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Chapter Seven

My Inhibitions and Mr. Big


     It is now Friday. Thank God It’s Friday. I am so glad that I don’t have to work tomorrow. I haven’t had a day off in two months. I am more than ready to enjoy my day once I am done with my shift at the diner. I only have two more hours. 3:00pm can’t come fast enough.

I finish cleaning up a table in my section. I take the cleaning supplies back where I got them from. I walk to the back and come back to front of the restaurant. I sigh heavily. Brent and Jax are sitting in my section. A group of teenage girls are in sheer pandemonium at the mere sight of Brent. A few are screaming at the top of their lungs and one of the girls is actually crying.

I wait for the girls to disperse and I tread towards the table with immense dismay.

“Welcome to Ruby’s Diner. What would you like to

rder?” I recite my opening waitress script.

    “Well, aren’t you
a woman of many hats. You work for the newspaper. You are a waitress. Nothing compares to a hardworking woman.” Brent remarks looking me up and down.

     “Star, how’s it been?”
Jax asks me. I have seen him countless times in town. But he rarely ever speaks to me. He is an elitist jerk. His family is a part of Millard’s high society. Nonetheless, I did hear through the grapevine that Jax’s dad, Mr. Jackson, is on the verge of bankruptcy and losing his entire estate.

“It’s been great. Everything is just swell.” I respond with a phony grin.

     “I would like the midday special. I haven’t eating that in a long time.” Brent says looking directly at my
vag area. He is a colossal creep. A handsome, wealthy, rock-star creep!

     “I would like that too.”
Jax states eyeing my ass. I see why both of them are best friends because they are just alike. They are official members of the creep crew.

     I get the guys order and bring it back to them. They finish their meal and soon after it is time for me to leave.

     I take off my apron. I take my notepad that has Ruby’s Diner printed on it and place it in the pocket of the apron. I tell my co-workers goodbye and leave swiftly. I am so ready to go home. But I am even more ready to go on the date tonight with Stone.

It is now 6:00pm. Since it takes me
to get dressed, I am in my closet trying to find the perfect outfit to wear.

“Just wear something sexy.”
My mind replays the comment that Stone told me before we disconnected the call.

     “Something sexy,” I say aloud as I
examine the clothes in my closet. I take out some dresses and scatter them on my bed. One by one I put them on and model them in the mirror but neither seems
enough. Then I remember the brand new black dress I just purchased. I go back into my closet to find it.

     “Dress where are you?” I
state aloud plowing through the sea of black garments in my closet. I just started to implement color into my wardrobe this year. I used to despise wearing colors because I thought that I would look even bigger. I have learned that isn’t necessarily true. One of the girls at Plush, a trendy plus-size boutique, helped me to see that it is all about the fit of your clothing items. So now I don’t stray away from bold colors, I just ensure the fit is right for me.

     “Yes, found it.” I tell myself joyfully the moment I find the dress.

     If this isn’t sexy I don’t know what is. This little black dress has a mesh top and sleeves. The bosom area shows ample cleavage and it fits me like a glove. I take out some strappy black heels with gold accents. I grab my gold clutch and get a pair of big gold hoops out of my jewelry box.

     I take a long shower and prepare for my night with Stone.

     I get fully dressed. I spray a spritz of my favorite perfume Ralph Lauren “Romance” and primp my hair making sure that there isn’t a strand out of place. I check myself out in the mirror and I am looking quite well. I hope Stone likes the outfit I chose.

     I hear my cellphone starting to ring from downstairs.   

     “Damn it, why did I leave it down there.” I huff as I race down the stairs.

     I see that it is the number that Stone called me from yesterday. I answer with rapidity.

     “Hello,” I answer trying to control my heavy breathing. I ran down the stairs like I was trying to win the Summer Olympics.

     “Hey Star, are you ready?” Stone asks sounding oh so
fucking amazing.

     “Yes, I just finished getting dressed.” I respond.

  “I am on my way. What is your address?” Stone asks. I hear the sound of cars honking and heavy traffic.

     “My address is 5101 Honeycomb Drive. I live in Millard not too far from Atlanta. Do you know where
it is?” I ask Stone smiling from ear to ear.

     “Yes, I have heard of Millard but I have never been there. I will GPS it. See you soon.” Stone responds.

     “Okay, I will see you when you get here.” I tell him then we disconnect the call.

It is now 8:37pm when I hear a knock at the door.

     I open the door
full of excitement.

     “You’re late,” I tell Stone
feigning an angry demeanor.  Really I am teasing him. So many people estimate how long it will take them to come to Millard from Atlanta. I should have mentioned that when he made plans. I hope he didn’t have reservations somewhere.

     “I apologize. I am never late. I will make it up to you I promise. I didn’t realize you live in the boondocks.” Stone states with a sly smirk.

     I shut my front door and we walk to his car which is

shiny black Mercedes Benz. He opens the door for me. Then he strides over to the driver’s side and gets into


     He sets his navigation and pulls off. I feel him staring at me but I keep looking forward.

     “You look stunning tonight Star.” Stone expresses seductively.

     “Thanks, you don’t look too bad yourself.” I reply admiring his appearance. He has shaven his beard. The lines connecting his beard and mustache are very precise. He has on a
stark black button up shirt and some black slacks with some leather dress shoes. He looks quite dapper. His style versatility is a plus. I love a man that can go from super rugged to suave.

“So how long have you lived in Millard?” Stone questions with curiosity maintaining his vision of the road.

“All my life. Millard is where I was born and raised. Where are you from?” I respond.

     “I am a Texas man.
Dallas to be exact.” Stone replies with pride. I can tell he truly loves his home state.

     “What brought you to Georgia?” I ask wondering what his answer will be.

     “I actually came here with a buddy of mine. We were supposed to start the bar in Atlanta together but he backed out at the last minute. I already have Barcodes in Dallas and Houston. I have plans of making Barcode a franchise. I can see Barcode in numerous cities across the U.S. I also wanted to try something different you know. I don’t ever want to look back and have any regrets. That is the reason why I went back to school to finish getting my degree in Business Administration.” Stone says in a serious tone.

“Yes, I completely agree. When I finish school, I want to move to New York. I have dreams of becoming a published author and that is the place I always imagined myself living.”

     “I have plans
on opening my next Barcode in New York… Maybe we can go together.” Stone retorts seeming very genuine. I don’t know what it is about Stone but he makes me feel like no other man has before. With him there is this ease and iridescence. Whereas with Brent, when I was with him the other day, I felt tense and there was this heaviness lingering over me.

     “I never got you
r age. How old are you?” I inquire. Stone looks about 24 or 25 but I might be wrong.

     “I am twenty-five. I would ask you but I know how wom
en are about their age.” Stone says humorously.

     “I am twenty-two.” I smirk.

     We arrive at this building in Atlanta with bright lights and lots of people entering it. The name on the signage reads, “Buxom Burlesque”.

     Stone looks at me and smiles. I have never been to a real life Burlesque show. I have always wanted to
go to one but never had the chance. I didn’t even know one existed here. One of my favorite movies is “Burlesque” starring Christina Aguilera. I have seen the movie


     We exit the car and walk up to the building. The

man at the door greets us.

Hey Stone, see you tomorrow.” The tall stout guy says to Stone then allows us to walk through.

     “You know him.” I state. It is obvious that he knows him. I was wondering how.

     “Yes, my friend owns this place. He and my friend usually come through Barcode after the show is over.” Stone informs me as we enter the immaculate space. If I didn’t know any better, I would’ve thought that I had left Atlanta and went to Las Vegas. The atmosphere is grandiose with baroque mirrors spread throughout the room. A bar that looks like it is as long as a football field. The décor is an oriental theme in black, red and gold. The lightning is a rich red creating a breathtaking ambience. There are two levels that I can see.

     “Stone, we have your table ready in the front.” A
voluptuous woman states with a revealing ensemble on. Her tits seem like they are about to bust out of the metallic gold corset she is wearing any minute.

     Stone takes me by the hand and we follow the woman.
We reach the table that is sitting directly in front of the stage.

Stone pulls my chair out for me and I take my seat. Then he sits down in the chair next to me.

     “We have the best seats in the house.” I whisper still in awe of this place.

     “Only the best for you.” Stone whispers back with his

pressing against my ear. A tingling sensation bolts through me. The woman who showed us to the table

us what we would like to drink.

     “I would like a virgin Pina colada.” I state then
glimpse over at Stone. He gives me a disappointing look as he shakes his head then licks his top lip.

I think I will have a White Russian instead.” I tell the woman. I glance back over at Stone and he looks pleased at my drink choice this time.

     “Stone what would you like?” The woman asks Stone swinging her hair side to side to the beat of
one of the singer Beyoncé female anthems “Run the World (Girls)”.

would take a glass of cranberry juice.” Stone tells her with his smile lighting up the room.

     The woman walks off.

     “Wait, you gave me a look of disappointment when I ordered a
drink and you order a cranberry juice. I think I know your game now.” I leer at Stone.

     “What is that?” Stone
replies moving closer to me with his intense eyes scanning my every curve.

     “You own a bar so you
find enjoyment in getting women drunk then having your way with them.” I say to Stone moving my lips closer to his after every word I say.

     “I don’t do games love. I
am the driver so I can’t drink that would be irresponsible. I have to ensure my precious passenger arrives back at her home safely. And yeah I do prefer when people drink because that is how the bar makes money… From all the liquor the pretty girls like to drink so much.” Stone replies with

lips almost touching mine.

The woman comes back with our drinks. Then the lights go pitch black. The place becomes completely silent. Then a single blue light showcases the silhouette of a woman behind a screen with a similar body type as mine. The beat starts to play. The woman dances seductively behind the screen. The screen comes up and the lights flash to a soft red revealing a statuesque Marilyn Monroe look-a-like. The woman gyrates her body with complete confidence. She looks as if she has zero body issues. I kind of envy her. I could never stand up there in front of a group of people,
especially a group of people I didn’t know
almost half naked and dance the way she is.

The lady finishes her act. Then two other curvaceous beauties take the stage. After their performance, the curtains drop and Lady Antellebum’s song “Bartender” comes on and scantily dressed waitresses come around asking the people in the audience if we would like more to drink.

     “Are you enjoying y
ourself?” Stone ask me loudly trying to talk over the music.

BOOK: Bigger Is Better: Crazy in Love
6.27Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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