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Lana (14 page)

Akira sat in a barstool beside his female relatives, but when I went to take the seat beside him, he’d just pulled me tight against him.
I stayed in his arms for the joy-filled evening, soaking him in as I leaned against him, his arms tight around me.
When it became clear that we weren’t going anywhere anytime soon, he stood, tugging me into the chair, but resuming a similar hold on me from behind, but with him standing.
He was affectionate and cuddly, stroking my hair, and bending down to kiss the top of my head often.
His actions seemed to make Tutu and Mari giddy with excitement.
They kept elbowing each other, huge smiles on their faces every time he kissed my head.
He didn’t seem to care what they had assumed by the way he was acting, so I didn’t let it trouble me either.
If he wanted to touch me, I wanted to be touched.

Tutu was well into her cups when she began to get truly outrageous.
She pointed an accusatory finger at me.

“Are you on the pill?” she asked, her tone low and mean.

I nodded, laughing as she clutched at her heart, shuddering.
“That will make you barren.
It’s a fact.
Get off those pills immediately.
It might already be too late.
Let me see your purse.”

Someone from the resort had delivered my red handbag, and I’d stashed it under the stool, but I shook my head.

The bag was at my feet, and she dove for it, bouncing back spryly when she had a good grip on it.
I just laughed, wondering what she was doing.
She dug through it, fishing out my packet of birth control pills almost immediately.
My eyes widened.
What was she up to now?

“Um, I need those, Tutu.
What on earth are you doing?”

She shook her head stubbornly, pursed her lips, and took off for the bathroom, running like she was sixteen instead of sixty.
I turned in Akira’s arms, giving him a baffled look.
“Akira, that was my birth control.
This is bad.”

He just shrugged, looking way too unconcerned about the whole thing.
I got up with a sigh, intending to follow crazy Tutu.

Mari sent me a strange look, as though she thought
was crazy, and Akira pushed me back into the stool, wrapping those massive arms around me tightly.
“You don’t want to be alone with Tutu in a small space when she’s in a mood like this, Lana.
Trust me.
The pills can be replaced.”

I sighed, supposing he was right.

Tutu returned shortly, rubbing her hands together and cackling as she stepped out of the bathroom, the pills obviously absent.

“Has she gotten even crazier?” I asked her children, my tone idle.

They both just made noises of noncommittal.

“You can thank me later, since I’m feeling generous,” was the first thing she said as she rejoined us.

I snorted loudly.

She rubbed her hands together.
“Mari and I will plan the wedding.
It will be outside, and the weather will be perfect.”
Her tone implied that she had some control over that.

I turned and gave Akira a pointed look.
“You want to set her straight?
Don’t you think this is a bit much?” I asked him quietly.

He just shrugged, smirking.
“Why bother?
Let her have her fun.”

I thought it might be time to leave, since the place had officially turned into crazy town.
I told Mari as much.

She just gave me an arch look.
“And how crazy are you, pretty girl, that you didn’t know it’s been crazy town all along?”

That made me laugh, and lightened the mood, the conversation, too.

I was shocked when I checked the time and saw that it was nearly two a.m.
“How late do you guys normally stay up?
It is way past my bedtime.”

“Don’t you know it’s Friday night?” Tutu asked.
“I won’t leave until they kick me out.”

Mari gave me a level stare.
“She’s not joking.”

“Say goodnight to Lana.
I’m taking her home,” Akira said, hearing my comments.
Both women protested, but hugged me goodbye.

“I’ll set up a spa day for the day after tomorrow.
Does that sound good?” I asked them.
They both nodded enthusiastically.

I heard Tutu’s last comment as we were walking out the door.
“He’s going to keep her in bed all day tomorrow.”
She had projected her voice loudly, as though telling the entire bar.

I was still laughing as Akira pulled me to his car.


He was serious on the drive to his house.
“You need to be careful of Milena.
It’s hard to know what she’s capable of.
You got the better of her that time, but she is usually a better fighter than that.
I’ve seen it.
I think she was just so mad that she forgot how to fight.
If you see her out in public, you need to
walk away
I don’t want you getting hurt.
She’ll have twice as much to prove now.”

I shrugged.
“I’ll be gone soon enough.
I doubt I’ll run into her.”

He gave me a hooded glance out of the corner of his eye, his gaze returning quickly to the road.
“Are you so anxious to leave us again?” he asked, his voice very quiet.

I didn’t answer, stewing for a while. I decided I didn’t owe him an answer.
Not for a question like that.

His hand went to the back of my head, gripping my hair tightly.
I sent him a surprised glance, but his face was closed off, his eyes on the road as he pulled left onto the private drive that led to his house.

He started kissing me as soon as he opened my door, pushing me against the side of his car.
He yanked up my skirt, lifting me against him.
I wrapped my legs around his waist, and he groaned.
It was a sound of approval from deep in his throat.

He used the weight of his hips to push me high against the car, and used both hands to pull the top of my dress down.
He dragged his heavy arousal against me all the while, making me moan.
We were in his driveway, in full view of his neighbors, if they cared to look, but I couldn’t bring myself to care, not even a little.
Even it if had been broad daylight out instead of two-thirty in the morning, I doubted I would have turned him down.
I had always been his for the taking.
Anytime, anywhere.

“You said you could never tell me no,” he said roughly, unclasping the front closure of my bra.

My only response was a moan as he kneaded at the heavy globes.
He shrugged out of his own dress shirt, ripping more buttons than he ended up unbuttoning in his hurry.
He shifted me away from the car, melding our bare chests together.

“Did you mean it, when you said that?”

I felt his hand working below me, and then his bared erection was pressing against me.
He shifted aside the tiny scrap of lace that served as his only barrier, poising himself at my entrance in a flash.
He worked into me with his hands on my hips, my passage already slick enough to ease his progress.
He buried himself to the hilt, but didn’t begin to thrust right away, instead holding himself there, so impossibly deep inside of me.

He used both of his arms to hug me securely against him as he began to walk, moving to his front door now that he’d buried himself inside of me.

I was lost, each step sending excruciating waves of pleasure straight to my core.
My thighs were wrapped tightly around his hips.
When he used one hand to unlock his front door, I rubbed against him, dragging my nipples against his chest, my sex clenching him as I wiggled against him.
He moaned, ramming into me hard with the same motion he used to shut the front door behind us.
He pulled out of me with excruciating slowness, ramming back in much harder and faster, then pulling out slowly again, dragging his thick cock against all of the right spots.

“Faster, Akira, I want you to fuck me hard and fast,” I told him on a ragged breath.
I wanted to drive him crazy.
It worked.

He grabbed my hips and rocked into me.
He pounded me against the closed door like his life depended on it, my nails raking his back as I screamed his name.
It was almost painful, with his huge girth, but I still loved it.


is paradise.
You took my paradise with you when you left, Lana,” he rasped into my ear.
The words drove me over the edge, and I shouted his name as I came.
He followed, burying his face into my neck as he shuddered against me.

He surprised me by biting my neck as the shudders eased.
I yelped in surprise.
“I’m going to wring so many orgasms out of you that you’ll be too exhausted to even think about leaving this rock,” he growled into my ear.

I laughed, feeling almost drunk from the aftershocks of the powerful orgasm.
“You’re welcome to try,” I murmured back.

He pulled out of me slowly, making us both groan in the process.
He shifted me around until I was cradled against his chest.
His look was a warning.
“Baby, I won’t be trying.
I’ll be doing.”

I made a contented little noise, burrowing my face into his chest.
He stroked my hair, the tender gesture belying the mean look on his face.

He laid me on his bed, pulling my clothes off with swift, economical motions.
I just lay where he left me, feeling a little boneless as he disappeared into his bathroom.
I heard a bath running and a moment later, he was back striding towards me, completely nude.
I drank in the sight of his perfect body as he moved.

I sighed a little dreamily.
“You’re magnificent,” I told him.
It was a fact.

He smirked at me, bending to pick me up.
“Look who’s talking,” he said with a grunt, flipping me onto his shoulder.
He squeezed my butt as he carried me into the bathroom.
He was much gentler as he lowered me into the scorching hot water.
He turned back to grab something on the counter, and I got a full, unencumbered view of his perky butt.
I made an appreciative little, “Mmmmm,” at the sight.

He threw a grin over his shoulder.
“You always were obsessed with my butt.
I couldn’t go out in public without being stalked when you were in high school.
You did love to talk about my ass.
Do you have any idea how embarrassing it is for a grown man to get his ass ogled by high school girls every time he goes out in public?”

I laughed until tears streamed down my cheeks, because it wasn’t an exaggeration, and I had simply adored tormenting him with my little schemes back then.
The old memories warmed me.
I had made a point to tell just about anyone who would listen just how unparalleled his ass was, and my high school friends had been paying attention.
All of our eyes had followed Akira whenever we had been lucky enough to catch a glimpse of him coming or going.

He joined me in the steaming water, and we washed each other with lingering touches.
I straddled him so I could wash his thick hair.
He kissed me, and I could feel him growing hard against me.

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