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Her fingers traced over his chest. “You really have no hair
at all.”

They’d had that conversation once. One that had led to
dangerous ground. But he pretended it had never happened because today they
were strangers. “No need. My skin is tougher than it looks.” Most knives
couldn’t cut it. However, he was sensitive to temperature fluctuations and he
didn’t function well in the cold.

“Mmm. Almost…rough but,” she brushed her fingers in the
opposite direction, “smooth depending on which way I run my fingers.” It was
that texture that made his skin appear almost luminescent and delicate. A trick
of the light, nothing more. Despite the tough nature of his hide he felt every
sweep of her fingertips as they slowly moved lower.

She lowered her gaze to his cock and her fingers trailed
toward his shaft. For how long had he imagined her grasping it? But she didn’t.
Instead her fingers brushed softly over the hard length. She was killing him.
If not for the heady, lusty thoughts she was broadcasting he’d have thought it
deliberate torture.

Causing him pain wasn’t part of her thoughts, only pleasure.

He found his voice. “Let me undo your hair.”

She turned around and faced the wall. Her hair was damp and
silky soft. He carefully unraveled the braid, letting it rub over his skin. He
lifted it to his face and brought it to his lips the way he’d imagined doing
all those years ago.

“Beautiful.” He almost added,
like I’ve always thought

“Thank you.” She turned around, her green eyes full of lust.
This time their bodies were closer. Almost touching. She tilted her chin up,
and her lips parted.

Filid didn’t need to read her thoughts to know what she
wanted. He lowered his lips to hers, needing to taste her after all those
years. One taste wouldn’t be enough. He threaded his fingers into her hair,
feeling the caress of every strand. He shivered at the sensation. It was far
more luxurious than he’d let himself wonder.

Her tongue darted against his lip and he opened his mouth to
her. He didn’t need to say anything and neither did she as the long-suppressed
hunger rose and consumed them. He tugged her closer with his other hand so he
could feel her pressing against his body. He was right; her skin was soft and
amazing. And every time he touched her she moaned or wriggled as if she were
far more sensitive than him.

Silva’s enjoyment and desire washed over him. It was a
positive feedback loop. The more excited she got, the easier it was for him to
read her and the more his body responded. Her tongue darted against his.
Teasing and flicking, tasting and demanding. She moaned and her hand gripped
his shoulder harder. His tentacles wrapped around her wrist. He needed to feel
her and keep her close if only for the next few
. She didn’t fight
them or squeak with alarm—they had freaked lovers out before who hadn’t
expected them to move quite so much.

He picked her up and pushed her against the wall. This was
becoming a habit. Only this time, it was how it should’ve been. Her legs
wrapped around his hips so his shaft was pressed against her, then she nipped
at his lip. Her free hand cupped his jaw for a moment, then slid up to caress
his tentacles. The pleasurable sensation ran from his head to his cock.
Tentacles were exquisitely sensitive, they had to be to pick up thoughts. Then
she broke the kiss and brought one to her lips, giving it a slow lick before
gently sucking it into her mouth. He felt the sweet pull through every part of
his body. His cock throbbed wanting the same attention—or any attention.

A groan slipped past his lips. How in the flux did she know
that trick?


Filid’s rough skin woke nerve endings Silva hadn’t known
existed. His kiss, while gentle, had held all the heat she’d once seen only in
his eyes. Even if he didn’t recognize her, right here, right now, he wanted her
bad. That was enough. It had to be enough. And if she kept repeating that she
might even believe it.

This time she was going to make sure he remembered her. She
gave his tentacle a final lick and let it go. She’d read about that and had
seen it in the porn but had never thought she’d get a chance to see if it
actually worked. Apparently it did. She bit back the smile. Those sensitive
tentacles that read minds were full of receptors and responded to all kinds of
stimuli. If she’d kept going and wrapped her hand around his cock, would he
have come? The idea was more exciting than it should’ve been. Later, not the
first time. Would they have time for more or would they run out of
the room?

They could always buy more…but not enough.

He gently put her down and then dropped to his knees. “Want
to know what else these tentacles are good for?” His voice was rough, as if he
could barely control his desire. She’d heard him like that once before. That
moment when she’d thought he was going to break the rules and kiss her would be
forever etched in her mind, but she much preferred the direction today was

She nodded, her voice suddenly gone. Her heart was thumping
in her chest like an overheated engine ready to blow. His fingers traced up her
thigh and eased her legs apart a fraction. For a moment he seemed content to
stroke the hair covering her mound. There wasn’t much there, her species wasn’t
particularly hairy, but Filid had none. Not a strand on his perfect pale body.
The curves of his muscle weren’t marred by anything. He was all streamlined
white skin and he was more beautiful than she could’ve imagined. Even the curve
of his cock was aesthetically pleasing.

It was as if his species had been created to look amazing
but not be touched. As she ran her fingers over his tentacles she felt her skin
catching. In one direction his skin was so soft, yet in the other so rough. A
few tentacles wrapped around her wrist and tangled with her fingers as if
involved in their own sensual dance. The roughness of his skin made it tough
like armor, even though it looked translucent and delicate. A trick of the
light and nothing more. No species had a tougher hide than the

What would he feel like in her? Would the friction be
pleasurable or too much? A nervous flutter spun through her stomach. What if
she couldn’t handle being close to him? She took a breath and slowly released
it. Then it didn’t matter. He didn’t know who she was; this was the random
meeting of two strangers in need of a fuck. Nothing more. If it didn’t work
then they walked away and found a species that was more compatible. Sometimes
interspecies sex didn’t work out the way everyone hoped.

However that didn’t stop her from hoping it would be
amazing, the way she’d always imagined. She hoped her imagination hadn’t set
her up for a fall.

Filid’s finger brushed the lips of her slit, already wet and
aching for him. She had to close her eyes, even though she didn’t want to, as
he found her clit and gave the hard button a delicate rub. Her heart began a
rapid beat as her blood heated past what she was sure was safe levels of lust.
She remembered the way he’d pressed her against the wall as they’d fought and
then the almost kiss. The rolling waves of lust and frustration. She bit her
lip as his finger pressed and circled her clit as if he knew exactly what she
wanted. Then he eased one finger into her core.

Rough, yes, but not enough to hurt. However, she was so
slick and needy she was sure it wouldn’t have mattered if he was hung like a

His finger slid out of her and she gasped for the loss, then
his hands were on her hips and his mouth was on her clit, and one tentacle was
sliding into her cunt. The thickness of a finger, longer and far more flexible,
it reached places normally only touched by the cock of the most skilled of
lovers. She drew in a breath as a shudder of pleasure rolled through her,
weakening her knees. Her fingers dug into his skin, but it didn’t matter how
hard she pressed, she wouldn’t leave a mark, wouldn’t hurt him. Not unless she
pulled on one of his tentacles.

Then one tentacle circled and teased her ass. She lifted
onto the balls of her feet. While they might have known each other years ago,
it was too personal for today. He pulled back and instead a second tentacle
slid into her core. They writhed inside her as he licked and sucked her clit.
Her head tipped back against the wall. There was no time to catch her breath.
Pleasure spiked and she came. Hard. Her body jerked as if it weren’t her own.
Her core gripped the tentacles inside her, the roughness of his skin made nerve
endings spark as if she needed to come again. Short panting breaths were all
she could manage, but they didn’t give her enough air.

She was aware of Filid standing up, of his body moving
against hers as he picked her up. She’d expected him to have her against the
wall, wanted him to take her against the wall, but he carried her out of the
bathroom and placed her gently on the bed. Her skin was still wet, they’d wreck
the sheets. Silva opened her eyes to say something and stopped.

Filid was glistening with water. It didn’t roll off him like
it did off her skin. It clung to him like diamonds. If he’d looked beautiful
before, now he looked amazing. She’d seen many things while traveling, but few
took her breath away. She was going to add a wet Filid to that list. She lifted
her gaze to face. The look in his eyes was pure molten heat.

He leaned over her, his lips a whisper away from hers. “I
wanted to make sure you were ready.”

She was ready. She’d been waiting years.

“Mmm” was all she could manage, and she no longer cared
about the sheets.

He lifted her legs onto his shoulders, his cock against the
lips of her slit ready to thrust in, but waiting and teasing when she wanted
him to fill her. She’d never been more ready, yet he hesitated.

His fingers caressed her skin in small circles. “If the
fiction is too much…”

His tentacles were raised and reaching out as he sensed her
thoughts. Was he checking to make sure she wasn’t fearful or anxious, or was he
enjoying the desire that she must be broadcasting?

“I’ll let you know.” She smiled. After six years of waiting
she didn’t care right now. She just needed to feel him inside her.

With a slow, hard thrust he sheathed himself in her core.
The curve of his cock pressed nerves that had already been sensitized by his
tentacles. He paused a moment, then eased out slowly. While his skin was smooth
on the thrust it was rough on the withdrawal, creating a delicious friction.
Her back arched and a groan escaped as if she was close to coming again. The
sensation was…unique and intense and she wanted more.

Filid stopped moving. “All right?” He was leaning over her,
his lips so close, his tentacles brushing the soles of her feet. If she tried
to move, would they grab her ankles?

For an answer she kissed him. He got the message, no words
required, and he pressed back into her, filling her completely.

His tongue darted against hers as she tasted him and reveled
in the feeling of being in his arms. The touches on her cheek and calves as he
caressed her the way no one else could. He adjusted the angle of his hips and
her clit was brushed with every thrust. She was going to come again. Usually it
took longer for her to be ready, for the heat to rise in her blood again. Her
fingers dug into his thighs, urging him on.

As the climax built her belly tightened. He was every bit as
good as she’d imagined. His tongue dipped into her mouth, stealing her breath,
and he fucked her. For a moment she was sure he knew her. Knew what she wanted,
what she needed, then the thought was gone as her core clenched hard around
him. He was still until her muscles relaxed, then he started moving again,
slowly as if determined to make her come again before he released.

This time it was too much. His skin was too rough and she
was too sensitive. She pushed him back and he drew away without argument even
though he hadn’t come.

But she wasn’t letting him go. “On your back.”

He obeyed without question, his blue eyes burning for her.
She moved over him, kissing him, then working her way down the hard planes of
his chest, to his thick, slick cock.

Slick from her. Her slit and clit ached—the well-fucked kind
of ache, not the need-to-get-fucked ache. She ran her tongue over his shaft,
enjoying the rasp of him on her tongue. Not rough enough to hurt, but easily
enough to overload her senses. What would it be like to have him on a regular
basis? Her body quivered at the idea.

“At least give me something to do with my hands.” He smiled
and slowly ran his tongue over his lip, suggesting he wanted another taste of

She shook her head. “I might go supernova.” Her clit was
still throbbing.

“I’d very much like to see that.”

If we had a chance beyond today I might let you.
took his cock in her mouth. There was no definite head like most species had,
just the long length of him. Like most males, though, he was still sensitive to
the suck and swirl.

She watched his every reaction. The way his fingers grasped
the sheets and his hips moved in time with her mouth. She slowed, determined to
drag out the time they had together, then she released his cock and ran her
tongue over his sac. One hand cupped his balls as she licked along the length
of his cock, the tip now slick with pre-cum. She tasted the salty fluid and
took him in her mouth again.

He groaned, his hips lifting. “I’m going to…”

Silva gave him a final lick but kept her hand around his
shaft, working up and down the length of him. He was going to give into her. He
watched every stroke, his breathing getting faster.

“Yes.” He sighed as his hips jerked and warm cum spilled
onto her hand. She kept going until he was spent, her hand and his skin sticky.
Both of them breathing hard.

BOOK: LunarReunion
9.53Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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