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She saw the MacKay
stronghold from her dreams sitting on the hill above them. The moon shone
brightly overhead casting it in a majestic light. Though she had known he
wasn’t lying, the sight before her forced her to accept the reality of what was
happening and brought all her doubts to the forefront once more. Her fear began
to recede as he stepped boldly into the clearing and walk toward the front
gates, but as she attempted to do the same the mist began to thicken once more.
Like a blanket falling to earth it closed in around her.

Tavish… what’s happening?!”

“Lass? Nae
lass… doona let go!” It was at his words that she realized that was exactly
what she had done.

In her
distress she had let go of his hand and it seemed, her connection to his world.
As the mist swirled heavier around her she could no longer hear his pleas only
see the anguish in his eyes and feel her own despair as she realized that she
might never see him again. Looking into his handsome face she realized that
after only knowing him a few hours in the real world she had managed to fall
even deeper in love with him. She fell to her knees in anguish as she watched
the mist take him further away with each minute until at last he was gone
leaving her feeling secluded and alone. She curled in a ball and cried as her
heart began to break in what felt like a million little shards.

That is how
Ian found her what seemed like hours later, which it must have been because she
could see the sun barely rising in the distance. How long had she lain here in
her own misery? When he first picked her up in his arms she thought for a short
moment it was Tavish, that he had come back for her. The reality that it wasn’t
him set her off into more tears of despair. She must have passed out at some
point… maybe from exhaustion… because when next she looked around it was full
day light and she was in a strange bed. Ian sat holding her hand lightly as he
slept in a chair next to the bed.

When she lifted
her head Ian opened his eyes blinking rapidly before settling his questioning
gaze on her face. “How do you feel sweetheart?”

“Sore and
tired… very confused… my muscles hurt like I worked hard in the fields.” She
was a bit dazed her confusion growing as each minute ticked by. Had it all been
a weird dream? If so then how did she end up in one of Ian’s guest bedrooms?
Had she drank too much and embarrassingly passed out at the party?

“Do you
remember what happened at all?” Someone asked from the corner. She didn’t
recognize the voice at first until Malcolm stepped out of the shadows. The look
of sadness and genuine concern coming from a man who had only ever looked at
her possessively shocked her to her very core.

She shook her
head confused by his question. “The last thing I remember clearly is standing
outside the barn before a fog or a mist of some kind rolled in. I must have
drunk way too much and passed out because I had some really weird dreams about
a man who looked like Ian speaking to me at the edge of the forest.” She
laughed nervously before moaning. She hurt so much.

The look she
saw pass between the brothers frightened her for some reason. Ian’s eyes looked
haunted, but Malcolm pulled her attention to his face when he spoke. “Ian found
you deep in the woods huddled in a ball. He thought you had passed out too and
was just thankful to have found you before you got hyperthermia, but you became
hysterical and began crying uncontrollably. We noticed a lot of blood on your
clothes so we panicked and called our private doctor.” He looked away without
saying a word for several minutes.

obviously wasn’t right here. Had something happened that she didn’t remember?
They said she was found deep in the woods… had she hurt herself and didn’t
realize it? It wasn’t possible that Tavish was real… was it? The ache inside
her felt real enough, but surely it was all a dream. There was no way a man
from 1501 Scotland could appear out of the mist into 2012 Texas.

Ian took her
hand gently. “Sweetheart… the doctor found the source of blood after doing a
full examine. He… he said there was extreme tearing of your vaginal entrance
along with semen. He determined you were probably a virgin.” He stopped
speaking for a moment whatever he was getting at was obviously uncomfortable
for him.

uncharacteristically took pity on his brother deciding to bail him out by
picking up the conversation where he left off. “Were you Tash?” It still
surprised her to hear the gentleness in his voice. Malcolm was always abrasive
and possessive in nature. She didn’t want to speak the words out loud so
settled for a short nod in the affirmative.

“He left a
morning after pill for you to take. It’s on the bedside table with a glass of
water. He gave you a shot to keep you calm and help with the pain. There was a
lot of bruising on your inner thighs and… and your butt.”

Her mind was
whirling with a thousand questions and a million possibilities. Last night
really happened, but how can that be possible? It took her a moment to realize
what they were saying… the morning after pill? Oh god… she hadn’t used
protection at all. Why would she forget that? Well she couldn’t blame him….
it’s not like contraception was widely used in the 1500’s. No the reality is
that from the moment he had held her in his arms she had wanted to stay there
forever. Her hand shook and tears blurred her vision as she brought her hand
over her abdomen. Could she take the pill and possibly give up her only link to

Tears fell
unchecked down her cheeks as she vehemently shook her head. “I… I can’t take
that. I won’t be a murderer…” The lie slipped easily from her lips. She had
always taken a strong stand against abortion…. never judging those who made
that choice… but being strongly against it for herself. Deep in her heart she knew
that wasn’t the real reason why though. At that moment she admitted to herself
that if it had been anyone else she might have considered using the pill. She
gained an uncomfortable insight into the reality of the women who make these
choices every day. She had to face yet one more truth about herself, she
foolishly hoped that he left something of himself behind for her to hold onto.

Ian’s arms
wrapped around her protectively and it just felt somehow wrong for him to touch
her. She jerked out of his grasp immediately. The look of hurt she saw in his
eyes made her feel guilty, but she just wanted to go home and wallow in self
pity for a long while. “I’m sorry sweetheart… god Tasha… please don’t cry.” She
was crying? How odd she felt so numb, just this black void of nothingness.

As Tasha
looked in his eyes she could only think of how the color was wrong… they should
be green. “Please… take me home. I… I just want to go home.”

Just like that
Malcolm was there ignoring all of Ian’s many objections. In the end he said
only three words. “She wants this…“ Just like that Ian quieted instantly. She
knew she must have missed something important in all this mess, but honestly
she was too emotionally exhausted to care. The last thing she saw before letting
the darkness take her was Malcolm locking her front door as he left.



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S.R. Roddy is
a mother of five living in Texas with her husband and teenage children. From a
young age she discovered a deep love for books especially anything to do with
history or mythology. Not surprisingly, as she grew into adulthood that has
morphed slightly leaning more towards paranormal and historical romances. Since
her teenage years she has dreamt of writing her own stories to share with the
world. Thanks to the encouragement of her family she is at the beginning of
what she hopes to be a long journey in sharing those stories.



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BOOK: Love in the Mist (MacKay's)
11.79Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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