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His Five Favorite Lines

His Five Favorite Lines

Gina Gordon

Breathless Press (2011)

How many pick-up lines will it take for Jordan to get the woman of his heart desires?

Jordan hasn't been able to stop thinking about Becca since their steamy encounter in the elevator. He's determined to have her again, but when she shoots down his proposition, Jordan decides to get creative.

Armed with his best pick-up lines, he sets out to make Becca change her mind. But over the course of the week, Jordan realizes it isn't only sex that holds his interest and with every pick-up line the stakes get higher. This time, Jordan is playing for keeps.


His Five Favorite Lines


by Gina Gordon


Breathless Press

Calgary, Alberta

This is a work of fiction.

Names, characters, places, and incidents are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously and are not to be construed as real. Any resemblance to actual events, locales, organizations, or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

His Five Favorite Lines Copyright© 2011 Gina Gordon ISBN: 978-1-926930-47-3

Cover Artist: Dara England Editor: Mason Lavin

All rights reserved. No part of this book may be used or reproduced electronically or in print without written permission, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in reviews.

Breathless Press

Chapter One

Jordan Murphy found Becca at the end of the line in their favorite coffee shop. He zeroed in on her gorgeous frame, relieved she’d finally made an appearance. Fidgeting in the line, she tapped her toe to the beat of the Muzak that hummed lightly in the background.

Her brown hair hung pin straight down her back. Black pants hugged her tight bottom and flared out at the leg, revealing just a hint of her red stiletto boots.

An image flashed into his mind of Becca in nothing but those red boots as he knelt before her, feeling the pinch of the heel as she pressed one into his shoulder.

Jordan inhaled hard and deep, smelling her sweetness, as if his face were buried between her soft thighs at this very moment.

As he approached, he had a strong feeling that she would be resistant to his advances. He hoped he was wrong, because he didn’t have any intention of giving up until she was his again.

He sidled up to her and whispered in her ear, “You’re avoiding me.”

Her breath caught. “I’m not avoiding you.” She spoke without even turning around, her head slightly cocked in his direction.

“Then where have you been?”

Mingled with the smell of the coffee in the air, her intoxicating scent set his desire on a low simmer somewhere south of his waistband.

“Around.” She finally turned to face him. “I guess we’re just missing each other.”

Jordan gave her a low hum in acknowledgement. For the last few months, they had seen each other every morning.
Did she purposely change her
rout i ne ?
Despite her seemingly calm form, Becca had a nervous look on her face. The same look she’d gotten when they were stuck in that elevator almost two weeks ago.

“So how are you this Monday morning?” he asked, hoping that she wouldn’t ignore his interest. She’d been missing in action for over a week. Jordan had assumed she’d needed some space to recover from their very hot, very satisfying encounter in the elevator, but that didn’t stop him from worrying that she was giving him the brush-off.

“Fine.” She was trying her best to be aloof, but her eyes gave away her desire.

“I’ve been waiting for you to pay me a visit.” With a quick wink and a smirk he continued, “My desk is pretty lonely.”

Her eyes blazed at his words. No doubt she remembered the detailed proposition he left her with—Becca on her knees underneath his desk as he stuffed her mouth with his hard cock.

“I’ve been busy,” she whispered.

They moved up in the line, taking steps without being conscious of them.

The spurts of steam coming from the coffee machine echoed in the background.

Jordan swiveled around her body and turned his back to the people in front of them. “That answer’s promising. It’s not a no.”

“Jordan...” She bit her bottom lip nervously. Christ, she had no idea how much he missed their interaction every morning. The sly glances they would give each other from across the room, the way she would fidget when he was near. It was the best part of his day. Maybe their elevator fling ruined their daily flirtations.

“That morning in the elevator was...”


She giggled. “I would say more like fantastic. Euphoric. Pure satisfaction.”

Some of her hesitance disappeared with her laugh.

“Then why haven’t you paid me a visit?”

She exhaled deeply as if her words had been weighing heavy on her mind. “It was a fluke situation. The circumstances were too hard to pass up, but now, in the light of day, it’s over.”

“It’s not over.” He leaned in. Her scent flooded his nostrils, a light feminine musk. “You never did get to play out your fantasy.”

A shiver shimmied up her body, cold turning to heat, ending up in her face and reddening her cheeks.

“Don’t you want that?”

Her lips parted, and he could hear her labored breathing between the plump, pink flesh. He had been right about her hesitation, but he would break her down one slow inch at a time.

“Next, please.” The singsong voice carried from the counter.

Becca snapped out of her trance and pushed past him. He followed and mumbled their order. “Grande, bold, and a Grande vanilla extrahot latte.”

She looked up at him, curiosity swirling in her eyes.

“It’s hard not to know what people drink when you hear it shouted across the room every morning.”

She nodded, a simple gesture of her appreciation.

When they were ready, drinks in hand, Jordan led Becca out the side door into the dimly lit office building. After a few steps, she stopped abruptly and turned to him. “I didn’t even know your name.”

“You know it now.” He ran his finger down her shoulder, the knit fabric of her gray sweater soft against his skin.

She didn’t have to speak; he could see it all in her eyes. Desire. Confusion.

Embarrassment. Oh, but she had nothing to be embarrassed about.

“I admit it.” She threw one hand in the air. “I wanted it badly.” She shot him a pleading look and he knew just what she meant. He felt exactly the same at this very moment. “I was so horny that I couldn’t even think straight. I just...needed it.”

“So you would have fucked anyone in that elevator?” Jealousy wiggled its way into his thoughts.

“No!” She was quick to respond.

Jordan had no idea the thought made him so tense until his body eased with her quick correction.

“Being with you in that elevator... I couldn’t have...” She lowered her eyes.

“I’m glad you made that move.”

There was no reason for her to be shy. He liked that she had been so open and vocal about her fantasies when they were in the elevator. She had admitted during their tryst that she’d thought of him, of his cock. But thinking back, she only let go after he had made the first move. And it was the best move he ever made.

Becca slid her hand up his chest and cupped his shoulder, her eyes searching for something.


Understanding? As if she needed him to understand why she had sex with a stranger in an elevator.

“I needed to feel something other than fear and panic. The space was closing in on me. I couldn’t breathe and then you...persuaded me.”

“What can I do?” Jordan pleaded.

His stomach leaped in his throat. This time, it was he who needed it, wanted it so badly he could taste it. It didn’t help that he
tasted it. “What, do I need to do to persuade you again?”

She shook her head. “There’s nothing you can say or do.” She backed away and clutched her paper cup close to her chest.

“Do we need to start over?” He held out his hand. “I’m Mr. Right. Someone told me you were looking for me.”

A short laugh burst from her mouth.

“That is one cheesy pickup line.” He knew she loved it. For the first time in the conversation she flashed him a genuine smile and it lit up everything around them.

“I’ve got plenty more where that came from.”

“Thank goodness being trapped in an elevator was your opener, because that l i ne
would have worked on me.”

She shifted her weight onto her other foot.

“Actually, I’m pretty sure that Mr. Sexy would have been demoted to Mr. Cheesy.”

“I’m positive I can get you to cave.”

“You’re that confident?” she questioned, flashing that sexy little smirk he loved so much.

“I’ll get you to cave.” He leaned in and whispered in her ear. “I like a good challenge.”

Chapter Two

Jordan sat in one of the wing-back chairs and stared at Becca from across the coffee shop. She tapped her finger against her wallet as she waited in line, completely oblivious to his concentrated gaze.

Since the ice had been broken, he guessed she was comfortable going back to her regular schedule—and she was right on time. Jordan hoped this was her subtle way of letting him know she was into his advances. Despite her verbal shoot-down, her actions were loud and clear.

Just as she grabbed her drink off the counter, Jordan rushed over to catch her.

Becca jumped back until she realized it was him, then gave him a wide smile. He opened the side door for her, and together they headed through the vestibule to the elevator bank.

Jordan could feel her gaze, a tiny heated stare from the corner of her eye.

She still wasn’t one hundred percent comfortable; she refused to turn her head and look directly at him. They walked in silence. He enjoyed the feel of her beside him, matching him step for step. He would let her lead their encounter. Jordan had no intention of backing off, but he would never force her into anything she didn’t want to do.

He held open a second set of doors that led to the bright concourse. The hum of voices and street traffic surrounded them. The skylight above illuminated the space letting in the sunshine that warmed up an otherwise chilly morning.

His plan to ogle her seductive body went off without a hitch as she walked through the doorway ahead of him. He admired her bottom—perfect—in a pair of tailored gray wool pants. Today her hair was swept up off her shoulders, pulled together at the base of her neck in a circular pattern.

He ushered her into the elevator and pushed their respective floors. She stayed silent but kept stealing a look here and there.

Before she stepped off the elevator, he caught her hand and guided her against the space where the doors disappeared.

He stepped closer, his body hovering against hers, his closeness a little racier than accepted in the workplace. The click of high heels and the murmur of voices buzzed in the background as he held her hostage.

“You have something in your eye.”

He raised his hand and caressed just under the almond-shaped lid, then shook his head. “Nope. It’s just a sparkle.”

She grinned.

The sharp ring of the elevator alarm cut their encounter short and Jordan released her. Becca walked off but did turn to look back at him before the elevator doors closed.

There were no visits to his office that day.

Chapter Three

Jordan greeted Becca at the doorway to the coffee shop with her drink, piping hot, in his hand.

Her glide turned into a saunter when she spotted him. He could see her eyes dancing with excitement from across the foyer. Oh yeah. She loved the attention. A wave of satisfaction swept through his body. Today was going to be his lucky day.

He offered her the paper cup.

She stopped and accepted his gesture, their fingers touching briefly as the cup exchanged hands. “Thank you.”

He couldn’t help the smirk that spread across his face, wondering what kind of reaction he was going to get today.

This game of cat and mouse they were playing was a form of foreplay, a slow, torturous foreplay that he couldn’t control.

All he could do was his best to charm his way back into her pants.

Jordan leaned down and whispered in her ear, “Do you have any Irish in you?”

She looked confused. Probably because she was expecting something sexier, hotter. “No.”

“Would you like some?”

She snorted, smiled, then pivoted on her heel, walking away, but not before she lifted her cup in a thank-you gesture.

Still no visit to his office.

Chapter Four

“Hello, Becca.” This time, Jordan waited for her outside the elevator bank.

She stopped short, halting her exit from the elevator. “This could be considered stalking.”

“How else am I supposed to get what I want?” Despite her vocal annoyance, he knew she was enjoying this. The slight smile on her face gave her away.

Otherwise, she would have gone back to her original plan of hiding, or told him off explicitly.

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