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Authors: Bianca D'Arc

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Ice Dragon (10 page)

Roland transformed quickly and pulled her into his arms with a sharp, almost playful tug. She went without protest, surprised just a bit by his ardor as his mouth came down to claim hers. His tongue plunged deep as he moved with her toward the large bedchamber he’d shown her just briefly on their earlier tour. The doorway was open, an arch communicating directly to the wallow, like most of the rooms in the oval suite, but Tor was fast asleep, and their privacy was pretty much complete. When Roland had her backed up against the foot of the large bed, he lifted his mouth from hers, his eyes smoldering down at her.



“I can’t wait any longer, sweetheart. I must have you now.”

He punctuated his words with little biting kisses all over her face, chin and neck as his hands made short work of her pretty dress. Within moments, she was bare and lying across the bed.

“You are so beautiful, in every way. I want to savor you, my Lana, but I don’t know if my will is strong enough. I want you too much.”

“Roland, I—”

She didn’t know what to say. Her head whirled but she knew and accepted that Roland would be her first lover, even though she still harbored some maidenly fears about what was to come. Lana had come to realize over the past days with Roland that no other man had ever—or would ever—mean as much to her as he did. He was special, a completely unique presence in her world.

She wanted to make love with him, even if it were just sex to him.

She had no idea how he really felt about her, though she did think he had some special regard for both herself and Tor. Still, Roland was so handsome, so intelligent, and so highly ranked, and magical to boot, it would be foolish to think he might want something permanent with her, a mere runaway slave. She reconciled herself to taking what he offered without strings and without hope of a future together.

Though it broke her heart, she decided to live as much as she could in the moment with Roland. She would worry about tomorrow when it came. She might never have this chance again and she wanted to grab it with both hands. She wanted to grab
with both hands.

Reaching out, she ran her fingers over his strong muscles, emboldened when he growled low in his throat. The sound melted her bones and sent a shiver down her spine. While he kissed her, he did away with his clothing until she felt his hot skin, rough against hers. He felt so good as he broke the kiss and looked deep into her eyes, stroking 94


her hair back from her face with a tender motion, so at odds with his obvious ardor.

“Tell me you want this, sweet Lana. Tell me you want me too.”

“I do, Roland. I want you to be my first lover.”

“Your only lover.” He growled as she caught her breath but his fierce kiss cut off any question she might have put to him. She could barely think what he might mean by those fierce words. The look on his face was primitive as his lips slammed back down on hers with a force that could only be described as predatory.

His hands moved then, sweeping over her body with obvious, and delicious, expertise. For a moment she was jealous of his intimate knowledge of the female form but he made her feel too good to stay upset for long. He knew just how to play her, teasing her soft spots and lingering over the tight points that needed him so badly. He stroked her breasts and the delicate folds between her legs as if he owned her, and in that moment, she realized he probably did. He owned her passion, her unbridled response and—dare she admit—her heart.

“Spread your pretty legs for me, Lana. Spread them wide.” His hot words whispered into her ear as he brought his heavy body over her.

“Don’t be afraid. I’ll take good care of you.”

“I’m not afraid of you, Roland, but I know it’s got to hurt the first time.”

He stilled, lifting away to look into her eyes. “I’ll be as gentle as possible.” His words were spoken in solemn tones and she was touched that this appeared to mean something to him besides a quick tumble. “It would kill me to hurt you, Lana. It would wound me deeper than a knife to cause you pain.”

She sensed he was trying to say something, but the flames of her passion were stoked too high for anything to make much sense. Only 95


him. That’s all she needed. Roland, between her thighs, becoming one with her body, if only for a short span of time.

“Take me now, Roland. Please.”

He cursed as he lowered his hips to rest between her legs. The struggle she read in the depths of his gaze let her know how hard he was trying to make this good for her. With renewed fervor he stroked her body, licking down her neck all the way to the points of her breasts, making her squeal as he bit down gently on her tight nipples.

“Are you hot for me, little Lana? Is the fire in your veins?” He whispered against her skin as his tongue licked into her belly button.

She shivered, the muscles of her belly contracting sharply as a wave of pleasure rode through her.

“Roland, please!”

“In a moment, sweetling. First, I want to taste your fine nectar. You taste so good.”

He swiped his tongue along the sensitive folds, lingering on her tight clit, catapulting her into orbit with one last push of his talented tongue.

She spasmed in pleasure as he moved back up her body. Dimly she registered he was holding himself with one hand, guiding his long, hard cock to the place that was made for it in her body, but she was too far gone in pleasure to tense up as he probed gently at her entrance.

With steady pressure, he bore down on her, finding his way inside a little at a time. With rocking motions, he eased his passage into her heated channel until he came to the barrier that must be breached.

When he would have backed off, she reached behind him with her feet, pulling herself up onto him, breaking the barrier with a little yelp of pain, her gaze locked firmly on his all the while.

Then he was through the barrier and there was nothing but pleasure on the other side. She held him deep and close, enjoying the odd 96


sensation of fullness and rapture for the first time in her life. She thought she might finally understand why some of the women in Salomar’s keep had done this with so many men. Still, she knew it was Roland who made this sharing of her body special and she couldn’t imagine letting any other man within herself to this extent. Only Roland.

For as long as he wanted her.

“Are you all right?” His voice was slightly harsh, his breathing accelerated.

She nodded, swallowing hard around her passion. “I’m fine. Oh, Roland, I never knew…”

He chuckled and she felt it within her core. “There’s so much more I want to show you, my heart, so much more I want to give you.” He began to move then, shuttling in and out slowly at first, driving the flames of her passion higher than she believed possible.

She’d thought the pleasure he’d shown her before was magnificent, but it was nothing when compared to what he did to her now. His hands stroked over her body as he moved within her, tugging at her nipples as his lips sought and found hers. He kissed her deep, his tongue stabbing into her mouth much like his cock sank into her pussy—over and over again. She moaned around his marauding tongue and was rewarded with a quick nip of her lower lip that made her squeak. He was a talented lover and he knew just how to stroke her to drive her higher and higher still.

When the pinnacle of pleasure was finally within sight she looked up at his handsome face, sensing him watching her. His gaze connected with hers, and she felt something shift and awaken deep inside her soul.

Something breathed to life, some fire ignited, burning hot and low inside her that she’d never felt before. It was invigorating and it pushed her over the edge of sanity into the mindless oblivion of bliss.



She cried out as she came harder and longer than anything she’d known before. Within moments, she felt Roland stiffen within her and his hot seed shot into the deep recesses of her womb. She felt the fire of him and the answering fire rising within herself. She recognized him on some deep, unprecedented level. She’d been made for this, made for him.

His release went on and on, spurring her own. His seed sought purchase inside her and she prayed for short moment it found a home within her womb and gave her a part of him to love and cherish forever as much as she loved him in this moment. If she could have nothing else of him, she wanted his child.

The thought was staggering.

As her eyes cleared, she found him watching her, the ragged breaths of his exertion bathing her face in warmth. His skin was hot to the touch, warming her deliciously wherever they touched while her insides were still blazing from his passion.

“Sweet Mother.” The exclamation sighed out of her as she tumbled down from the greatest peak of pleasure she’d ever known.

Roland chuckled, leaning up on his elbows so as not to crush her.

“You are perfect for me in every way, my beautiful Lana. Tell me you’ll be mine.”

She nodded, tears gathering in her eyes. This was so much more than she’d dare hope for! He wanted to keep her for a while and she would take any amount of time he would spare.

“Yes, Roland. I’m yours for as long as you want me.”

He smiled and hugged her close, rolling while still joined in the most intimate way. She rested on top of him, straddling his body while his fingers swept in long strokes over her back and down to her ass, squeezing her cheeks as she squirmed.



“You’d better get used to me, sweetheart, because I don’t think there will ever come a time when I won’t want you.” Shock stopped her wiggling as she looked down into his brilliant green eyes. She held her breath at the serious gaze returned to her. “I love you, Lana. I want you with me always.”

Tears fell then. Just a few, but she was helpless against them. He tenderly wiped her eyes with his broad fingers and she tried her best to smile for him. She was so happy, she thought she might burst.

“Oh, Roland! I love you too.” Throwing caution to the wind, she kissed him, for the first time initiating intimacy between them. “I love you so much!”

He stiffened inside her again, and before she knew it, she was riding him to a quick, amazingly passionate climax. Her words of love poured out as she shattered in his arms. Rolling them so he could control her increasingly erratic movements, Roland rose over her. She gloried in his strength and the control he exerted over both of their bodies. He pumped into her hard and fast, bringing her to yet another climax, even higher than the last. She cried out as they reached the top together, spiraling downward, still together, holding each other tight.

“You are my heart, Lana.” He breathed heavily into her hair as he held her closer than close. “Say you’ll be my wife. Please, my love. Will you marry me?”

“Yes. Oh, yes, Roland.”

She couldn’t say anything more as the tears of joy overtook her once again, but he seemed to understand. He released her just enough so he could wipe her joyful tears with a corner of the bed sheet.

“You’ve made me the happiest of men.” He kissed her tenderly and tucked her into his arms. “Rest now, my dearest love.”



Chapter Eight

The next morning they got a bit of a late start. Lana and Roland breakfasted in the great hall while the older dragons watched over Tor’s meal in preparation for the long flight ahead. Dragons didn’t need, necessarily, to eat every day, but when they were young and still growing, like Tor, or expending a great deal of energy in a long flight, they needed more fuel for their fire. Tor would eat heartily of the herds reserved for dragonkind in this land under the guidance and tutelage of elders of his kind. That was a first and Lana could readily feel Tor’s unabashed excitement, through their bond, to be flying with and learning from other dragons for the first time in his young life.

With Tor in the far pastures, happily chasing sheep, Roland lingered in his human form, teasing her senses and firing her newly awakened passions. Which was precisely why they were so late to breakfast and nearly everyone else had already departed the great hall to start their day.

When they entered the great hall hand in hand, amused looks followed Lana and Roland’s progress to the tables that still held some remnants from the huge communal breakfast. Roland and she were able to collect at least enough of the savory dishes that were leftover for the two of them to enjoy an intimate meal.

Roland led her to a table in a far corner, where they were out of direct view of most of those who lingered in the hall. Despite his efforts, Hal 100


and Jures found them not long after they’d sat down. The two knights seated themselves at the table with knowing looks and teasing smiles, but it was the irrepressible Hal, of course, who couldn’t resist voicing the thoughts coursing through his mind.

“Late night, sire?” A raised eyebrow accompanied his question while Jures snorted and chuckled.

Roland didn’t even dignify Hal’s impertinence with a response, though Lana felt her cheeks heat with an uncontrollable blush. Hal only chuckled and shifted forward in his seat to try again.

“I know we often find it difficult to sleep the first night in a strange place. Perhaps next time you should try a sleeping drought. I’m sure Candis would be more than happy—”

“Leave off, Hal, you miscreant,” Roland muttered with grumpy good grace as he tucked one strong arm around Lana’s shoulders. “Can’t you see you’re embarrassing my lady?”

Hal was immediately contrite as he turned to her. “I’m just teasing our Roland, my lady. It’s so good to see him whole and happy. All our people are indebted to you for that.” The handsome knight’s earnest words touched her.

“Pay us no mind, milady. It’s Roland we make sport of. Not you,”

Jures assured her. “You are much too lovely to torment.”

“Not to mention,” Hal joked with a twinkle in his eye, “none of us want to get on the wrong side of your rather large-taloned protector.”

She read genuine, affectionate respect in his words and couldn’t help but like the mischievous, older knight. She sent him a smile as she finished the last of her morning tea.

“Tor and I look out for each other, but you’re right—he’s much better equipped for the role than I.” She held up one dainty, albeit talonless, 101


hand and chuckled. The knights followed suit as Roland captured her fingers, kissed the tips and tucked her little hand close against his heart.

“Ah, but your protection of our new young friend is even more precious, for you safeguard his heart.” Jures’ sensitive words brought an unexpected tear to her eye. “With your guidance, he’s already grown to be one of the most beautiful souls I have ever encountered.”

Hal broke the serious mood by slapping his friend on the back. “Ol’

matchmaker here is hoping one day our little Rena will catch young Tor’s eye as a potential mate.”

Lana gasped. “But they’re just babies!”

Jures shook his head with a smile. “Just a few more winters—quicker than a flash—and they’ll be of age. No sense in not thinking ahead. It’d be a fine thing to have an Ice Dragon in the family, wouldn’t it, Hal?”

Jures sat back with a satisfied grin, apparently thinking far into the future, dreaming of his dragon daughter’s triumphant match.

“It will all unfold as the Mother wills it, Jures. You know that.”

Roland chided the knight good naturedly.

“It never hurts to dream, sire.” Jures winked at Lana, making her smile. The man had such an easy manner, it was hard not to like him.

“And if you’re going to dream,” Hal put in, “you might as well dream big, I always say. The bullies who tease Rena now will regret it one day when she’s mated to the biggest, fiercest, shiniest, and kindest dragon in the land.”

Lana loved the way Hal envisioned Tor when he was grown, and she leaned over the narrow table and placed a quick kiss on his cheek.

“Now why kiss him and not me?” Jures wanted to know. “I’m much handsomer than this ugly lug.”

Lana was saved a reply by the arrival of Lady Candis.



“Have these two been misbehaving again?” Candis asked as she claimed a seat between her two knights, placing a basket before her on the table. “This is for you, Lana. For the journey.” Candis pushed the straw basket toward her and Lana lifted the lid to find a wide selection of fruits, cheeses, breads, and sweets all packed neatly inside.

“Thank you.” Lana felt tears gather behind her eyes again at the woman’s kindness. It’d been so long since anyone had done anything for her out of the goodness of their heart. Only since Roland had entered her life like a whirlwind had such things been happening to her, and she was heartily unused to it. “You are too kind, truly, Lady Candis, to think of my comfort. I don’t know what to say.”

“You’ve already said it, my dear.” Candis placed one hand briefly over Lana’s and squeezed lightly. “And you’re quite welcome. I hope we’ll have a chance to visit again sometime. I’ve enjoyed meeting you and your lovely boy, Tor. He’ll grow to be a fine dragon one day.”

“And maybe you’ll consider putting a good word in with him for our Rena, when the time comes.” Jures sent her an exaggerated teasing wink and she couldn’t help but laugh.

“Rena’s beauty and charm speak for themselves, even now,” she answered with what she thought was good diplomacy. “You can be very proud of her.”

“Oh, we are.” Hal stretched back in his seat.

Lana marveled at these humans who took such interest in the dragons who were part of their lives. “I can see that, and I’m glad to learn I’m not the only human who’s as proud of her dragon baby as if he were my own child.”

“Oh, that’s natural among Lair families,” Candis assured her, “since we all take a part in raising our young—whether human or dragon 103


matters not. Tilden and Rue were just as proud of our sons, Jethry and Tod, when they were chosen as knights by Magus and Senti.”

“I didn’t know you had grown sons.” Lana was surprised, indeed.

Though Candis looked older, Lana didn’t think the other woman was old enough to have two grown sons who were both knights with dragon partners of their own.

“And a daughter too,” Hal winked. “She’s the eldest and she just had her first child. A little girl.”

“You’re grandparents?” Lana was shocked.

The three chuckled good naturedly at her dismay and Roland squeezed her waist briefly as he laid his napkin aside and rose.

“Interesting as this is, we really need to get going, and I need to settle a few things before I take my other form.”

The knights rose instantly when Roland stood and Lana read the respect in every line of their bodies toward her new lover. A warm ember blazed in her middle as she looked up at him, remembering the night of discovery they had shared. He was such a great man and it was obvious his friends loved and respected him in equal measure. That told her a lot about him, though her heart knew even without this proof that he was a wonderful man.

The three men moved off, talking among themselves, leaving Candis and Lana to follow at a slower pace. Candis fell into step next to Lana and she could feel the older woman’s eyes on her.

“He is a very special man, Lana.”

“I know.”

“We’ve wondered for a long time how he would find a woman worthy of him. I’m glad to see that he finally has.”

Lana was astounded by the woman’s warm tone. They’d only just met, but already Candis seemed to really like her. Lana hadn’t had any 104


friends in her life—except for Tor, of course—but she liked Candis, and though she didn’t quite know how to go about it, she wanted to be her friend if at all possible.

“You’re very kind, Lady Candis,” she said softly, unsure how to proceed. “I’ve enjoyed my time here among your family and making your acquaintance. If you meant what you said, I’d like…someday…to come back for a visit.”

Candis stopped as they neared the landing area and shocked Lana by pulling her into a quick, almost motherly hug. “You’re welcome here any time, Lana. Don’t worry. I have a feeling this is only the start of a long and happy friendship. If I’m not much mistaken, Roland will make it so you visit often. He loves this Lair since he trained here as a young dragon. It’s like his second home.”

Lana dared to let herself dream that this wonderful fairytale she’d fallen into was real. Roland loved her. He’d told her so. But could such happiness really be hers? It didn’t seem possible, but even Lady Candis—

a woman she’d come to respect greatly—seemed to believe it.

Perhaps…just perhaps…it was.

Lana felt a kind of bubbly elation fill her soul at the idea. She hugged Lady Candis one last time as Roland beckoned to her. He was at the portal that opened onto the main landing platform of the Lair and she could see the early sun reflecting off Tor’s shiny scales through the large opening. He was with the older dragons, twining necks with them in a dragonish farewell. Even he knew it would soon be time to go.

Roland pulled her in for a fierce hug and a devastatingly passionate kiss that drew a few low whistles from the knights who were still nearby.

Lana was breathless when Roland finally released her.

“That’ll have to hold us ‘til we reach my home.” He winked devilishly at her and she felt the impact of him in her womb and all the way down 105


to her toes. The man was potent. That was a fact. He dragged her close to whisper in her ear. “When we reach the palace, I’m going to lock you in my chambers and ravish you for days. I’m going to show you ways of pleasure you’ve never imagined and I’m going to make you scream in delight. What do you think of that idea?” He pulled back enough to look down at her. His roguish smile was nearly her undoing as she felt her knees grow weak. “Well? What say you, my love?”

“I—” Her voice croaked and she had to clear her throat and try again.

“I think that’s a wonderful plan, Roland.”

The smile he awarded her with promised of sensuous thrills ahead of which she could only dream. “Think of me while we navigate the sky today, lover. Think of me between your thighs, in your body, in your heart.” His words were low and rugged, and for her ears only. “As I’ll be thinking of your soft thighs and softer sighs. You hold my heart, Lana.

Keep it safe.”

“Roland,” she reached up and placed her lips next to his ear, “I love you so much!”

He kissed her again until the “whoops” from the surrounding knights could no longer be ignored. Breaking apart at long last, he placed her a few feet from himself with deliberate, obviously difficult motions as the knights laughed at his predicament. Roland took their teasing with aplomb, laughing as much at himself as they did, and Lana found herself laughing with them, though her body was on fire with need. Only for Roland.

“Go to Tor now, love. I’ll join you in a minute.”

Lana squeezed his hand once more before turning and skipping off to where Tor waited, surrounded by other dragons. She was surprised and gratified to see little Rena closest to him. His sheltering wing protected the little one from the bigger dragons who crowded around him. He was 106


such a thoughtful boy, always protecting those weaker or smaller than himself. The Mother knew he’d done as much for her time and time again.

Lana neared and saw Tor tentatively extending his long neck to twine with Rena’s in the farewell he’d been taught, while Rue and Tilden looked on with what could only be described as indulgent expressions. Perhaps all that chatter at breakfast wasn’t just idle speculation. Perhaps there was an attraction there, though the dragonets were much too young to even understand what might prove to ultimately be a lifelong partnership.

Lana didn’t like thinking about what would happen when Tor was old enough to mate and form a family of his own. She didn’t want to think about what that would mean to her. She was happy as it was now, and content to let each day pass as it would without borrowing troubles from tomorrow. Still, seeing the two youngsters twining necks so prettily, she wondered if maybe she wasn’t seeing a foreshadow of the future.

Roland met them on the ledge in dragon form so as to preserve the secret from young Tor and the other dragonets present, but Lana knew sooner or later, Tor would be let in on the secret of Roland’s amazing dual nature. It was Roland’s secret to tell though, and Lana respected his right to pick the time and place.

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