Love me if you dare: Alpha Billionaire Romance (The Secret Matchmaker Book 5) (3 page)

BOOK: Love me if you dare: Alpha Billionaire Romance (The Secret Matchmaker Book 5)
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4 - Lila

I walked to my bedroom, swaying my hips a little more than I usually did. My rear was a little on the large side in my opinion, but Asher had convinced me that he loved it. Something about the way he watched me left me confident and wanting to push the envelope with him.

Crawling onto the bed, I paused on my hands and knees and turned back. "Where do you want me?"

He chuckled, the sound low and dark. It raced across my skin and forced a moan from my lips.

"On your back with your legs open." He latched onto my foot and pulled hard.

I lost my balance and hit the bed before rolling and pushing my foot into his chest.

He slid his hands over my ankle and leaned down, kissing the inside of my foot, his eyes looked onto mine. The soft brush of his lips on me left the air racing from my lungs.

"More," I whispered, dragging the toes of my other foot over the large bulge at the front of his slacks.

"Mmm, yes." He pressed his hips against my foot, rubbing his hard on and removing his shirt. I pulled my legs back and allowed him to undress completely. He moved up on the bed and I reached for him, wanting to touch his soft skin and strong muscles.

He quickly grabbed my wrists and narrowed his eyes. "No. Lift your hands above your head and hold onto your headboard. I want a few minutes without you distracting me."

I did as I was told, the position forcing my breasts to jut out. His hands slid up my thighs and over my hips before he ran his fingers along the edge of my G-string panties. I knew they were wet, and by this time I was panting. The power I had over him was titillating and it was clear yet he held the same dominion where I was concerned.

He pressed his nose to my sex and breathed in deep as his fingers tugged at my panties. I waited until he moved to lift my hips in an earnest attempt to help him get them off.

He chunked the panties behind him and moved to his knees before pressing on my thighs. "Open up for me. I want to see you."

I opened my legs, pressing my knees to the bed as I bared myself to him. I closed my eyes, not able to watch him covet me. I wanted to be more for him; to be perfect. Yet, I knew I was far from it. I was still so embarrassed about the pictures on the wall and felt exposed and vulnerable. I couldn’t hold his gaze without melting from the inside.

His fingers slid down my slit and I groaned, unable to keep myself from watching him enter me. I needed to see the relief that swept across his face each time he worked himself deep into me.

He looked up at me and took his erection into his hand, tilting it down and running his head over my clit. He pressed his cock to spread my lips, coating himself with my juices, but didn’t penetrate me. He kept teasing me for what seemed like an eternity.

"Please… do it, baby. Do it now." I arched my back, unable to control my body and fighting the urge to clamp my legs around him and force him inside.

"I love to see you like this." He grinned and pressed his cock, then his balls between my legs.

I bit my lower lip and moaned loudly. "I’m dying, Asher. I can’t take it anymore. Please, fu—" I screamed in surprise as he drove his cock deep inside my vagina without warning. He stretched me and filled me with such power that I gasped and widened my eyes, caught between pain and pleasure. "Oh my God!"

He squeezed his eyes shut and opened his mouth. "Yeah… you’re so tight." He shivered and paused, chuckling.

I tightened my vagina around his thickness. "Don’t stop."

He opened his eyes and all I could see was lust. "Wait… I need a moment. I’ve been waiting for this for too long."

I smiled and gently ground my hips to tease him. "You want to come?"

He shuddered and jerked, biting his lips. "Stop… Jesus, this is so good."

We stayed there in silence, our bodies intertwined and staring at each other. It was beautiful.
was beautiful, both from the outside and the inside.

After a while, he seemed to have regained control and pulled his cock out of me, very slowly. The soft and wet friction was delicious, sending goosebumps all over my body. It was hot and romantic, raw and sensual. Everything I needed from him.

I sucked in a breath and moaned. "I love it." My legs were shaking uncontrollably and I felt light headed, having hyperventilated.

I felt the rim of his cock stretching my lips and he paused, teasing me again. He was definitely making love to me, nice and slow. Or so I thought. Without warning, he rammed his cock inside of me and his balls slapped my anus. I gripped the headboard tightly as the sensation hit my core.

I cried out and lifted off the bed as Asher leaned over and pressed his lips against mine, kissing me with eagerness and passion. I felt his hands grabbing my rear and one finger, maybe two, circling my butthole.

As he filled me from everywhere and kissed me, the pleasure kept building up until I climaxed. The orgasm intensified as he whispered how hot I was, still pumping in and out of me, hard and fast.

I rolled my eyes and lost my vision for a few seconds, blinded by the intensity of the moment. "Oh my God, Asher… you’re the best..."

"You have no idea what you do to me." He licked my neck and held me tightly in place as he continued to assault me in the most delicious way possible.

The friction between us rose and his hands seemed to be everywhere. I tried to keep up, but his frenzy left me panting and desperate for air. I came a second time, even harder than the first and feeling like I could pass out.

Amazingly, he managed to hold his ejaculation for what seemed to be hours. He varied his angles and his speed, probably in an effort to slow things down, but kept his attention on me.

"I'm gonna come, baby." He whispered in my ear in deep pants.

I suddenly realized that we hadn’t used a condom. I wanted him to just do it, to stay inside of me and show me his love, but it wasn't the smartest thing to do.

"We shouldn’t…"

"I know."

He stopped moving and we both kept silent. Of course, I wanted to please him and reward him for giving me so much pleasure, but we had to find another way.

"You can take me from behind if you want." My heart raced as soon as the words left my lips. I wasn’t completely sure I was ready for this, but I needed to make sure he was satisfied.


I moved to sit up as he pulled his cock out of me, then I shifted on the damp bedsheets to assume a doggy style position.

"Take it slow, okay?" I glanced back and took a shaky breath as realization rolled over me. I was intimidated by his size and nervous at the idea of letting him put it up my ass.

"I will." He took my hips and pressed his head against my puckered hole, just a few inches deep. "Are you okay?"

I nodded, sweating. "Yes. Go ahead, just be careful."

He slowly slid himself into me, stretching me in a way I didn’t think was possible, making me want more. "Oh… yes…"

"You’re so hot. So beautiful. I love you so much, baby." He slid his hands over my back and pulled my hair, as he worked himself inside of me with slow, deep strokes.

I bordered orgasm again by the time he came and it took nothing more than brushing my fingers over my clit to explode with him.

He collapsed on top of me, his chest pressed against my back and time stood still. We said nothing, trying to catch our breath, but the moment was beautiful and I felt connected to him like never before.

At that moment, I knew he belonged to me. And I belonged to him.


The morning sunlight streamed through the window, and I couldn't help but study his features. Asher was on his stomach and I was curled up next to him, one naked body still wrapped around the other, like they had been all night.

His beautiful lips were red around the edges from kissing me throughout the night more times than I could count. His long black eyelashes laid perfectly on his high cheekbones, and California-tanned skin covered his face and swept down his neck beautifully.

"I love you," I whispered so softly that I could barely hear myself.

The clock just beyond him read nine, and I knew we needed to get up. I needed to review a few files for Gisele and he probably had a golf game and a million other things to do.

"Baby," I spoke softly as I rubbed my hand over the thick muscles of his back. "Time to get up."

His eyelids fluttered a few times before he focused on me. A smile lifted his mouth and he stared at me intently. "I've waited my whole life to wake up next to a woman like you. You're the only one I'd want to see first thing in the morning." He turned and let out a groan as he pulled me against him and laughed.

I hugged him and brushed my fingers through his hair, scratching softly. "What’s so funny?"

"This isn't a dream. You're really here." He nuzzled my neck, kissing softly.

"I am. For as long as you want me to be."

"Forever would be perfect." We laughed and kissed, and then he rolled away from me, sat at the other end of the bed and yawned loudly. "Shit. I slept until nine?"

"Yep." I got up and walked to my closet, pulling a robe off the hanger and wrapping it around myself. "I've been staring at you for an hour. Creepy, right?"

"I would have done the same. Maybe even longer." He moved toward me and pulled me into a warm hug, wrapping his strong arms around me and kissing the top of my head as I snuggled against him.

He had been so gentle and such a considerate lover the night before. I wanted to trust him fully, to let him into the deepest parts of my heart, but could I?

Love was always exciting and exhilarating at first, but it seemed to grow cold too fast.

Was my past the mirror image of my future?

"Hey... you okay?" He pressed against the bottom of my chin with his fingers and smiled as I looked up at him.

"Yeah. I think I am." I stood up on my toes and kissed him. "Coffee?"

"I'd love it." He brushed my hair back. "Give me a minute and I'll meet you in the kitchen."

"Don't keep me waiting." I smiled and walked toward the bedroom door. "I also have homemade hot chocolate."

"Homemade?" He turned toward me and I stood in silence. He was magnificent, standing proud and completely naked in front of me. His body belonged on the centerfold of a Playgirl magazine and yet he was here. With me.

"Hey, hello... I'm up here." He snapped and acted like he was offended that I was staring at his morning wood.

I laughed loudly and the smile I got in return warmed me to the center of my soul. Tears filled my eyes and I nodded.

"Yeah. I made it." I sniffled.

"Then I want it." He shook his head. "No tears."

"Tears of joy." I wiped them away and turned, not able to hold the conversation anymore due to the thick emotion in my throat. I had to learn to trust him. I wanted "us" too badly not to.

I prepared our drinks and turned as he walked into the kitchen, wearing his slacks and smiling.

"So. I thought of something last night." He took the cup I offered him. "Thank you."

"You're welcome." I picked mine up and leaned against the counter. "Thought of what?"

"Of something related to the business, but I don't want you to get upset with me for bringing it up."

"I'm not the emotional type. Tell me what you're thinking and if I don't like it... well, no sex for you today." I shrugged and kept my expression neutral.

His smile was wide and beautiful. "Never mind then. I'm not interested in helping you

I reached out and pinched his side. "Tell me."

"This is good, by the way." He took another sip and sat the hot chocolate down. "So I know this is a little odd, but I really think Sofia could help us. I mean help you."

I wasn’t sure what to think, or what to say. Was it a joke?

"Help me? Are we still talking about my business?" I wasn’t sure whether I was more confused or jealous. I knew I had no reason to be jealous at all, but Sofia was still an exceptional woman.

I tried to keep a neutral face and quickly assessed the situation. Asher was with me and he had chosen me, even though he could have been with her, over there in Dubai or anywhere in the world. The fact that he was mentioning her right now was strictly professional. It was to help me.

Asher cocked his head to the side. "Hello?"

I shook my head. "Huh?"

"I said, I understand if you don’t want to deal with her, but I think it would be a mistake."

He was right. I couldn’t afford to be emotional. "I agree. I’m interested if you think it’s important. Please tell me what you’re thinking."

His shoulders relaxed a little and he let out a sound of relief. "I gathered a lot of information on this woman that night in the penthouse after my dinner meeting with her."

"Thank you for not calling it a date." I smiled.

"I've only been on one date, and it was for dessert with this hot girl..."

I took a sip and smiled, feeling warm. "You’re sweet. So how can she help me?"

BOOK: Love me if you dare: Alpha Billionaire Romance (The Secret Matchmaker Book 5)
10.44Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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