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Authors: Sierra Wolf

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Innocence: Under the Werewolf's Protection (Alpha Male Were Wolf Shape Shifter Paranormal Erotica) (2 page)

BOOK: Innocence: Under the Werewolf's Protection (Alpha Male Were Wolf Shape Shifter Paranormal Erotica)
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"You," he murmurs, bringing his hands to my waist and kissing me hard.

My lips are stunned. Immediately I don't know how to respond, freezing up, but the incredibly primal, instinctive way he behaves makes me feel completely at ease. It's like I know just how to behave when I'm with him. I know to submit. I want to submit.

I want to be his.

I press my body against him, letting my chest press against his, letting my hands wrap around his back. We meet tongue and tongue together, and I open my eyes mid-kiss, unwilling to let this just be a dream. I can smell him. He smells like some rich, earthy heaven -- the woods, warm nights, fresh air, something potent and powerful -- I know at once that I had to give myself to him.

He pulled away from me and I open my eyes once more, watching him as he looked damn gorgeous in front of me, with a primal, craving look in his eyes. He wants me.

More than anything, I knew that he would take me anyway he wanted -- and I would be all the happier for it.

Holy shit, tonight is the night I'm losing my virginity!

The rush from that thought, and from feeling overpowered by the intense sexiness imbued in Francis, makes me absolutely dripping wet. Honestly, I've known the meaning of horniness before, but never anything like this. This time, I feel like if he pushed me down to the ground and fucked me right there with the world to watch, I'd be the one tearing my clothes off. I can't resist him. Not at all.

It's like he's got some sort of animalistic pheromone that speaks to every inch of my soul and tells me: Take. Me. Now.

And plus, it's striking me as really funny that I'm thinking of it as "taking" instead of sex or fucking -- but I can just tell that this wolf of a man was going to do exactly that.

"Do you... do you want to have me?" I murmur to him while I try to restrain myself from closing my eyes and giving in fully to the pleasure of him kissing my neck, wet. I can feel his teeth dig into me. It's incredible, this feeling of knowing that I was the object of irresistible passion for him.

"Have you?" he grins. "You mean, do you want to fuck?"

"Oh God," I murmur, embarrassed. "I've never..."

"Come here," he says, dragging me. He takes me to the diner's back, where the car park is. A long window looks over here, but as far as I can tell there are only two patrons there and they're both looking away from the window. He stops us both in front of a brown Mustang.

"Yes, I want to have you," he says. He brings his hands down to caress my breasts under my shirt. I'm pushing them forward, giving him more space, letting him do as he wishes. "But I want to fuck you bent over the hood of my car."

"What if other people see?" I whisper, too turned on to put up a real objection.

"That's how fucking should be, sweetheart," he murmurs. "Real sex takes place with the world to watch and howl along to."

"Holy fuck," I say, falling for his every line. "Get me naked, fuck me now."

We tear each others' clothes off quickly. His jacket falls discarded at our feet; my top goes next; then his khaki pants and my skirt, until I'm left in my bra and panties.

"What's wrong, beautiful?" he asks, when he feels me hesitate. I cross my arms in front of my bra.

"I just..."

"I know, you've never done this before," he says, kissing my forehead. "But I know that you'll wish you'd done this so much sooner, when I'm done with you."

"When you're done with me!" I say in mock-scandal. "You're going to fuck me and leave me, aren't you?"

"As fucking if," he grins. His hands take my wrists. "Open up. I want to see how fucking gorgeous you look. You're perfect, Gina, in every sense of the word. You should never, ever be ashamed about your body, or 'bout your inexperience."

"But I..."

"Shh," he says, cutting me off, and then lifting my arms up over my head by his strong left hand over my wrist. His right hand goes to my back, impressing me with the deftness in which he maneuvers my bra clasp. It falls down to the ground, leaving me topless.

I watch him bite his lip as he binds my wrists with his hand over my head, leaving me helpless. I am pulsing in sheer erotic arousal.

"Now," he says to me, "Now I'm going to claim you as mine."

I can't breathe from all the excitement choking me. I can feel sweat drip down my back, making me feel distinctly self-aware of my own toplessness. "Do you... uh... do you find me pleasing?"

"Sir," he adds.

"Do you find me pleasing, sir?" I say, tentatively, anything to make him want me more.

He tilts his head and looks at me -- really looks at me. At once it's an observational dispassion, but also a hungry, deeply desiring look. As I'm dripping with sweat from all the heat of being teased by him, I realize that I'm also a veritable deluge in my panties.

Which I haven't found the courage to remove.

"They go, now," he growls, slipping one finger from each hand in the band of my panties. I gasp and shudder in delight as he swiftly brings my underwear down, removing his fingers and letting the pair fall to my ankles. "Mmm. You're so fucking perfect."

I close my legs together in shyness. I can't help but think I should have somehow known to shave myself earlier...

"I'm sorry," I blurt, "I don't want to scare you, but I haven't shaved recently..."

He laughs, lifting me up and setting me down on the hood of his Mustang. He pushes past my closed legs, standing between them, his heat closing in on mine. I watch him look at my pussy, again giving me that observational distance... while maintaining an absolutely predatory hunger.

"I fucking love it when a girl keeps herself natural," he says. "I'd much rather you keep it the way you do than pretend to be some sort of artificial little girl."

Relief floods me. "Oh, thank y--Oh my God!"

I'm interrupted because he immediately starts massaging my pussy with one hand, as the other tears at his khaki pants so he can give me what I've been craving. I need it right now. I need his cock, and I need him to take my flower.

"I want to fucking claim you," he murmurs, bending forward as he finally frees his cock from his pants. I try to look down but manage only a brief glance. Holy fuck, he's huge!

"Oh my God," I repeat, placing my hands down on the hood to balance myself on the slight slope of the car's front. "Oh my God, give me that," I say, not fully sure what 'that' is -- being a virgin and all.

"We wolves don't fuck the way you humans do," he says with a grin. "Guys these days lose their sensitivity to masturbation, or focus too much on getting head, or even giving head... the real way, the
way, is to fuck like you mean it."

"W-what's that?" I ask nervously, watching his hands go to his cock, already fully hard, and hover over the entrance to my slit. I'm throbbing from anticipation. I don't know if I can take anymore of this.

"It's all about the fucking. Nothing less, nothing more," he says, grabbing me by my hair and then swiftly penetrating me.

I can't even believe the absolute pleasure I feel when he's inside me. "Fuuuuuck me!" I shout, instantly wrapping my legs around his back, tilting my body so my pussy directly and perfectly faces his cock -- so he can fuck me as deep as he wants, as hard as he wants.

I feel a stretching beyond anything I've ever felt. I've played around with dildos and vibrators before, and maybe I've even fingered inside... but never have I had a cock inside me; I wince from the pain of him fucking my tight little innocent hole, and worry if I'm bleeding.

This werewolf has taken my hymen!

"Please," I beg, not knowing what I mean when I say that: be gentle? Fuck me hard? Make me yours? I think I mean all of it at once. I know only that I wanted him, and I was going to make him mine, if only he would let me.

He fucks me like it was a job: his thrusts into me are like a pounding that gives my whole body full-body vibrations. I'm trembling all over as I attempt to count the number of pendulum-like thrusts he gives me.

His cock feels so good inside me. I can't believe I hadn't done this before.

But it feels even so much better when I close my eyes and think about how the one man who got to have me for my first time... was the right man worth waiting for.

Right man?

Right wolf?

My thoughts are interrupted by a building up of sheer intensity inside my body. I can only attempt to describe it as a rapidly spreading warmth, unlike any sort of sexual pleasure I had felt. I felt like my body had become in perfect sync to his: as he growls and fucks me, I felt my pussy lock in with him, letting him saw in and out without being able to withdraw completely.

I would never want him to withdraw. "Don't pull out," I murmur, amid the heavy breaths of my begging, my needing, my romancing.

He howls and growls as he fucks me, pounding his cock the whole way with the resonant, resultant echo of the base of his cock sliding all the way and slapping against the full front of my pussy.

This feels amazing. I can't help it any further -- I knew I was going to lose myself in this spreading heat.

Was this going to be the elusive orgasm I, a young virgin girl, had always craved?

"Mmm," he murmurs, bringing his lips to my ear. "I can tell you're close."

"Are... are you close too?"

"We're bound, we're mates," he murmurs. "That means we're both going to cum together, my dearest."

Holy fuck.

I can feel it.

I'm suddenly keenly aware of his every thrust, his every inch inside me. There is a purity to the sort of understanding this affords, giving me a powerful new grip on my own sex: I can feel him, all of him, and I knew he could feel me too.

"Oh God, I'm cumming!" I called out.

I didn't need to hear him tell me he was, too, because, holy fuck, I could feel it.

The spreading warmth in my pussy.

The absolute liquid ecstasy.

The werewolf was claiming me as his mate in the single most animal way you could imagine.

I'm screaming. He's howling. There is a music to our shared orgasm, the moon playing witness to my deflowering.

"You're mine," he murmurs again, this time sounding sweet, rather than threatening. "You're marked by me, Gina, and for as long as I live... you're under my protection."

He doesn't need to say it. He has already spoken to me in a far more effective language: I know his intentions, from the way his seed filled me full.

I was happy to be marked.

And I was happier at the thought of being marked over and over again... by the werewolf.

BOOK: Innocence: Under the Werewolf's Protection (Alpha Male Were Wolf Shape Shifter Paranormal Erotica)
4.93Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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