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Authors: Angela White

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Changeling Winds: Episode Two (The Bachelor Battles Book 2) (40 page)

Stages of the


The Change has five stages, but only three of them are common.



First is The Start, the uncontrollable need to spill blood. Scientists are still baffled as to why blood eases the rage, but Changelings can experience prolonged periods of control after spilling it.



Second, Mastering the Violence as it intensifies. Few get to this point because of how strong the Change is once it starts. Most are slaves to stage one all their lives.



The third stage is Burn-out, with no rage left for defense of a mate. No pain and will to fight. Happiness and relief of the torment comes at a very high price.



The fourth stage is Burn-up - snapping and killing whoever happens to be around. Many Changelings almost like this one. It is infinitely better to them than having no fire left at all, but there is also a legendary stage that has occurred only a dozen times in 500 years. It is one that all of those infected secretly long for.


And the final stage…

In this fifth cycle, the disease goes away, allowing for a normal life of anger and happiness in equal balance. No one knows for sure what combination of environment, diet, and daily life might accomplish it, but according to rebel rumor, there has to be freedom and love in equal measures.

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