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He didn’t stop
he rubbed her sex gently spreading her labia apart and then used one finger to
very gently stroke her clitoris.
screamed out with pleasure she couldn’t hold back and drew her knees up high
and spread her thighs wide.

“Slut – you
love it, don’t you.
I knew you would and
brace yourself because I’m going to hurt you here too – hurt you until you
shriek and scream and climax like never before,” he whispered darkly in her ear.

groaned she was beyond being able to stop him.
He moved, slithered down the bed until he was kneeling between her
She felt his fingers touching
her sex – he was readying her – spreading her again.

“Should I
pinch or perhaps you’d prefer me to bite,” he asked sexily.

Jessica moaned
and rolled from side to side – those lips, those delicious lips were closing in
on her sex.
She felt his tongue slide
from her entrance to her clitoris with one slow, glorious sweep and screamed
He flicked at the growing bud for
several seconds before pushing a finger deep inside her.
Jessica groaned with delight and still he
licked – he explored every part of her intimate place with his tongue – tasting
and flicking and all the while thrusting in and out of her with his
Finally he withdrew and replaced
it with his tongue making deep stabbing movements and swirling it around inside
her passage.

Jessica rolled
from side to side and howled with pleasure – never had sex been anything like
as good as this.
This man was magic – an
expert lover.
She knew she wouldn’t
last, the pressure was building and she’d climax very soon.
All she could feel was his tongue, his hand
and then a moment later his teeth as they gripped her labia and bit down.
She yelped in pain and then he had her
clitoris between his lips – she shrieked – he gently sucked then bit again.
The pain – the pleasure it all combined and
swept her away on a tide of orgasmic pleasure that momentarily knocked her out.

“You’re a
natural,” he said between heaping light kisses on her mouth.
“I’m really going to enjoy tormenting you,
Miss Hall.
Tie you down, perhaps whip
you a little then fuck you until you beg me to let you come.
What do you think,” he asked his voice laced
with hunger.

groaned and blinked herself back into the present.
Had she heard him right –
whip her a little
– no one had ever done
that to her.
It all sounded so dirty, so
salaciously sexy it immediately had her hot and needy again.

“And while
we’re on the subject is this virgin territory,” he asked stroking her backside
and running his finger up the cleft between her buttocks.

“Yes, of
course,” Jessica mumbled her body fizzing with excitement she could barely

“Well not for
much longer,” he promised slapping her hard.

While she’d
been out of it he’d undressed down to his snug fitting boxers and now she could
see the very large bulge in the front of them – how big was this guy, she

“Can I touch
you, Justin,” she asked shyly barely able to take her eyes of it.

“You want my
He laughed.
“On your back, Miss Hall,” he ordered.
“And get those knees up and wide apart.”

He slipped his
boxers off and Jessica could see his penis erect, huge and already sheathed in
a condom.
He’d readied himself –
he wanted this too,
she thought thrilled
at the prospect.
She lay as he’d asked
and flung her arms back above her head.
He smiled then dangled a rope in front of her eyes.
She’d no idea where this had come from –
under the pillow perhaps?

“Before I fuck
you I want you tied tight and unable to fight or stop me – do you understand?”

Jessica felt
the fiery jolt shoot through her sex and nodded.

“I should also
warn you that I’m not going to be gentle either – this will be rough – very rough
and it’ll hurt – do you understand that, Jessica?”

This time she
moaned with need– yes she understood – she didn’t care she just wanted him to
do it – anyway he desired.

He bound her
hands tight then straddled her, his penis bobbing on her belly.
God it had grown even bigger, she realised as
he pushed her bent knees even wider apart.
He felt her sex with his hand then moved between her legs pushing one of
them high in the air.
Then he knelt in
close and thrust – straight into her – heavy and harsh and she shrieked
Justin covered her mouth with his
hand and continued to ram into her with rapt concentration.
Each hard thrust fast and deep making her scream
silently behind his hand.
She climaxed
quickly, as he knew she would but he didn’t stop.
He used her mercilessly, pushing both her
legs high in the air and resting them on his shoulders while he pounded into
her – ravished her thoroughly.

He was right,
this was rough – almost brutal – so rough Jessica knew that if he didn’t stop
soon she’d climax again.
What was
happening to her?
This was nothing like
the sex she’d enjoyed with Darren.
he flopped, exhausted over her belly and felt his semen flow freely into the
fine skin of the condom.

It was over
and Justin looked at her hot, sweaty face and knew that her first time with him
had been an absolute triumph.
He knew she
was hooked – she was completely his and soon he’d take her with him to start
her training properly.












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