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Authors: Allison Hobbs

Brick (Double Dippin') (25 page)

As she spoke, Anya caressed Brick’s chest, paying particular attention to his nipples, enjoying the pleasant feel as the tiny bumps hardened at her touch. She could feel the hum of Brick’s sexual arousal. Imagining his balls, full and sexually flushed, she positioned her hand between his legs and stroked his crotch. “Get out of those pants. I wanna lick your balls and sip your pre-cum. Then I want to feel your—”

Before Anya could finish her sentence, Brick’s tee shirt was flung on the floor. She helped him out of his pants, kissing his chest, lowering her body to the area that was tense with desire. It was an automatic reflex to reach for Brick’s burgeoning erection, but she fought off the urge to touch him with her hands.

“You want me to touch your dick, don’t you?”

“Yeah, baby. Stroke my shit.” Brick breathed heavily.

“No, your dick is big and long. It can travel to me if it really wants me.”

“You know I want you.”

“Show me.”

On her knees, Anya craved to press her face into Brick’s bulging crotch, but she forced herself to be patient. With a few inches of distance between them, Anya waited with her hands pressed to her sides.

Even as his dick burst through the slit in his briefs, Anya continued to keep her hands to her side. With her mouth parted, she waited for his hot meat to find its way inside her mouth.

“Ugh!” Brick groaned when the head of his dick thumped against Anya’s lips. “Mmm,” he murmured in relief as his dick stretched out and urgently penetrated Anya’s ready mouth.

She captured the head of his dick, sucking gently, rolling her tongue over the tiny opening, moaning softly as she tasted the sweet and sour drippings that leaked from the tiny opening in the center of the bulbous crown of his dick.

She pushed his dick out of her mouth. “Take your drawers off. I wanna forget about the long hot day I’ve had. I wanna feel your hard body all over me. I want your thick inches to erase every bad memory from my mind. Can you do that, for me, Brick?”

As Brick rushed out of his briefs, Anya started stripping out of her sundress, trying to unzip it herself.

“Lemme help you get outta that dress, baby,” Brick said.

He reached for the zipper. Anya’s fingers played idly through the hairs that covered Brick’s groin, and then began stroking his phallus, caressing his balls…stimulating him to the point of distraction. Instead of unzipping the dress, Brick ripped the fabric from Anya’s body.

His mouth went to her bare bosom, devouring the small mounds. While Brick sucked her titties, Anya fondled his balls. Brick shivered; he grabbed her hand. “I thought you weren’t going to touch me.”

Anya laughed. “I forgot. It’s hard to resist touching you.” She squeezed his balls a little harder.

“Still breaking the rules. Okay, I tried to warn you. Now you have to be punished.”

“Huh? What are you talking about?”

“Don’t talk and don’t move. Just do what I say.”

“O…okay,” she said tentatively.

“Put your foot up on the chair.”

Anya walked over to the chair that was next to the bed and hesitantly lifted her foot to the cushion.

Brick came behind her and wrapped his arms around her. “I’ma about to punish your pussy and you can’t take your foot down off the chair. You can’t slump over, either. You gotta stand up straight and take it. Think you can handle that punishment?”

“Mmm-hmm,” she said, dreamily.

Brick was behind her; Anya couldn’t see his face. The breathy sound of his voice, the feeling of his fingers brushing against her skin was extremely arousing.

Anya’s flesh tingled in anticipation as she waited for the punishment to begin. She had no idea what he was going to do to her pussy, but she was excited by the mystery.

From behind, his hands fastened onto her hips. His hot mouth seared the back of her neck. Anya drew in a breath…eagerly waiting to be punished.

A brawny large hand slid around and caressed her pussy, probing with a tenderness that contradicted the massive size of the finger that assessed the amount of pussy moisture that had accumulated. When Brick knelt between her trembling thighs, Anya could only assume her pussy was ripe and ready to be reprimanded.

With one foot on the floor and the other on the chair, Anya’s pussy lips were stretched open as wide as a gaping mouth.

Crouched on the floor, Brick attached his mouth to her open pussy and sucked while she jerked and shivered, struggling to stand up straight.

As if his suckling lips weren’t punishment enough, Brick’s tongue joined in on the chastisement, lashing and whipping her clit and inner lips, making Anya moan and writhe…and cry out.

“Stop, Brick! Oh, my God…I can’t anymore! That’s enough!” she pleaded, shaking, her knees threatening to give out as Brick’s able tongue dug in deeper.

Brick withdrew his lips from her wet pussy. “I don’t think it’s enough. You can take some more.”

“No, I can’t. For real, baby. You gotta stop. Please. Don’t punish me anymore. I’m sorry. Okay, I’m really sorry. “

“I’ll decide when you’ve had enough. From now on, Anya, every time you break the rules…this is gon’ be your punishment.” Brick sealed his lips around her pussy, alternately sucking with his lips and fucking her pussy with his stiffened tongue.

Unable to bear another tongue lash, Anya wobbled and then collapsed. Brick caught her and brought her gently down to the floor with him. Positioning her private part above his face, Brick held Anya firmly. “Don’t move,” he told her.

With Anya’s legs parted, her knees supported on his shoulders, Brick thrashed and flogged the dark pink crevice with his strong tongue. Even when he felt her shuddering from a powerful climax, even when he tasted the tart juices that splashed and splattered, Brick didn’t stop. He thoroughly punished Anya until he licked clean every drop of her silken passion.






he flavor of Fawn’s pussy is constantly changing. I know she’s fucking around on me, but when I’m sucking her sweetness, it don’t even matter. I mean…I could be eating out some dude’s old-ass nutt, the way this bitch is out there whoring around.

But like I said, I don’t care about anything when my tongue is gliding into all this sticky, hot liquid caramel. Mmm. Fawn’s pussy is the bomb.

It’s a shame Munch was high on that shit back when he dabbled in Fawn’s juices. That nigga can’t remember what she tastes like. Fuck it! That’s too damn bad. Fawn is off the market. Aye, well keeping it real, she’s a stank ho when she’s not with me, but when she’s under my jurisdiction, ain’t no other dicks or tongues going anywhere near her pussy.

I’m always teasing Munch about how he ate the best poontang in the city and don’t even remember. Munch be like, “Come on, man; lemme get at that one more time. You got me real curious.” And I be like, “Nah, mufucka, you had your chance and you blew it…that’s what you get for fucking with that glue.”

The way I brag about Fawn’s tasty drippings, I got that nigga feenin’. Begging for just a lil’ taste of my baby’s good gushy. But he ain’t getting none.

I got game, though. Every time I need a favor from Munch, I
tell him that I’ma let him holla at Fawn. It works like a charm. He be running errands for me and everything.

Munch would cum all over himself if he knew Fawn’s freaky ass has been hinting that she wants to get with him, too. But I ain’t with it.

Fawn be deliberately tryna get under my skin when she says, ‘Whassup with Munch?’

The next time she plays with me like that, I’ma crack her ass. Finger flick them butt cheeks, the way I do Evette. I wonder how Fawn would feel if I started spanking that ass, and leaving letters on it. I don’t think she could take it. Everything ain’t for everybody. Ass-spanking is strictly for Evette. That’s one of the many freaky ways that we connect.

I show Fawn the softer side of my freakishness. But shit, if she keeps fucking me over the way she’s been doing, she gon’ see a side that she might not like.

Neither one of them bitches knows how violent I can really get. They think it’s all peaches and cream. That’s what I want them to think. I fooled my therapist while I was in the joint. Made him believe those stupid exercises he told me to use for my aggressive tendencies had gotten rid of all my urges. I still get violent urges. I just know how to deal with my urges. I know how to distract myself with something perverted. That’s where Evette comes in. She has no idea that with her cooperation, I’m able to get out most of my aggression.

But if that bitch Fawn don’t give me a seed, somebody’s gon’ get hurt.


“Is your period late?” I ask Fawn when I finally finish licking out her drippings.

“Why you worried about my damn period?” she asks, shaking her head. “I don’t know what’s going on inside your head. You worry me sometimes, Kaymar,” she says as she recovers from a shuddering climax.

“I’m just saying. I don’t use any protection. You said you don’t take birth control pills because they make you nauseous. I’m only asking out of concern. I don’t wanna fuck around and knock you up.”

“It’s my body; if I’m not worried, you shouldn’t care either.” She pulled me down on top of her. “You know how we do. Give me some dick. I’m ready for you to ride me for the next fifteen minutes. Then I gotta roll.”

I don’t appreciate what Fawn said. She’s making a jab; letting me know that my stroke lasts for exactly fifteen minutes. I don’t know whassup with that concoction from Chinatown, but it’s not working the way it used to.

In the short amount of time that I’ve been dealing with Fawn, I done put more nutts up in that pussy than I can count. The bitch ain’t pregnant yet.

I’m tryna bless her with my seed, but her pussy is rebellious. If I can’t slow her down with childbirth, then I don’t have any other choice but to take more forceful action. As much as I love this no-good cunt, I might have to start whoopin’ Fawn’s ass the same way I do Evette. Maybe worse.






nya took his computer-printed picture from her purse and gazed at it through narrowed eyes that were filled with loathing. Though a decade had passed since this mugshot was taken, she figured that he couldn’t have changed too drastically in ten years. She’d recognize him in an instant.

She’d had his home address before she’d left Indiana. Found it on the Internet. Even though she didn’t have a gun yet, it was taking all of her willpower not to go to his house and throw acid in his face.

How would she be able to quietly follow and keep tabs on Kaymar Crawford when the mere thought of him caused her to shake with rage? She wondered how she’d react when they finally came face to face. She’d probably scream and curse, and try to scratch his eyes out before putting a bullet in his head.

Any day now, she’d have that gun in her hand. She needed to start plotting on how she was going to lure the killer to a private place where they could spend some quality time.

Where does he hang out? Who are his friends?

It would appear suspicious if she started asking about him in his neighborhood. He’d only been out for a short time. Someone might alert him that inquiries were being made. She wouldn’t get the opportunity to hit with a surprise attack if his friends were able to describe her.

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