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She bit down on Sorin’s tongue when
Lucian’s tongue slipped inside her pussy again. As he probed her entrance, she
pushed her tongue into Sorin’s mouth, branding him with her touch. Almost
imperceptibly, he shifted her onto her back once again on the bed, only then
disentangling his mouth from hers.

Starr panted for breath as Sorin kissed her
cheek before shifting positions. Now he was kneeling and slowly sliding his
mouth down her body. She parted her thighs further as he neared her pussy,
where Lucian’s tongue continued to explore.

“Oh!” She was surprised the sound was at
all intelligible when Sorin’s tongue joined Lucian’s in her pussy. One swirled
around her clit, and the other probed at her opening, seeking entrance. She
arched her hips without control, unable to stop the instinct. Their strokes
increased in tempo, and with her last conscious thought, she lifted her head to
look. The sight of their heads pressed together, between her thighs, triggered
a wave of spasms deep in her pussy.

Her body convulsed as her pussy contracted
and released, bringing an intensity of release she had never experienced
before. She sobbed out their names and grasped the coverlet on the bed in her
fists, trying to weather the storm of pleasure without passing out.

Her heart seemed to stutter before slowing
gradually. Starr could almost breathe normally again when they turned her on
her side. Lucian’s tongue resumed caressing her clit, making her cry out. “I
can’t do that again.” How did she manage to speak at all?

“You can.” Sorin’s tone brooked no
argument. He didn’t speak again as his lips skimmed her buttocks, and his
tongue darted into her cleft.

She stiffened when Sorin’s hand parted her
cheeks and one of his thumbs pressed lightly against her anus. She stiffened
further when something thin penetrated her, followed by something warm and
slippery filling her anus. Her eyes widened with alarm. “What is that?”

Lucian’s lips left her throbbing pussy long
enough to answer. “Anal lube. We came prepared.”

She tried to relax as Sorin’s finger
penetrated her anus. It wasn’t that difficult, as Lucian’s expert touch reduced
her to a pile of sensation. It didn’t take long for her sphincter to relax and
for Sorin’s ministrations to become pleasurable. She closed her eyes and
surrendered her body to the thrust of Sorin’s fingers and the velvety
exploration of Lucian’s tongue.

“Is she ready?”

Starr’s eyes snapped open when Lucian’s
tongue left her pussy again.

“Almost. I can feel her pussy convulsing.”

“What’s going on?” There was a thread of
panic in her tone. She knew they wouldn’t hurt her, but couldn’t help feeling
apprehensive about what might come next.

Sorin was the one to answer. “We want to
make love to you in every way imaginable. Together, separately… Do you want us
to take you at the same time?”

She didn’t have to think about her answer.
“Oh, yes.”

Sorin stretched her anus as another finger
joined the first. “We want to possess you here, but you need to be prepared. Do
you trust us?”

Again, she didn’t need time to think about
her answer. “With my life.”

Sorin sounded hoarse when he answered.
“Then relax,
. Let us pleasure you.”

Starr obeyed him and focused on relaxing.
Soon, Lucian’s tongue and Sorin’s fingers once again induced a passionate
trance, and she was helpless to keep her body from responding, even if she had
wanted to.

She could feel her orgasm building, and
Lucian must have realized, because his strokes increased in pace. Abruptly, her
pussy convulsed, and she cried out. As she reached the summit of her orgasm,
something entered her anus. She stiffened at the intrusion, but more from
surprise than pain. Her orgasm continued, making it impossible to ask what
Sorin had slipped inside her for several long seconds.

When her body slowly relaxed and her heart
rate slowed, Starr realized whatever he had put in her was still in her anus.
She opened her eyes and lifted her head, straining to see.

Sorin caressed her hip. “Shh,
it’s just a plug to stretch you. After a short time of having it in there, you
will be ready for me.” He chuckled. “But first, are you ready for Lucian? His
cock is begging to have you.”

She shivered with mingled anticipation and
anxiety. She wasn’t afraid of the pain—well, maybe a little. Rather, it was
what their joining meant that truly frightened her. Once Lucian took her
virginity, there was no going back. Even as she had the thought, she knew it
was already too late. There had been no going back from the moment she formed a
blood-bond with these two. They were her destiny.




Chapter 4


“Are you ready for me, Starr?” Lucian’s
voice was gentle and hesitant, with an underlying note of need he couldn’t

She nodded, feeling incapable of speech. It
was only a sudden dart of worry that caused her frozen tongue to thaw. “What if
I get pregnant?”

“You won’t.” Sorin sounded confident.

“I could—“

“No. We’ve planned everything carefully,
Lucian said. “For the past month, Sorin and I have been taking a contraceptive
potion.” He laughed. “We found the mixture in one of your books while you were
busy with other matters.”

Then she had nothing else to worry about.
She nodded. “I’m ready.”

Sorin settled against the headboard and
drew her against him. Her head rested against his stomach. Starr licked her
lips as Lucian shifted positions and knelt between her thighs. She looked up at
Sorin. “Why Lucian?”

“Would you rather have Sorin?” Lucian

“I want you both at the same time, but I
can’t do that my first time.” She shrugged, conscious of Sorin’s crisp body
hair brushing against her shoulders. “I just wondered why you two decided on
Lucian going first?”

“Sorin is…” Lucian cleared his throat.
“Well, his cock is larger than mine. We thought I would be easier on you.”

She groaned. “If that’s going to be easy…”
Starr trailed off as Lucian scooted closer. She locked her thighs around his
waist as he leaned forward.

“Just relax.” Sorin caressed one of her
nipples. “Don’t think about the pain. Focus on the pleasure,

It was good advice, but her stomach
insisted on fluttering with nerves as the head of Lucian’s cock paused at the
entrance of her pussy. She grasped Sorin’s thighs and took a deep breath. Her
pussy still throbbed with arousal, and she was wet. Physically, at least, she
was ready for Lucian’s possession. She nodded again.

His cock entered her with one deep thrust.
Starr closed her eyes, but the flash of pain had faded almost before she
realized it had hurt. She let out a deep breath and was aware of the tension in
her muscles easing. She hadn’t even known she was tense.

“How does it feel?” Lucian asked, looking
down at her intently.

She parted her thighs and shifted her
buttocks to accommodate his length. “It’s wonderful.”

That was before he began thrusting. The
first time he withdrew and entered again, it hurt a little. Starr breathed
through the pain and resisted the urge to tense up. By the time he entered her
again, only pleasure remained. She hadn’t expected to feel so different just
from having a cock inside her. There had been a persistent ache in her pussy
the past few years, but it was now fading away. Each time he surged inside her,
the ache slowly changed to a nagging pull that triggered minor contractions
deep inside her womb.

She could feel the tug of desire in her
belly. Her entire body ached, and Sorin’s rough thumbs on her nipples served
only to heighten her need. She thrashed in his arms, as her hips instinctively
rose to meet each of Lucian’s thrusts. Breathless moans escaped her, but she
was powerless to rein them in. Starr dug her nails into Sorin’s flesh,
searching for an anchor as Lucian filled her.

Small convulsions began inside her pussy
and radiated outward. Lucian must have felt them, because he slipped a hand
between their bodies to stroke her clit. Starr tightened her thighs around him,
trying to keep him in. As he thrust into her, his fingers worked her clit in
small circles, mimicking Sorin’s actions on her nipples.

She cried out as Sorin tugged on her
nipples, while Lucian thrust deeply into her. He pushed lightly against her
clit, and spasms overtook her. Starr could feel all of her body shaking as her
pussy clenched and released around Lucian’s cock. She cried out from the
release as intense pleasure washed over her. She was vaguely aware of Lucian
coming inside her, but the intensity of her orgasm consumed her, making it
impossible to take much joy in the knowledge she had pleased him. Later, she
would be able to reflect on that.

Lucian collapsed on top of her, but
supported his weight on his arms. Starr opened her eyes, not even realizing she
had closed them, when he pressed light kisses to her brow. Sweat beaded his
forehead, and his face was flushed. He was breathing as heavily as she was, and
their pants filled the room.

Starr tilted her head and looked up at
Sorin. His eyes glittered with need, and a flush filled his cheeks too. She
could feel his cock poking into her back and was ready for him, just like that.
She loosened one of her clenched hands from his thigh and brought it up to
caress his hair. She smiled. “Your turn.”

To her surprise, Sorin shook his head. “Not
tonight, Starr. You might not feel it now, but you’ll be sore in the morning. I
don’t want to hurt you.”

“I want you, Sorin.”

He brushed his hand across her forehead.
“Tomorrow, we’ll see how you feel.”

She frowned. “But it’s not fair to you.”

“I can survive some frustration,
Lucian saw to my needs earlier, knowing this would be the outcome tonight.”

She shook her head, refusing to deny Sorin
release. Yes, Lucian had pleasured him earlier, but he was hard and ready
again. “I want to do something for you. What can I do?”

Sorin and Lucian traded looks before he
answered. “I don’t want to overwhelm—“

“You won’t. What do I do?” Would he want to
penetrate her backside? She swallowed a hint of apprehension, determined to do
whatever he asked. He had been so generous with her tonight that she couldn’t
do any less.

“Well, if you don’t mind…” He seemed
hesitant. “I know you haven’t before. If you don’t want to—“

Lucian must have realized Sorin was having
a hard time uttering his request. “He wants you to suck his cock, Starr.”

She nodded eagerly. “Okay.”

Lucian rolled to the side, allowing Starr
to roll over onto her stomach. She scooted down until her mouth was at his
cock, and then looked up at Sorin. “What should I do?”

Lucian touched Sorin’s shoulder, and he
propped his back against the headboard, while still sitting. His eyes remained
wide, obviously preparing to absorb every detail of the first touch of her
mouth on his cock.

She turned her head as Lucian settled
beside her. He rested his head on her back. “Put your mouth around him, Starr.
Just relax your jaw.”

She opened her mouth and tentatively took
the head of Sorin’s cock into her mouth. It barely fit, and she was momentarily
thankful Lucian had been the one to take her virginity. As she supported the
base, she swirled her tongue around the head of the cock. Sorin groaned, and
she took that as a sign of pleasure. Once again, Starr flicked her tongue
around his cock, pausing to trace the tip.

“Feel the V with your tongue? Lick him
there.” Lucian interspaced his instructions with a string of kisses across her
back and shoulders.

Starr found the spot and flicked her tongue
across it. Immediately, liquid dripped from Sorin’s tip and flooded her mouth.
She paused to swallow before resuming her ministrations.

“Apply suction. Just enough for him to feel
it.” As he continued, Lucian’s hand slid under her to grasp her breast. He
thumbed her nipple, while sucking gently on her shoulder. How could that one
spot be so sensitive? Darts of pleasure spread from the epicenter of her
shoulder, making it difficult to focus on Sorin. She tried to clear her mind
and return to the task at hand.

Once again, Starr followed Lucian’s
instructions. She was soon sucking Sorin and moving her mouth up and down the
length of him, as far as she could go. Lucian continued to caress her nipple,
causing the little bud to ache with desire. She pressed her pussy against the
bed when her need increased again.

Reassured by Sorin’s sounds of pleasure,
she found her own rhythm. She stopped sucking to trace her tongue down the vein
throbbing in Sorin’s cock. She heard a low growl escape Sorin, and his cock
spasmed. Instinctively, she put her mouth around him and resumed sucking,
enjoying the way his cock convulsed in her mouth. She could feel his muscles
bunch and swore his cock hardened further, as he neared climax. In seconds, he
was coming, sending hot spurts of satisfaction into her mouth. She swallowed as
quickly as possible, but some trailed down her chin.

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