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BOOK: Discipline (Scott & Mariana)

“What?” Jeff asked.

Scott pointed towards the stage. “That’s Mariana and her girlfriend, Sarah. Mariana’s in the cop outfit.”

Jeff eyeballed Mariana. He never met
, but he already knew Scott was sprung on her. Her body was stacked. “I say you should keep that one.”

Scott took another sip of beer and folded his arms. “I
what she’s going to do next?”

At the end of the song, Mariana and Sarah got down from the stage to a cheering audience. “Please don’t do anything stupid,” Jeff warned.

“I won’t do anything stupid,” Scott took another sip of beer and smiled. “I promise.” He migrated towards Mariana’s direction.

Jeff wasn’t convinced. “I’ve heard that one before…”


“Girl, where did you learn those moves?” A patron in a
costume was talking to Mariana.

“I’m naturally gifted,” Mariana licked her lips. “You saw me up there.”

leaned closer to Mariana. He brushed his lips against her ear. “And I like to see more of you privately,” he whispered.

“Ooh, I don’t think that’s a good idea,” Mariana shook her head.

“Oh?” The
smiled. “Why’s that?”

“Because I think her boyfriend might have an issue with it,” Scott said behind him.

turned around and noticed Scott. “And who are you supposed to be? Patrick Bateman?”

“No, but I have his temper if you want to find out,” Scott calmly replied.

“Okay, I think we should be heading out,” Mariana stepped in between the men and escorted Scott out the door. 

Once they reached outside, Scott pulled Mariana into a hidden, dark alleyway. “Ms. Officer, Ms. Officer,” he purred while shaking his head, “you’ve been a bad girl, Ms. Officer.”

“I didn’t do anything wrong,” Mariana hiccupped.

“Yes, you did,” Scott nodded.

“That?” Mariana questioned. “I was merely talking to him!”

“No, I’m not talking about that,” Scott held the pair of handcuffs to Mariana’s view. “I’m talking about this.”

Mariana’s mouth hung open. How could he have known? “I…I…I…”

Scott crushed his lips against hers and forced his tongue inside. His girlfriend looked so hot in that tight police uniform she had on, Scott was amazed he’d held out this long. His hands moved all over her body, stopping at her breasts. He gently squeezed them, eager to free them from the too-tight fabric.

He reached below and felt her sex. She was hot and her panties were moist. He felt her need, her hunger, and her
for Him. Her flesh was hot and her body yearned for Him. It gave Him a strong satisfaction that He was the only one making her feel that way.

Scott softly pressed his fingers against her panties, causing Mariana to squirm beneath him. He pushed them to the side so he could have better access. His thumb circled her swollen nub while His fingers played with her hot and wet sex.  He trailed his tongue along her jaw line and down to her neck, setting Mariana’s body aflame.

Mariana heard the faint noise of a zipper and the familiar sound of a condom wrapper being opened before Scott grabbed her ass cheeks and hoisted her against the brick wall. “You want to be a bad girl and take things without permission?” He asked her.

She felt the tip of His cock pressed against her slit. She squirmed beneath Him, hoping to get Him inside her. But it was no use. Her Master had her stuck where He wanted her. “I’ve been a bad girl, Master,” Mariana cooed.

“Beg for it,” He taunted.

“Master, please…” she whispered.

“Please what?”

Mariana could barely breathe. She wanted this man. Her passion and hunger for Him took over her senses. She wanted to be fucked by her Master. She wanted Him to be buried deep inside her, to the hilt, as she opened more to accommodate Him. “Please stick your dick in me,” she begged.

“Where?” Scott’s thick cock probed Mariana’s wet entrance, teasing her lips. “Here?”

The begging and taunting her Master gave made it worse. Mariana was consumed with lust and anticipation. “Please,” Mariana breathed.

“Open your eyes and look at Me, My pet,” Scott ordered and Mariana complied. He read her eyes and the intensity within her brown orbs. She was raw, vulnerable, and trusting. She wanted her Master. She wanted to please Him and only Him. 

Scott slid inside her as Mariana exhaled a sharp breath. He spoke to her, filling her completely with His thick cock. “I hope you can accept the proper punishment.”

She wrapped her legs around his back.  “Please, Master,” Mariana moaned, “please, punish me.”

Scott drove deeper and deeper into His girlfriend’s tight channel. “I own this pussy, Mari. I own this…” he moaned in her ear.

“Fuck me, Master,” she breathed as she prepared to cum, “fuck me, Master…”

Mariana felt the first spasms of an orgasm wash over her body before she convulsed in pleasure. In the dark alleyway with only the moonlight above them, no one else mattered. Nothing else mattered. It was only her and her Master in the universe. Scott came shortly afterwards, spilling himself into the condom as his girlfriend’s walls milked his cock.

Scott pulled out of her and fixed his clothing as Mariana hurriedly fixed her uniform. She looked back up at her Master and caught His eyes. They were full of fire, determination, and methodical planning.


The drive back to Scott’s home was silent. Music wasn’t played. Mindless chatter didn’t happen. Scott concentrated on the road ahead of him and didn’t once glance towards Mariana. She had thought everything would be fine after their rendezvous in the alleyway. But what happened, she was coming to grips with, was just sex.

She felt His disappointment. It was the same disappointment a father showed a child who broke the rules. She wasn’t sure if He was really upset at her for talking to the
, or if He was truly pissed at her for going through His drawer again. Mariana held her stomach. She felt it going in knots.

Scott pulled into the garage and turned off the car. He got out of the car and headed inside. Mariana let out a deep breath and followed Scott inside. She waited at the dining room table as she watched him take off his blazer and casually throw it on the sofa. He poured a glass of wine and sat down at the dining table across from her.

Dead silence
Mariana could hear the critters outside. She could hear the creaks of the house. She could distantly hear partygoers coming home. She could hear her thoughts, going a mile a minute. She could feel the pounding of her heartbeat. She could feel her Master’s disappointment crawling on her skin. She felt His eyes bore holes through her body.
He walked back to their bedroom and
Mariana remained frozen at the table. She didn’t know if she should move, if it was allowed, and what the punishment of her disobedience was going to be.

She had been a good submissive to her Master, stumbling only every now and then. It had taken some getting used to—submitting to one person. She didn’t realize it, but her Master was teaching her willpower and discipline. He was teaching her how to be her own woman and be confident in her decisions. Their sex life was legendary, but it was nothing compared to what her Master was instilling within her. Self-worth, respect, and confidence.

She had deeply disappointed Him. She felt it. She knew it.

“You’ve disappointed Me, Mari,” Scott sat back down and sipped His wine, “you’ve really disappointed Me.”

Mariana hated the tone her Master used. He sounded like a father speaking to a child. “I’m sorry, Master,” she lowered her head.

Scott got up and retrieved a notepad and pen from His study. He came back to the dining room where Mariana was sitting. “You will write ‘I will not disrespect my Master’ a hundred times. I’ll be waiting in the office. See me when you’re done.” He kissed her forehead and left.

With a sigh and a heavy heart, Mariana began writing.


“Good morning,” a petite woman with auburn hair approached the reception desk at McCormick and Sheppard. “I’m here to see Scott Reed.”

“Is he expecting you?” The receptionist looked at Scott’s schedule.

“He always is,” the woman smiled. “Please ring him.”


Scott was meeting with the creative directors in his office going over current campaigns and upcoming meetings, when he received a phone call. He ignored it but the phone kept ringing. Whoever was at the reception desk, they were impatient and working Scott’s nerves. “Yes?” he answered tartly.

“You have a visitor, Mr. Reed,” the receptionist said.

“I’m not expecting anyone.”

“She sa
you are.”

Scott blinked at the information. It was probably an old fling. He wondered who from his past was bold enough to play games. “I’m busy. They can leave a message.” Scott coldly replied. “If it’s important enough, they can wait.” He overheard the receptionist speak to someone.

“She says to call her whenever you have time,” the receptionist replied. “Her name is Sanora.”

Scott froze in his chair. She always seemed to have that effect on him. “Send her up,” he hung up the phone and turned to the directors. “All of you, out.”

The directors filed out of Scott’s office. He took a glance at himself in the mirror and popped in a breath mint. He slicked his hair back a little and straightened his collar. He felt his forehead begin to moisten and lightly patted it. He hated how nervous he became around Her. He was always on top of his game, but around Sanora, he had to be even more so. She never expected anything but the best from him.

A soft knock on Scott’s door signaled Her arrival. He hurriedly walked to the door and opened it. Standing before him was his Mistress. She was as gorgeous as ever. Her brown eyes were warm and inviting, daring him to look inside Her soul. Her soft hair lightly bounced against Her shoulders. And that smile She had—it walked a fine line between mischievous and sensual.

Sanora was like no other; She knew it, too. “Scott,” She emphasized the S, letting it roll off Her tongue. “My dear Scott.”

“Mistress,” Scott let Her inside and closed the door behind Her. He kneeled before Her in respect and gratitude, then stood back up. “What brings this visit?”

“I just wanted to see how you’re doing, that’s all,” She smiled. “And if you were free for lunch? We can discuss more then.”

Scott actually had a couple meetings lined up but they were not urgent. “Sure. Let me make a few calls.”

“Take your time,” Sanora headed for the door. “I’ll wait for you just outside.”

Sanora left Scott’s office and stopped by Elissa’s desk. “I hope he’s treating you fairly now.”

Elissa smiled. “Sometimes I wonder if I’m getting paid enough.”

Sanora glanced over to Scott to see he was on the phone and typing away at the computer at the same time. She turned her attention back to Elissa. “I’m going to need a favor from you soon,” Sanora quietly spoke.

“Oh?” Elissa asked. “What can I do for you?”

Sanora opened her clutch and pulled out several hundred dollar bills. “I need you to be on my payroll. Can you do that?”

Elissa eyeballed the money before her. She quickly counted. It was several thousand dollars. “I don’t take money.”

“Oh yes, you do.” Sanora smiled.

It didn’t take Elissa long to figure out what Sanora was implying. She wanted to ask if the lady before her was the same mysterious person from years ago. It was best to keep her thoughts and actions silent. “What is that you need?”

“Him in the office,” Sanora motioned towards Scott, “I need to know all of his travel plans.”

“Sure thing. Anything else?”

“The new girl that just started? Mariana? I need to know how she’s doing as well.” Sanora smiled.

“You got it,” Elissa made quick notes in her head. “How would I contact you?”

“Here’s my private number. This is between us. Scott can’t know about this.” Sanora smiled. She turned her attention to Nate, Alex, and Robert, the interns who were checking Her out. “Those new guys over there…are they trustworthy?”

“More so than the girls!” Elissa laughed.

Sanora’s lips turned into her trademark curl, and She waved to the young men, who waved back. “Good to know.”


“Mistress, how have you been?” Scott asked as he sat across from her at the Sentiment

“I’ve been very well, Scott,” Sanora glanced over the menu. “How have you been?”

“I’ve been very well,” Scott took a sip of ice water. “It seems everything is coming together, finally.”

“That’s very nice to hear,” Sanora put Her menu down. “How’s Mariana working out for you?”

Scott smiled. Mariana was exactly what he needed. She was His submissive in private, willing to do whatever He wanted. She was his no-bull girlfriend when needed, and he loved seeing how passionate she could get. If only he could get her to cook… “She’s perfect, Mistress.”

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