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Chapter Three




      As I sat on the porch with Marcus, waiting on Jeremiah, my best friend walked up.

“What’s up?” Melanie said

“Nothing much waiting on J” I answered as we hugged.

“What’s up lil bro?” She said reaching out to Marcus. He hugged her and took off running down the street with his friends.

“So what’s new?” I asked her

“Man, the parents been fighting almost every day and nig
ht driving me nuts. I called DJ and he said he was gone call dad and see what’s going on.”
“That’s crazy, what they arguing about”

“Wish I knew cuz I would fix it.”

“Well you know you and Brad can always spend the night here”

“I know sis, thanks. So what’s new with the “Diva”? Heard y’all got into it during dinner”
“Haha, I just told her like it was, I mean she walk around like her booty don’t stank so I let the lil slut know, nothing major”

“Good, good. I’m
about to go out to eat with mama and Auntie Mary, y’all wanna go”

“Naw y’all go head, we just ate. Plus I wanna spend time with my husband, haven’t seen him in a while”

“Girl you a trip, we was just with them yesterday morning. Sprung”

Melanie was my girl, but she was so sarcastic. Sometimes I hated to talk to her because I already knew what she would say. My mama said it was because she was always around DJ and his friends when she wasn’t around us. Sometimes, she has a guy mentality. But I love her nonetheless!

“So what, now you know that’s too long for me to be without my baby. I dunno why you acting brand new”

“Girl bye, Jeremiah and Jacob be having they own agendas therefore they should be the last thing on our minds”

“I guess”

“Have fun, I’ll holla at you if you out when we get back.” she said as she ran back across the street.

At that point, my mind began to wonder on where Kita was. I remember seeing her change her clothes and put on makeup and leave out the door but I didn’t know where she went. Seeing Auntie Lynn put Brad and Melanie in the car had me thinking super hard, so hard I didn’t realize J had walked up and was talking to me.

“Earth to Mariyah” He said as he stepped in my face.

      I quickly snapped out of my train of thought and planted a kiss on his awaiting lips. We kissed for what seemed forever. If it’s like this and we are virgins, I can imagine what it would be like when we finally “do the do” as he says. He had the power to make my knees bend from under me. Mama always told me to never let a man know he has that much power over you but I couldn’t help it. My heart and body had a mind of its own. When he came around, all of my problems magically disappeared. He treated me like a queen, like the way my daddy treats my mama. Anything I need and he’s around he gets for me. I don’t have to lift a finger. Kita said something is clearly wrong with him for him to be acting like this and not getting no pussy, but I know my man, and I know not to listen to anything a tramp has to say.

“Damn I missed you” he said once we stopped for air.

“I missed you to!”

“What were you thinking about that had you all zoned out in another country”

“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you”

“Try me!”

      Part of me didn’t want to tell him because I knew he would just laugh at me and tell me I’m crazy for thinking something like that. Another part of me just wanted to blurt it all out. I knew that he would not let it go if I didn’t tell him.

“Ok, it may sound crazy but…” I hesitated

“But what? Spit it out” he encouraged

“I think Kita is having an affair” there I said it, but not all of it. I want to see how he will take that part first.

“You can’t be serious. Affair? Kita? How and she ain't married” he shook his head in disbelief

“I’m serious!”


“But what proof do you have? I
mean that’s a big accusation bay. How can she have an affair and she's not even married?”

Just as we were talking, I happened to look up down the street and saw Kita getting out of a black truck.

“Well if its proof I need then its proof I’ll get” I said motioning for him to look down the street at Kita walking to the driver’s side and kissing whomever was behind the wheel.

“Whoa, ain't that...?” J asked

“Yep...” I said interrupting his sentence. “It looks like it from here. It said from you know who and she instantly looked across the street and smiled.”

“Damn bay this some deep shit”

Before I could respond, she came prancing her dirty self right up to us.

“Ugh, you need to go in the house and do some homework or something” She snarled at me.

“And you need to go stand on a corner somewhere and get paid to do what you do best…sleep with other peoples men” I snapped back.

“Uh you make me sick” she said as she pushed passed me.

“Well if that’s the case, I hope I make you sick enough to crawl somewhere and die” I replied

Bay” Jeremiah yelled

“What it’s the truth” I exclaimed

“That’s your sister though”

“Yea don’t remind of my parents mistakes”

“Bay come here, seriously you gotta stop this.” He said as he hugged and kissed me.

My heart began to melt once again. I just loved being in his arms. I couldn’t wait til we turned 18. Our parents came to an agreement of course with our coaching, that if we were still together when we turned 18, then they would all help us get an apartment and pay the first three months’ rent and bills for us. Sweet deal right? One catch though…we both had to be in college and working and continue to go to church Sunday mornings and be active in our church. Not a bad deal at all.




































Chapter Four





After a while, I noticed the truck was still parked down the street. I couldn’t see anyone in it. I wasn’t sure if they could see me either. J and I sat there and waited patiently for the truck to pull off. It was now 8:10 pm. J thought that maybe he was waiting on Kita to come back out. At 8:27, Auntie Lynn pulled into the driveway. I tapped J and told him something didn’t feel right, something bad was about to happen. He said whatever it was, he wasn’t going to leave me alone by myself so he text my mom and his mom and asked them both if he could spend the night. Since it was summer time and already late, my mom of course said yes and his mom agreed as long as it was ok with my mom. Oh don’t worry; we never get to sleep in the same room. When he spends the night he sleeps in Marcus’s room since he has bunk beds, and I sleep in his sister’s room when I spend the night at his house.

As I waved at my Auntie and best friend, I noticed the truck wasn’t there anymore. It had pulled up in the driveway right next to Auntie Lynn’s car.

“Oh hell no, that is so disgusting” I yelled.

“Shh, babe be quiet” J said as he grabbed me by the waist.

“My sister is sleeping with my uncle, my godfather, my best friend’s father and you want me to be quiet” I snapped

“Mariyah please, calm down. You don’t know for sure”

“It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out J.”

“Ok but calm down because Melanie is on her way over here”

“I have to tell her”

“Not now…wait til you know for sure because what if you’re wrong”

I hated keeping secrets from my best friend. The fact that I was close to having tears run down my face, and my best friend walking towards me, and me not being able to tell her what’s wrong, was not sitting well with me. I couldn’t lie to her, because it was all in my face that something was wrong and I knew she would grill the hell out of me until she got some answers. I was lost for words, hurt, and confused. I didn’t know what to do. I had begun to shake uncontrollably and J realized it and reached to hold my hand. He pulled me on his lap as he sat on the steps of my porch and hugged me so tight and whispered in my ear that it would all be alright. Right then at that very moment, I began to lose all control of my emotions. I was so angry, that I wanted to scream. I needed answers. I wanted to keep all this from Melanie because I knew that it would hurt her worse than it was hurting me, and once she found out…GOD only knows where our friendship would be.

“What’s up y’all” she said as she sat on my porch.

J tried his best to hide my face with his arms, and he did until my door opened and out came Kita.

“What y’all lil kids out here talking bout?” She said as she sat down with us.

      I felt J’s grip around my waist tighten as I began to speak. He pulled me closer to him and my head rested on his shoulder and he whispered in my ear, “Bay now is not the right time for this, just wait, please baby wait.” I looked at him, deep into his eyes, and I knew he was right. When he saw that I was cool, he loosened his arms from my waist but I wouldn’t let him let me go. I looked up at him again and said “No, don’t let me go, hold me tight like you just did” and he did.

“Yo, you ok Chick?” Melanie asked “Don’t lie to me, I can see it all in your face, and you haven’t said one word since I came over here. What’s going on, do we need to take a walk?”

I felt his grip as I started to answer, “No everything is ok, I just got a lot on my mind that I will tell you about later, I promise”      

That took so much out of me to say. I wanted to tell her right then, I wanted Kita to hear it all and I wanted her to deny it so that I could bust her.

“Y’all need to get a room or something. Get off my parents porch with this shit” Kita said.

      Her voice made me cringe. It got my blood going, my adrenaline rushing and I was ready to let loose. J must have known it was coming once again because he quickly changed the subject to Melanie and asked her where Jacob was. “He should be pulling up any minute.” Melanie answered. I looked in his eyes and he already knew that it was going to happen tonight and he looked so worried.

“Aw hell, both of y’all lil hoes bout to be cuddled up on my parents porch” Kita said.

“Bitch who you calling a hoe” I snapped. That was it, I couldn’t take it anymore.

“Mariyah!” J said knowing what was coming. I looked at him and he was begging with his eyes not to take it there just yet. I wanted to listen to him, but she just kept asking for it.

“You the last person that need to be calling somebody a hoe. What were you doing getting out of Uncle Dre truck down the street?” I snapped as I walked in her face.

“Riyah!” J yelled.

I heard him but I wasn’t trying to hear him. This was the last straw. I looked at Melanie and she had the most puzzled look on her face. The last thing I wanted to do was hurt her. She was my real sister.

“What cat got yo t
ongue, now you ain’t got nothin to say?” I said in her face.

“Mariyah, come on lets go for a walk” J said trying to reason with me.

“Naw bro she good, let her talk” Melanie said calmly waiting for Kita to respond.

“Well…all eyes on you like you like. When you read the card from the flowers, why did you look across the street with a smile on your face?”

“Mariyah, come with me” J pleaded

“Why is it
that every time you come in the house around this time, Uncle Dre pull up five minutes later?”

“That’s just a coincidence lil girl, gone now get out my face before I sho
w you the right way to fuck yo man” Kita responded.

Before I realized it, I was on top of her punching her in the face. I was on a mission. I wasn’t stopping til I saw blood. Sister or no sister, there is a line that you don’t cross and she crossed it.      

J and Melanie managed to pull me off of her, but by that time my parents were already outside. Melanie called Auntie Lynn and told her to get over here a.s.a.p. I looked up and saw both Auntie Lynn and Uncle Dre running this way. Before I realized it, I was charging off the porch toward Dre. He was not my uncle anymore and I refused to call him that.

“MARIYAH NO!” yelled J as he ran after me.

But it was too late; I met him in the street.

“You disgust me, how could you, how could you do this to our family. What is wrong with
y’all? You’re not my uncle anymore I hate you and hope you both rot in hell.” I said as I spat on him. There was no need for him to speak or ask any questions because he already knew what I was talking about. He knew that I had seen them while they were parked down the street. There was no denying it. They were both caught up.

“MARIYAH WHAT IS GOING ON WITH YOU? APOLOGIZE TO YOUR UNCLE RIGHT NOW!” Dad yelled as he grabbed my arm and snatched me out of J’s hands.

“No, she not the one that need to apologize” Melanie said with disgust in her eyes, as she stared her father down “Go head tell her, tell everybody what’s up. You better tell them or I will”

“Let’s take this in the house and get off this street.” Mama said with a confused look. “We don’t need the whole block knowing about our business.”

“No mama, that trifling ass bitch don’t deserve to step foot in our house.” I said staring at Kita

“That is enough from you young lady.” Dad warned but I paid him no attention

“How could you disgrace our family like this? You just don't care about nobody but yourself. I hate you and wish that you weren’t my sister. Mama and daddy work hard for us and this is the thanks they get. I hope you rot in hell. Karma is a bitch, and I pray that I’m there when she comes back for your ass cuz imma stand there and watch.” I said as I stood once again in Kita’s face.

I ran past my mom and straight to my room. I didn’t want to hear any more of this crap. I was too done.

“Sir” J said to daddy

“Go ahead son, make sure she’s ok” Daddy replied giving J permission to come up to my room.

I could hear him coming up the stairs and I felt so much better knowing that he was there with me. He knocked on my door but I didn’t respond and I heard my door slowly open. I was in my bed, face in pillow, and full of tears. I heard him take off his shoes, and he climbed into my bed next to me and pulled me into his arms and kissed me so hard but yet so passionate and I cried in his arms. I cried even harder when I heard the arguing downstairs.




























BOOK: Family Scandal
3.29Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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