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“Will I see
you again?”
She asked tentatively
knowing now that she’d really wanted to.

“Oh yes, Miss
Hall you will indeed.
He smiled – a
little smile then pursed those luscious, full lips.
“Quite soon too I think.”
Then he handed her the hankie and she put it
in her bag.

shivered with anticipation, the sizzle was back and she couldn’t drag her eyes from
his mouth.
For one wild moment she
imagined what it would be like to feel them giving very close attention to her
most intimate place then blushed scarlet at the image in her mind.
What on earth was going on?



Chapter 2


Jessica had to
take the following day off work.
She was
still shaken up and reeling from the way Darren had laid in to her once she
finally got to the restaurant.
shouted – he’d called her all sorts of names and in front of his parents and
everyone else too.
Then he’d arranged
for a taxi to take her home saying that she looked too untidy and messed up to
stay. Well she’d known that but she’d expected more concern, some sympathy for
what had just happened to her?

And the
stranger she’d crashed into - he hadn’t waited.
An equally large, posh limo as the one she’d wrecked had pulled up and
she was whisked swiftly off to Darren’s side.

All in all an
emotional and disturbing evening and that was without all the mystery
– the enigmatic dream
of a man whose car she’d hit.
He hadn’t
even told her his name – nothing.
So Jessica
realised, miserably, half way through the night that she couldn’t contact him
even if she wanted to.
And that’s what
had made her get up – roam around her flat – drink coffee and pray with all her
heart that he kept his word and sent her one of those
he’d promised. Whatever they might be.

But there was
Nothing in the post and no
email – because he would have that too – so what was she going to do?
She was haunted – by his smile – his attitude
– his entire being and by the end of that week she quite literally desperate to
see him again.

“Miss Hall,” a
gruff female voice asked from behind her as she fought with the bandage around
Mog’s foot in her doorway.

“Yes, that’s
me,” she said turning and momentarily releasing the cat who instantly
“Daft cat,” she hissed after
“I only want to dress his leg.”

“I’ve to give
you this,” the woman said looking at Jessica down her nose.
“You are to follow the instructions to the
letter – is that understood?”

Jessica smiled
and nodded – at last, this was it – this was from him. – it had to be
The woman, who Jessica now noticed was
dressed in a chauffer’s uniform, nodded and left.

examined the blue coloured envelope and carefully tore it open.
A letter full of simple instructions and all
written in beautiful handwriting and signed at the bottom ‘Justin’. Jessica’s
heart missed a beat and the same jolt of electric pleasure she’d felt on that
night shot down her spine.
He wanted to
see her and he was called Justin.

But his
instructions were odd.
She was to go to
a very up market lingerie store and pick up stuff he’d ordered and paid
She was to bathe, shave off all her
body hair – and he’d underlined the
- that bit made her shiver as she considered why.
Finally she was wear the underwear he’d
bought her all that day before meeting him in the evening – and all this
tomorrow, she read with a smile.

More questions
– more mystery – why did he want things to be like this – why more of the
freaky stuff?
The underwear and the
shaving could mean only one thing – sex.
But there was no way Jessica was going to refuse him anything even if it
did mean sleeping with him.
So she did
as instructed.
She picked up the
lingerie, a set of beautiful flimsy cream, silk panties and matching bra – and
a perfect fit.
How had he known?
Simple – she told herself
because he obviously took more notice of you
than you’d thought.

She bathed
that morning and shaved – and as he’d seemed so insistent - even her most
intimate place and this wasn’t something she usually did.
Then she put on the underwear.
The bra was low slung and showed off her
ample cleavage and the silk panties fitted tight across her hips and very
snugly between her legs.
They were
beautiful and she felt wonderful in them.
Wonderful and wanted and tonight she’d see Justin – and perhaps, very
her Justin.

Her excitement
built as the day wore on.
The underwear,
it had to be so important because he intended to undress her – to make love to
The idea brought on more of the
shivers and she felt the familiar slick heat deep inside her sex.
She tingled there each time she thought of
him and it felt just glorious – she couldn’t wait.

A taxi picked
her up and took her to a restaurant in town.
She was led to a private room where a table had been laid for two and a
bottle of champagne sat on the table nicely chilling in a bucket of ice,

“Miss Hall,”
he greeted her pleasantly.
“You’re on
time – good.”

His blue eyes
raked her body lingering on her breasts and her legs.
Jessica was nervous, he made her nervous –
standing there staring at her while looking so damned hot in a dark suit that fitted
so well it must have been hand made for him.

“I’m not
always late, you know,” she prickled back completely belying her true feelings.

He smirked and
held out his hand to her.

“Come here,”
he ordered softly.
“Let me take a good
look at you.”

Jessica walked
forward slowly, God he was just so delicious –
juicy Justin
– she thought to herself and suddenly giggled.

“Do I amuse
you, Miss Hall,” he asked raising an eyebrow and taking her arm.
“Because I can amuse, I can amuse beautifully
given the right setting,” he whispered going in close to her face.
“You do remember why we’re here, don’t you,”
he asked?
“And you have done exactly as
I requested,” he added rubbing the bare skin of her arm and leaving a fiery
trail behind his finger tips.


“You’re sure –
He intoned knowingly.

Jessica nodded
- her mouth was too dry to speak but he meant the underwear and the shaving –
she knew he did.
His hand was on her
thigh over the fabric of her dress.
Why did he have to be so damn hot

“Good – because
I always punish any disobedience harshly,” he rubbed her arm again and leaned
in close.
“But then you might enjoy
that, Miss Hall – what do you think?”

The truth was
Jessica couldn’t think.
The tingling had
started again and was driving her wild.
The suggestions, the innuendo – the idea of him
her – what was that all about?
It was just too much.

“Now remove
your panties and give them to me,” he told her in a tone low and very sexy and
then he smirked again as her big brown eyes widened with shock at his request.

“Yes, I know –
dreadful isn’t it.
Me – a virtual
stranger asking for your panties. But on the other hand – would you rather pay
for the car repairs?”
He thought for a
“I don’t think so – this is far
easier and, of course, be careful not to upset me – remember our deal and
remember what I said about punishment.
So give them to me now Miss Hall – at once.”

This was
totally unexpected, what on earth did he want her panties for?
True he’d bought them for her – but to want
them back and like this when she’d been wearing them all day.
Jessica wanted to run – this man was strange
but gazing up into his beautiful face she knew she couldn’t, he wouldn’t let
She didn’t have any choice the look
on his face told her that so she dipped down slightly and slipped them from her
They were so tight they’d been like
a second skin since she’d bathed this morning and she’d got all wet and
bothered earlier thinking about him.
They were probably stained she realised with horror and blushed as she
gripped them in her small hand and tried not to think about what he’d do with

“Give them to
me,” he instructed and took the flimsy silk from her outstretched hand.
“Thank you – you’ve worn them as you were
told to?”

Jessica nodded
and then gasped as he pressed them to his face inhaling deeply.

“You’ve been sexually
aroused at least once today,” he told her smoothly.
“Do you want to tell me about it – I hope it was
because you were imaging being with me?”

Jessica shook
her head – what was this, what was she supposed to say after a suggestion like
that – and, of course, he was right.

“Oh I think it
was, wasn’t it, Jessica?”
He decided putting
the panties in his jacket pocket.
spent all day thinking about tonight and you’ve got yourself very wet and horny
in the process – haven’t you?”
He asked
the deeply embarrassed girl.
“I bet when
I look at them later I’ll find your secretions all over them– won’t I?”

Jessica flushed
– she felt weird – he was weird, she’d never met anyone like him before.
And she knew she couldn’t lie because he’d
So she nodded her lovely head and
watched another smirk cross that beautiful face before he cocked a finger and
beckoned her to follow him to a sofa by the window.

He sat down
and positioned her standing in front of him.

“Now, stand
with your legs wide open and lift up your skirt up for me.”

Now Jessica
was really horrified.
This was even more
humiliating than the panties thing and she should stop this right now.
He had no right to do these things – ask her
to show herself to him like this.

But he didn’t
seem bothered at all he simply sat and watched her – watched the turmoil on her
face and casually placed his hands in his trouser pockets.
After several, long seconds had passed he

“Get on with
it,” he growled loosing patience.
“Do as
I ask or we’ll have to re-negotiate what happened the other night with my car,”
he warned.

Jessica was squirming
with embarrassment - but there was no way out.
She couldn’t pay for the car repairs so all she could really do now was
let him have his moment of fun.
She slowly
lifted her skirt, slid it up over her thighs until it was bunched around her
He was smirking again and leaning
forward he took a damned good long look between her legs - at her smooth, pink
pussy then, still with his hands in his pockets, he nodded his approval


Chapter 3


“So you can
obey my instructions after all,” he praised.
“I like a girl who can do as she’s told.”

Jessica closed
her eyes, she couldn’t look at him while she was exposed like this.
Would he touch her?
Part of her hoped he would - he was just so damned
handsome in some part of her mind she ached for him.
But on the other hand he was still a mystery
– and perhaps a dangerous mystery.
enigmatic man who she owed money too and now she knew just how he was going
demand payment, didn’t she?
he could do anything to her –
, she reminded herself - she should be careful.
don’t even know his full name
– were the words running riot around her

“Fix your
skirt and we’ll eat,” he said rising from the sofa and moving away.
He was pleased – she was lovely and he’d
enjoyed seeing her submit to his orders like that – he’d savoured her humiliation
– it had aroused him.
She’d be good –
very good once he’d trained her properly.

Was there to
be nothing else?
Jessica shimmied down
her skirt and felt suddenly cheated.
watched the retreating figure as he went to the table and rang the bell for the
waiter as if nothing had happened between them.
What sort of man was he?
could he make her do that and not touch her?
Darren would have been on her like a flash if she done that in front of
Darren - his name spun in her
What was she doing having these
thoughts about another man when she should be with him?

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