Forever in my Heart: Book 3 in My Heart Series

BOOK: Forever in my Heart: Book 3 in My Heart Series
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Forever in my Heart


Aleya Michelle

Copyright © 2014 by Aleya Michelle

All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of the publisher, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical reviews and certain other noncommercial uses permitted by copyright law.

This book is a work of fiction.  All names, characters, locations and incidents are products of the author’s imagination.  Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, locales or events is entirely coincidental.



To my mother, no longer with us but you will never be forgotten.

I love you more than words could ever accurately describe.

You will always be Forever in my Heart.

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Chapter 1

On top of the World


he blissful warm rays of the sun shining brightly through Roxy’s silver sheer curtains awake me from my deep sleep, but I can’t complain.

As I sleepily gaze at the perfect goddess beside me, I know that once again all is well in my world. Just the vision of her beauty instils peace in my soul.

My blonde, Aussie beauty is peacefully asleep. So relaxed and calm, I know that just my presence and laying here with my arms around her soothes her and makes her feel safe and secure.

Her blonde locks are splayed across the pillow and her perfect olive skin is plump in all of the right places, her beauty is accentuated through her purple silk slip. The silken sleepwear is so soft to touch, much like her velvet skin. I can’t help but smirk to myself at just how damn lucky I am.

Before my arousal increases, I need to take a moment to be thankful for Roxy, for the phenomenal woman that she is, and her unrequited love for me...

I’m also thankful to God above. I am not a church person or religious in any way, but I swear to God I have become a fucking believer after Roxy returned to me.

I believe a force from above aided in keeping my angel safe that terrible day. Seeing her in the forest, leg bleeding, covered in soot and shaking is still a shocking memory.

At least that arsehole Dylan, who kidnapped her and hurt her, is now behind bars where he belongs.

And my stunningly beautiful Roxy is back in my arms where she will remain for eternity.

My heart swells for this woman, my soul is complete when she is my girl, my baby, my forever.

I run my finger along her soft cheek, so smooth to touch. My thumb glides along her plump and full lips. My arousal is now at attention and hard as a rock; all my self-restraint is out the window.

I crave feeling the velvet texture of her skin; it’s magnetic to me, drawing me in. I run my fingertips down her arm and see goose bumps appear and I know the feeling is nice for her. I reach the strap of her slip and slide it down her shoulder, giving me more access to kiss and nibble on her neck and shoulder.

She tastes of shea butter, her shower gel, and the scent gets my cock harder and thicker in an instant. “Mmm,” I moan at the thought of being inside of her, always so wet and ready for me.

I kiss her harder on her neck and lick my way up to her ear as one hand reaches around her back. I caress her softness and slide my fingers lower to pull her hard into me for a strong embrace.

A large smirk appears on her face, but her eyes remain closed, which shows me she is savouring the moment. I grip her arse through the satin slip and squeeze her sensationally toned cheeks. “Mmm, Kade,” she moans in pleasure.

“Morning, beautiful baby,” I announce to her as I grip her arse again and pull her harder against my hard cock.

“Well, hello there, big boy,” she responds sleepily.

I chuckle at her comment. Her sarcasm and humour are just other things I adore about her.

I feel her smooth hands glide in sneakily around my back before she grips tightly and digs her nails in ever so slightly, now it’s my turn for goosebumps.
It feels so fucking nice.

My hands roam playfully across her bare arse exploring as I move to her flat stomach and I head south ever so slowly to torment her. I rub across her crotch and then back up to her abdomen where I stop, then continue the movement a number of times, until I find her folds.

“Mmm, stop teasing me, baby,” she begs me with a breathless voice telling me that she is as ready as I am and desperately wants a release.

“I’m doing nothing of the sort, Miss Thorne,” I joke, grinning ear to ear. She opens one eye and glares at me, and I laugh hysterically at the look she is giving me.

Catching me totally by surprise, but in the best possible way, she grabs hold of my hard cock and strokes it up and down. “Damn woman,” I moan in pleasure and wonder how she never ceases to amaze me.

She increases her speed and grip, faster and tighter. I moan again at the amazing feeling.

Then she stops and removes her hand. I open my eyes, wondering where she went, and am greeted with the biggest and cheekiest fucking grin of my life.

“You goddamn tease, Roxy,” I say to her realising that she is now teasing me in return for taunting her earlier.

“I don’t know what you are talking about, Mr. Thomas,” she replies with a straight face and then like a switch flicks, she is giggling like a schoolgirl. A goddamn, sex goddess schoolgirl that is...

“Ha ha, tough guy, you can dish it out but can’t take it back, huh?” she jokes.

“I’m going to show you just how good I can dish it out, baby,” I say to her as I tightly pin her arms high above her head and climb seductively on top of her gorgeous body.

“Well, it’s about bloody time,” she tells me as she pushes her pussy up into my hardness.

My hard cock is rubbing against her as I manoeuvre it to her centre. I kiss her hard and push my tongue into her mouth when she accepts and massages it passionately with her own.

Using my steel hard cock and using circular motions I swirl around getting it nice even wetter for my entrance.

Without warning, I thrust inside her wetness hard and deep. I glide in with ease as I shock her with my sudden entrance.

“Yes!” she screams as I fill her with every inch of my thickness. I keep a tight grip on her arms above her head; showing her I am in control. Now I can tease any way I want.

Just to torment her, I withdraw my hardness and hold it at her opening waiting for a response from her, a heated plea for more is what I am hoping for.

“Don’t stop, I need more, baby. Put your cock back inside of me. Now,” she orders me. God, I love it when she talks dirty.

“I love it when you talk dirty, Roxy. I love hearing you beg for it, baby,” I say as I thrust inside her hard, deep, and raw.

“Mmm,” she moans as I continue my onslaught, moving in and out getting harder each forward thrust. I just can’t get deep enough. She completely has me ‘by the balls,’ as the expression goes.

There is nothing better in the whole fucking world than being balls deep inside the woman I will spend the rest of my life with.

I proceed thrusting harder and faster, over and over until she screams, “Yes, Kade, yes!” She explodes forcefully, her body shaking as her orgasm spreads all over my throbbing cock.

It makes me so hot, feeling her arousal. I thrust twice more and come hard and deep inside her, now leaving a part of himself inside her all day long

“Fuck me, Roxy. How can sex be so goddamn amazing with you every single time, baby?” I kiss her again deeply as I collapse next to her and hold her hand lovingly.

“Um, yep,” she replies still breathless from her release.

“If I died right now, I would not be fucking complaining about my last orgasm, baby,” she jokes as we both smile in contentment.

Chapter 2

Sex in Public places...


fter a long and very tiring week at work, Kade and I order some takeaway Chinese food. Chicken and cashew nuts is just divine, and with a bottle of my favourite white wine it tastes even better.

After dinner, we just chill and lay unmotivated on my bed watching
Sons of Anarchy
Damn Charlie Hunam as Jax Teller, is the best thing eve.

It’s a little after ten-thirty when I hear Jemma and Dan come in from their fancy dinner at the Waterfront Seafood Restaurant in the heart of the city.

It’s a PG-13 kind of night with no hanky-panky, so my bedroom door is open. I hear Jemma’s heels clicking on the tile flooring as she hastily comes running into my room.

“Roxy, oh my God! Guess what, girlfriend?” she screams as she tackles me on the bed nearly knocking Kade for a six from the mattress bouncing so roughly.

“Jemma, what’s going on?” I squeal wondering what has her acting like a crazy woman.
Well, extra crazy for Jem

She jumps off the bed and holds up her left hand and wiggles her fingers, showing off a huge sparkling diamond.

“Oh, my God! Are you freaking serious?” I scream excitedly at my best friend.

“Yep! Dan proposed and I said yes!” she screams as I leap off the bed and half crash tackle her and we jump up and down like crazy lunatics.

“You’re really getting married? Jemma, as your best friend, I can be blunt as hell when I say I never thought this day would come!” I say giggling, feeling over the moon for her.

Jemma bursts into hysterical laughter. “Oh, thanks, whore bag, nice to see you have faith in your bestie. Looks like I really showed you then,” she stirs poking out her tongue.

“I am so beyond thrilled for you and Dan right now, you know that right?” I add hopping my happiness and excitement will override my joke.

“Roxy, you’ll be my maid of honour, of course!” Jemma exclaims, squeezing my hand.

“You bet your sweet arse I am! I would fight any bitch who tried to stop me!” I squeal excitedly.

Dan pokes his head around the corner and I immediately attack him with a giant hug. “Well done, Dan the man. I am so glad that it’s you who’ll be making an honest woman out of this lady right here,” I admit to him, and I speak the truth.
He is perfect for Jemma, without a doubt.

Now that we have stopped screaming and jumping, Kade takes his chance and hops off the bed. I can’t help but smile at him, knowing he will be congratulating them both.

“Great news, guys. Congrats,” he says hugging Jemma first and then giving Dan a big macho handshake. I am so happy that he and Dan get along so well. I couldn’t imagine the conflict it would have caused if they didn’t.

“Well, I thought the time had come. She is a sexy woman, and I didn’t want to let her slip away. It made sense,” Dan tells us humorously.
I know just how smitten he is with her.

Jem walks sweetly over to Dan, and they embrace lovingly, which adds to the romantic moment. I watch them look into each other’s eyes and then finish it with a soft kiss, like a young couple in love.

“Oh, oh, Rox, Dan put the ring in my champagne just like in the movies. It was perfect,” Jemma adds beaming with joy, now giving me all the details of his proposal.

“Very impressive there, Dan. Who knew you could be so romantic?” I stir him, as he really is quite the romantic.
Well, more so than any others Jemma ever dated.

“Kade, I guess it’s your turn next, dude,” Dan looks pointedly at him, which makes me feel a bit embarrassed. How could I forget Pete and Emma’s wedding and how our talk of having kids and marriage ended disastrously? Not wanting to have a repeat of that night, I quickly change the subject.

“Plenty of time for that; we’re still young. Right, Kade.” I intervene to show him that I am fine with any amount of time, as long as we are together. I squeeze his hand, and I notice his eyebrow rise.

Being the best friend that she is Jemma senses my awkwardness and takes over the now awkward conversation.

“I can’t wait to tell the girls at work, but there is no rush to the altar. You know me, I want it to be perfect so it will be a twelve-month engagement. It’ll give me a chance to plan it to perfection.”

“I can’t wait to start shopping with you for your wedding dress and my bridesmaid dress. Oh, not to mention the jewellery and shoes! It’s going to be so amazing,” I confess to her smiling widely.

“You will be the most beautiful bride ever,” I admit sincerely to my best friend. I am so honoured to be in her bridal party and be a part of her special day; I hope to return the favour sooner rather than later when Kade and I finally get engaged.

BOOK: Forever in my Heart: Book 3 in My Heart Series
9.62Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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