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Chapter Three


Matty had to get out of the bathroom. As confused as he was about how Berlin had gotten pictures of his designs, the fact she was just sitting there in a soaked bra and panties that left nothing to the imagination was just too much. He couldn’t recall ever feeling as turned on as he was by Berlin, a woman who seemed totally oblivious to her almost unreal sexual appeal. Those perky little nipples were practically begging him to cover them with his mouth. A few more minutes and he would have come on himself.

Rummaging through his clothes, he found a nice, comfy, flannel plaid shirt for her to wear and some nice, thick socks. It was the best he could do. Well, that wasn’t exactly true. He just couldn’t bring himself to offer up a pair of his sweats, because once those sweats hid her gorgeous legs from view, he’d be itching to rip them off again.

Making his way back to the bathroom, he was glad to see her wrapped up nice and tight in the large towel. At least she was covered. Unfortunately, he happened to catch a glimpse of her bra and panties clutched in her fist.

“I, uh, need to hang these up somewhere.”

There went that blush again. Matty’s cock twitched in response. The higher her blush went, the taller his member grew. She was naked as the day she was born underneath that towel. A wicked little seed of a thought took root in his brain, refusing to let go. A grin split his face before he could stop it.

“Just hang them on the side of the tub,” he informed her and refused to look away as she did so. “Ms. Jameson, are you married or otherwise attached?” There was no ring on her finger, and he doubted she was married. If she had a boyfriend, well…

“No, why?”

She took a tiny step backwards as he advanced to where she stood. Matty watched in fascination as her chest heaved in agitation the closer he got. He could have just told her he was trying to get to the cream behind her, but he decided not to. It was kind of fun to hear the way her breathing hitched, to watch the goose bumps break out across her shoulders and down her arms. Her eyes darted from him to the door. If he’d thought for one second she was seriously afraid, he would have let up. She was excited. Scarlet heat crept up her neck and across her cheeks. Yeah, she was excited and very aware of him. He didn’t know how he knew, but he did.

“I mean, yes! Yes, I have a boyfriend! He is waiting for my call, probably.”

She was cute when she was lying through her teeth. Her face was all flushed in an interesting mixture of reds and browns. Her defiant little chin lifted, her eyes going from the raging boner he didn’t even bother hiding back to his face. He almost groaned aloud when he saw the way she squeezed her legs together. Good sign.

He stopped a millisecond before touching her. She had pluck; he’d give her that. She’d almost managed to suppress the flinch when he reached past her. He wished like hell he could see her nipples, to see if they were half as hard as she was making him. Reaching beyond her slightly trembling form he grabbed the expensive skin cream on the shelf right behind her. He had no clue where the idea had come from, but he had the sudden urge to make sure that soft, supple skin stayed nice and smooth. He didn’t know whether she would slap him across the face, but he was going to try anyway.

“Come on,” Matty told her, taking the clothes he had brought in for her with him.

He didn’t bother turning around to see if she followed. He could feel her moving behind him. It was peculiar, yet he’d known instinctively she would come if he told her to, but not if he had asked. It was downright strange the way he could guess what she wanted to hear, what she needed to hear from him. He couldn’t explain it, but he needed to make sure she got exactly what she needed. It was suddenly important to him to see this woman satisfied.

Now you’re just being fanciful, Matty boy
, he thought to himself, but going directly toward the bed anyway. It had been a long time since he’d last been with a woman. That had to be it. But then, it wasn’t like he hadn’t had opportunities to be with a woman in the last five years. Sally Jessup had done everything short of raping him. It had gotten to the point where he would actually go into hiding whenever she came calling. The last time he was in town, he had stopped in to the local bar to knock back a few with some of the guys he had grown up with and Sally had been there. He had to practically peel the woman off him.

Funny that though Sally was a looker with clear blue eyes and nice set of mammary glands, Matty had never even managed to get semi-hard when she’d been so bold as to stroke him at the bar in front of God and everybody else. He had actually been repulsed.

Then there was Sandy Duncan who had spent the first three years since he moved back here baking him pies and bringing them by at least once a week. Sandy was far more subtle than Sally, but equally as good looking in an understated way. Her eyes were a deep soulful brown that tended to remind him of a lost pup. He couldn’t imagine fucking a woman who looked up at him like a damn dog.

He had begun thinking he was suffering from erectile dysfunction or something. Now here he was, dying to bury himself balls deep in this woman before him.

“Have a seat,” he told her, sitting on the edge of his custom-made bed and patting the spot next to him.

Berlin swallowed hard as she looked at the massive bed on which the mountain man sat. That was no California king; that was a bed made for a giant. Yeah, he was a big guy, but not that damn big. Then again, the devastatingly handsome designer reeked sex appeal; he probably had orgies in that bed. Just the thought had her burning with a mixture of unaccountable jealousy and equally hot desire she didn’t really understand.
No one else should be stroking those massive arms but me!

It was one thing to lust after a hot guy, but what she was feeling went a little beyond simple yearning. She couldn’t sit on that bed; if she did, she would be all over him. There was no way in hell she was going to ho-out like that. Biting her lip, Berlin shifted her weight from one foot to another, pressing her thighs together once again and trying to alleviate the ache between them.

She jumped at the sound of her own name. Damn, he had a slow, sexy drawl! “Yes, Matthew?”
“Actually, you can call me Matty,” he said and grinned.
Why did he suddenly remind her if a wolf about to take down his prey?

Devour me, Matty. One slow second at a time.

“Sit down, honey.”

His voice was so low, silky, and commanding. Berlin found herself sitting before she realized it. She almost jumped out of her skin when he reached down and guided her foot up to his lap. Opening the jar of cream, he applied a liberal amount on her foot and began to massage it into her skin. Berlin had to concentrate on keeping her thighs firmly clenched together so he wouldn’t see anymore than he already had. Like it mattered what he saw. Each time he looked at her, she felt as if he’d physically caressed her. Her entire body sang with want and she could barely quiet her longing. She managed to keep it together through the expert massage of both feet, both claves, both thighs, and both arms.

Berlin thought he was finished, reaching to the bundle on his other side and anxious to run into the bathroom and cover up, but he snagged her wrist before she reached her goal.

“Lie down on your stomach,” Matty instructed, patting the bed once more.

The second she complied, she regretted it. With one swift tug, he had the towel pulled down to her lower back. She couldn’t move without exposing damn near everything.

“Here.” Matty handed her a pillow. “Go ahead and relax. You had a trying day. Let me help put you at ease.”

Berlin was grateful for the pillow. It gave her something to bite other than her lip. His big hands felt so good kneading the muscles of her back. She tried to stay rigidly aware, not to loosen up so she could stop him if he got a little too personal with her body. But Matty was so masterful in the way he worked her muscles. Everything that had gone wrong in the last week—Betty getting sick; she crashing the car in the middle of Nowhere, West Virginia; the blizzard—all of it just melted away. She was so lost in the sensual pleasure his hands were bringing her, she didn’t notice that he was wandering up her ribcage to the sides of her breasts and down to the upper part of her buttocks.

Berlin couldn’t stop the moan that came from the back of throat. Lord, it felt so good! She couldn’t bring herself to complain when his hands got a little bolder, cupping her ass in a strong grip and squeezing her generous globes before traveling up her sides to fully cup her breasts. And damn if she didn’t raise herself up, just a little, to ease his way.

What the hell was she doing? Berlin didn’t know this man from Adam, and yet here she was, lying here like a ten-dollar hooker, letting him play with whatever he wanted. And goodness if didn’t feel beyond good. It felt right. She was so wet right now that she wouldn’t need any further foreplay. Ready and well passed the point of willing, Berlin struggled to not make it easy. What had started out as a massage was quickly becoming a full-out sensual assault. She had been conquered before she knew what was happening.

How long could a blizzard last? A day, maybe? If Matty wanted to take her, and by the way he was working her body right now, he definitely did, Berlin was more than willing to let him. She might regret it later, but she only had to be here as long as the snow fell. Things might be uncomfortable for a while, but he’d already said he wasn’t interested in designing for
. As long as she was careful, she didn’t really have to see him after this little interlude, right? She could let go a little; she was grown.

Who was she kidding? She was going to sleep with him regardless. Every tingling, aching, burning fiber of her body spoke to that truth. Berlin only hoped she wouldn’t wish she hadn’t after it was over. Why she was wasting time trying to justify what she knew was going to happen? Yeah, she might be remorseful about it. She was definitely going to feel weird about it because afterwards she had every intention of talking him into designing for her.

And then he lightly bit her ass. He actually bit her ass! An animalistic growl tore itself from her mouth into the heated air. All of the muscles in her body tensed at his bite and her breasts protested. They wanted to be nipped too! All her nerve endings became hypersensitive as she tooted her butt up for him to do again. Instead, she felt slow, wet kisses tracing up her spine. When his breath brushed against her ear, she gave into the rippling blanket of lust that covered her. His bare skin met hers, and its heat amplified her body’s flame to an inferno. Hot and wet, Berlin only wanted one thing—for Matty to put out the fire he started.

Then he growled in his ear. “Turn around, sweetheart.”


























Chapter Four


Matty really didn’t mean to go this far. He had planned on teasing her a little, maybe some aggressive foreplay, but he couldn’t hold back. There was something about Berlin that had him so desperate, he couldn’t contain it. He almost wept in with grateful relief when she turned her body, baring herself to him. Shrugging off his shirt, he was out of his jeans in record time, all without breaking eye contact. He was terrified that at any second she would come to her senses and run screaming from the room. He couldn’t have that; he had to have this woman.

Perfection. Her dark skin appeared edible framed against the light-beige down comforter. She looked like she belonged there. He couldn’t help but lean back and drink in the sight. She was all hills and valleys, delicious feminine curves. He could spend eternity exploring all her hidden delights. She had the most mouth-watering full breasts, all natural, perky, and standing straight up, begging for attention. Her hips were just right for hanging on for a rough ride, and she looked like she could give him a hell of a one.

Spreading her thighs apart slowly, Matty licked his lips as he surveyed the pink flesh waiting for his attentions. Her core glistened with dew in preparation for
. Damn, it made a man puff out his chest thinking he was the one to make such a woman glisten in anticipation. His mouth began to water. She was waxed so only a little strip of hair cut low remained. Perfect. Looking up he held her gaze, daring her with his eyes to look away as he slowly lowered his head.

Berlin could not believe what she was seeing. The man had just challenged her with his eyes to stop him, and she could do nothing but stare. And quite frankly, she didn’t want to do anything. She wanted to see just how far this crazy country boy would take things. She didn’t dare close her eyes as he lowered his head, watching her every inch of the way. Without breaking eye contact, he deliberately stuck out his tongue and took a long, unhurried swipe.

Forgetting all about the challenge in that azure gaze of his, her eyes closed and her head fell back. He took his sweet, southern time, licking upward then swirling that devilish tongue round and round her clit before sucking her little nubbin into his mouth. Berlin was pretty sure her eyes were rolling up in the back of her head beneath her lids. Just as she was about to come and come hard, he moved back and blew on her poor little pussy. Over and over again he drove her right to the edge and then backed off. She was pretty sure she would have to kill him, but then his fingers joined his tongue.

“Oh, my…
Oh, my
…” Berlin came harder than she ever had in her life.

Matty felt like he had won a gold medal and the lottery all at once. She had to have the sweetest-tasting pussy he’d ever had the pleasure experiencing. A man could get addicted to a woman like this. Taking his sweet time, he made his way up her fevered flesh, stopping to lavish attentive kisses as he went. He had to pause when he reached her breasts. Oh, Sweet Lord, those breasts! Nestling his large body between her still-spread thighs, he settled in for a leisurely exploration of the mounds that fascinated him so.

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