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For a long, long moment, he stared at
It was extremely uncomfortable. What
did one say after a gaffe like that?
Then he moved closer.
What the hell was he doing moving closer?
Leaning in, he didn’t blink as he stared into
her eyes.
“If I want you in my shorts,
you will never have to guess. It will be all too clear, Jacqueline.” Then his
hands were cupping her face, and he was kissing her.
Franklyn was kissing her!

She was stunned first by the words that he
gave and then his touch, but when his lips met hers, all higher brain function
went right out the door, and all she could do was feel.
Be a part of something that had been building all their lives.
She kissed him like a woman starved for a
man, kissed him back with eager and greedy movements that soon had her hands
touching bare chest, his shirt opening under her greedy and searching fingers.

A low rumble vibrated against her before his
arms came around her, crushing her to him.
His mouth became hungrier, taking and giving at a fierce rate, just as
starved as she was.
Then he broke the
kiss, and they stared at one another, breath coming hard and fast, the only
sound their ragged breathing.
“Tell me
to leave right now and I will,” he said quietly, his voice rougher than before.
“Because, if you don’t,” he broke off and gave
her a look of warning.

“If I don’t, what?”
Her fingers tightened in his hair, and she
lifted up on her toes.
Maybe it was the
booze, or maybe it was years of repression that had her acting as she was, but
she leaned into him.
“I’m not telling
you to leave.
I’m asking you to stay.”

A shudder ripped through his body and next
thing she knew, her back was to the nearest wall.
And he was kissing her again.
No, that was too tame a word.
He was feasting on her mouth, sucking on her
tongue, a man gorging after fasting too damned long.

Jackie pushed his shirt off of his shoulders,
moved one hand from her body and then the other to get his chest bare.
When he was naked from the waist up she began
to tackle his belt buckle.
Her lips
devoured his; she was captivated by his kisses and damn if she wasn’t like a
woman starving and needing more.

His hands were busy as well, working in the
opposite order, though, on her.
He was
pushing at her pants, shoving them down her legs as much as he could without
breaking the kiss.
her ass, pulling her closer to him and disrupting her plans for his jeans.
Then her panties were sliding down her legs
too, and he lifted her up by her buttocks.
“Get rid of them,” he muttered against her mouth before sealing his lips
to hers again.

After kicking off her jeans and panties, she
tugged his pants open, her hands sliding inside to cup his heavy erection.
She moaned, couldn’t help herself, but she
broke the kiss and was panting.
God, she
couldn’t wait to get him naked; she wanted him.
No, she
him, right
Not in a moment, but right now.

“Naked, bed,” he said, biting her lower lip a
Turning them, he got them
started on a not so straight path to the bed.
His hands pulled on her shirt.
“Arms up, you can put your hands back after you are naked.”

She let him peel her out of her shirt and then
began to push at his jeans as soon as her ass hit the bed.
Although with the level she was at, she
couldn’t help herself.
Leaning in she
took the head of his cock into her mouth, her tongue stroking over it even
while her hands and then feet pushed his jeans off his body.

“Son of a bitch,” he shouted.
A hand thrust into her hair and tightened on
the strands, not to push her away, thankfully, but to guide her.
He let out a moan. It might have been a word,
but she was much too intent on her task to pay much attention.
After all, she finally had Grant Franklyn
just where she wanted him.

She moved up and down his turgid cock, her
fingers playing gently over the heavy ballsack and stroking down his flesh as
she pulled off him.
After several
minutes of play, she nipped at the hood of his cock gently and grinned up at
“Now, I really think we should put
this bed to good use, don’t you?”

Pushing her onto her back with a growl he got
rid of her bra while kicking his feet free of the jeans.
Crawling over her, he pulled her up farther
onto the bed.
Then he stilled. “Shit.
Condom,” he muttered, looking around.
Getting off the bed, he pulled her with him
and threw her over his shoulder.
go to my room since there are supplies in there.”

shit, was she actually going to do this?
thought to herself.
She looked down at his backside and
Hell, yes, she was
His ass
was a thing of perfection; all of those hours in the saddle hadn’t flattened
his rump one bit.
And then, just because
she was up and over his shoulder, she put her hands on his ass cheeks and

The move got her a smack on her bottom, just
hard enough to make her clench with a small groan.
So, of course, she did it again, with the
same result.

“Glad you thought of condoms because, to be
perfectly honest, they flew out of my mind.”
She had always been so damn careful, but with him, nothing mattered
except having him there with her.
a part of her body.
Nothing else mattered except getting closer
to him.

When he tossed her onto the bed, she bounced
for a moment but grinned like a little girl.
“Watch it, cowboy, you don’t wanna break your toys before you have had a
chance to fully appreciate them, now would you?”

“You’re Texas born and bred, woman.
If you can’t stand a little bounce then we
definitely are going to have issues with what’s about to happen,” he said.
Yanking open the nightstand drawer, he dug
around before coming up with a strip of four condoms.
Tearing one off, he tossed the other three
onto the nightstand, close at hand, smart.

She looked to the strip of condoms and
grinned. “I certainly hope that you use all of those.”
And more, if she had her way
She leaned back on her elbows and watched
“Are you going to let me help you
with that, cowboy?”

He lifted a brow,
tossed her the condom before crawling onto the bed with her.
“Have at it,” he said, his tone a dare if
ever she’d heard one.
He kept coming
toward her until he straddled her waist, his cock right there for her to do
with as she would.
Oh, the

Jackie leaned up and put her hands on
She stroked him after putting the
condom in her mouth.

up just a bit.” She wanted to roll the condom on his cock and take him into her
mouth at the same time.
She really,
really wanted to feel him inside of her mouth again.

He did as she wanted and even followed the
guidance of her hands.
Bracing himself
with his hands to the bed he watched what she was doing.
Not that hard to figure out once she had his
cock positioned.

Using her mouth and tongue, she slid the
condom onto his shaft.
Her tongue worked
wonders on him, caressing and curling here and there.
She was determined that he enjoy this every
single bit as much as she was enjoying it.
A low moan began and built as she slid off his shaft and pushed back on,
her mouth watering with the flavor of the condom, but more so because it was
this man.

Drawing away, he growled at her, actually,
full-out, growled.
Leaning down he
kissed her hard, his tongue pushing into her mouth as he moved his body over
She could feel his fingers on her
skin, sliding down her belly toward her pussy and then over her slick folds.

Jackie’s legs spread wider for him.
She lifted her hips up to meet him part way
and nipped at his tongue lightly.
Pulling back with a smile and most likely a dazed look upon her face,
she gasped for air.
Grant.” She moaned his name as his clever
fingers toyed with her body.
“I need
you.” God, for so long she had needed this man.

He didn’t make her wait, thank you, God!
Another kiss and she could feel the head of
his cock pressing against her then sliding slowly into her sheath.
“God,” he groaned out softly.
“So tight, so damn
He bit the words out between his teeth as she took him in

She couldn’t argue that at all!
She moaned
her foot
flat on the bed and pushing up to meet him as he thrust into her over and over
“And you feel so good.” She
He fit her, perfectly.
He fit her like he was made for her, and she
for him, but she wasn’t about to say that.
“Again,” she said when his mouth closed over her nipple and bit lightly.

Thrusting again and again he filled her, his
mouth sucking hard on her nipple.
slight adjustment and he was suckling the other and lifting her leg up over his
His movements were hard and fast,
slightly jerky like he was on the edge of his control.

Jackie wrapped her leg around his hip and then
her other leg, as well.
Locking her
ankles she tugged him harder and faster into her body.
She raked her nails over his back, knowing
she was causing marks on him but not caring in the least.
“God, yes.”
“More.” It was a demand, a
“Grant, please,” she begged.

Pushing his hands into the bed next to her
head, he thrust harder, faster.
muscles strained as he hovered over her, his lips just out of range.
Sweat glistened on his forehead, his lips
slightly parted and his breath mingling with hers as they both pushed for their
The need so
close and yet so far out of reach still.

Jackie leaned up and pressed her lips to his
chest, her tongue darting out and following a trail of sweat only to nip at his
shoulder where it started.
Against his
ear, she demanded, “Now.
I need to come,
She wouldn’t go over without him; that much
was plain.

With a low grunt, he palmed her ass and tipped
her hips a little.
It changed the angle
he hit her, and changed the entire game.
His hips moved faster; his body seemed to grow impossibly tenser and
then, kissing her hard, he rolled his hips and scraped her clit just
The world came apart at the
seams, and his yell of completion mingled with hers.

Jackie held him.
Nothing had ever, ever felt this good before
in all of her life.
No man had ever
completed her the way that Grant had.
Even though there had been little to no foreplay, she had experienced
pleasure unlike anything she ever had before.
Panting, gasping for air she held him close.
“Perfect,” she whispered very softly.
“I’ve never felt anything so good in all my
life.” Shit! She hadn’t meant to voice that aloud!

He lifted his head from her shoulder to look
at her.
Cupping her face, his thumb brushed
over her lips slowly.
“Me either,
Jacqueline,” he said softly.
And he
meant it, too, his face was open and honest, no laughter in his eyes, just a
sincerity that reached down deep inside her.


She moved her hand to cup his cheek as well
and looked deep into his eyes.
happened between us?”
She whispered the
“For so long I’ve tried to
stay out of your way because you hated me.
Garland Howard told me that
you couldn’t stand me, and when I asked you, you just gave me a look of
How could we have just shared
something so perfect, so beautiful, if you hated me?” she asked softly, her
heart in her eyes and in her voice.

BOOK: Cowboy of Her Heart
10.72Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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