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Fatal Deception: Part I

Fatal Deception: Part I

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The Light that Shines

Copyright 2000 S. R. Burks


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This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters and events are the product of the author’s imagination. Any similarity to actual persons or events is purely coincidental.


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I would like to dedicate this book to four extraordinary women who have been a huge part of my life, and who helped defined who I am today. First, to my grandmother, who was like a second mother to me, especially when my own mother had passed. You were always there, even through your own illness. She gave to me the second person I dedicate this book to, my mother. Thanks, Mom, for making me a strong woman who was able to raise two beautiful children to adulthood, my two daughters, to whom I also make this dedication. Having you two in my life gave me strength to pull through my battle with cancer and win. You gave me a reason to get up in the morning and to face what life had to offer. And don’t we have the greatest adventures?


My love, always and forever,




The Light that Shines


Though the tempest is raging and the gales are roaring, all is not lost. For there is a peace within that calms the waters and stills the air. When all hope seems fleeting and despair encompasses you, be not afraid; for a refuge is within your grasp. It shines like a bright light beckoning unto you. This light glows within our hearts helping us to overcome adversity, giving us strength to endure, and inspiring us for a better day. But above all else, it can tie all of us together, our family and friends.




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A lonely traveler made his way down a dark road, heading home. The moon was absent on this night, the bright shining stars attempted to beacon the way. The outline of the mountain tops, against the sky and the lights from the city meant his journey was coming to an end.

It had been a grueling business trip that his boss had arranged. He’d been told his expertise was required to close a deal. He’d been reluctant to go, but it was perfectly clear that it wasn't a request. And after two days of negotiations and three days of travel, he was completely exhausted.

At last, the man reached the winding road leading up to his street. He was glad to be home, and to his new bride of just one month. The honeymoon wasn’t yet over, which was the primary reason he’d hated to go on that trip. He wanted nothing more than to greet her with a lingering kiss; take a long, soothing bath; make passionate love; and to fall asleep with her in his arms. Now
would make it all worthwhile.

He pulled the car into the driveway, gathered his things, and entered his home. He threw his keys and coat next to the door in the foyer and dropped his briefcase on the floor. He stood there for a few moments, searching for his wife’s whereabouts, calling to her a few times. He started up the stairs, when he received no response.

She had been standing before the mirror, her favorite pastime, admiring herself. She heard him drive up, and initially thought it might be another car coming through. But when the reflection of the headlights, passed over the windows and danced across the room, she knew he had come home.

She ran from the room and dashed down the stairs, into the sitting room, stopping briefly to check on the champagne she had on ice, and found it was chilled just right. She wanted his homecoming to be a very special one.

She was dressed in white sheer-lace lingerie; very much aware this would get his attention. She smiled in anticipation and moved over to the camel-back sofa, placing herself seductively on it and awaited his entrance. She heard him calling her, but wanted to play a little game; she wanted him to search for her.

Indeed, he was like a blood hound picking up a scent. When he caught the fragrance of her perfume, he followed its trail. He staggered momentarily in the doorway, his eyes falling on the scene before him. There, laid a beautiful, enticing creature. He could barely catch his breath.

When they’d first met, he’d felt she could never love him. He was nearing sixty years old, and although he was fit as a man in his forties, she was only twenty-seven. She was tall and blonde with beautiful crystal blue eyes. Yet, to his surprise, she did fall in love with him. In the few months they’d known each other, she’d shown him that and more.

She smiled when she met his gaze and was pleased at her effect on him. She sat up and poured them each a glass of the sparkling beverage she had chilled. Holding one up to him, she beckoned him to come and sit next to her. He happily obliged.

Their eyes became fixed on each other’s. He took several sips of the champagne, and a tingling sensation flowed through his body, not from the drink alone, but also from her loving gaze. Her eyes were speaking to him, and he was physically responding. He let out a soft sigh, finally in a place of serenity. He was just beginning to relax when, without any warning, she jumped to her feet.

“Come!” she said. She took his glass away, took him by the hand, and led him to the staircase.

Her eyes never faltered from his as she guided him up the stairs and into the bedroom. She began to disrobe him. He was enjoying the attention he was receiving and it took nearly everything in him to contain himself. Once he was completely free of his clothes, she looked over his body, admiring his fit physique. She noticed his package and knew what was on his mind.

“Not just yet,” she said. She shook her head laughing as she turned and walked away. “Follow me,” she commanded as she moved into the master bath.

He followed but wondered what she was planning. At once he saw that she had drawn him a bath. He tested the water and quickly slipped in. Submerging himself, the soothing warmth caressed his aching muscles. “Nice… this is just what I needed,” he said. “Thank you, Baby.” He deeply appreciated her thoughtfulness. He sunk further down into the water to unwind.

She watched quietly from the foot of the tub as he closed his eyes. She was leaning against a wall where a radio was perfectly placed on a tiny shelf. She turned it on. Soft easy music coursed through the air, calming him even more.

His eyes opened and he basked in her lustful appearance. “Come join me,” he said, extending his hand.

She looked into his amorous eyes as regret formed in hers. “I wish I could,” she replied. “But I can’t.”

“Oh, come on,” he pleaded playfully.

Her back stiffened and her eyes suddenly changed into cold hard orbs. “No!” she repeated. “I must bid you farewell.”

He was confused, and not sure of what she had just said. “What?” he asked, replaying her reply in his mind and hoping he’d misunderstood.

An answer he would get–but not one he was expecting. She fixed her eyes on his, drawing his attention away from her hand, which she had slid behind the radio. She quickly turned away as his eyes caught the falling device.

A blood-curdling scream erupted from him and was quieted to a vibrating hum when the radio impacted the water. Emanating from behind her were the sounds of sizzling, and his body splashing about in the water. Then there was silence. An eerie stillness consumed the room as the electricity within him had been spent.

She didn’t look back, simply walked to the bed and sat down. After a few moments of composing herself, she picked up the phone, punched three numbers, and waited patiently until a voice on the other end responded.

“What’s your emergency?” It came through loud and clear.

“Help!” The young wife screamed into the phone.

“Ma’am, calm down so I can help you,” said the voice.

“My husband! I think he’s dead!” she cried hysterically.

“You say your husband is dead, Ma’am?” the voice asked.

“Yes, yes, yes! Oh, please help me!” she pressed on.

“Someone is on their way now, Ma’am. Tell me what happened.”

“He was taking a bath... and listening to music… as he always does. I–I–don’t know if he tried to get up and change the channel, or what he was doing. That’s all I know.” She fell into a deep thought.

The voice pulled her out. “Ma'am?”

Then she continued. “I heard a splash and saw the lights flicker. I ran as quickly as I could to the bathroom.” She grew quiet, once again.

“Okay, I understand. Go on, Ma’am.” The voice was very sympathetic.

“I just turned away,” she said. “It was just, too… too horrible to see. Please come. Please help me...” Her last words trailed into a whisper as she laid the phone down.

The voice from the other end repeatedly called out to her. She just sat and stared, eyes glazed over. In the distance, the sirens could be heard approaching.




Chapter 1


Ben McBain was a well-known agent for numerous high profile celebrities including actors, musicians and sports figures. If they had money or something to sell, he was their agent.

Many said he had “Midas’ touch”; that everything he touched turned to gold. His clientele were all millionaires, due to his hard work and know-how. His philosophy: ‘keep them happy, and they keep you rich’. It worked every time. And it also made him the most sought out agent around.

Usually he would be out and about, doing what he does best, making money. But on this particular day he decided to work in his office.

He was sitting behind his desk going over some paperwork when the intercom buzzed. Without looking up from his task, he pressed downward on the button.

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