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Family Scandal

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First and foremost, I would like to thank GOD for blessing me with this wonderful gift. For those that know me, you know that I have been working on this one book since I was 12 years old and I have finally completed it at the age of 29. There is more to come so please stay tuned.

I would like to dedicate this book to my beautiful mother Sandra Diane Lowe, my rock, my life, my world. I know that
she is still with me in spirit. I would also like to dedicate this book to both of my grandmothers Bertha and Margaret, my loving husband Devon, my kids, my sisters(especially my heart Erica), my aunts, Joyce, and Lil, my uncles Paul, Jerry, and Jr., my beautiful stepmother Annie Ruth, my mother-in-law Kathy, my mom’s best friend/my play mom Diana, my right hands who have gotten me through the toughest times and listened to all my cries no matter how stupid they were Shereeba, Kyle, Larry, Wanda, PJ (RIP), Tamika, Ashi’net, Tanisha, Raven, Asia, Uncle Mac, Brandy, Kellye, Ahsh and Stephie, BritBrit, JazzyFe, BritBrat, Gerneisha, Chardai, Pamela, Diana, Michelle, my brother-in-laws, and Brandon.

Thank you to everyone who stood by
me through the good and bad times. Thank you to everyone who supported me and always had my back no matter what. Thank you to my husband and kids for never leaving my side and always having my back and continuously loving me. And thank you to GOD for making all of this possible because without Him I would be nothing. I am truly grateful and blessed!






































My mother Theresa (Teri) is a saint. In fact, her name should have been Mother Theresa.  She takes care of everyone, friend, family, enemy, it didn't matter to her because she believed that she would soon receive her blessing from GOD. Never did I think that this would happen to us. I could not believe that I was standing in the hospital, looking down on my beautiful mother lying in that bed. Life is crazy, I tell you! One day, we were sitting around, laughing, talking, and enjoying ourselves, and the next, we were rushing my mom to the hospital. If it wasn't for all of the stress that she put her through, she would not be here in this bed! Yea, that's right I said it. It's her fault. Wait, let me rewind and tell you about what's really going on.

My name is Mariyah Jacobs. I am 16 years old and the middle child of my parents Teri and Marcus.

My older sister Markita is 19 and my little brother Marcus is 9. We were a happy family; at least I thought we were. But soon, scandal started to circle around our family name.

Chapter One




I used to love my sister. When we were younger we were inseparable. Now, I cannot stand that girl. Kita is so stuck up. Everything has to be about her. If you’re not all for Kita, then she doesn't even see you. Marcus, on the other hand, is my heart. That is my son. I have taken care of him since he was brought home from the hospital, and I will continue to take care of him for the rest of my life. He is crazy about both of us, but Kita of course, only shows him attention when she is in a good mood, which is hardly ever.

Momma and Daddy have a good marriage and friendship. You could tell that they were meant for each other. Momma is the backbone of our family, and Daddy is the provider. We never had to want or need for anything. Whatever we wanted, we told Momma, and she would always say... “Give me til the morning to talk it over with your Dad.” By the time we came home from school, whatever we asked for was waiting for us in our room.

They met in college and have been together for 22 years, and neither one of them look their age. My mom has the face of angel, flawless skin, long beautiful hair, and the body of a model. No wonder my dad never left her, I mean look at her. Who could compare to her? My Daddy wasn't short stopping. Momma called him her black “prince charming”. Every woman that looked his way fell head over heels for him. Even when he and Momma were together, women were still looking at him as if she wasn't there. Momma didn't care though, and I would get so mad at her for not caring. She would say, “Baby girl, I'm not worried about no other woman. I takes care of home, my children, and my man, and if that ain't enough to keep him satisfied, then he is free to go, because ain't no woman gonna do for mines like I do now you remember that!” But, I knew Daddy wasn't going anywhere. He was too much in love with Momma and us. I just hated that women looked at him like he was a piece of meat, especially when we were out as a family. Of course Momma would just smile and say, “I take that as a compliment, I know I got a good one, and he is mines not theirs. They want what they can't have, and I am proud to be on his arm.”

We lived across the street from my godparents Deondre Sr. and
Lynnette, and god sister and brothers. My parents and godparents have lived next door to each other for 21 years. They became best friends and pretty much did everything together, obviously, because they have the same number of kids around the same ages. Deondre Jr. (DJ) is 20, and then there is my best friend, my road dog, Melanie who is my age and their baby boy Bradley, who just turned 4. It’s crazy because if we can't get what we want from our parents, which is rare, then we just go next door to our other parents who never say no to us.

Melanie and I are inseparable. It’s like we are blood sisters. She is more of a sister to me than Kita is. It’s a shame I almost lost my best friend because of Kita.



Chapter Two




“Ding Dong” the doorbell rang.

“Riyah get the door for me, I'm cooking” Momma yelled from the kitchen.

“Who is it?” Marcus asked as he beat me to the door.

“Delivery for Markita Jacobs.” The person responded.

      I opened the door to see this young fine looking man standing there with flowers in his hand. I was amazed at how sexy this guy was. As you can see, my hormones are raging, but I have not crossed that line yet. I do have a boyfriend though, but he is not as good looking as this boy in front of me.

not here” Marcus yelled interrupting my stare and visions.

“Marcus go, bye!” I said shooing him away. “She isn't here, but I would be happy to take those off of your hands for you.” I said with my sexy grin.

“Why thank you that would be very sweet of you.” He said handing me the flowers.

Our eyes connected as soon as I opened the door and we refused to break the connection. It seemed like we were staring into each other’s soul at that moment.

“Who's at the door?” Momma asked walking toward us.

“Huh?” I said not really hearing or caring what she was saying.

“Can I help you?” She asked him, noticing the chemistry between us.

“Flowers. Here. Kita.” I managed to say as I threw the flowers to her.

“Ookay!” Mama laughed as she took the flowers and walked away.

“So, how old are you” I asked him.

“18” He said. “You”

“16, I'm Mariyah.”



“Do you have a card or something Zachary, in case we need another delivery or something?”

“I'm sure this young man has many other places to be, don't you think Riyah?” Daddy interrupted.

“Yes Daddy, your right. I'm sorry
Zachary; I will let you get back to your job. Have a good night!” I said as I closed the door leaving poor Zachary to wonder what on earth just happened.

I knew my dad's intentions so I couldn't get mad at him. If Jeremiah would have walked up right then and saw that, I would be single for the rest of my life. We have been together for two years. Everybody says we are destined to be together but I doubt it. I watch a lot of lifetime, and I know that when you marry your high school sweetheart, you will usually get a divorce within three years of marriage. I don’t see us getting married.

“So who sent the diva flowers this time” I asked plopping on the couch next to daddy,

“Funny, Riyah! It doesn't say. It just says, “From you know who”. Mama replied looking at the card.

“Hmm, wonder if it’s her suga daddy. He has been spending lots of money on her lately?” I said laughing.

“Suga Daddy?” Daddy asked with his mean look.

“Yup Daddy, let's face it. Your daughter is a H-O-E, a paid one at that!” I joked.

“MARIAH!!!!!!” Mama and Daddy both yelled.

“What I'm sorry for telling the truth, but don't act like you guys don't know that.”

      Just as Mama warned me about my mouth and told me to set the table, the “Diva” came waltzing in as if she was a queen or something.

“Tootles people” She sang as she sat at the dinner table. “Did you miss me?”

“Um lemmie think...NOPE!” I said.

“I know you better go wash up for dinner before you touch my table” Mama warned.

“Yes ma'am” Kita said with a smart tone.

“Oh and you have flowers over there.” Mama pointed.

“I do?” She squealed as she went to read the card and smell the flowers.

There was something about the way she looked at the card and then out the window that made my stomach crawl. She was so secretive that we never knew her next move. Mama always asked her why she needed to keep everything a secret. Kita would reply... “Mama, what you don't know won't hurt you!” Now that left a lot to the imagination.

      As we ate dinner together, which we did every night during the week, we talked about our day. Of course “Ms. Kita” had to make the dinner conversation all about her.

“Well, my day was just AWESOME!!!” Markita said, “If anybody cares”

“No, sorry...we really don't” I snapped!

“And that's so understandable, because I know that you want to be like your big sister, but unfortunately you don't have what it takes, so you act like a brat. I get it!” She replied with a smirk.

“Oh, please girl, nobody in they right mind wanna be like you. What you got...huh? You don't work, or go to school, your grown and live with your parents who still take care of you, you think you are GOD'S gift to the world, but you have no friends because nobody can stand you except the high horse that you roll around on, oh and let's not forget your tendencies...”

“My tendencies?”

“Yea that’s right, your tendencies”

“And what might that be, miss know it all”

“Oh don't sit here and act like you don't know what, I made a do work...being a HOE is the best job for you!”

“OK that’s enough you two, stop it now!” Daddy yelled

“Apologize to each other” Momma warned

“Mama, I love and respect you and daddy but I cannot apologize to this trash, so please just punish me or something” I replied

“Ugh, disgusted!” Kita said shaking her head

“Wow, that’s what the mirror says every time you’re in its presence”

“Mariyah Teri Ann Jacobs” Mama yelled

I knew when mama raised her voice and said the whole name of one of her children, she meant business. I was walking on thin ice, but I didn't care. That girl just made me so sick, and brought the worst out of me whenever she was around.

“I’m sorry mama, may I be excused. I lost my appetite” I said

“Go ahead” Daddy answered.

Just like that, our family dinner was over. Later on that night, I went downstairs to load the dishwasher, because I felt bad for ruining my parents and little brother's dinner.  I figured the least I could do was clean up the kitchen since Mama cooked, Daddy worked hard at work, Marcus worked hard on his homework and karate, and Kita…well we all know what she worked hard on.

“What are you doing?” asked mama as she walked in the kitchen interrupting my thoughts.

“I figured I would wash the dishes. It’s the least I can do since I ruined everyone’s dinner.” I said

“Oh baby girl, you didn’t ruin anything. We ate our food didn’t we?”


“Then dinner wasn’t ruined.” She said as she kissed my forehead.

      Mama always knew how to make me feel so much better with just a few words and a kiss and a hug.

“Now, how about we let me finish washing the rest of these dishes, and you take this phone call”

“K…who is it?”

“Well it’s my son-in-law of course” Mama smiled.

      My parents absolutely loved Jeremiah and his family. They would all go out on triple dates, my parents, his parents, and my godparents, and leave all of us kids at my house. We would have movie nights, pillow fights, pizza parties, and game nights.  Me and Marcus, Melanie and Bradley, and Melanie’s boyfriend Jacob, and Jeremiah and his little sister Mary (yes his family is very biblical and that is why my parents love them so much) always have the time of our lives when we are together.

“Hello” I smiled as I answered the phone

“Are you cheesing?” Jeremiah asked.

“What makes you think you have that effect on me” I laughed

“I know I do, enough said. I’m coming over”

“Are you asking me or telling me”

“Well I already got mama’s permission, so yours isn’t really needed. Be there in 10”


“OK see you in 10 bye”

That boy! Yea he has me stuck. Even if I tell him not to come over, he is so close to my parents and has both of their cell phone numbers and my dad’s work number that he would just call and ask them if it was ok and they NEVER tell him no.




BOOK: Family Scandal
13.88Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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