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Blackwater 3 - Breaking Brodix (9 page)

“Stop, I’m too close,” he whispered as he tugged on a lock of her hair. Sarah eased back on her heels and looked up at him. Brodix appeared ready to explode, as if it was taking all his strength to keep from tossing her on the bed and fucking her into oblivion.

“At times, you tempt me beyond reason,” he admitted as if reading her mind. When he dipped down and swung her into his arms, Sarah yelped.

“It’s so strange to not be able to use my hands,” she explained at his puzzled expression.

“In about a minute, you won’t care about your hands,” he promised as he carried her to the bed and carefully placed her in the center of it.

Sarah adjusted to get more comfortable but went utterly still when he placed one knee on the bed and crawled toward her. God, he was just too good-looking for her peace of mind. The unkempt mass of black hair and morning stubble only enhanced his rugged masculinity.

“Now it’s my turn,” he whispered. He pushed her legs wide and descended between them, then proceeded to kiss her clit. She arched upward and tried to get him closer, to get his tongue inside her, where she needed him so badly, but he seemed in no hurry.

“Brodix, please don’t tease,” she pleaded.

He chuckled. “But it’s so much fun.”

She glared down at him. “I’m beginning to regret letting you tie me up.”

“Ah, but soon you’ll change your mind, I guarantee it,” Brodix whispered, the heat of his breath stroking her clit causing her femininity to throb to life.

“So confident of your abilities, huh?” Sarah struggled to say the words coherently, she was so turned on.

“No,” he said, “so confident of you.” As his tongue delved deep between her pussy lips, Sarah’s thoughts scattered.

Chapter Seven

As Brodix tasted and teased Sarah, feeling the quiver of her supple legs on either side of his head, he knew that no man could ever touch her like this. She belonged to him. He would be the only one to witness her desire. Christ, just the thought of another man using his tongue on her sweet, hot pussy drove him crazy with jealousy.

He lifted his head and looked up the length of her nude body. Her eyes were closed, her hands tied securely behind her back. She took his breath away. She was so damn hot Brodix felt singed. Using his thumbs to part her delicate folds, Brodix exposed her swollen clit. He dipped his head once more and sucked the tiny bit of flesh into his mouth, flicking back and forth with his tongue.

Sarah came undone, screaming his name and arching high off the bed, but he held her firm as he swallowed every last drop of her tangy flow.

This time when he lifted his head, she was staring at him through half-raised lashes, a sexy hint of a smile on her pretty face. When he slipped his hands beneath her hips and cupped her ass cheeks in his palms, he felt her clenching up on him. “Have you ever had a man’s cock in your tight ass, Sarah?”

Her eyes widened with shock, and her mouth dropped open.

“I take that as a no,” he mused aloud, massaging the soft skin of her buttocks in an attempt to calm her. “Would you like to feel me there?”

“I-I don’t know,” she answered as she shifted restlessly on the bed.

“Shh,” Brodix whispered, but he could tell she was far from relaxed. “What’s wrong, sweetheart?”

“It’s just that this is such unfamiliar territory for me.”

He smoothed a palm over her belly and murmured, “You trust me with your body. I know you do. I would never hurt you.”

Several tense seconds passed. Finally, she said, “I’m willing to try, I guess. But if I don’t like it—”

“We’ll stop, I swear it,” Brodix whispered as he moved over on top of her and kissed her. A little moan escaped from between her lips, and Brodix thought it was the sweetest sound he’d ever heard.

He moved away and said, “Hold that thought.” As carefully as possible, Brodix slid his hands beneath her and turned her to her belly. He arranged her legs, spreading them open until he could see the wet softness of her pussy. Next, he quickly untied her hands and brought them above her head, then wrapped the soft belt around her wrists once more. His cock thickened at the lovely sight of having her all stretched out before him. “Are your arms okay? Not too tight?”

“No, it’s fine.”

Brodix looked at her lying in the center of the rumpled bed, the soft morning sun filtering in from the sheer curtains, her luscious body and plump bottom mere inches away from his eager fingers and cock. He grabbed a pillow and slid it beneath her until her ass was raised in the air. “You’re fucking gorgeous, Sarah.”

She turned her head. “Thanks, but I feel very…exposed right now.”

He pushed her hair off her face and kissed her cheek. “I like it,” he said as he moved off the bed. “Stay put. I’ll be right back.”

“Please hurry,” she said, a hint of desperation in her tone. “I’m losing my nerve fast here.”

He touched the cleft of her ass and stroked her intimately. “I’m going to make you feel so damn good.” He strode from the room and quickly retrieved a bottle of oil from his bathroom cabinet. Without wasting another second, Brodix left the bathroom and resumed his position between Sarah’s silky thighs. When he popped the top of the bottle, he watched her expression for signs of fear. After he poured a small amount into his palm, Brodix smoothed his hands together to warm the slippery liquid. Sarah’s breathing increased, and she stiffened. He touched her shoulders, moving his hands in little circles, massaging and soothing her. When he spotted her neck, Brodix rubbed the elegant column. “Feel good?”

“God, yes,” she moaned. “Heavenly.”

“Good. Just relax for me, sweetheart.” As he skated his palms upward to her arms, then over her bound wrists, he could feel the quickened hum of her pulse beating out a rapid tattoo. He massaged the oil into the delicate skin there, easing the restraint a little so her arms weren’t pulled quite so tight. Once Brodix was satisfied he’d made her as comfortable as possible, he poured more oil into his palms and touched her spine. He took the utmost care in massaging each vertebra, feeling her muscles relax beneath his touch. He leaned down and kissed a spot he’d already massaged.

“Sexy,” he murmured. “And all mine.”

“Brodix,” she mumbled as if half asleep.

When he trailed his fingers over her lower back to the small indentations above her ass, he said, “This ass needs fucked, Sarah.” His slick fingers slid between her ass cheeks then. He circled the tight hole, over and over again, making certain she was completely slick with the oil before he slipped his index finger into her a single inch. Her body, once so pliant, was now strung as tight as a bow.

“Oh God, that feels…”

She didn’t finish the sentence, but Brodix didn’t need her to. “It feels forbidden,” he answered for her. She mumbled something he couldn’t quite make out. Brodix leaned over her and whispered, “Every inch of my cock, Sarah. I’m going to love you so damn good. And when I come inside you, right here,” he wiggled his finger for emphasis, “in this tight little ass where no man has ever touched you, it’s going to be paradise.”

“You make me crazy. I need you so much, please don’t make me wait any longer,” she cried out, her passion equaling his.

“Two fingers, sweetheart,” he explained. “You need to be ready.” Brodix slid two fingers in, and Sarah moaned. She spread her legs a little more and pushed back against his fingers, forcing them in clear to the knuckle.

“Ah, that’s my girl,” he ground out. Brodix’s body was on fire, and his dick ached for release. He couldn’t wait another second to be inside Sarah.

He reached for the bottle of oil once more and slicked some over his throbbing shaft, already swollen and dripping with precome at the thought of being buried deep. Gently, Brodix separated the round globes of Sarah’s backside and touched the head of his cock to her entrance, then slowly moved a mere inch inside. The snug fit was the sweetest torture. It took all his control to keep from thrusting deep and fucking her hard and fast.

“Oh, B-Brodix.”

The tremor in her voice chipped away at another layer of his restraint. He slipped inside her ass a few more inches, and suddenly, Sarah wiggled her hips. Brodix gritted his teeth against the need to come. He clutched her waist in a tight grip to keep her from moving too fast. “Gently, sweetheart,” he whispered. “You’re new to this, and we need to go slow.”

His primal instincts kept battering at him to fill her completely, but Brodix refused to take the chance of hurting her. Holding her hips firmly, Brodix heard Sarah let loose a needy little whimper. The pleading sound turned his heart to putty, and he gave her another thick, hard inch of his dick. He couldn’t deny her, because in that instant, they wanted the same thing. He toyed with the delicate bud of her clitoris, turned on beyond measure when she moaned his name. She pushed against him as her orgasm took hold. She came, screaming his name.

“Now,” he gritted out. “All of me.”

“Yes,” she said in a voice barely above a whisper. “Please, fuck me.”

A rumbling growl escaped him at her feral response. He pushed himself the rest of the way inside her ass, and her muscles sucked him in. Brodix cursed at the sweet torment.

“Sarah,” he groaned as he reached up and tore the belt away from her wrists. Sarah immediately grabbed on to the blanket on either side of her body. “Do you like my cock filling you like this? Fucking your ass?”

“Y-yes, please don’t stop.”

“No way in hell,” he promised as he stroked her sweat-soaked hair away from her face, then covered her body with his, folding himself around her protectively. He kissed her upturned cheek and felt her muscles relax a little more. “Yeah, that’s it,” he praised her. He dipped his head and gently bit the smooth line of her neck. Sarah’s eager response was all the encouragement he needed. Brodix licked and suckled at her soft skin before he began slowly pushing in and out of her ass. He built the pace, little by little, until he filled her balls-deep.

“You belong to me,” he whispered against the shell of her ear.

Sarah didn’t respond with words. Instead, she pushed against his hips, joining in the rhythm of their erotic dance. Soon, his cock swelled and his balls drew up tight. One more thrust and he was flying over the cliff as his cock erupted inside of her, spurts of hot come filling her and robbing him of the last shred of his control. When she shouted his name, joining him with another orgasm, Brodix knew the moment would be tattooed on his heart forever.

“You’ve killed me,” she said, her voice nearly gone from her pleasure-filled screams.

“A damn nice way to die, though,” he murmured. A few moments passed before Brodix pulled out of her. He removed the pillow and tossed it aside, then helped Sarah roll to her back. He didn’t move to the side, and he wasn’t quite ready to release her bound wrists either. Not quite yet. A primitive side of him, one he didn’t even know he possessed, wished like hell he could keep Sarah tied and naked in his bed forever.

As his lips caressed her cheek and forehead, Brodix tasted her perspiration. Beneath that he recognized her subtly enticing flavor. He suspected he would always crave her. Would never get enough of her. What that meant exactly, Brodix wasn’t sure. All he knew for a fact was that he wasn’t giving her up. One way or the other, his family would simply have to get it through their collective heads that Sarah was in his life to stay.

Chapter Eight

On the way to the cookout, Sarah had managed to wiggle in a few more interview questions. She didn’t pry, but Brodix no longer felt the need to keep secrets from her either. He trusted Sarah. Apparently, he had good instincts, because they’d been at the cookout less than an hour before Sammy gave Brodix a look that said he approved of her. Vance hadn’t been far behind. His mom was so taken with Sarah that Brodix was having a hell of a time getting any alone time with her. If he could only get Reilly and River to stop glaring, he’d be in business.

That was the least of his problems though. At the moment, Sarah was his problem. She was killing him. He leaned across the picnic table and muttered, “One more lick and I’m dragging you out of here. To hell with the cookout.”

Sarah went utterly still, and her face flamed. “Behave,” she muttered.

Brodix cursed as she took another lick of the pralines and cream. “I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but I think I’m jealous of that damn cone.”

She laughed. “It’s just an ice-cream cone. Everyone here has one.” She took another lick of the sweet cream, and Brodix was forced to watch her pink tongue dart out to nab a nut. It sent him over the edge. “I’m not a damn saint, woman,” he growled as he stood and moved around the table.

Sarah’s eyes widened when he reached her side. Her gaze darted to the fly of his jeans, and she bit her lip. “Uh, you’re…”

Brodix grinned. “Yeah, I am.” He took her by the arm and helped her to her feet. He looked her over and cursed. They’d stopped off at her apartment so she could change and freshen up. The outfit she’d chosen was a pretty yellow sundress with daisies all over it. It reached just above the knees. “It’s not my fault that you’re sexy as hell.”

She gave him a wicked smile and whispered, “So, watching me is turning you on, huh? I’ll have to make a note to get cones and ice cream the next time I go grocery shopping.”

The little tease. “That’s it. We’re leaving.”

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