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Authors: Bianca D'Arc

Tags: #Romance, #Fantasy, #Erotica, #Fiction, #General, #Dragons

Ice Dragon (19 page)

Something had changed. Some
had entered her glade. Hmm, this could be interesting.

Oleafia had very few interesting things enter her glade. This, though, could be an opportunity. One she wouldn’t miss.

She exited her tree on a central branch and looked around the glade.

Sighing, she saw nothing had changed. All the other tree sprites were still shunning her. Nothing would ever change. On the verge of tears, she turned to reenter her tree, when she glanced down. Oh, Goddess. There was a human under her tree.

What is he doing? At least, I think it is a
he. The being had curled into a ball and she couldn’t see the
parts that would enable her to tell what type of human it was. Curious, she crept closer. Closer. She was directly above him.


” At the startling sound Oleafia lost her hold on the branch and landed on the creature.

” The grunt erupted from the being.

As she tried to scramble off him, he wrapped his arms around her, holding her immobile. Trapped. Caught. It was definitely a he, she had seen his man-root as she dropped. However,
didn’t matter anymore.

He had total control of her. She couldn’t…

“Well now, what do we have here?” His smoky voice caused her to shiver as the heat of his breath whispered against her neck.

“Please do not fell me, human.” She snuffled and lay very still.


“Yes, cut me down. End my life. Expire me. Please don’t. I have done nothing to you. Oh, and I won’t. I swear. I mean you no harm.”

“I don’t plan on killing you, girl.”

“You don’t?”

He sighed. “No, I don’t.”

She turned in his arms, facing him. “Honest?”

His eyes widened as he stared at her. “You’re a sprite.”

Oleafia dropped her gaze. “Yes, a tree sprite.”

“I can tell. You’re as beautiful as I have heard tree sprites to be.” He ran his hands over her back, making each bump and ridge tingle and ripple in pleasure. “And softer than I’d expected.”

“I’m not beautiful. That’s why my tree is here and not with the others.

I’m short and round, instead of tall and svelte. I am exiled.” With her long fingernail, she harried one of the two matching bumps on his chest.

Interesting. It hardened under her ministrations. Surprisingly, her own chest started to tingle.

He interrupted her chest fascination with a question. “What’s your name?” He spoke in a gruff whisper.

“Oleafia. What’s yours?” She noticed his leaf-green eyes.
Oh, they are
very pretty.

“My name is Daniel.” He didn’t take his eyes off her. “If you keep doing that I’m going to make love to you, little tree sprite.”

Her entire body jerked in shock. “Make love? To me?”

“Absolutely to you. Didn’t you hear me when I said you’re beautiful?”

Looking at him through narrowed eyes, she placed her hands on his chest and pushed herself upright, legs spread, straddling his body. “I’m not beautiful. Ask anyone.”



He groaned low in his chest, which she felt vibrate against her nest.

The sensation caused her to squirm until she felt something poking her backside.

“You are very close, Oleafia, to becoming my lover.”

Her eyes widened, her curiosity aroused. “Really? You wish me to be your lover?”

“My hard-on doesn’t lie, and it wants you sincerely.”

“Hard-on? Show me.” She inspected him all over, wiggling and turning to see everything she could, but saw nothing resembling a
. She did see dark hair so black it was nearly blue, the strong, granite-like features of his face, the hard muscles of his body. He was much more muscular than any male tree sprite she had seen, but not as muscular as the troll she’d glimpsed once or twice, who lived on the other side of the forest. She thought this male was just right. And his skin was smooth. Smooth as a new leaf. Over and over she ran her hands across his chest, enjoying the feeling. But nowhere did she see a hard-on. “Show me, please.”

Grinning, he lifted her without strain, turned her, and faced her in the opposite direction, returning her to the straddling position over his body.

Her smile widened. “Oh. So,
a hard-on.” She peered over her shoulder at his face. “Can I touch it? Please?”


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