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Half Way to Love (4 page)

BOOK: Half Way to Love

She rounded the corner into his room to find him pulling items from her overnight bag. “What are you doing?”

He held up the book she’d forgotten to take out and wrinkled his sexy nose. Her heart fluttered. If she could get away with tying him up and keeping him forever, she just might.

“Did you think I’d bore you so much you would get some reading in?”

She laughed. “No, that was a mistake. Before my life got a whole lot more interesting, I was surgically attached to a book.”

“Ah huh.” He flipped through the pages, and his eyes widened. “If they all had stuff like this, I’m not surprised.”

She leaned against the doorjamb and folded her arms over her chest. She knew just what he was referring to. The books she read always led to playing with toys because they got her so worked up.

“He flipped the switch on her vibrator and spread her legs…” Alex read. He whistled. “Do you like this?”

She hesitated and looked away, but then decided why should she be embarrassed or ashamed. “Yes, I do. The hotter the better.”

“Good. I think I’ve just found two new ways to we can enjoy the night.”

“What do you mean?”

Rather than answer, Alex went over to the dresser and pulled out the bottom drawer. He removed a bag and set it on his bed. Curious, she walked over to see what it was and gasped to find a vibrator and a few other toys. Her mouth fell open.

She put a hand on her hip and swirled a finger over the bag. “You don’t expect to use any of that stuff on me, do you? I mean who’s it been used on before me? Ew.”

He chuckled and leaned in to kiss her. “Woman, I bought it a few days ago but wasn’t sure if you were into it.” He waggled the book. “This tells me you are.”

Shannon’s whole attitude changed in an instant, and she curled into his side. “You want to use a vibrator on me?” She let her hand roam down his solid body until it impacted with his cock. The thing had grown out in a millisecond. She squeezed, and he groaned.

“I want to pleasure you in every way possible.”

“Then my answer is yes. I can’t wait.”

They stripped off their clothes in record time, both cuddling close on the bed with the items between Shannon’s legs. Her heart thundered in her chest. She knew how she got with him alone, and how she was with her toys at home, but those two together, she wasn’t sure.

Alex held up the device in one hand and the book in the other. “So, he…ah, here it is. Yep, legs open. Check. Flip switch.”

Shannon smacked his hand. “You’re goofy. You don’t have to read that book like a manual.”

Alex raised his eyebrows. She laughed and shook her head. The man was a nut, but from the first touch of the vibrator to her clit, all thought of humor left her mind. She moaned and leaned her head back, letting Alex work the dildo head over her bud. Tingles of pleasure bolted through her core. Just on the cusp of her coming, he moved it away and dipped it into her pussy. She cried out, both in protest and ecstasy.

Breathless, she took hold of his wrist to keep him there. “Mm, yes, Alex, don’t stop.”

“I have no intention of it, baby,” he assured her. “Watching you get excited, knowing I’m the one doing it, is a real turn-on.”

She forced her eyes open and reached for his cock. “I don’t want to be the only one.”

He nudged her hand away. “You won’t. Don’t worry. Just lay back and enjoy.”

Shannon did as she was told. She arched her back and rocked her hips as Alex pushed the dildo in and out of her heat. She’d done this a thousand times, but having him do it, knowing he watched, set her off. Soon she keened through to her climax, with shudders pulsing over her body.

Alex pulled the device free and ran it over her sensitive clit. She let out a small squeak and held him off. “Wait a minute. It’s still too touchy.”

He paused, but when she was calmer, he moved in a second time. Shannon feasted her eyes on his body as he sat up and moved around until he was between her legs. Anticipation built inside her. He turned off the vibrator, put it aside, and grabbed a regular, somewhat thicker dildo from his stash. With the toy waiting between her thighs on the bed, he first gloved his cock and then pushed his first and second finger into her dripping wet pussy and pumped a few times. Shannon licked her lips. Her head went back, and her lids grew heavy, but she resisted letting go just yet. She needed to watch what he was doing. Just like Alex got off on seeing it, so did she.

“Did the book say the couple did what you’re about to do?” she teased.

He grinned and retrieved the book. “Let’s see…
He flipped her to her stomach and hoisted her hips higher. When he slid a finger into her forbidden entrance, she cried out his name
.” Alex stopped reading. “Forbidden entrance?”

“Where you’re about to go,” she explained.

He raised one of her legs high and began teasing her anus. His method of circling the hole and then placing pressure on it made her shiver.

“They couldn’t say he pushed a finger into her ass?” Alex asked and demonstrated by penetrating her. She whined in bliss.

“I don’t know, nor do I care if you’re going to put
finger there, Alex?” She couldn’t think straight to discuss it. He pumped faster. She reached above her to brace her hands on the headboard so she could push down on his hand. “I’m going to come again.”

“Not yet, baby.” He removed his finger. She trusted he wouldn’t leave her hanging and waited without patience.

Alex grasped both thighs and yanked her down to his cock. The long, curved rod eased into her channel. She groaned and writhed. Alex’s grunts matched hers, but he didn’t stay inside long. He’d done it only to lubricate himself. His shaft tip lay poised at her ass opening, and he left it to play with the dildo by stroking it in and out of her. Tremors shook her, ricocheting all over her core. Just when she was on the cusp or an orgasm, he stopped.


“Patience, baby. I’m going to make you come as many times as you like.”

He ringed her anus with his shaft and pushed. The thick head popped past her barrier. She clenched her jaw, loving the small ache and the intense pleasure. Inch by inch, he eased deeper. When his thighs bumped hers, he began a slow rhythm and then built on it until he thrust hard.

Alex raised her legs higher until her ass lifted from the bed. “Use the dildo in your pussy, baby.”

Shannon rotated the dildo in small circles, applying just a little pressure. The bright purple rod sank farther in, and with one in the front and the back, the fit was snug. She fed her entrance to match Alex’s pace. The heel of her hand hit her clit each time she thrust in. The sensations were incredible. Before long another orgasm crashed over her, and right behind it, Alex found his release. She stared at their intimate connection as their mingled cream soaked them both.

Alex dropped down beside her on the bed and dragged her into his arms. “Now, is that a good start for the night?”

She giggled. “Start, huh? Yes, I’d say that’s an excellent start.”

“Let me get a moment, and we will be back at it. I’ve got a few more tricks in my bag.”

“I think I’m in love with your bag,” she joked.

He swatted her ass, and she yelped.

“I have a few more goodies in my bag,” he announced.


He reached in and pulled out something she hadn’t noticed there when she glanced inside earlier. The toy was a chain with two clamps at one end and one at the other. Although she’d never used one, she knew just what it was. Fear raced over her skin, but also excitement.

“I want to take you from behind while you have this on. Would you like to try it?”

She swallowed. “Will it hurt a lot?”

He held up one of the clamps to show her a small sliding ring that could be moved up or down the two sides of the clamp. “This adjusts how much it squeezes. Just a little or all the way for real pain.”

Shannon bit her lip. “You want…”

He touched her cheek. “No, you like it to hurt a little, to be a tad dangerous. I could tell that from our first night together, but if this isn’t for you, we won’t do it, Shannon.”

He went to put device back inside the bag, but she stopped him. “I’m scared, but that’s what’s getting me turned on. The potential of it. That probably makes no sense, huh?”

“It does.”

“I want it,” she decided. “Can you put it on me?”

He smiled, and she knew it got him off using these things on her, but he wouldn’t be pissed at her if she said no either. She and Alex were a match sexually—way more than any man she’d dated before.

While she watched, he a clip on each of her nipples and slid the ring half way up. The bite was small but felt incredible. “More,” she begged.

He eased it higher. Shannon moaned.

“Ready for your clit?”


He made her lean back and pushed back her hood so he could expose the swollen bud. Shannon watched, fascinated but terrified. The clamp went on with the ring up enough to keep it in place. She chewed the inside of her cheek. Alex rested at hand at her lower back and studied her face as he raised the ring. Shannon gasped. She clutched at his chest, whimpering.

“It hurts,” she whispered.

“Do you want me to take it off?”



She couldn’t speak. The pinch felt good and overwhelming at the same time. Her mind was in a whirl at the three points of pleasure and pain. Alex moved his hand from the clamp and ran a finger down to her pussy. He dipped it inside and pulled out. Two fingers went in, then three. Soon he thumped into her with four fingers. Shannon cried out, unable to do anything but experience this. She couldn’t even raise her hips to meet his thrusts.

When he lifted her in his arms, she didn’t complain. He stood her on her feet and made her face the wall, both palms flat against the surface. The rattle of a new condom packet sounded behind her. Alex rewet his fingers in her pussy and then massaged her anus. Her arms gave, and she leaned on the wall. He grasped her hips, dipped his knees and penetrated her back entrance. Shannon lost her breath.

“Alex,” she screamed.

He squeezed her around her middle, crushing her to him. She raised up on her toes, taking every thrust, painfully aware of the clamps. The combination of all sent her up over the top right away. She came hard. Alex continued to pound into her ass. And when he growled that he was about to let go, he reached between her legs to release the clamp there. He cupped her pussy. Shannon moaned as another orgasm hit hard, one she didn’t know was coming. Together they rode through both their climaxes, mouths just brushing because Shannon had no energy to do anything else.

When Alex was done, he lifted Shannon in his arms again and laid her on the bed. She couldn’t take her eyes off him while he discarded the used condom and joined her.

“That was…” she began.


She swatted his chest. “Wow.”

“Mm.” He curled her into his length, and she didn’t resist.

Tonight’s experience went beyond anything she’d ever fantasized about. She might be sore in the morning, but who cared. Nothing compared to being with Alex, and if he had more to offer tonight, she would enjoy it all and consider tomorrow what she’d do about her heart.


Shannon rushed down the street with her phone pressed to her ear. She was going to be late meeting with her student, but the singing telegram she’d just delivered ran longer than she expected. Half the recipient’s office wanted to get her number, supposedly for business, but she wasn’t fooled. She always had to be careful in her line of work. Men saw a woman in a skimpy outfit performing and they thought they could get a private session. Please, she was not that desperate for money.

As she buttoned her long coat to hide what was beneath, she frowned, trying to recall who the ranting woman was on her voicemail. Then it hit her—Alex’s ex.

She stopped walking and listened closer.

“You think I wouldn’t find out you started sleeping with him? How unprofessional. Maybe I need to report you to the Better Business Bureau for unethical business practices.”

Shannon snorted. “Good luck with that.” She’d be happy to let this “job” go, but then Laney was right. She shouldn’t have fallen into anything with Alex. Time and again, she’d gone over the decision to let him go, but there was always that hope that he loved her like she loved him. And if she wanted to romanticize their meeting, it had been Valentine’s Day, but really so what. She sighed and began walking again. After clicking delete, she went on to the next message. At her street, Shannon halted dead. Laney stood leaning against a car with her arms folded.

“Oh come on, seriously?” Shannon muttered.

Laney approached. “I figured I’d look you up since you weren’t returning my calls.”

Shannon glared. She wasn’t backing down from anybody, least of all this woman who clearly thought she was superior in the way she stood, her attitude, and the tone of her voice on the phone. “And what?”

“I paid you to sing a break-up for Alexander, not seduce him into your bed.”

Shannon shifted all her weight into one leg and propped a hand on her hip. “And I did my job. From there, you had nothing to do with what I did or didn’t do. Not me or Alex.”

“Alex?” Laney sneered. “You don’t think he cares about you, do you? I mean, he was broken up over losing me when he went to you.”

That hit a nerve, but Shannon wasn’t going to show it. “Funny ’cause he didn’t look ‘broken up’ last night in bed.”

Laney raised long elegant fingers, each tip polished to a sheen, to smack Shannon, but she caught her arm and shoved the other woman.

“You need to keep your hands to yourself,” Shannon told her. Laney’s eyes widened, but Shannon continued to put her in her place. “I know your type. You don’t want something until you see someone else has it. You threw Alex aside like garbage. You even said he was no good just because you weren’t woman enough to talk to him face to face about your problems. And here you are thinking you can intimidate me because you somehow think you’re better—
—rather than talking to Alex about it. I don’t know what your issues are, but even if I’m not a part of his life, he’s way better off without you.”

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