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Chapter Four



The ding of the elevator and the slide of the doors pulled Mackenzie from her thoughts.  She was again tugged along in the direction of what exactly, she could only guess.  Once again she could hear her heels clicking as she walked.  This time it seemed they were walking across tiles until they were again on carpet.  She heard a door close, the air around her making her feel at home, making her feel as though she was in a fairly small room.

Sir pulled her to a stop and let go of her hand.  She instantly missed the connection.  She heard him move away and it sounded like he was emptying his pockets upon something high and solid, a chest of drawers perhaps?  She briefly wondered where her
jacket and bag were, but wasn’t really concerned.

She felt him move back towa
rd her then.  The hairs on the back of her neck again pricked and the heat of his presence warmed her body.  Warm and gentle fingers lightly touched her cheek and she felt his breath upon her face.  She thought he was going to kiss her, she hoped that he was, but he didn’t and his hand didn’t linger at all, instead it fell away to her chest.  He ran a light finger along the top of her cleavage and then started to unbutton her shirt.  It was slow and torturous.  Her heart was pounding so loud she was sure he must have been able to hear it.  He pulled the shirt gently from the confines of her skirt.  Undoing the remaining buttons he drew the shirt open wide.

Mackenzie swore she heard his breath hitch, even over her own loud breathing, she was sure of it.  It made her feel appreciated and attractive, that she could turn him on, that he was looking at her body and getting aroused.  His hands ran up the collar of her shirt and tugged it gently from her body, trailing it lightly and sensuously down her arms, causing her to shiver.
  Then his arms moved around her hips.  She could feel the material of his shirt against her bare skin and she realised that he was no longer wearing his suit jacket.  His hands made their way to the back of her skirt, slowly pulling down the zipper, the material falling to her ankles.  She lifted one leg to kick off her shoe and skirt but he stopped her.

“No.  Allow me.”  She felt him drop to his knees, or
perhaps he was squatting, she couldn’t be sure.  All she knew was he was down in front of her.  He placed a firm hand on one thigh as he tapped the calf of her other leg.  “Lift,” he commanded.  “The shoes stay on.”

Mackenzie could hear the desire in his voice, she could feel how much he appreciated her obedience but at the same time she couldn’t help but fee
l a little cheeky when she muttered “kinky” under her breath.

It was the wrong thing to do
. A split second later he was again standing in front of her, her skirt successfully removed, his fingers tangling in her hair and tugging her forward forcefully.

“You ain’t seen nothing yet sweetheart,” he whispered harshly in her ear.  “We’re about to redefine your definition of kinky.”

Mackenzie yelped softly when he forcefully pushed her back from his face with a tug of her hair.  Her reaction to his strength and demeanour surprised her.  Instead of feeling vulnerable, scared, she felt triumphant, like she’d just had the reaction he’d been waiting for.  It confused her at first, but then she felt the familiar tingling between her legs and realised that she was turned on even more.  The forcefulness and his words had only fuelled her desire toward him.  She wanted to beg for him to take her, right here, right now.  But she didn’t, because she also wanted to please him and she knew it was not her time to speak.  She stood silently waiting for his next move, unable to hide the small smile playing on her lips.  She had been satisfied with his response and highly anticipated his next move.

She felt him standing in front of her.  Felt his eyes wandering her body, inspecting it and it made her want to reach out and touch him.  She wanted to unbutton his shirt and feel
his bare chest.  She lifted her hands towards him and he spoke.

“Take off my tie.”

She fumbled her way to his collar and felt the knot of his tie.  Blindly she undid it and pulled it free.  She was about to drop it to the floor when he grabbed hold of her wrist and then took it from her.  With her hands still free she moved to find the buttons on his shirt but again he stopped her.

“Put your hands behind your back,” he instructed
and her hands paused mid-air.

Again Mackenzie grinned at the man she couldn’t see standing in front of her.  She moved her hands behind her and crossed them at the wrists, just above her panty line.  She felt him shift to
behind her.  He swiftly tied her hands together with what she knew must have been his dark blue tie, she could feel the silky smoothness of it.

Heat pooled in her belly as she imagined what he was seeing.  She was wearing white lacy panties with a matching white lacy bra. 
Her dark stockings clipped to black garters.  She knew the material over her eyes was black that would perfectly match her dark, almost black hair.  She could imagine the way his dark blue tie was knotted over her wrists, the way that having her hands secured behind her must have been making her chest project forward, how her erect nipples must be noticeable to him.  She imagined the handsome and delectable man behind her in his form fitting black suit pants and white business shirt, no tie.  The vision she formed of the two of them in her head only heightened her arousal further.

“Now struggle.”

For a moment she thought about his words trying to figure out what he meant.

“Move your hands as if you want to get away,” he clarified.

She tugged her hands and found that her wrists were bound so completely she could barely even move the tops of her arms due to the tightness of it.  She felt him move away from her.  She wriggled until her arms began to hurt.  She could no longer feel his presence in the room at all, and it made her feel panicked.  It started to unravel her earlier confidence.  Here she was standing god knows where, tied up and on display.  For all she knew she was now completely alone.  For all she knew, she was standing in front of a window and on display for the whole city.

She continued to struggle for maybe a minute to no avail.  There was no use she knew, and she also knew that he knew that.  She wondered where he was

Is he watching me?

“Sir?” she said, barely above a whisper.

but silence. 
Is he even in the room?

“Sir?” she spoke
a little louder a moment later.

“No talking
.”  His voice was harsh and loud and it made her jump slightly, the closeness of it was unexpected.

How can he move so silently?  How can I not feel him near when I am usually so awa
re of his presence at the bar?

Because he will only allow you
to feel what he wants to you to.
  She answered her own internal dialogue.  She knew it was all about power.  That she had come to his home, or wherever they were, to give him that power, but she also knew she held some too.  Unaware of how she came to that realisation she decided to test her theory.

“Sir, please just fuck me already!”

The painful and hard slap across her cheek was her answer.  It stung.  Bad.  It caused her to stumble backwards a little.  It took her by surprise, but it didn’t deter her any.  It made her feel braver.

I thought you said you wouldn’t hit me unless I asked for it.”

“Your insolence
you asking for it,” he spoke harshly.

Is that all you’ve got?” she taunted, wishing she could use her hands to put some pressure on her sore cheek.

Another slap came, this one slightly harder.  She felt angered and determined after that one.  She began struggling against her restraints more. 
Thrashing about and almost falling from her high heels.  Strong arms wound around her, catching her from behind.  She reared her head back against his shoulder with a firm thud.  She felt his arms constrict more around her torso and her instinct to struggle kicked up a notch.

s it gorgeous, fight me,” his low voice came whisper close to her ear, the warmth of his breath, making her pause.  “I like to watch you struggle.”

She stopped thrashing about with the realisation that despite just being slapped twice, and being totally out of her comfort zone, the heat in his voice only furthered her desire for him.  The fact that she hadn’t noticed until that point that he was no longer wearing a shirt also surprised her and strengthened her desire.
  He was leaning his hard muscled bare chest against her back and she couldn’t fight the urge to wriggle her unhindered fingers against him.  She thought she felt his hard cock through his trousers with the flick of her hands but she couldn’t be sure as the contact was brief and he pulled back from her immediately.

“No.  My rul
es,” he said shoving his body from hers.  “Now get down on your knees.”

As Mackenzie made her way to her knees she felt the wetness of her panties press against her folds, she hadn’t realised just
how drenched they were until that moment.  This man was making her feel wild with desire.  Resting her ass against her heels and her hands on top, her breath come out raggedly with anticipation of what was to come next.  He came to stand before her.

“Open your mouth.”

She licked her lips and then did as she was told.  She expected to hear his zipper next, to feel his cock enter her mouth but instead his finger did.  Her natural instinct to suck kicked in and she heard a small groan come from the man in front of her.  She swirled her tongue around the tip of what she guessed was his index finger and then bit down gently before sucking it once more.

Soon after his finger left her mouth
, something cold and hard was placed there.  It was smooth and had a metallic taste causing her to pause.

“Suck it,” he said with a gravelly voice that reverberated through her body.  She immediately obeyed, pulling the metal object further
into her mouth.  “Good girl.”  He moved behind her body.  “Now lean forward.”

Mackenzie struggled to obey that command, not getting the position to his liking straight away.  He sighed and placed
one hand on her hip, and the other at her nape, bending her forward and manoeuvring her into a satisfactory position.  It was hard for her to keep her balance with her hands tied behind her back and her body leaning forward, balancing on her knees.  She could feel the floor nearing her face and wondered if she might face plant at any moment. 

Finally his
hands were on her though and she shivered with delight as he ran a finger along her spine, down the crack of her ass and then he stroked her pussy.  Nudging the wet material sideways he ran the tip of his finger lightly down her folds.  It wasn’t enough and Mackenzie couldn’t help but bear down on his hand, wanting to feel more.

-uh,” he scolded removing his hand completely.  Tugging her head back by her long pony tail he brought his mouth to her ear.  “Not yet.”

His tongue flicked out and ran along
the shell of her ear causing goose bumps to spread across her body and even more desire to pool in her groin.  He moved his hot mouth from her ear, down the side of her neck and then releasing her hair to the side he began gliding his tongue along her spine.  It was hot and wet and positively divine as he darted it in and out of his mouth, keeping it moist as it trailed along her body.

When he reached her ass he surprised her by biting her cheek, hard. 
That’s going to leave a mark.
  The thought placed a smug smile on her face, it thrilled her.  Like he had branded her as his.  Then once again his hand was between her legs.  He stroked once and then shoved his finger inside her with one hard thrust.  She groaned.

“Hmm, so wet for me
. I knew you would be,” he murmured reverentially.  The feel of his finger coupled with the hum of his voice almost pushed Mackenzie over the edge right away.  And the quick removal of said finger had her flexing backwards and arching her back hungrily towards him.  “Stay still,” he insisted and she immediately stilled.

His finger, now coated in her juices slid from her pussy and he slowly inserted it into her anus.  She had never tried anal play, she had been curious but she had not found a willing participant until this point.  It felt foreign yet pleasant. 
She was that aroused that it slid in with ease.  With his finger still buried inside her he leant forward, his bare back covering hers.

With his chin resting on her shoulder he wriggled the
finger inside her, pushing on her front wall.  Mackenzie moaned at the feel of it.

“You like that?”  She nodded her head, his free hand withdrew the metal object from her mouth.  “Pardon?”

“Yes sir.”  She moaned again as he bit her shoulder.

Then he removed all contact.  Leaving her feeling empty.  A moment later, greedy hands grabbed at her panties and forcefully tugged them down around her thighs.  His fingers spread her cheeks wide and he inserted a wet and slightly warm item that she could only presume was the object from her m
outh.  It slid in easily.  It was slightly wider than his finger and it made her feel full.

BOOK: Eraser
11.75Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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