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BOOK: Broken Wings (Hidden Wings Series Book Two)
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Samuel and Kade were
still out there, but so were the other two Fallen. I hoped they were okay. I figured that if I stayed near Danyel, it would be easier for all of us to find each other.

Danyel moaned
and his arm slightly moved. I knelt down beside him and carefully shook his shoulder. As soon as I touched him, he started to disappear.

What the
I quickly let go and he reappeared. This was crazy!

“Danyel,” I whispered. H
e didn’t respond.

A loud yell echoed through the dense forest, and
was soon followed by a loud clanging. I quickly grabbed Danyel’s arm and pulled him behind a fallen log. I covered him as best I could with the dead leaves and branches that surrounded us.

I turned to see who was was battling.
It was Samuel and the Fallen that I’d just encountered.

Danyel started to moan
louder. He was slowly coming to.


e was charging towards me, one hand grasping his sword, the other waving for me to either get down or move.

How could he see me?

I turned around and the last Fallen Angel was charging at me, his sword was raised above his head, only yards away. I gripped my dagger tightly and held it out in front of me. I instantly realized that I was no longer invisible. The Bloodstone was glowing bright red.

The Fallen angel swung
at me, and as he did, I dropped to the ground just under his blade. I could feel the wind as it brushed against my face. He turned back and swung again, this time, his blade met my arm and instant pain shot through it.

But beyond the pain,
I felt compelled to move.

n one fluid movement I rolled over and jumped to my feet. I was behind the Fallen Angel, quickly pushing my dagger into the middle of his back. It went in easily, and I could feel the blade exit his chest.

I let go of the dagger and stumbled back
wards. He turned to me. His eyes wide with shock. Blood dripped from the sharp metal protruding from his chest. He glanced down at the blade and then glanced back up at me again.

came from behind him, and with on quick swish took his head clean off. It hit the ground with a thud, and rolled to my feet.

I jumped backwards and turned away

reathe. Breathe. Breathe!
I urged myself.

I gasped and looked
at my bloodied hands, and then it all set in.

Was I
the one that was bleeding?

I checked my arm where his
blade had made contact, but the suit was still intact and there were no signs of injury. I knew I’d probably have one killer bruise under there, but at least I still had my arm. With the force that he swung his sword, he should have easily taken it off. This suit, and Kade, had saved me again.

looked at my bloody hands again, and everything became numb. My brain buzzed with the reality that I had just killed someone. It was strange though, like I was on autopilot and the suit had taken over and assisted me in that kill. But the fact still remained, I’d taken a life with these hands. I had pushed a sharp dagger into a living, beating heart.

My world started to spin
like a tornado, and darkness slowly started to creep over my eyes. The last thing I saw was Kade’s beautiful face, concerned, rushing to catch me before I hit the ground.


“Emma,” Kade wh
ispered in my ear.

must have been in the middle of a wonderful dream.

Kade and I
were walking hand-in-hand down a beautiful forest pathway. It was bright, and the trees were in full bloom, dressed in their entire fall splendor. He turned to me and smiled. His hazel eyes were sparkling in the brightness of the sun, and his touch sent electric waves pulsing throughout every part of me.

I felt happy. Happier
than I’d felt in a very long time, and the gaping black void that was left by the death of my parents was filled because he was with me. Holding my hand. Making me want to live again.

s we continued to walk, the sun began to fade away, and the forest around us became dark and ominous. Kade’s hand started to feel cold in mine. It felt different. Not the perfect fit like it usually was. I turned to him but the darkness that surrounded us was overpowering and enveloped us.

“Kade?” I breathed

ade’s hazel eyes suddenly changed into two blood-red eyes, glowing in the darkness. I screamed in horror as the fiery eyes steeled on me.

I tried to break loose from the grip, but whoever it was
squeezed tighter, holding me still.

” I cried.

Whoever the red eyes were attached to
didn’t answer, but squeezed a little tighter.

top! You’re hurting me!” I yelled.

. Emma.” Kade’s voice called.

Where are you?”

“Emma,” he call
ed again, and I was gently shaken from my nightmare.

I opened my eyes
and was back, swimming in the warmth of his hazel eyes and his beautiful, familiar face. Samuel and Danyel were standing behind him with worried looks embedded on theirs.

I was lying on a wood
en floor. We weren’t in the forest anymore, but in an enclosed building lit with glow sticks.

“Have a bad dream?” Kade asked
, with a grin. He took hold of my hand.

“Yeah. It was actually
pretty horrifying,” I answered.

“I hope I wasn’t the horrifying part
,” he said with narrowed eyes.

, Emma. We were getting worried that Kade had put some kind of spell on you, the way you were screaming his name,” Danyel chuckled.

Samuel rolled his eyes and shook his head.

Oh hell. I was talking
in my sleep. How embarrassing.  

I’m glad you came back to us, Emma,” Samuel smiled. 

Yes, we’re glad to have you back,” Danyel chimed.

“I’m glad to see
that you’re back to your normal self too,” I said to Danyel. He grinned widely, and looked as if he was as good as new. “How long was I out?”

“For a while,” Samuel answered.
“It’s been a day and a half.”

I gasped. I was out for a whole day and a half?

“Here Emma, drink this,”
Kade said, carefully holding the back of my head up, and placing the blue vial to my lips. I took a sip and let the effects of the potion work it’s tingly magic throughout my entire body. After a few minutes I sat up and tried to remember what had happened.

“Where are we?” I questioned.

“We’re at the porthole,” Samuel answered.

Porthole? How’d we get here so fast?” The last I heard, we had a few hours more traveling time.

We flew,” Danyel answered with a smile.

“What? You flew and
I was out for the whole thing?” I sulked. Wow. That sucked.

“Well, I’m sur
e you’ll get another chance, since your father has wings,” Danyel laughed.

ade offered his hand to help me to my feet. I scanned our surroundings. We must have been in the Santa Claus house. It was warm, cozy, and decorated with beautiful and sparkly Christmas things.

I was
standing near a pine tree, fully decorated, with wrapped gift boxes placed under it. On the opposite side of the room sat a plain green chair, with some kind of white, floral or snowflake pattern on it. It had to have been Santa’s chair. Behind the chair was a fireplace, but I didn’t see any sign of a porthole, and was hoping that we wouldn’t have to climb up the chimney to get to it.

“Emma, are you well enough
to travel?” Samuel asked. I did a quick assessment of myself, and felt completely fine.

, I’m ready,” I said.

hen we should be going. We need to get to Lucifer as quickly as possible,” he said. I nodded as the acid in my stomach began to bubble.

“Don’t worry, Emma. We’ll all get through this together,” Samuel nodded. He
cracked a glow-stick, and walked up to Santa’s chair. He then spoke two words.

Patefacio porthole.”

I glanced at Kade

He leaned over and whispered in my ear, “It means…open the porthole.”

I nodded. I guess
was the most obvious thing to say.

I started to feel a chill in the ai
r, and then Kade took hold of my hand. He didn’t say anything but he held it tight, and gave me a slight grin. Behind the green chair, a small red light began to swirl, reminding me of a spinning top.

“Are you sure you’re r
eady?” Samuel asked.

“Ready,” we
all answered in unison.

“Wait!” I exclaimed. “What will happen
to us when we get there?”

I had no idea what to expect. Would we be entering a land
filled with Darkling and Fallen ready to attack us? If we were, then maybe I wasn’t ready.

“Don’t worry, Emma,” Samuel responded. “
We’ll have time to discuss everything once we cross.”

I nodded
and sucked in a deep breath. I didn’t realize I was squeezing Kade’s hand so tightly, but he didn’t say anything. He just turned and smiled, and instantly melted my stress away.

“We’ll be okay,” he whispered. “
I’ll be right here with you. Just don’t let go, and remember to breathe.”

“Okay,” I said, taking in a
nother very deep breath and then exhaling.

stepped forward. He turned back and gave me a wink. “Don’t worry, sweetheart. I’ll see you on the other side.” He then stepped into the red swirling lights and… POOF! He was gone.

I felt my heart
stop for a brief moment and then Danyel stepped forward. He casually took another step into the lights, and as if by magic, he was gone too.

This was
totally overwhelming. Kade wrapped his arm around my waist and led me up to the light.

Are you sure this is safe?” my voice trembled.

“It’s like
taking a step, except your step will land you in a different world. This particular step, will be taking us into Hell,” he grinned.

“Great,” I murmured
. That wasn’t the kind of one-stepping I think I’d enjoy.

Saint or sinne
r, whether I liked it or not, Hell was my next destination. Kade still had a smile on his face and seemed to be fine with it, so I guess I should be too…as long as he was with me. I tightened my hand around his.

“Ready?” he whispered.
He leaned over and pressed his lips against mine, taking me by total surprise.

“I am now
,” I breathed.

He smiled and w
e stepped forward, crossing the threshold from my mortal world, to the Underworld…a world where Fallen, Demons, and Lucifer awaited us.  

was right. As soon as my foot touched the ground we were in an unfamiliar territory. The ground was a desert wasteland, cracked and parched.

Dry. Desolate.

The air was thick and heav
y, and the heat coming out from the ground hurt my lungs. I felt like a fish out of water, trying to gasp for cool, fresh air, but there was none. And, the smell! Ugh! The stench of this place burned my nostrils, and was a hundred times worse than the stench of the Darkling. I almost couldn’t stand it. I wanted to puke. That’s how bad it was.

“Don’t worry
, Emma. Eventually your senses will adapt and it won’t be so bad,” Kade said.

“Are you sure?” I said,
gagging. My eyes began watering and my skin felt like it was melting.

not completely sure, but I’m hoping for both of our sakes that it does,” he laughed and pinched his nose.
God, he was so adorable.

I was
glad that we weren’t in the dark, and that we could see our surroundings. Steam rose from the larger cracks in the ground, and I started to feel beads of sweat trickle down my brow.

I had no
doubt that this was Hell.    

I could feel my breath quicken, and
my muscles tense, and as it did, my body started to cool down; like someone hit a switch and turned on the AC. It felt like an icy blanket was placed over me, and instantly cooled my hot skin. It brought my senses back to life, and I felt I could breathe a bit easier too.

BOOK: Broken Wings (Hidden Wings Series Book Two)
8Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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