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BOOK: Libby and the Class Election
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The glowing beings with sparkly skin that live on Starland.

Starling's Surprise, The
A classic children's book, beloved by many. It tells the tale of a young female Starling and her adventures with
a talking glion.

Sixty starsecs (or seconds) on Starland, the equivalent of a Wishworld minute.

Star Preparatory:
Similar to Starling Academy, this is the all-boys school located across Luminous Lake.

Star Quad:
The central outdoor part of the Starling Academy campus.

Star salutations:
A Starling expression of thanks.

Brief period of time, similar to a Wishworld second.

Star shakers:
Clear star-shaped musical instruments with handles, filled with crystals that produce a delicate tinkling sound when shaken.

Star Wranglers:
Starlings whose job is to lasso a shooting star, to transport Starlings to Wishworld.

The ultimate smartphone that Starlings use for all communications. It has myriad features.

Student Manual:
A holo-book that contains all the rules and regulations of Starling Academy.

Supernova Island:
An exclusive vacation destination with fine restaurants, fancy shops, and stunning views from its mountainous peaks.

Time of Letting Go:
One of the four seasons on Starland. It falls between the warmest season and the coldest, similar to fall on Wishworld.

Time of Lumiere:
The warmest season on Starland, similar to summer on Wishworld.

Time of Shadows:
The coldest season of the year on Starland, similar to winter on Wishworld.

An ancient brass instrument, it makes a scratchy, whistly sound.

Tinsel toast:
Bread heated and sprinkled with ground tinsel, a sweet, aromatic, glittery plant.

A high-tech gadget that Starlings use to clean their teeth.

Wish Blossom:
The bloom that appears from a Wish Orb after its wish is granted.

Wish energy:
The positive energy that is released when a wish is granted. Wish energy powers everything on Starland.

Wish energy manipulation:
The ability to mentally harness wish energy to perform physical acts like turning off lights, closing doors, etc.

The Wishling who has made the wish that is being granted.

The place where Wish Orbs are planted and cared for until they sparkle. Once the orb's wish is granted, it becomes a Wish Blossom.

The inhabitants of Wishworld.

Wish Mission:
The task Starlings undertake when they travel to Wishworld to help grant a wish.

Wish Orb:
The form a wish takes on Wishworld before traveling to Starland. It will grow and sparkle when it's time to grant the wish.

Wish Pendant:
A gadget that absorbs and transports wish energy, helps Starlings locate their Wishers, and changes their appearance. Each Wish Pendant holds a
different special power for its Star Darling.

Starlings whose job it is to observe the Good Wish Orbs until they glow, indicating that they are ready to be granted.

The planet that Starland relies on for wish energy. The beings on Wishworld know it by another name—Earth.

Wishworld Outfit Selector:
A program on each Star-Zap that accesses Wishworld fashions for Starlings to wear to blend in.

Wishworld Surveillance Deck:
Located high above the campus, it is where Starling Academy students go to observe Wishlings through high-powered telescopes.

A traditional Starling breakfast drink, it can be enjoyed hot or iced.

Small, sweetly tart berries that grown in abundance on Starland.

It is impossible
to list all of our gratitude, but we will try.

Our most precious gift and greatest teacher, Halo; we love you more than there are stars in the sky…punashaku. To the rest of our crazy, awesome, unique tribe—thank you for teaching
us to go for our dreams. Integrity. Strength. Love. Foundation. Family. Grateful. Mimi Muldoon—from your star doodling to naming our Star Darlings, your artistry, unconditional love, and
inspiration is infinite. Didi Muldoon—your belief and support in us is only matched by your fierce protection and massive-hearted guidance. Gail. Queen G. Your business sense and witchy
wisdom are legendary. Frank—you are missed and we know you are watching over us all. Along with Tutu, Nana, and Deda, who are always present, gently guiding us in spirit. To our colorful,
totally genius, and bananas siblings—Patrick, Moon, Diva, and Dweezil—there is more creativity and humor in those four names than most people experience in a lifetime. Blessed. To our
magical nieces—Mathilda, Zola, Ceylon, and Mia—the Star Darlings adore you and so do we. Our witchy cuzzie fairy godmothers—Ane and Gina. Our fairy fashion godfather, Paris. Teeta
and Freddy—we love you all so much. And our four-legged fur babies—Sandwich, Luna, Figgy, and Pinky Star.

The incredible Barry Waldo. Our SD partner. Sent to us from above in perfect timing. Your expertise and friendship are beyond words. We love you and Gary to the moon and back. Long live the
manifestation room!

Catherine Daly—the stars shined brightly upon us the day we aligned with you. Your talent and inspiration are otherworldly; our appreciation cannot be expressed in words. Many heartfelt
hugs for you and the adorable Oonagh.

To our beloved Disney family. Thank you for believing in us. Wendy Lefkon, our master guide and friend through this entire journey. Stephanie Lurie, for being the first to believe in Star
Darlings. Suzanne Murphy, who helped every step of the way. Jeanne Mosure, we fell in love with you the first time we met and Star Darlings wouldn't be what it is without you. Andrew
Sugarman, thank you so much for all your support.

Our team…Devon (pony pants) and our Monsterfoot crew—so grateful. Richard Scheltinga—our angel and protector. Chris Abramson—thank you! Special appreciation to Richard
Thompson, John LaViolette, Swanna, Mario, and Sam.

To our friends old and new—we are so grateful to be on this rad journey that is life with you all. Fay. Jorja. Chandra. Sananda. Sandy. Kathryn. Louise. What wisdom and strength you share.
Ruth, Mike, and the rest of our magical Wagon Wheel bunch—how lucky we are. How inspiring you are. We love you.

Last—we have immeasurable gratitude for every person we've met along our journey, for all the good and the bad; it is all a gift. From the bottom of our hearts we thank you for
touching our lives.

is a jewelry designer and writer who was born and raised in Los Angeles.
She has an endless imagination and a passion to inspire positivity through her many artistic endeavors.
She and her husband, Ahmet Zappa, collaborated on Star Darlings just in time for their magical little girl and biggest inspiration, Halo Violetta Zappa.

is the
New York Times
best-selling author of
Because I'm Your Dad
The Monstrous Memoirs of a Mighty
. He writes and produces films and television shows and loves pancakes, unicorns, and making funny faces for Halo and Shana.

BOOK: Libby and the Class Election
11.01Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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