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“That I gathered.” Maggie wiped some stray pizza sauce from her chin.

Jon took the empty plates over to the sink. “So you ready to head out to the clubs for some dancing?”

“After eating this very delicious but filling pizza, yes. I think I need to burn off some calories.”


* * * *

Jon had assured her that she wouldn’t look out of place at the club. “Most of the ones for the really young crowd are in the high tourist areas like Magaluf,” he told her on the way.

They headed inside. Music was blaring and neon lights flashed. Jon’s hand on the small of her back manoeuvred her through the crowds so they could find a table. He pulled a chair out for her and she sat.

“You want something to drink?” he shouted above the din.

“What should I try, is it sangria?”

“Sure, if that’s what you want. Wait here and I’ll be right back.”

Maggie swayed her shoulders to the music while she sat and waited for Jon to return. She itched to get on to the dance floor. He headed her way carrying a bottle of beer and a glass of what looked like red wine trimmed with fruit. He slid onto the chair beside her, their knees and thighs touching. She took a sip.

“Is it good?” asked Jon, edging closer to her ear so she could hear him.

“Very. So is this a favourite hangout for you?” she asked, leaning towards him.

“I don’t come here as often as I used to when I was in my twenties. Maybe once a month now. So you feel like dancing?”

“Can’t wait,” she said.

She was glad she’d worn her halter top and lightweight pants because after just a few minutes perspiration dampened her face and chest. Jon’s grey sweatshirt and jeans were also starting to show signs of sweat.

He knew how to dance, that was for sure. He turned her around, placed his hands on her hips and encouraged her to twirl them, then grind her backside into his crotch. His cock poked into her butt as she pushed her ass back towards him.

It felt so good, so seductive, but she hoped no one was watching her, seeing how much she was enjoying this erotic dance with a younger guy. She smelled his cologne as he put his arms around her and pulled her in closer as they ground their bodies together with the beat. He rested his lips on her neck and kissed her. She should have stopped him, but it felt good. He kissed her under her right earlobe. Why had he done that? He shouldn’t have made her heart beat this fast. He kissed her again. His lips felt so right on her skin. She wanted to kiss him back but knew that would be stepping over the line. His lips slid down her neck.
Almost getting to the point of no return here…

“Mmm,” she muttered, realising that had slipped out. Hopefully the music had drowned it before it had reached Jon’s ears.

He turned her around as another song, just as seductive as the last one, blared through the speakers.

Maggie put her hands upon Jon’s chest as she slithered down his body. If this wasn’t a public place she would have unzipped his pants and given him the best blowjob of his life. She slowly stood again.

Their mouths were just inches away as Jon’s cock bumped into her belly. He squeezed both her ass cheeks and pushed her into him some more. Even through the thickness of his jeans, Maggie could tell he was as turned on as she was right now. He squeezed her butt again as his erection rubbed her pubic bone.

He whispered something in her ear. She couldn’t hear exactly what but she was pretty sure he’d told her he wanted her in his bed tonight. She’d love to grant him his wish but that would mean taking them on a journey with no turning back.

Maggie, although enjoying herself both mentally and physically, pushed away. “Jon, I think jet lag is setting in. Suddenly I feel really tired. Do you think we could go home?”

She’d lied just to get out of the club. If they’d stayed any longer they’d have been having sex. Maggie had told him she was dead on her feet, and by the time she got back to her room that was true. She fell asleep for a bit, but then woke up. Humid air surrounded her, and her skin was sticky.

A shower, a cold one, that’s what she needed. She took her own advice, dried herself off and slipped on her bathrobe. As she went back into the bedroom she could hear Jon speaking in Spanish. At first she thought he was using the phone, but then she heard a female voice talking back to him.

Maggie, out of sheer curiosity, walked to the balcony door and looked out. Jon was swimming in the pool with a young woman with long dark hair who looked to be in her mid-twenties.

They were laughing and splashing around in the water. A pang of jealousy hit Maggie as Jon lifted the girl, then threw her back into the water. She burst out laughing and splashed him before shouting something in Spanish that made him laugh even harder.

Maggie turned away. She’d seen and heard enough. And why was she so upset? After all, she’d had her chance with him. Maybe Jon finding another playmate was for the best.

She pulled out her book and plopped herself down on the bed.

Maggie didn’t remember dozing off, but when she opened her eyes her book was still open and had slid halfway down her chest. It was also dark outside except for a few lights around the pool that shone through her balcony window. She sat up, realising what had woken her up.

The sound of bedsprings. A woman groaning and saying something in Spanish.

Jon and the girl were having sex.

Maggie tried to block out the sound. It bothered her, not because they’d woken her but because each of the girl’s moans could have been hers. Right this second, Maggie could be the one with Jon between her legs, his cock buried deep within her.

The girl cried out and the springs creaked even more loudly. Maggie got off the bed. She couldn’t listen any longer because he was giving her what sounded like a hell of an orgasm. Maggie really needed one of those.

She walked to the balcony door and looked out. Jon sat by the pool reading and drinking a beer. If it wasn’t him with the girl, then who…

He looked up and spotted her before she had chance to dive out of sight.

“Are they being too loud for you?” he called up to her.

“It’s no problem,” she shouted back.

Jon shouted something in Spanish. The couple both shouted something back to him. About ten minutes later Maggie heard Jon’s voice, the girl’s voice and another guy, who’d obviously joined them. She glanced out to see the girl and guy with their arms around one another saying their goodbyes to Jon.

Maggie tried to dart out of view again but just wasn’t fast enough for Jon’s eagle eye. She’d been caught yet again.

“I’m sorry if they disturbed you. The girl is Miguel’s niece and I let them use the spare room because they both live with their parents and, well, you know how that goes when you’re young and in love.”

Yeah, Maggie knew exactly how that went. She and her ex-husband had been forced to use the backseat of his car for their sexual adventures.

“Don’t worry about it,” she called down to him.

“You want to join me for a drink?”

God, he was tempting. She was wide awake, probably wouldn’t get back to sleep for ages. Hot and thirsty, too.

“Okay, I’ll be right down.”

“Wine okay for you?” he shouted to her.


Maggie took off her bathrobe, slipped on some panties, decided to forgo a bra and found the closest T-shirt to where she stood. It was too hot for pants so she opted for her floral skirt. She slid her feet into flip-flops and headed downstairs.

The crickets were in full chorus again as she made her way down the dark path and up to Jon’s front door. It was open but she knocked anyway.

“Come in.”

She stepped inside, noticing that Jon had lit candles in the living room. A bottle of wine and two glasses sat on the coffee table. He was shirtless and shoeless and looked more gorgeous than ever in his tight jeans. Maybe she should tell him she’d changed her mind, that she was too tired after all. But she couldn’t keep avoiding him.

“Hope you like white wine. It’s from a local vineyard. I should drive you out there one day because they have a tasting every afternoon.”

She sat as he poured her a glass and handed it to her, then sat beside her. His body heat penetrated her legs. He was too close for her liking. The smell of his aftershave or cologne filled the air around her. The humidity in the air amplified it, making her feel almost lightheaded. She’d make sure she only had the one glass of wine so she could keep her faculties. Only once in her life had she foolishly had sex while she was under the influence. Never again. She’d woken up in a strange bed, alone, her underwear and clothing scattered around the room with no recollection of what had happened. She’d been only eighteen and that had happened right before she’d met her future husband. At forty-six, she knew better.

Maggie took her first sip. It was the best wine she’d ever tasted. Just like Jon, it too would be difficult to resist.

“Once again I’m sorry for the disturbance. I didn’t realise they were going to be so vocal.”

“Well, she sounded like she had a good time.”

“Her parents are really strict with her. Her mother is Miguel’s sister so I really shouldn’t encourage her to have sex with her boyfriend here at the house, but I know what it’s like when you need a good fuck and can’t.”

Maggie took two more sips. Was he saying that for her benefit? Had she been a tease at the club earlier that night? The way she’d pushed her ass into his groin, gyrated to the music with him? Probably

Jon topped up her wine glass.

“That’s enough. I don’t want to get tipsy.”

“What happens if you do?” he asked.

“You don’t want to find out, believe me.”

“Maybe that wouldn’t be such a bad thing.” He put his glass down on the table and then grabbed hers, splashing some of the wine onto her skirt.

His mouth was on hers before she could say a word.

Jon’s tongue explored her lower lip, then the upper one before making its way inside her mouth to play with her tongue. Maggie opened her mouth to him, letting her tongue bump into his. Shit, the guy even knew how to give a woman a kiss that sent electricity throughout her whole lower body.

His hand went under her T-shirt. It rested on her belly for a few seconds before travelling up her body to find the left nipple. He rolled it between his thumb and index finger causing it to peak instantly. She liked it, liked it a lot. A man hadn’t paid her body this sort of attention in a long time and it felt good. Maybe that was what made it so wrong.

“You have the biggest and prettiest tits I’ve ever played with,” he whispered in her ear.

His mouth moved to her neck. Jon ran his tongue along her jawline as he took her whole breast in his hand and squeezed. Her pussy responded, pulling and pulsating. And she was beginning to get wet. So it hadn’t been peri-menopause like the doctor had told her. She’d just had a lousy partner the last time she’d had sex.

Jon playfully nipped at her neck while he played with her breasts, pulling on her nipples and taking the weight of her breasts in his hands.

If she didn’t stop this now it was going to be too late.

“Jon, I don’t think this is really a good idea.”

He stopped kissing her neck and looked her in the eye, but didn’t remove his hand from her breast. He rolled her nipple as he spoke. “I told you, we’re consenting adults.”

“I know, but I’ve known you since you were a little boy. I bathed you, read you bedtime stories.”

BOOK: Forbidden
9.31Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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