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Dead Heat Ranch

Book One

Nicole Edwards


Published by SL Independent Publishing, LLC

PO Box 806, Hutto, Texas 78634


Copyright © Nicole Edwards, 2014

All rights reserved

ISBN: 978-1-939786-27-2


Cover Image: © Poulsons Photography

Cover Design: © Nicole Edwards Limited

Edited by: Blue Otter Editing


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Betting on Grace

A Dead Heat Ranch Novel
is a work of fiction. Names, characters,
businesses, places, events and incidents either are the products of the
author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual
persons, living or dead, business establishments, events, or locales is
entirely coincidental.

Erotic Romance

Mature Audiences


This book contains mm, mmf, and mfm interactions and
is meant for readers 18 and over.


from author:

book #0.5, is a prequel to this book. If you haven’t read the novella, either
in the anthology,
Some Like It Hot
, or in the
Optional Novella
sold separately, I suggest that you do. The novella
depicts how the three of them got together. Enjoy!



my brothers:

not sure you’ll ever truly understand what it means to me when you tell me that
you’re proud of my accomplishments. To know that you support me means
everything. I love you both!

Chapter One

“Gracie,” Grant growled, unable to restrain the
animalistic sound that began in his chest and quickly rumbled up past his
throat. “Baby…”

He was attempting to warn her, to let her know that he
wasn’t going to last if she kept doing that …
oh, fuck
… that wicked,
wonderful thing she was doing with her tongue. But heaven help him, her mouth
felt so damned good wrapped around his dick, silky-smooth heat engulfing him,
sending spikes of pleasure darting straight to his balls.

… His
sexy cowgirl was going to send him directly past the finish line with no other
participants, namely Lane and Gracie, in sight if she didn’t slow... 

“Ahh, damn.” Lane’s voice echoed in the small room,
the welcome thunder of the man’s guttural tone jarring Grant from his solo trip
to completion.

Clamping his hand down on Lane’s thick thigh, Grant
struggled to ground himself, to focus on the warmth of Lane’s skin against his
palm, the flex of Lane’s muscles beneath his fingertips as he, too, fought the
inevitable. For Grant, it was the equivalent of counting backward from a
million, just to keep from prematurely succumbing to the release that was so

,” Grant whimpered.

He and Lane were stretched out on Gracie’s bed on
their backs, where they’d been for the last few minutes, sprawled side by side,
while Gracie was straddling their legs. Lane’s thigh was pressed against
Grant’s, Lane’s coarse leg hair rough and sensual against Grant’s skin while
the contrasting smoothness of Gracie’s soft thighs pinned them in place. She’d
been perched atop them as though they might be planning to get up and walk out
of the room or something.

Like Grant was planning to go anywhere. Especially
when she did

“Fuck,” Grant cried out, his fingertips digging into
Lane’s leg. “Gracie… Oh, damn, darlin’, slow down.”

Oh, mother of all things holy!

Grant nearly came up off the bed when Lane decided to
offer up his own brand of sensual torture: his big, firm hand gripping the base
of Grant’s cock.
Son of a…
Grant had to bite his lip to keep from
exploding right in Gracie’s lush mouth.

They were tag teaming him, something they’d done on
more than one glorious occasion in recent months — and no, he wasn’t
complaining, but hell, he wasn’t sure he was going to survive this. Not after
the four-day dry spell he’d just been forced to endure thanks to their
ridiculously stressful work schedule.

It’d been seven weeks to the day since the very first
time they’d fallen into bed together, although “falling into bed” was hardly a
fitting description for the life-changing events that had occurred during that
first night they were together. Between then and now, they’d managed to sneak
in a quickie at least three times a week — not
enough for Grant —
but this was the first late-night encounter since that first mind-boggling

Although Grant was seriously tempted to let go, to
give in to the carnality of the exquisite torment and allow Gracie’s sweet
mouth to suck him dry, he wasn’t ready for this to end. Not yet.

With as much self-control as he could rally, Grant
gripped Lane’s wrist, holding the man’s hand still. Of course, Lane being Lane,
he simply squeezed, making all of the blood pool in the head of Grant’s dick.

was definitely not helping matters much.

At the same time, Grant slipped the fingers of his
other hand into Gracie’s long, silky blond hair, effectively subduing her,
although she still had her mouth wrapped around the engorged head of his
throbbing cock, flicking relentlessly.

“You two are gonna be the death of me,” Grant said,
his voice sounding as though he’d just gargled sand.

Gracie’s answering smile was potent enough to light up
the surface of the sun. She released him from the heaven of her mouth long
enough to say, “That’s the idea.”

“Not yet, it’s not,” he informed her, shifting just
enough to keep her from driving him stark raving mad once again.

Since he had their attention, Grant took the opportunity
to turn the tables. Or more accurately, to turn
. He moved,
persuading her with a twist of his body to slide off his leg, and just as he’d
anticipated, Lane wrapped his muscular arms around her, pulling Gracie back on
top of him, her back to Lane’s front.

“Oh, yeah,” Grant crooned as he stared down at his two
lovers. “Exactly where I want you.”

“Which one of us?” Gracie goaded.

“Both of you,” he replied, offering her a suggestive
grin. Turnabout was fair play, after all. “Now don’t move.”

With Gracie now parallel to Lane, Grant eased himself
between their spread legs while he slid his hands up the inside of Gracie’s
toned calves, past her knees, then over the supple skin of her inner thighs,
stopping just short of her smooth, bare mound; all the while, Lane remained
stone-still beneath her.

Yeah, Lane knew what was coming.

, if
Grant had anything to say about it.

Using his forefinger and his thumb, Grant separated
the swollen outer lips of Gracie’s pussy, revealing the soft pink flesh beneath.
Not wanting to give them an opportunity to take the reins from him, Grant
leaned forward and skimmed his tongue through Gracie’s slick folds, eliciting a
soft, purring moan from her. Peering up the length of her slender body as he
teased her sweet pussy, grazing her clit briefly, Grant noticed Lane was
massaging her breasts. Grant was riveted, admiring the significant contrast of Lane’s
enormous, sun-bronzed hands against the full milky-white globes.

Gracie purred again as Lane kneaded her breasts gently
while teasing her nipples by tweaking the dusky pink tips between his fingers.
Her soft moans were louder than before, the lyrical hum of her satisfaction
spurring him on. Grant focused his attention on lapping Gracie’s pussy,
rhythmically thrusting his tongue into her, pushing her closer and closer to
the edge. If he had a choice, he’d feast on her for hours — no, make that days —
just so he could hear her gratifying moans.

Not wanting to leave Lane out, Grant cupped Lane’s
heavy sac, using a similar motion on him that the other man was using on
Gracie’s breasts, squeezing each testicle gently yet firmly.

“Oh, yes,” Lane groaned, fumbling with Gracie’s
breasts momentarily.

Grant pretty much lived for Lane’s reactions, the way
he writhed and lurched, trying to get closer to Grant’s exploring fingers.

Lane clearly wasn’t content with their current
positions because the next thing Grant knew, Gracie’s pussy was pulled away
from his eager mouth as Lane drew her up his body, offering Grant better access
to Lane’s long, thick erection, seemingly reaching out for Grant’s attention.

A quick adjustment and Grant was back in position,
alternating between wrapping his lips around the head of Lane’s dick, sucking
slowly, and using his tongue to swipe the precum beading on the swollen head,
purposely working Lane into a frenzy before sliding up to Gracie’s pussy,
offering her the same delicate attention.

“Grant,” Gracie squealed. “I… Oh, God, that feels
good. But I need more.”

“What do you need, gorgeous?” Lane asked, the big
man’s voice raspy and rough, reflecting his own desire.

“I need one of you to fuck me.”

“I think we can help you with that,” Lane hissed, his
hips thrusting forward when Grant sucked him into his mouth, sliding his lips
down until Lane’s pubic hair tickled his nose. “Oh, hell. Grant… Damn. Take all
of me. Holy…”

Grant knew Lane was close; he could feel the gentle
pulse of Lane’s dick inside his mouth, the salty essence of Lane’s precum
coating his tongue. They were all hovering on the brink, something that was
self-induced thanks to their absurdly demanding summer schedule. Even those
fleeting interludes they’d had in recent weeks weren’t enough to sate the lust
that the three of them incited in one another. It was just enough to take the
edge off, but even then, it was only short-lived.

“Grant, sonuvabitch, oh, God, yes,” Lane cried out,
his resonant Texas twang reverberating off the walls. “Don’t… Not yet… Fuck.”

Because he wanted to be deep inside Lane when the man
detonated, Grant offered him a reprieve, letting Lane’s cock slip from his
mouth. As Grant sat up, he was hit square in the chest with a foil packet.
Okay, no, make that
foil packets. When he looked in the direction
that they had come from, he noticed Gracie grinning as she reclined on Lane’s
massive chest.

“Do the honors, cowboy,” she said, her hands sliding
up her flat belly, over her rib cage to join Lane’s hands as they continued to
squeeze her breasts.

Grant’s cock throbbed, all but begging him to get on
with it, but as he watched Lane and Gracie, he decided he had to do one thing
first. Scooting forward, he leaned over them both, planting his arms on both
sides of Lane’s broad shoulders as he stared down at them. With his chest
brushing against Gracie’s beautiful tits, his erection gliding through her
slick heat, Grant pressed his lips to hers. When she sucked his tongue into her
mouth, his cock wept with anticipation.

Lane’s head came forward, his hand sliding toward the
back of Grant’s scalp until his fingers were locked tightly in Grant’s hair,
pulling gently yet insistently. When Gracie released his tongue from between
her lips, Grant leaned slightly to the left, his mouth meeting Lane’s.

Lord, these two could probably make Grant come just
from their kisses alone. And the difference between the two — the soft,
soothing stroke of Gracie’s tongue versus the demanding plunge of Lane’s — was
enough to make his head spin.

credible was what it was.

As usual, the way Lane’s hand palmed Grant’s head
possessively had Grant surrendering to Lane’s merciless tongue. But the kiss
didn’t last long because Gracie clearly had other plans… Her cool, nimble
fingers wrapped around Grant’s cock and stroked. He jerked back from Lane,
fearful that Gracie was going to send him into hyperspace all by his lonesome.

“Condom,” Gracie commanded, a sexy smile forming on
her kiss-swollen lips when Grant seized her wrists and held her hands still.

You didn’t have to tell him twice.

Well, technically in this case, he guessed she did.

Forcing himself to his knees, Grant sat on his heels,
ripping open the packets with his teeth before easing one condom over his own
oversensitive cock, then teasing Lane by doing the same, making sure to stoke
the fire in Lane by jacking Lane’s dick for an extra second or two first.

“Fuck. Me,” Lane huffed. “You’ve got about
two-point-five seconds to get that thing on me or it’s gonna be pointless.”

Grant grinned, finishing what he’d started and rolling
the condom down Lane’s long, wide cock.

“Lube?” Grant asked, leaning down and placing a kiss
on Gracie’s mound. Unable to resist the lure of her glistening sex, he slid his
tongue through her slit again, stroking her clitoris until she was thrashing
beneath him.

A firm hand gripped his hair, and he knew by the feel
and the strength of the touch that it belonged to Lane. “Enough!”

Grant laughed, sitting up once more and grabbing the
bottle of lube that Gracie was holding in one trembling hand. Without
prolonging the agony any longer, Grant slicked his cock, meeting Gracie’s
bright blue-green eyes as he stroked himself. “Trade places,” he instructed.
“Gracie, on your back.”

An easy smile tipped her lips, and then she was
moving, making quick work of repositioning herself. Lane complied as well,
rolling over and kneeling between Gracie’s spread thighs. Without warning,
while Grant was still coating his dick to ensure he could ease into Lane’s ass
without hurting him, Gracie pulled Lane to her, effectively impaling herself on
him from the bottom.

Oh, hell.
That was one beautiful sight.

Grant continued to kneel between Lane’s strong thighs,
his brain forgetting about the need for lubrication because he was now intently
focused on the way Lane’s substantial cock disappeared inside of Gracie.

“Oh, damn, baby,” Lane moaned, his body tensing. “Aww,
Gracie, baby, that feels so good. Hold up.”

Lane’s hand was gripping Gracie’s leg while he held
himself above her with the other, his fingertips white, and Grant knew that
Lane was trying to pull himself back from the edge. A moment later, Lane’s grip
loosened, and he followed up with, “All good now.”

Grant smiled even though neither of them could see
him. Evidently, Gracie wasn’t willing to wait. Her legs tightened around Lane’s
waist, and she pulled him to her, her hips beginning to rock in a slow,
seductive rhythm from beneath Lane.

“Spread your legs,” Grant ordered Lane, his growing
anticipation sending fire along his nerve endings, making it damn near
impossible to hold off any longer.

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