Harper's Submission [Golden Dolphin 2] (Siren Publishing Classic) (6 page)

BOOK: Harper's Submission [Golden Dolphin 2] (Siren Publishing Classic)

“Take it easy, baby. We have all night. I’m not going to rush this.”

“Oh, Morgan. I’ve never felt like this.” Suddenly there was a release of hot, wet heat between her legs. He was delighted. He ran his fingers through the slick wetness as he lightly circled her pulsing clit. She strained toward him, seeking more contact. He lightened his touch even more. He was going to make her work for this. She began to toss her head and rub against him as she desperately tried to maintain contact. He parted her hot pussy lips and slowly slid two fingers into her hot center. He thrust them in and out of her, ruthlessly stimulating her G-spot, until she gave a wild shudder and came around him.

Giving her no respite, he took her mouth again as his hand cruised down the long expanse of her elegant back until he cupped her cute butt. He squeezed the round globes in his big hands. He had wanted to get his hands on her ass for days. His cock was throbbing relentlessly as he nestled up against her. “Easy, baby. We’re not done here.”

When her breathing had calmed a bit, he lined his cock up to her slick opening and claimed her with a powerful thrust. When his shaft was fully seated, he gave her a moment to adjust to his presence as her pussy stretched to accommodate him and then began to rock slow and easy. He watched her carefully for signs of the panic she had warned him about, but she seemed okay for the moment. He pulled out almost to the limit and then pushed back in to the hilt as he continued to thrust into her. He refused to be hurried. The feeling was exquisite. Slowly the rhythm intensified as he continued to stroke harder and faster. He fought to withhold his orgasm until he had brought her to completion. She was on the brink, but she refused to go over. He leaned down, and lowering his voice to the Dom range, he growled in her ear. “Come for me, Harper. Now.”


* * * *


Harper gave a startled cry as her climax washed over her body in a hot rush. She had never had an orgasm during intercourse before, and at first she was frightened by the powerful feelings pulsing through her body. It felt as if a dam had burst. Morgan continued to pound into her with wild abandon, his hips pumping relentlessly as feelings of ecstasy continued to jolt through her system. Strangely, she wasn’t frightened now. Finally, he followed her over the top, and she felt his climax ripple through his taut muscles as his body stiffened and his seed blasted into her vagina. She cried out with the joy of it as another shaft of intense pleasure ripped through her, leaving her breathless.

She was exhausted by the storm of sensation and emotion as she tried to recover from her first-ever climax—no, that was three climaxes. She almost giggled, and then she watched him roll off of her with a look of sublime satisfaction on his face. He fell back against the pillows, relaxed and at ease, while the maelstrom of emotions still roiled through her. Suddenly, she went from about to giggle to spitting mad. She punched his shoulder. “Don’t look so proud of yourself, you big oaf.” She didn’t know why she was angry. She should be delighted with him and herself.

He had the audacity to laugh at her as he pressed her body close to his. He kissed her forehead, her eyes, her cheeks, and finally her mouth. He rolled over on top of her again, spreading her legs with his muscled thigh. “Don’t be mad, darlin’. I just delivered what I promised. It’s cause for celebration, not anger.” He began to stroke his still-hard shaft against her center, hitting her clit with each stroke. The feeling was delicious.

If it was so damn easy, why had she never been able to get there before? This self-satisfied jerk shouldn’t be the only man on the planet capable of getting her off. It was intolerable. She wanted to smack him again, but he imprisoned her hands over her head. She tried to roll away, but he wouldn’t allow it. He looked deeply into her eyes, pinned her with his hot gaze, and said, “We’re going to work through these problems of yours, Harper, one at a time if necessary. And I’m going to enjoy every minute of it. Understand?” He ruthlessly plunged into her again and brought her to another hard and fast orgasm.
Four. Geez Louise! This is incredible

She struggled for a minute more before she gave in and relaxed against him. She didn’t understand it. It had never happened before, but she had to be grateful. It would have been a tragedy to go through life never having experienced these stunning feelings that seemed to be every woman’s birthright—except for her—until now. He rolled off her and cradled her tightly to his chest. He threw his leg over her thighs and just held her. He wasn’t letting her go anywhere.

“Thank you, Morgan.” She buried her face in his neck and just breathed him in. “You’re right. I’m not really mad. I don’t know what came over me. That was amazing. Do you know I’ve never had an orgasm before? Ha, nevermind four. That’s pretty sad. I do want to work through my problems. I don’t know yet if I can bottom for you, but after tonight, I think I might want to try.”

“There’s no rush, baby. We have a lot of ground to cover and lost time to make up for.” He pulled a soft throw over them and settled her more comfortably against him before falling asleep. She shook her head. Just like a man to fall asleep after the most momentous event of her life.


* * * *


Morgan watched her snooze in his arms. When she was deeply asleep, he pulled the bedspread back, tossed the decorative pillows on the floor, and covered them both. She was spending the night with him right here wrapped in his arms, and hopefully she would spend all the other nights on board with him as well. He wasn’t naïve enough to think all of her problems had been solved by one good fuck, well three, but he knew he definitely wanted to work on it. And wasn’t that going to be a pleasure? It was a puzzle he was anxious to solve for both of them.

Chapter Eleven


Boston Harbor, Boston, Massachusetts, on board the Golden Dolphin, November 12, 2013—Tuesday Morning, Day Three of the Cruise


Harper awoke early, wrapped tightly in Morgan’s arms. He was still deeply asleep. They were both naked. She couldn’t even roll over, and her leg was beginning to cramp.
How romantic is that?
She tried to slide out from under his arm so she could use the bathroom and quickly brush her teeth. She wasn’t used to morning protocol with a lover, but she really had to
. He just pulled her more tightly into his arms.

She watched him for a moment before she tried to struggle free again to no avail. The man had a grip of steel. His wavy black hair was mussed and fell over his forehead. He had a black shadow on his cheeks and chin that only made him look dangerous and more handsome than ever.
Life just isn’t fair. I wake up looking like the Wicked Witch of the West, and he looks like a handsome pirate
. He began to stir as she continued struggling to free herself.

“Where do you think you’re going, beautiful?” His voice was still gravelly with sleep.

“Just to the bathroom.”

“Okay.” He rolled over. “I’ll call and order coffee and breakfast. What do you want? The Irish? That’s what I’m in the mood for, since you wore me out last night, and I need my strength.” He grinned at her sleepily.

“The Irish is fine. Are we going to revisit that argument? You are so proud of yourself.”

“Damn right I am. I think we had a stellar night. Don’t you? If you complain that I didn’t take good care of you, I’ll paddle your butt.”

“Ha. You wouldn’t dare.”

“Don’t bet on it. I’m the Dom, and you’re going to be trading that black bracelet for a green one any day now.”

“That’s what you think.”

“It’s what I know.” Morgan rolled over on top of her, restrained both her wrists in one big hand over her head, and kissed her hard. She gasped and then just gave in and enjoyed the moment. He grinned down into her face. He was damn hard to resist when he was in a playful mood. But judging by the steel-hard cock pushing into her belly, she wasn’t sure he was actually playing.

She reached up and bit his ear. “I have to go to the bathroom. Now. I promise I’ll be right back, and we can play some more then.” He released her wrists, and she pushed at his wide shoulders with no results. “Okay?”

“Sure.” He rolled off her and swatted her butt as she got off the bed. He reached for the phone on the table beside the bed and ordered two Irish breakfasts from the galley. He winked at her, rolled over, and pulled the silk sheet back up over his chest.

Harper pulled on the white robe and went into the bathroom of the master suite.
Oh, my God. This is just outrageous
. She really hadn’t taken time to notice or enjoy all the details last night. Although she loved the country-French bathroom in her suite one deck down, this was the most opulent bathroom she had ever seen. The green marble was gorgeous, and the room was larger than her bedroom at home.

When she came back out, Morgan had poured them both cups of coffee, and a carafe of ice-cold orange juice waited on the table. Their steward had immediately brought up a pot of coffee and the juice and advised that breakfast would be ready in about half an hour. The personal service on this ship was simply outstanding. With only thirty-six passengers, she guessed they had the time to see to each passenger as though they were the only one. She could certainly get used to this. She smiled at him and accepted the cup of coffee and the sweet kiss on her cheek.

“Good morning. Did you sleep well? I certainly did. I don’t think I’m going to let you sleep anywhere else.” His dimples winked at her, and she had a hard time keeping a straight face.

“Don’t get pushy, Morgan. I still have to go downstairs occasionally. But, yes. I haven’t slept that well in a long time. It was wonderful.”

“I thought so.” She put her cup down, and he grabbed her as she shed her robe and climbed back into bed. “Let’s have a quickie while we wait for breakfast.” She could definitely get used to his undivided attention and the easy affection he lavished on her. She knew he liked the sex, but she thought he liked her, too. That was something different for her. Her colleagues at the law firm were either jealous or afraid of her, and the competition for cases and billable hours was intense. On a personal level, although she knew she was far from unattractive, no man had ever taken the trouble to try to work past her problems and find the real woman beneath. Morgan wasn’t sickeningly sweet about it, but she felt his steady support and regard. She knew he would push her, and that was what she needed. She knew she could rely on him, and trust did not come easily to her, if at all.

She sighed as he pulled her down on top of his chest, ran his big, capable hands down her back to cup her butt, and settled her firmly against his morning hard-on. He kissed her again as his tongue delved into her mouth to slowly explore her inner recesses. Then he picked her up, positioned her carefully, and slowly lowered her over his hot, smooth shaft. She felt the rush of wetness between her legs, and he began to raise and lower her pussy on his steel-hard rod in a primal rhythm. He continued to guide her until she picked up the rhythm on her own. He tangled his fingers in her hair and brought her mouth back to his for another deep kiss before he released it. Her pussy was hot and desperate as she arched her back and let herself fly. She had never done this before—never been the one on top. It was glorious. Her blood was on fire. She was thrilled as she looked down into his beautiful face and watched his climax roar through his body, and she knew she had been the one to make that happen. Her hips pumped with wild abandon as she followed him quickly over the edge, and the dam burst. She collapsed on his chest while her orgasm continued to drown her senses. As the lingering waves pulsed through her, she snuggled there while he cradled her in his arms. She tried to roll off him, but he wouldn’t let her go.

“Stay right where you are for a minute, baby. I love the feel of my cock still in your body and your weight on me.”

Harper would have been content to stay right there if the steward hadn’t knocked on the door with breakfast. They followed him out onto the deck while he set the table in the sunshine with the beautiful, gold-rimmed porcelain tableware with the
Golden Dolphin
logo. The sun was warm, but the breeze off the water was chilled. The hot coffee and food hit the spot.

“What’s on the agenda today? It’s a shame we didn’t order tea. We could have our own Boston Tea Party.” Harper laughed at the silly idea.

“Good one. We can do that when we get back from sightseeing. There’s a lot to do in Boston. I’m sure the ship has some excursions lined up. I would like to do the Freedom Trail walking tour. That way we would see most of the historic Colonial sites.”

“That sounds good. The guidebook says it’s two and a half miles and starts at Boston Commons, the oldest public park in the United States.”

After they finished breakfast, Harper made a break for her own suite, promising to shower and change quickly and join Morgan for the trip into downtown Boston and the Boston Commons to start the Freedom Trail.


* * * *


Morgan waited impatiently for Harper to make her reappearance. Women could never get ready quickly no matter what they promised. When they finally got down to the wharf and caught a ride in one of the minivans contracted by the ship to transport the passengers to the various sites, he was anxious to get started. They were deposited at the Boston Commons and located the red brick pathway that was the beginning of the trail that led to sixteen of revolutionary America’s most famous historic sites. The foliage, although no longer at its peak, was still breathtaking. The purple, red, orange, yellow, and now some brown, leaves still clung to the trees and littered the ground. They toured Paul Revere’s house, where he began his famous ride to warn that the British were coming, and the Old North Church that had held the famous lanterns warning “One if by land and two if by sea.” They visited Ben Franklin’s statue and the Boston Latin School, as well as the Old Statehouse, the site of the Boston Massacre, and the Old South Meeting House.

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