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Canada Under Attack (27 page)

BOOK: Canada Under Attack

Men of Steel
Canadian Paratroopers in Normandy, 1944

Colonel Bernd Horn



Take a trip back in time to the chaos and destruction of the greatest invasion in military history, viewed through the lens of Canadian paratroopers.
Men of Steel
is the exciting story of some of Canada's toughest and most daring soldiers in the Second World War.

In the dead of night, on June 5, 1944, hundreds of elite Canadian paratroop
ers hurled themselves from aircraft behind enemy lines. That daring act set the stage for the eventual success of the Allied invasion fleet. From aircraft formations striking out from England on a turbulent flight across the English Channel to the tumultuous drop over Occupied Europe and deadly close combat in the Nor
mandy countryside,
Men of Steel
is a detailed account of Canadian paratroopers and their instrumental role in D-Day.

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