradise but it would be even better if everyone was gone and it was just me and Cynthia.

I still can’t believe that I almost said it. For a second, I was willing to have an exclusive, committed relationship with her. She just looked so sexy and irresistible in her hiking gear. I’ve always loved sporty women and I find nothing sexier than seeing a woman in outdoor gear. It drives me wild.

I just can’t have a relationship as a Navy SEAL. I’m constantly in danger over there and I have to have my head in the game. I can’t be thinking if she’s okay back home while I’m in the field. It could get me killed, or worse, get a friend killed.

She’s sitting on a rock with her friends but she keeps looking over at me as I step out of the water. She wraps her soft lips around her water bottle and I have to look away before I get hard.

“Hey bro,” Ethan says, tossing me a sandwich. I catch it and sit down beside him. Tanya smiles at me.

“Great choice on the hiking,” I tell her and her face lights up.

“Ready for the bachelor party tonight?” I ask Ethan.

“Bachelor party?” Tanya’s dad asks poking his head into our conversation. “Those are the devil’s work. Full of depravity and sin.”

“It won’t be anything like that, sir,” I lie. “It will be just a bunch of guys hanging out.”
With a set of big tits in our faces.

Mr. Prentis looks at me and nods. “If you’re in charge Chase than I approve. I’m sure someone as responsible and honorable as you won’t let it get out of hand.”

“You can count on me, sir.”

Mr. Prentis stands up and salutes me. I narrow my eyes, trying not to laugh, and salute him back.

Ethan’s mouth is dropped open. “What the hell?” he whispers to me when Mr. Prentis turns back to his sandwich. “I’ve been trying to get him to like me for months. What did you do?”

I shrug as I bite into my sandwich. “I was just lovable old me,” I say with my mouth wide open to give him a show of my chewed up food.

“I don’t get it,” Ethan says, shaking his head. “Why does he hate me?”

I’ve never seen Ethan so concerned about what someone thinks of him. He must really be in love with Tanya.

“Don’t even worry about it,” I tell him. “When you’re dating, the parents have all of the power in the relationship but once you get married the power dynamics flip. You’re the one who has the power. If they want to get invited to your place to see their daughter or grandkids you have to like them, not the other way around. You’ll see.”

Ethan stares out at the waterfall and nods slowly. “That’s not the stupidest thing you’ve ever said.”


He looks at me quickly and dips his chin. “I’m glad that you’re here.”

“Me too,” I say, taking an awkward breath.

We sit in uncomfortable silence. Us Taylor brothers have never been good with these kinds of moments.

“But seriously,” Ethan says after a while. “This bachelor party tonight. I don’t want-”

“You don’t have a say in the matter,” I say, interrupting him. “I need to get laid.”

Ethan runs his hand through his wet hair. “It seems like you’re getting pretty close with Cynthia.”

He doesn’t say it but the underlying message is clear: I shouldn’t be fucking around with Cynthia’s feelings.

It pisses me off but he’s right. She doesn’t deserve that.

“Thanks for the sandwich,” I say, getting up.

Stephanie is sitting on the edge of the group with Aaron watching everyone eat. I can hear her stomach growling from here. She forgot to bring a lunch.

I walk over with the uneaten half of my sandwich still in my hand. “Hungry?” I ask. She doesn’t have to answer. Her wide eyes staring at the wrapped up sandwich in my hand is all the answer I need.

“Catch.” I toss her the last half of my sandwich, throwing it way out of her reach so that it lands on the grass behind her. As she turns and reaches for it I snatch the cell phone sticking out of the pocket of her bag and keep walking.

Aaron asks for a bite of the sandwich and she snarls at him like a wild beast. Poor guy. He has no idea what kind of life he’s in store for.

I walk over to the waterfall and throw her cell phone onto the rocks on top where she’ll never find it.
Phase one complete.

Tanya and Ethan grab everyone’s garbage and stuff it back into the bag. “Okay everyone,” she says. “We’re going to head back now.”

One by one the group gets up and starts the long hike back down the path.

I linger in the back and wave Cynthia over when she glances back at me.

“What’s up?” she asks, looking spectacular in her damp bikini and hiking boots.

“One more swim,” I whisper. “Just you and me.”

She looks down, smiling shyly as her cheeks start to blush. She looks unreal in front of the backdrop of luscious rainforest and dense vegetation. Her eyes are more vivid than the brightest flower, her hair is softer than the thick moss growing on the rocks and her skin is warmer than the turquoise water of the lagoon. She’s more beautiful than the best that Mother Nature has to offer.

She raises her chin and her eyes meet mine. “Two minutes.”

The last of the group has disappeared down the path leaving just the two of us in this perfect oasis.

I dive into the deep warm water as she bends down to untie her shoes. The water feels electric on my skin, washing away any stress and anxiety that I feel about my future. The water is so clear that I can see the bottom perfectly even though it’s over my head.

“Come on in,” I call out over the roar of the waterfall behind me. “There’s no one around if you want to leave your top on the shore.”

My body stiffens and I almost sink to the bottom as she reaches behind her back to undo her bikini top.

“In your dreams,” she says, cruelly dropping her hands back. She laughs at my devastated face and then dives in.

“That was mean,” I say when her gorgeous head pops out of the water a few feet from mine.

“You should know me better than that by now,” she says, splashing me playfully.

“And you should know me better than that,” I say. “You just broke my heart.”

“You’ll get over it.” She dives under the water and swims to the waterfall looking like a sexy mermaid with her long brown, curly hair spread out behind her.

We swim around the waterfall and sit on the wet rocks behind it. Cynthia’s breasts bounce as she traces her fingers through her thick hair and the sight is so hot that I almost can’t take it. She watches the falling water as she catches her breath from the long underwater swim. She licks the water from her lips and I can’t hold myself back anymore.

“We should prob-”

I interrupt her with a kiss. She pulls her head back and looks at me in shock. The serious look in her eyes grounds me and makes me think that I misread all of her signals.

“Look, Cynthia, I know what you’re going to say. You can’t be with someone who is going to be gone. But I like you. I really like you and I can’t help that I’m leaving. If we only have a few days than we only have a few days. Let’s please not squander it. Some people don’t even get a few days with someone that they connect to as much as we-”

This time, she interrupts me with a kiss. A deep and passionate kiss that has me forgetting everything except the feel of her silky tongue on mine, the pounding sound of the waterfall mixed with the thumping of our quickening hearts and the soft feel of her wet bare skin under my hands.

We finally break away for a breath but keep our foreheads touching and our lips within kissing distance. “I’ve been wanting to do that since our first night on the beach,” I whisper into her open mouth.

“I’ve been wanting you to do that,” she admits.

“What else do you want me to do?” I ask as my hand slips around her back to the clasp of her bikini. Her nipples are hard and pressing out against the inside of her top. I get hard just thinking of wrapping my lips around them.

She lets out a little moan as I unclasp her top and slowly pull the string back. Just as I’m about to see the treasure hidden underneath a blond head pops out of the waterfall killing the mood and scaring us half to death.

“Hi, guys!” Stephanie says with a knowing grin. “What’s going on back here?”

Cynthia gasps and redoes her bikini top. All of my hard work and progress gone.

“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me,” I say, glaring at my laughing cousin who’s about to be buried under this waterfall for good.

“Don’t mind me,” she says. “I just wanted to let you know that the group is leaving.” I step towards her and she dives into the water and swims away like a wicked cock-blocking mermaid.

Cynthia is sitting on the rocks with a disappointed look on her face. The moment is lost.

“Maybe we should head back,” she says in a low voice.

I sigh. “Okay.”
I’m going to fucking kill Steph.

We hike the rest of the way back with my knee on fire but I still manage to push through the pain and keep up a good pace. All of those years of fierce training is paying off. Stephanie hurries ahead and we don’t see her until we’re back at the buses. She’s waiting by her taxi.

“Watch this,” I whisper to Cynthia.

I walk over to Stephanie and ask to use her phone.

“No,” she says with her chin in the air. Her hand flies to the pocket of her bag where she left it and she panics when she feels that the pocket is empty. “Where is it?”

She drops her bag on the ground and searches through it with large panicked eyes. “Where the fuck is it?” She bites her bottom lip as she looks around frantically.

“Maybe it’s at the resort,” Aaron says. He should know better by now than to try and be helpful.

“It’s not at the fucking resort!” she snaps. “I took a selfie at the lunch spot.”

She took more than just one. I saw her snap a few dozen.

“Better go back and look,” I say to her. “I’ll go tell your driver that you’ll be right back.”

She huffs as she grabs Aaron and runs down the path.

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