Belize: Bad Boys on the Beach Book Two (14 page)

Cynthia smiles as I walk over. “Did you have anything to do with that?”

“Definitely not,” I say with a grin.

Phase two complete. Entering the final phase.

Her cabbie is sleeping with a cigarette filter in between his thick lips. His chest is full of ashes. I shake his arm three times and he doesn’t wake up. Something tells me that if that cigarette had fallen on his shirt and caught on fire he still wouldn’t have woken up.

I block his nose and within seconds he jumps up and spits the cigarette filter onto the dashboard. He looks at me like I’m crazy.

“You speak English?” I ask.


“Your two passengers are coming home with us,” I tell him. “How much do they owe you?”

I give him the money with a bigger tip than that loser Aaron ever would have and he drives away happily.

Everyone is on the bus except for Cynthia. She’s staring at me in shock. “You’re going to leave them here?”

“I’ll send them a cab after dinner,” I say. “I want them to think about what they’ve done.”

“That’s so mean,” she says. “I love it!”

We get on the bus and leave them behind. That will teach her to interrupt us.

Nobody messes with me and my girl.





Chapter Ten


Day Three



“Where are we going?” Ethan asks, looking nervous.

The guys are all gathered in the lobby as the white stretch limo that I ordered pulls up to the front.

“Is that ours?” Lucas asks. He high fives Matt when I tell him yes.

Ethan pulls me to the side. “I appreciate the effort you went through to plan this but I really don’t want any strippers. Tanya’s dad already hates me and he’s going to want to kill me if he knew we went to a strip club.”

“Don’t worry about it,” I say, blowing it off. “He won’t find out.”

“Chase, I really-”

The sight of a group of sexy women walking towards us shuts him up.
Holy shit
. Cynthia is strutting towards me in high heels, a tight black skirt that hugs the curves of her thighs and a silver tank top. She looks hotter than an Iraqi desert at noon.

She’s surrounded by her friends who all looked equally dressed up but not nearly as spectacular.
Why are we leaving again?

The guys all gulp at seeing their girls dressed up in their sexiest outfits. Their resolve to go out is floundering and I can’t blame them. I wouldn’t want to send my girlfriend or wife out to a bar full of horny guys looking as hot as they look right now.

“Hi,” Cynthia says, stopping in front of me. She has bright red lipstick on her lips that make them look even more kissable if that was even possible.

I lean in and take a whiff of her vanilla perfume. “You’re making me want to ditch my best man duties and take you back to that waterfall dressed up like that.”

“Well, I’m not going swimming,” she says, with a smile. “It took me forever to do my hair like this.” It’s pulled back and all done up with long strands of curls falling down. I just want to dig my hands into it as I slide inside her.

“It was worth every fucking second.”

She looks down and blushes.
Man, this girl gets my heart racing every time.

“Stephanie would probably just ruin our little moment again anyway,” she says.

“Oh shit,” I say with a laugh. “I forgot all about her.”

I run over to a driver sitting on the hood of his taxi, hand him a wad of cash and give him instructions on where to go. I glance in the open window and memorize his ID number. “If I find out that you took the money and drove off, I’ll come find you.”

He nods and drives away. Worst case scenario Stephanie has to sleep overnight in the jungle. Best case scenario she’s already been eaten by a jaguar.

Cynthia is standing with Tanya and Julia. “So where are you girls going dressed up like that?”

“Nature Haus,” Cynthia says. “It’s a little club on the beach.”

Tanya leans in with whiskey on her breath. “You boys aren’t the only ones who can have a little fun. Woo!”

Ethan hugs her and kisses the top of her head. “Not too much fun, okay?”

“You’re sexy,” she says, slurring her words and swaying back and forth. She stabs Ethan’s chin with her index finger. “No titty bars mister.”

I grab Ethan’s arm and pull him away. “It’s a bachelor party. You can’t give us any rules.”

“You should fuck Cynthia,” she blurts out, laughing. “She wants it.”

“Okay,” Cynthia says, pulling her drunk friend away. “Thanks for that, Tanya.”

“I need another drink,” Tanya yells as Cynthia guides her outside. She glances back with an embarrassed look on her face.

An old ratty school bus that looks like it’s on the last cylinder pulls up behind the limo. The driver matches the bus perfectly with his dirty clothes and cigarette tucked behind his greasy hair.

“Megan!” Julia snaps. “That’s what you ordered? We’re supposed to arrive in style.”

Megan puts her hands up in surrender. “I had to order it last minute!”

“So did Chase and look what he got,” Julia says, pointing at the spotless white limo.

Ethan and I exchange a look and I know what he’s thinking. We might not be the closest brothers but I can usually tell what he’s thinking.

“You girls can’t ride in a hunk of junk like that when you’re all looking as hot as you are,” I say. Julia clasps her hands together as she waits for it.

“You girls can take our limo,” I say. “We’ll take the bus.”

“No!” Lucas says, dropping his head. “I’ve never been in a limo before.”

Cynthia walks over and places her hand on my forearm. “That’s okay, Chase. You don’t have to do that.”

“Thank you!” Julia says, rushing in before I can change my mind.

“Take it,” I whisper to Cynthia. “You can pay me back later.”

She grins with rosy cheeks. “Maybe I will.”

My mouth drops as she skips away and climbs into the limo. I’m still standing there like a statue as it pulls away.

Lucas stands in front of me and gives me the stink eye. “What did you do?” he asks. He’s still shaking his head as he climbs into the shitty old bus.

Ethan slaps my back as he passes. “Good call, bro,” he says, pulling me forward.

I don’t care about the limo. I just want Cynthia to have a good night.
Oh my God. What’s happening to me?

The bus is bumpy and smells like vomit mixed with exhaust. I give the driver the address and we head for the strip club. I don’t care what Ethan says. It’s his bachelor party and we’re gonna see naked women. A lot of them.

We pull up to the spot about twenty minutes later. The parking lot is packed and I can hear the scratchy rock music playing through the open windows of the large shack. The neon light of a girl dancing on a pole is flashing over the door.

The guy at the concierge recommended this place and even reserved a table for us. “I want three bottles of vodka sitting on the table when we get there,” I had told him.

The huge bouncer guides us to a table on the side of the bar with a great view of the beautiful woman on stage who is about to take her top off. She’s dancing to Aerosmith’s Walk this Way as she slides up and down on the pole. All eyes in the packed place are on her, including mine.

She slides her top off as we sit down at the table and I look away in disinterest. The image of Cynthia about to pull off her top races through my head and I wish that I was back under that waterfall with her.

Ethan grabs the chair beside me and sits down. “Let’s do an hour and then go,” he says. He looks so uncomfortable.

Two blond strippers walk by smiling at Ethan and I, ignoring everyone else, including the guy with money in his hand who’s trying to get their attention. “The Taylor brothers still have it,” I say to him putting out my fist.

He hits it with his. “Still hot as shit,” he says with a laugh. Growing up the door of our townhouse was like a revolving door. Girls entered horny and exited completely satisfied.

The two blond strippers are standing by the wall still looking at us as they’re whispering in each other’s ears. They’re standing really close, like breasts touching close, and it looks like they’re up for more than just flashing some tits and ass. They break out into giggles and the one on the left licks her lips and winks at me.

I can finally get laid. It’s been long overdue. It should have happened within an hour of landing in Belize and if I hadn’t run into Cynthia on my first night here it probably would have. Normally I would have scratched that itch by finding a girl who wanted to test how far her legs can be stretched behind her head, but ever since I saw Cynthia in that yellow dress standing on the beach with her big beautiful hair and toned legs, nothing else really appeals to me anymore. I want her. Anything else just feels wrong. And unappealing.

Matt is sitting where he’s facing the back wall.

“Matt,” Lucas says, “the action is that way.”

“Oh,” he says, looking surprised and turning.

The two blond strippers strut over with their arms linked and their lace covered breasts bouncing up and down. They walk around our table and come up behind Ethan and I. Perfume and sex fills the air as they lean down between us. A hand slides over my shoulders as soft hair tickles my cheek.

“How would you two like to come back to the private room for a private session?” one of them whispers.

Ethan looks at me with a tense jaw. “No thanks,” he says. “I’m comfortable here.”

The one closest to him smiles. “Trust me. You two want to come back with us.”

A soft breast touches my shoulder and stays there. My cock would normally be rock hard and ready to go but now it seems to be asleep. It found what it wants but unfortunately for me it’s going after someone it can’t have.

“We know how to take care of men,” a raspy sexy voice says from behind me. “And my friend and I love your muscles so there’s no charge.”

Lucas is sitting across the table listening and looking at us in awe. He couldn’t get a stripper for free if he owned the place. We get two by sitting here and doing nothing. A perk of being a Taylor brother.

“I’m getting married in two days,” Ethan says, pulling away from the hot blond’s grasp. “Sorry but I’m going to stay here.” He takes her hands and puts them on me. Now I have two of them on me. A threesome with two girls as hot as these ones would definitely scratch my sexual itch.

“What about you handsome?” she asks. I have one in each ear begging me to fuck them. “Are you getting married this week?”

I shake my head.

“Wife, girlfriend?” the other one asks.

Not yet.

“I think you should come with us,” one of them whispers seductively in my ear.

They both slide their hands down my chest and stomach, stopping right before my cock. Four manicured hands sliding over me is just what I need.

But it’s not what I want. Not anymore.

“I’m okay, thanks,” I say. “I’m just going to sit here with my friends.”

They both stand up looking shocked. I don’t think they get turned down very often, if ever. “Your loss,” one of them says as they strut away. Their asses look tight and hard in their lacy g-strings but I don’t regret it. They don’t compare to Cynthia’s curves.

Lucas is staring at me like I just crushed every dream that he ever had. “Are you gay?” he asks with an incredulous stare.

“No, I’m not gay.”

Any other time in my life I would have jumped at the chance to be alone with those two girls. I would have brought them back to that private room and fucked them until they walked out bow legged and exhausted. They would have been begging their bosses for the rest of the night off. Right now that just feels wrong.

I just feel off. I keep thinking of Cynthia and seeing her disappointed face if she ever found out and that’s something I’m not willing to risk. For anything.

“Someone on your mind, bro?” Ethan whispers. He’s smiling knowingly because he must have gone through the same thing with Tanya.

“I know what it is,” Lucas says, still not believing what he just saw. “He’s surrounded by shirtless guys in the Navy all day and he turned gay.”

“Turned gay?” I ask with a laugh. “What are you fucking twelve?”

Lucas just shakes his head.

“Do they serve food here?” Matt asks.

Ethan looks at him with his nose scrunched up. “You’re going to eat in a strip club?”

Matt just shrugs. “I’m hungry.”

“Why didn’t you eat your dinner?” Ethan asks. “You barely touched your steak.”

Matt looks down at the table. “I filled up on bread before.”

The naked redhead on stage spreads her legs and I look down at the carved lines in the wooden table, tracing my fingers in them.
I want to see Cynthia.

“Wanna get out of here?” I whisper to Ethan.

He nods. “Great idea.”

Lucas’ eyes widen. “No,” he says, looking around at all of the half-naked girls walking around.

Ethan and I stand up, and Lucas drops his chin to his chest. “You guys are killing me,” he mutters.

“Let’s go find the girls,” I say. I pay the bill for the untouched bottles of vodka and we leave.

There’s only one woman on this planet that I want to see naked right now. And it’s time to go find her.






Chapter Eleven


Day Three



“I went to Riverdale,” the cute guy with the nice smile who’s hitting on me says.

“Oh you’re a Riverdale boy,” I say with a smile. “I hated you guys.”

“Why?” he asks, leaning in closer.

“Your volleyball team always kicked our asses in the finals.” I still get tense just thinking about those heartbreaking losses.

“You were on the volleyball team?” he asks in surprise. “So was I.”

I glance over my shoulder and Julia, Tanya and Megan are all watching me. Megan gives me a thumbs up.

I was just getting a drink at the bar when a handsome, clean cut guy started talking to me. It turns out that he’s from Buffalo, like me, and only lives about ten minutes away from my apartment. He’s a doctor, a pediatrician actually, and he’s pretty funny and we’ve been talking since. His ring finger is tanned without a tan line which is usually the tell tale sign of a wedding ring hiding in a pocket.

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