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With a loud groan he finally released his tight hold and
lowered her legs to his sides. He pulled out and turned her hips, forcing her
to roll onto her stomach. He was rough with his handling, dragged her ass
toward him until the tips of her toes hit the floor. He swiftly entered her
from behind, picked the pace up yet again while his hands gripped her waist
like a metal vise. His groin slapped hard against her and she was finally able
to push back. She attempted to raise her upper body off the table, hoist
herself up with her hands, but only got as far as almost straightening her
elbows when his warm hand pressed her lower back, forcing her to arch into his
touch. She curved her spine a little more and he hit
spot inside
her. She moaned from the rapture bursting through her nervous system.

“Got another one in ya, princess?” He panted, leaned over
her. “Come on, baby. Come all over my fuckin’ cock and squeeze me with that
tight little pussy.”

His hands traveled up her sides and curved around her
breasts, kneaded the firm flesh before honing in on her nipples. He rolled and
pinched them between his fingers and thumbs, the slamming of his hips growing
stronger and more erratic. He licked the nape of her neck, nipped and sucked a
path to her shoulder. One of his hands left her breast and brushed down her
stomach, cupped her mound as he pulled her back to his chest and stood them
almost completely upright, widening his stance. He pinched her nipple hard with
the next thrust while the dexterous fingers of his other hand teased her slit,
slid over her clit with slow passes. He slipped his digits down to where they
were joined, forking them around his cock and massaging them both where they

His hot breath on her neck grew heavier and louder in her
ear and his fingers hurried back to her clit, pressing, rubbing firm circles in
time with his hips. His left hand moved from her breast to her waist. “Play with
those beautiful nipples for me. Pinch them as hard as you can take it and don’t
stop until after we’ve both come. I want them to sting. I want you to feel it

She groaned and her hands flew straight to her breasts,
testing how hard a pinch she could tolerate. By the time she found her limit,
she was mewling. Her head fell backward on his shoulder.

“That’s it, baby. Twist them…nice and tight…don’t let go.”
He suddenly pinched her clit, hard.

Her universe exploded behind her eyelids as her entire body
clenched and welcomed the most euphoric orgasm of her life. Her nipples stung,
just like he’d said they would, and she didn’t release the pinch, loving the
new hurt it brought, a direct line of pleasure to her throbbing sex. He came
with a grunt, his cock twitching inside her. She was in heaven and, for once,
was completely satisfied.

His hands covered hers and he unclamped her fingers, soothed
the soreness from her swollen nipples, gently rubbing them with his warm palms.
She leaned back heavily against him, her spine and mind limp.

His flaccid length slid free and his arms encased her. She
was lifted, bridal style, and briefly opened her eyes. Ricky smiling down at
her. She laid her head on his shoulder, gloriously tired.

Chapter Three


She woke to the quiet rumble of Ricky’s voice and the soft,
silken sheets caressing her naked body. He was on the phone again, speaking in
gentle tones with his face slightly turned away from her. They were back in the
dark bedroom, but the glow from his cell phone illuminated the bed. She closed
her eyes.

“Look, you know I don’t like to talk about this kinda stuff,
but you and yours have been more of a family to me than they ever were. That’s
never gonna change so why not let sleepin’ dogs lie and stay the fuck down? I
just don’t wanna deal with any of that shit no more. It’s done. He’s gone.
Maybe now I can finally get some fuckin’ peace in this life and she can find
out who she really is instead of being who he forced her to be. I’ve set up an
account for her, enough so she won’t want for anything, but that’s as far as I
go. What she does with whatever days she has left is up to her, but she can
leave me out of it. It’s just too much pain, man. You know how bad it was. I
can’t go there again even with him gone.”

The sheets rustled beside her as his weight shifted, his
thigh brushing her stomach. She concentrated on keeping her breathing slow and
steady. He probably wouldn’t be too thrilled to find her eavesdropping on such
a private conversation.

“Yeah well, thanks for listenin’, bro, and I’m not just
talkin’ about tonight. I can’t believe it’s finally fuckin’ over…just thanks,
brother, for everything.” There was a pause. “Nah, I’m cool man. Just lazin’ in
bed, tryin’ to wind it down. You should get some sleep too. The next week’s
gonna be a real bitch. Nah really, man, I’m fine.” After a much longer pause,
he chuckled quietly. “Actually, there was a royal surprise in my bed when I got
in so I’m sure I can find another way to work it off should the need arise.” He
laughed again. “Not sure, but if I didn’t know better I’d guess she thought she
was in your room, fucker. She sure as shit looked a sight when I barged in.
Remind me to thank you later for forcing me to swap rooms. You can keep your
hot tub after all, you pretentious bastard.”

It took every ounce of will within her to remain still as
his hand wandered gently over the curve of her hip. She wasn’t sure whether she
wanted to run for the hills or laugh her ass off.

“Yeah, she’s sleepin’ it off. I think I wore her out.”

She couldn’t stop the small twitch of her lips.

“Okay, Jess, I’ll catch ya bright and early in the
afternoon. Sound check’s at three, right? Right, see ya then. Oh and give Mrs.
Palmer and her five daughters a goodnight kiss for me.” He sniggered before
hanging up with a beep.

“So…just how long have you been awake?”

She carefully opened one eye to his smile right before the
light on his cell turned off, pitching them again into pure darkness. “Not
long,” she whispered.

With a soft click the small lamp lit up the room before he
dimmed the glow to its lowest setting and then shimmied farther down the bed,
resting his head on her pillow. He hugged her close, their bodies in line, and
rubbed his steadily growing erection against her stomach. She loved that he’d
planned another round, his cock already covered.

“Are you sore?” he murmured against her lips.

She slowly exhaled. “Yes, but in the utmost of pleasant

His eyes darkened in an instant. “Turn around,” he

Her pulse increased as she rolled to her other side and
eagerly pressed her back to his chest. He was quick to lift her leg, curling it
over his hip as he gently entered her.

He was in deep and barely moving, but he filled her
wonderfully and the embers of her desire soon grew to a flash fire. But before
he made her lose her senses all over again, she needed to confess. She couldn’t
stand the thought of Ricky believing anything but the truth.

The warmth of his palm curved around her waist and settled
on her lower stomach. She covered his hand with hers and entwined their
fingers. “I knew you’d be in this room, Ricky. You’re the only one I wanted.”

His growl vibrated against her shoulder and, keeping them
connected, he rolled her onto her stomach, laying her flat on the bed. His body
smothered her from behind, his weight pressing her into the mattress. He pushed
into her with slow tantalizing strokes for what seemed like hours, their skin
melding together, their muscles working as one.

She spread her legs farther apart and he slid deeper with
the next thrust. He hit her inner limit once more and a small squeal of
surprise escaped her throat. She lifted her ass a little in the air and
instantly quelled the discomfort. There was only enjoyment as he filled her
over and over again, his thick cock rubbing her sensitive walls until she
reached nirvana. She came with a silent cry into the pillow, and when he
finally collapsed beside her, spent, she was beyond exhausted, her throat
hoarse from panting.

The man was a sexual machine and she loved every single
moment of his prowess. She only wished their time together didn’t have to be so
short. The band was flying out later tonight for Asia, right after their last
show in Toronto. She’d followed them to Canada after a five day stint in New
York and another week in LA, enjoying every show as if it were her last. But
she couldn’t trail behind them any longer. Her time was running out.

As she lay facing Ricky, he gently swept a wisp of hair from
her forehead and then trailed the backs of his fingertips down her cheek “Why
do you look so sad?” he whispered.

She offered him a small smile. “I’m far from sad. I can’t
tell you how happy you’ve made me.” She leaned forward and placed a soft kiss
on his lips. “Thank you for being with me, for not throwing me out.”

His quiet chuckle made her shiver, his sweet breath rushing
over her face. “I should be the one thankin’ you, sweetheart. God knows I’ve
been numb for the past two days, just a shell of a man, but you’ve changed all
that. You’ve brought me back to life.”

She frowned slightly. “You were really angry…earlier, when
you were speaking on the phone. I’m sorry. I overheard some of that
conversation too.”

He pulled her close, stroked the line of her spine with the
tips of his fingers. “Yeah I was angry, but I’m not anymore. You’ve cured me of
that too.” His mouth curled into a soft smile.

“I’m glad I could help.” She brushed her thumb across his
bottom lip. “It seems we both needed this night, huh?”

He grasped her hand and kissed the pad of each finger before
placing her palm over his heart, holding it there. “I know who you are,

She tensed, her heartbeat pounding in her ears.

“Hey now, I’ll have none of that.” He pulled her closer
still, his hand pressed to her lower back, molding their bodies together. “It’s
just you and me, Chelsea. Relax, sweetheart.”

She huffed against his chest, wrapping her arm around his
waist. “I thought you recognized my name.”

He kissed her temple. “You don’t need to hide from me. I
wish I could take you with me when we leave later tonight. I don’t think I’m
prepared to let you go just yet.”

She was hesitant to lift her head and meet his eyes, prayed
she wouldn’t find pity swimming in the deep pools of chocolate-brown. Her heart
fluttered. Thank God. There was only longing and sincerity in his gaze. With
one look he set her mind at ease and gave her peace. She was safe with him. She
could speak openly with him. “My entire life has been about preparation…now
more than ever.”

His stare never wavered as the seconds passed, his fingers
drawing patterns down her arm. “You’re so young, so beautiful. Life can be
totally unfair.”

She couldn’t wholeheartedly agree with his former statement,
but she’d accepted her fate long ago. She would leave this life with no regrets
and she couldn’t be more satisfied, more grateful for having the means to
accomplish every item on her list and then some.

“Are you in any pain?” he asked, his tone delicate.

She sighed and rested her cheek on his shoulder, keeping
their eyes locked as he wrapped her completely in the safety of his arms. “No,
the new meds have been good. I still have bad headaches sometimes, but I’m
doing okay right now.”

A long silence fell between them. White noise rang in her
ears, but the intensity of his gaze held her a willing captive. She could
almost see the wheels turning inside his head, a battle of emotions warring
behind his piercing eyes.

He breathed deeply. “My father was a drunk,” he blurted in a
rush. “A downright abusive bastard. He died a few days ago. That was my lawyer
on the phone earlier. I’m sorry you had to hear that.”

Memories of her own father invaded her thoughts. Howard
Wainwright was as formidable as a wrecking ball when it came to running his
business empire, but with his family—his wife and daughter—he was an overprotective,
adoring giant of a family man.

Chelsea never appreciated him more at that moment, shameful
of all the times she’d complained about being smothered by his attentiveness,
especially since she’d fallen ill. She made a mental note to hug her father a
little harder, a little longer, when he picked her up from the airport

“You’re not going to your father’s funeral?”


“Oh.” His pain rain deep, so evident in his eyes. She could
only imagine what he’d been through. “Did he ever…ever hit—”

“Yes, he did. So many times I lost count. He beat my mother
too. I was a kid. I wasn’t strong enough to protect her. I was too small…too
weak to fight back.”

“Oh, Ricky—”

“No, please don’t.” He pecked her lips with a spatter of
soft kisses. “I don’t want anyone’s pity, least of all yours.”

She responded without words, taking control of his lips and
pouring as much of her heart and soul into the kiss as she could. When her body
would no longer take no for an answer, she snuggled into his side until sleep
eventually claimed her once more, her mind and body sated, exhausted.

* * * * *

The angel in his arms had slept for a little over two hours
while he held her, his thoughts running rampant. Of course he’d recognized her
name. Chelsea Wainwright had been plastered across the media for several
months, her rich father’s boundless efforts to find a cure often made

It wasn’t in his character to connect with another human
being so quickly, trust so easily. Yet from the moment he’d discovered her in
his bed they’d formed an unspoken bond—a bond that grew stronger by the hour
and burrowed a firm place inside the depths of his chest. The last time she’d
stirred and opened her beautiful jade eyes, she’d confessed her motives and
bared her soul, laying it all out for him—everything she’d gone through and
everything she’d done over the past year. He was both flattered and amused by
her list. She was much stronger than she gave herself credit for.

He’d meant it when he’d said he wasn’t prepared to let her
go, but he was a realist. There was no holding onto her. He’d wanted to at
least skip sound check so he could prolong her departure, but Chelsea wouldn’t
hear of it. Besides, she had a plane to catch and her family was eager to have
her back home. He couldn’t begrudge them that.

She stirred against his chest, her eyelashes fluttering
against his skin. He raked his fingers through her auburn hair, so soft,
trailing the long tresses down her spine. She lifted her head, her jade eyes
sexy as all fuck.

His cock twitched against her thigh.

“How long was I out? I didn’t mean to fall asleep.”

Her voice was husky and the hard muscle between his thighs
rejoiced once more.

With a salacious smirk she wiggled against him and, as much
as he would’ve loved to sink back inside her warmth again, she was a little
worse for wear. He’d caught her wince a time or two while making herself
comfortable before sleep. The last thing he wanted was to cause her more pain.

He chuckled, her hand persistent in its plight to wrap
around his hard-on. He held her wrist against his stomach. “Settle down there,
woman. I think you’ve had enough, don’t you?”

Her brow furrowed like an angry kitten’s. “I’ll never have

His grin immediately dissolved as her words echoed inside
his mind, the truth hiding behind those six syllables cutting him to the bone.
No, she’d never have enough…of anything. He hadn’t cried in many years, hadn’t
wanted to, but wretched tears stung his eyes like a swarm of angry bees. No
matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t withhold the single drop that escaped and
trickled down his cheek.

She smiled faintly, her gaze filled with acceptance and
understanding. “Don’t cry for me, Ricky. This has been the happiest day of my

He swallowed the coarse lump in his throat and found his grin…for
her. He’d deal with his own pain later. He winked and gently squeezed her hand.
“Well, I’m glad I could be of service, ma’am. What else is a sex symbol good
for anyway?”

She giggled and it was a beautiful sound, one he wished he
could capture and carry in his pocket forever. He pulled her flush to his side,
her head resting on his pillow.

“I’m being serious,” she whispered. “You really have given
me a wonderful gift. I’m so happy I saved you for last.”

He slowly shook his head. “No, sweetheart. The gift you’ve
bestowed upon my sorry ass is priceless, far more worthy.” He dragged their
joined hands to his chest and pressed her palm to his heart. “You’ve given me
back, and I so wish you would’ve put me at the top of your list instead.”

She arched a single eyebrow.

So fuckin’ adorable.
He sighed. “Then you would have
found me sooner.”

* * * * *

She hadn’t intended nor anticipated her heart becoming
involved when she’d started her list. She’d made a pact with her father and she
was going to hold up her end of the bargain. But as her time with Ricky ticked
by—far too quickly—she grew nauseated at the thought of walking away from him.
Becoming emotionally attached was not part of the plan.

BOOK: CountMeIn
5.76Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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