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Her heart fluttered. “You’re going to stay on Earth?”

“No.” Taking her hand, he stroked the back with his thumb. “I want someone to share the beauty of the universe with.”

Soaring through the stars had always been a dream, but the hefty cost of a seat aboard any commercial space flight kept her on the ground. Even though she had no relatives she cared about on Earth, she did have friends she considered her family. Could she leave them all behind? “I—”

He reached up, placing a finger on her lips. “Shh, don’t decide now. Let’s spend the night together, and you can make a decision in the morning.”

Before she had a chance to respond, the wall—more like a curtain—parted as another male, wearing a thin white pair of lounge pants, sauntered toward her. With the same dark mane, blue-tinged skin, and wide build, he could be a copy of the extraterrestrial that lay on the bed with her. Two alien hunks?

Part of her wanted to scream, run, get away from these men—aliens—before they tried to hurt her, or worse. But the idea of the exotic creatures excited her beyond belief.

Galan slid off the bed and stood in front of the other man. “I told you to give me some time alone with her.”

“And I did.” Her date’s carbon copy peeked over Galan’s shoulder. “Now I’m here to help you convince her to stay.”

She shivered. If he was as passionate as her date, she would have one hell of a one-night stand.

Galan pushed the other man behind the curtain until they both disappeared. During their absence, she glanced around the room, searching for some sign that she truly was on a spaceship, but found nothing. Everything was warm and soft, not cold steel as she’d expected in a flying saucer.

Her date returned minutes later. He ran a hand over the top of his head and down his long strands. “My brother, he’d like to join us, to bring you added pleasure.”

She raised an eyebrow as her heart hammered in her chest. How could she say no? Two times the pleasure, double the fun.

“But only if you’re willing. I promise he won’t hurt you.” The corner of his mouth twitched. “What do you say?”

She chewed her bottom lip. If she agreed, would Galan be offended? “I’d like that if it’s what you want, too.”

He parted the curtain. “C’mon in, Volan.”

Returning to her side, Galan ran his hand along her exposed thigh.

The new male circled the bed, examining her with his stare. “Brother, she’s perfect.” He brushed his fingers over her back, across her tattoo. “And marked for us, too. You chose well.”

“I didn’t choose, Volan. An Earth woman, albeit one with supernatural powers, set us up together. I couldn’t have asked for a better match.”

Her cheeks warmed with their unfamiliar compliments. She could listen to them forever.

Volan joined them on the bed. “It turns out I’m looking to settle down, like my brother. What do you say to two men bringing you pleasure, tonight? We’ll make it a night you’ll never forget.”

She turned to Galan. Did he consent to this? Was a ménage normal for them? She’d never been with two men at the same time. And brothers at that. Her body shook with desire, imagining the fantasies the two could fulfill.

With Galan’s nod, moisture flooded her thighs. She wanted them both. Even if for one night.



Chapter Four



At their request, Danyka stood beside the bed, and waited for one of the brothers to move. They stared for what seemed like hours, when in reality, seconds had passed. Finally, Volan slid off the bed and approached her from behind. She dared not move for fear she’d wake up and learn this had all been a dream. As his warm breath tickled her skin, he reached around and slid his hands inside her corset. He cupped her breasts, lifting them out of the restricting material. Kissing her neck, he worked magic across her bare flesh with his hands.

Galan drew closer, peeling off her pasties before he leaned down and sucked on her nipple. She gasped, overwhelmed by her longing, the heat invading her body.

Enhancing each sensation, Volan rubbed her other pebbled peak between his fingers. “Do you want to leave us?”

She whimpered. “No, but please don’t hurt me.” Her only fear of being with these aliens and two men at the same time.

Galan gazed up at her, unhooking her corset. “We could never bring you any harm. You’re our
, should you decide to stay.”

His brother unzipped her skirt, letting it pool at her feet. “No, we’ll never hurt you, our

She didn’t care what
meant, for these two worshiped her body, their hands and mouths exploring every inch. A nip here, a squeeze there, sent her closer to release. By the time they’d laid her on the bed, they’d stripped her of all her clothing. Volan stretched his naked body beside her, his large cock jutting into her hip, and stroked her breasts. At the edge of the bed, Galan finished removing his garments. He crawled behind her, pressing his body, his ample erection against her bare ass.

How could she have gotten so lucky? Her time with these men had already lasted longer than any sexual experience she’d ever had.

Galan rolled her onto her back, claiming her mouth, his untied hair acting like a curtain to keep her focused on the moment, while his brother suckled the peaks of her breasts. No man had ever paid so much attention to her body. If a boyfriend lasted her minimum six weeks, they’d dump her after the first quick fuck. To have not one, but two men ravaging her body felt divine.

Volan kissed her stomach, nipping and licking, all the way down to her aching mound. She’d heard from her friends oral sex could be exhilarating, but none of her previous partners had ever taken the time to show her just how much. She needed more. Sliding to the end of the bed, Volan held her legs open. With the first lap of his tongue across her needy spot, she moaned into Galan’s mouth.

“You like that, do you?” Galan asked.

She nodded, thrusting her hips into the air. Volan continued to savor her, pushing down on her legs.

Galan brushed his hand across her face. “Well then let’s take this a step further.”

Her stomach clenched as she drew in a quick breath. What did he want?

He straddled her chest, stroking his hefty cock in front of her, smearing pre-cum over the head. “Will you take me?”

She exhaled. She’d had plenty of experience in
oral sex. Guys would wait for her as long as they got something in return. But she’d never sucked a cock as large or as thick. As she lifted her head to take him, he placed a soft cushion under her neck for support. He leaned forward and fucked her mouth. Keeping his movements long and slow, he never made her gag, somehow able to sense how much she could handle. And that amount grew with every thrust. Giving head to him did not feel like a chore.

With her rush of heat, Volan inserted his digits into her pussy. His fingers and magical tongue worked her closer to release. She moaned around Galan’s cock, taking him farther down her throat. How could anything feel so amazing? Stroke after stroke, they plunged into her. Pressure built throughout her body, until she burst with orgasm like a Fourth of July display. Galan pulled away and sucked on her nipple, intensifying the sensations even more.

She gasped, trying to catch her breath. Never before had anyone satisfied her so much. She could stay there forever.

Galan lay on his back beside her, his mane pooled across the satin sheets. Grabbing her hips, he rolled her onto his broad, chiseled body. “I hope you can handle more of us, as we’re far from finished.” He reached behind her, sliding his hand down her ass and across her slick mound. “I want to feel your Terran pussy around my cock.”

She shuddered, wanting him, no, needing him to fill her. Sex, when she chose to engage in it, had always felt like an obligation to any boyfriend. Not now. Not with these two men—aliens. She was living her fantasy. Although she’d never imagined the spaceship, the foreign setting added to the excitement.

Galan lifted her over his engorged flesh. Her muscles tightened as he slid into her, his cock filling her. She gasped, releasing her breath slowly. If she’d known sex with an extraterrestrial could be like this, she would have searched for one to abduct her long ago. But then, she never would have met these two. She rocked her hips, gripping his tight biceps as she rode him. Volan stood above his brother, stroking himself. She wanted to taste him, too. Leaning forward, she licked the head of his penis.

He grunted. “Suck me, Danyka. Suck me while you fuck my brother.”

Letting go of Galan, she grabbed the firm flesh of Volan’s ass, gripping him as she swallowed his cock. Galan pounded into her, satiating her with unbelievable bliss. Nothing on Earth had ever felt this good.

Withdrawing from her mouth, Volan bent down and kissed her with such intensity, her mind spun on a tilted axis. He pulled away, leaving her reeling for more.

She reached out to him. “I need you.”

Shaking his head, he stepped off the bed. “You’ll always have me if you want me. But I’m so close to release, and in your mouth is not where I want to be.”

Galan reached for her, pulling her down onto his chest. He claimed her mouth with the same hunger as his brother. Volan trailed kisses down her back, pressing a finger—moist from some magical lube—against her forbidden hole.

She drew in a quick breath.

“Shh, just relax.” He pushed in further, sending a sensation like no other throughout her body.

She clenched around Galan’s shaft, enticing him to move faster. God, she’d never thought anything like this was possible. Two alien men found her desirable and stimulated her in every orifice. How could anything be so wrong and feel so good?

Volan slid his finger out, but Galan kept her mind on him, his kisses and each thrust of his hardness a drugging experience. She couldn’t get enough.

A cold liquid slid down the crack of her ass. Volan rubbed it in and around her hole. Shit. She’d never been fucked in the ass by one guy. Having two guys inside her with larger than normal cocks would tear her apart.

She pulled away from Galan, whimpering. “I don’t think I can do this.”

He held her head in his hands. “We won’t hurt you. Just give it a try. If you don’t like it, we’ll stop. My brother will go slow.”

Volan massaged her butt cheeks. “What do you say, Danyka? Are you willing to try something new?”

Everything about the experience was new. Why not keep going? They hadn’t hurt her thus far. “Go ahead, fuck me in the ass.”

Finding liberation in her words, she leaned down and controlled the erotic kiss shared with Galan. With continuous, measured movements, she rode him, waiting for his twin to enter her illicit hole.

He pushed in, unhurried, then stopped, a firm grip on her ass. “You okay, my

Pain pierced through her, but was short-lived with the overwhelming pleasure overriding it. She moaned and pushed back, trying to take more of both men into her. They comprehended the motion and pumped into her with long, gradual strokes. Her cries of delight filled the air.

She couldn’t take much more. A sudden intense pressure built inside her. She screamed in a blinding, pulsing moment of release. The brothers’ movements sped up, until they groaned, exploding into her, enhancing her continuous orgasm. Slipping their cocks from her, they lay on the bed, cradling her between them. She’d been double-fucked and never felt so satisfied. She couldn’t wait to experience the sensations again, but she was too spent to do anything. Closing her eyes, she drifted into slumber.

“Not so fast, Danyka.” Galan brushed the sweat-soaked hair from her face.

, we need to wash you now.” Volan slid off the bed then scooped her into his arms. He carried her past the satin curtains to another room full of white porcelain. The entire place appeared more like a palace than the cold, sterile vehicle she’d thought a spaceship to be. In the center of the room sat a tub the size of a small pool. One of the men must have drawn it before they joined her on the bed, forever ago. She tensed, anticipating chilled water when Volan placed her into the tub. Instead, jasmine-scented warmth surrounded her. So peaceful and relaxing. Such an unexpected night. However, the brothers weren’t finished. They joined her in the tub, washing her with cloths as soft as rose petals, reaching her most intimate spots. A yearning to have them both again overwhelmed her, and without her asking, they fulfilled her desires once more.

She sat against Volan as he massaged her breasts. Galan lifted her legs onto his shoulders, sucking her swollen clit. Her heart hammered in her chest. No one would ever compare to these two.

“We will love you forever, if you let us,” Volan whispered. He brushed kisses along her neck, intensifying the pleasure his brother continued to build on.

She couldn’t think of forever, only the here and now, and the blinding rapture of orgasm. It tore through her body as the aliens struggled to hold her between them. And when she’d relaxed, Galan continued his sexual torture with his tongue.

She shuddered. “Stop, please.”

He pulled away. He set her legs down onto the textured surface of the tub and chuckled. “Not for long, my

With gentle hands, the brothers spun her around until she faced Volan. “Are you up for both of us, again?”

Instead of answering him, she eased onto his cock. He released a satisfying moan as his eyes rolled back in his head. “Bless the gods we found you.” He pulled her against him, claiming her mouth.

Alien or not, she couldn’t get enough.

He stood, holding her against him, and she wrapped her legs around his waist. But she slid off, both their bodies slick with water. Galan caught her, grabbing her ass to prevent her landing in the tub. He helped her back onto his brother’s shaft before he joined in fucking her from behind. They united in lifting her up and down their huge cocks. Over and over, her pussy and asshole clenched around them, sending her spiraling into another orgasm. Her release stole her lovers’ control, and they spilled their seed deep into her.

BOOK: Jessica E. Subject BUNDLE (Intergalactic Heat)
6.98Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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