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And then I he
ard him. Samuel. I heard his cries again, but they were very weak.

He was dying, and
I needed to get him out of there. I needed to save him. I knew exactly where he was. He was directly in the middle of the Grimlocks.

I swallowed my fear, but m
y pulse and breath quickened at the same time. Heat began to emanate on my chest and glanced down to see the amulet glowing a bright red. I took hold of it, and squeezed, hoping whatever enchantment was on it, would somehow enter me.

Deep inside, I knew
I was going to try and save Samuel, but we probably wouldn’t make it out alive. It was inevitable. I hadn’t transformed yet into the Super Angel of the prophecy. I was still mostly human, and was weak and easy to kill.

And then I heard it loud and clear…
my mother’s voice, speaking directly in my ear.

power of one can achieve any goal, if that one wants it bad enough.

I closed my eyes and breathed in her words, sending
them down into my inner being.

Then there was
another voice.

Hey, Emma.
Are you planning on kicking that entire group of Grimlock ass alone, or would you like some help?

? That was definitely not my mother’s voice!

quickly opened my eyes.

“Oh my God!” I gasped
, and nearly collapsed.

“You shouldn’t call me
that, Emma,” Dominic smirked.

and Malachi stood behind me with their swords drawn.

Are you real?” I breathed, as tears began to well in my eyes.

Of course we’re real! Are you hallucinating, Emma? Did one of those snakes at the last level bite you?” Dominic asked with a raised eyebrow.

“No, I ju
st can’t believe that you’re here,” I said walking over to them. I touched Dominic’s arm.

It felt
real. He was real. They were real!

Overwhelmed with emotion, I fell into his arms and hugged him
tightly, and then turned and hugged Malachi.

“You’ve got to save Samuel!
He’s injured, and they’re killing him!” I sobbed.

Whoa! Whoa! Where’s Samuel, Emma?” Malachi questioned.

I pointed to the heap of Grimlocks.

“They have him, and he doesn’t have much time left,” I cried.

“Okay, Malachi. Let’s move.
I bet I can get through half those Grimlock before you get through two,” Dominic jested. The mere sound of his voice brought hope, which had vanished as soon as Samuel was ripped from me.

, Dom. Just shut your mouth and move it,” Malachi rebutted. Dominic smiled a huge, bright smile.

“Emma, sta
y right here. We’ve got this,” Dom said, with a wink. “We’ll be right back.”

Dominic took off, but Malachi
paused and turned back to me.

Emma. Kade made it safely to Alaine. I just thought you should know,” he said, and then, in a flash, he took off toward the Grimlocks.

His words immediately comforted me, but the longer I dwelt on them, the more I began to questio
n. Kade made it to Alaine, but was he okay?

I watched as they
battled the creatures, and began to relax just a bit, knowing that we were going to make it. Dominic and Malachi had saved us. They came to us, just in time. Maybe my prayer did work.

amulet around my neck started to glow again in a bright red, and began to burn my chest.

“Ouch,” I breathed as it became hotter
and hotter. Why was it heating up?

A s
udden movement behind startled me.

I turned and immediately
froze. My breath and heart stopped.

I was standing ten
feet away from a Grimlock, and it was even more horrifying up close. It leaned forward, sniffing the air.

It had found me.

Its actions reminded me of the Darkling, which brought back horrifying memories. But this creature was nothing like a Darkling. It was massive. Its arms and legs were huge. Its eyes were milky white and looked possessed, and its skin was the color of a corpse, but it was thick and wrinkly.

Suddenly, its head snapped forward
and its blind eyes fixed on mine, like it could see me. I wanted to scream, but my voice had caught in my throat.

Stay or run?
That was the question.

I watched as it lifted its
massive weapon and began to swing it over its head.


Morning Star.


As I turned
to run, the whole area around me filled with the loud swooshing sound of the Grimlock winding his weapon. I ran as fast as my legs could carry me. In the distance I could see Dominic and Malachi battling the multitude of Grimlocks. They were too far to get to me in time, and too far to hear my cries.

I quickly glanced behind
, as the creature sent its weapon flying towards me. I dove out of the way but it was much too fast. The weight of the club whacked me in the back, knocking me to the ground.

The air was punched from me.
I couldn’t breathe. Excruciating pain tore through my spine like it was broken in pieces. I couldn’t tell if the weapon was embedded in my back, but it felt like it was. I tried to move, but nothing was working.

I was paralyzed.

My face was half buried in dirt, rocks, and bones.

I knew
the Grimlock was getting closer. Its footsteps rattled the loose debris around me, but there was nothing I could do. I was helpless.  

HELP! HELP ME!” I screamed.

orrifying thoughts of death, being hung from a spit, and being eaten, overwhelmed my mind. I had failed, and now…I was going to die.

I closed my eyes, and flashes
of my parents, Jeremy, Lia, Kade, Alaine, and Samuel appeared before me. I hoped they would forgive me for not being strong enough. I hoped that Dominic and Malachi would be able to save Samuel, and that they would finish this mission, and find a way to save the others.

The ground stopped shaking, and when I opened my eyes
again, the creature was crouched down near my face, sniffing. Its blind eyes were set on my face, inches away. It knew it had hit its target, and there was nothing I could do.   

please let me die right now. Please,” I whispered. Sobbing. Begging. Hoping he would hear and grant me this one wish. The pain had become so unbearable that everything became blurry, and then… everything went black.


I was in complete darkness again, but suddenly two paths lit up before me. One was covered in sharp, jagged rocks and looked nearly impossible to cross. The other was perfect. A straight and narrow path that sparkled and glistened. No obstacles. No stumbling blocks.

started to take a step down the easy path when someone shouted my name.

“Emma! No!

I paused and looked around me.

the end of the jagged path were two familiar hazel eyes, glowing in the shadows, just beyond the light.

“Kade?” I called
, but he didn’t answer. “Kade is that you?” I knew they were his eyes, but I looked at the razor sharp rocks I needed to cross to get to him.

Another voice called to me.
“Emma. Come to me, Emma. We are destined to be together.” In the shadows at the end of the easy, sparkling path were two glowing, blood-red eyes. I felt drawn to them, with the same feeling I once had with Kade. My insides were compelled to run toward those red eyes, but the beautiful hazel eyes at the end of the jagged path, kept me from taking a step.

I was frozen. Locked in confusion.

The ground around me started to crumble and fall below into a smoldering, flaming lava pit. Waves of intense heat surround me.

Two paths.

Simple or impossible.

But did I really need to think
about it?

If I hadn’t felt so drawn to
ward the red eyes, the choice would have been easy. It was a no brainer. Kade was, and had been there for me from the beginning. He was my Guardian. My protector. The one who risked his own safety and life for me.

I made my choice, and
just as I took a step down the jagged path toward my hazel eyes, the ground below me gave way, sending me falling into a fiery grave.


My eyes slowly peeled open, but everything around me was dark and blurred, and it took a moment to focus.

Was I dead?

Was my body still in Hell?

There were voices nearby, whispering and laughing.
I noticed the glow of a small fire a few yards away and tried to move. Pain shot through my body, especially when I tried to breathe.

“Emma. Y
ou’re awake!” a voice spoke behind me. Light footsteps crunched on the rocky ground, heading toward me. In the dim light a warm, familiar face came into view.

I breathed.

“Yes, I’m here,” he said. He
came to sit at my side.

I tried to sit up, b
ut it felt like a thousand knives were being pressed into me.

“Don’t move. You’ve
broken a few ribs and back bones,” he said, holding me down. “Lucky for you, you were wearing this suit. It kept you from getting skewered from those Morning Star spikes. And, thank goodness I showed up when I did, because that creature had you by a leg, and was dragging you off to who knows where.”

I was still alive, and had so many questions, but when
I opened my mouth, only one word pressed out.

?” I needed to know if they had saved him.

He smiled.
“He’s sleeping just over there with Dominic and Malachi. Those damn Grimlock bastards broke both of his wings. They were just about to rip them off, but Dominic and Malachi got to him just in time. He also has a broken leg, and lost quite a bit of blood, but he’ll live. He’s mending pretty quickly, and in about another day or two, he’ll be as good as new.” 

I suddenly
felt nauseous. My pain must have been nothing compared to his, but I was relieved to hear he was alive.

And, Kade?” I breathed.

s alive, but barely. We made it to Alaine without any major problems. The rest of the Guardians helped to get her back to the house with Caleb. Caleb is doing well. Don’t worry, Emma. If anyone can save Kade, Alaine can. She has some strong medicine, and I’m sure he’ll pull through.”

My heart
was broken for Kade and for Samuel. I shut my eyes, letting the tears that had pooled there, spill out and run down my face.

“Don’t cry
, Emma. Samuel and Kade are born fighters. Your father will be good as new in no time. He just needs to rest and heal. And, Kade… well, he’s one of the strongest Guardians I’ve ever known,” he said, placing his hand on my head.

He’s not an immortal anymore, and won’t be able to heal quickly,” I sobbed, feeling the pain radiate through my back and chest.

I know, but that doesn’t matter. Once a fighter, always a fighter. I do have faith that he’ll be alright,” he said, nodding, with a glimmer of hope in his eyes. If a Fallen Angel could have faith, then I could. “You know, Kade actually woke for a brief moment when we got to the house. Do you want to know what his only words to me were?”


“He told me. ‘Go back to Emma. Protect her. Keep her safe.’”

smiled, and nodded as the tears continued to flow.

was still trying to protect me, and that was something I didn’t think I’d ever understand. I did know this much…our hearts were connected, and there was a bond that was formed the moment we touched. I couldn’t wait to get back to him. He told me that he loved me, and I was determined to make it back and tell him how much I loved him.

I glan
ced over to where Samuel was, and could only see a portion of his head, which was turned away from me. Dominic and Malachi were sitting on either side of him, with a small fire in between them. They looked to be in good spirits.

Dom was laughing as
usual, and Malachi was nodding. I wondered how badly Samuel was hurt. Broken wings. I just hoped they would be able to heal quickly. As far as Kade was concerned, he’d also given up his wings, forever, just for me.  

“How long have I been out?” I asked

About a day,” he answered.

“A day?” I winced as pain shot through my chest.

BOOK: Broken Wings (Hidden Wings Series Book Two)
9.71Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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