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Chapter 13





Three weeks ago, Kita gave birth to her spawns…Delilah and Delyhk. Everybody has been waiting around for the DNA test to come back. Our family doctor called mama and told her the results were ready and that she should bring Kita in for consultation. To mama, that meant everybody needed to go in to hear the results so we could start the healing process. Mama and her captain save a hoe tendencies. She sent out a text to everybody telling them to meet her at the doctor’s office so that we could all find out the results together. You know I was against it. Hell, I’m against everything that involves Kita. Why should this be any different?

Everyone gathered in front of the office so that we could walk in together. You’d think it was a funeral procession or something. I was so ready to get this over with. We sat and waited in the waiting room for what seemed like hours. This was the first time we had seen Dre since it all went down. He looked like he was scared for his life, like he wanted to jump ship.

When the doctor called us in, everyone walked in like we were about to say our last goodbyes.

“I assume you are all here for the same reason, and that is to find out if Deondre Sr. is the father of Markita Jacob’s twins.” the doctor said.

Everyone shook their heads as if to agree with him. Of course that’s what we are here for. What else could it be? Sometimes I think doctors are just as dumb as us regular people. I mean think about it, they go to school for all those years, pay all that money, get in
so much debt, only to still look and sound dumb. Most of their diagnosis are incorrect or something that your grandma or great aunt from back in the day could have diagnosed and healed. They are so pointless to me.

“Well, after running the tests multiple times, we have concluded that Deondre Sr. is NOT the father of
Markita’s twins” the doctor said.

Wow…is all I can say! Dre must
have jumped up so hard and started doing the I’m not the daddy dance. It was like an episode of Maury.

Deondre Sr.’s DNA does match the twins DNA” said the doctor.

“Wait but you just said that I’m not the father” Dre said with a goofy sad look on his face.

“That is correct! You are not the father, but someone who shares the same DNA as you is the father.”

“Wait, what are you saying doctor?” Auntie Lynne questioned.

“I’m saying that the only possible explanation for these babies to have almost the exact DNA as Deondre Sr. is for someone that has Deondre’s DNA and genes to be the father. I’m saying that the father of Markita Jacob’s twins is NOT Deondre Sr. but it IS Deondre Jr.”

BOOK: Family Scandal
11.65Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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