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His fingers trailed through her hair. “I think we should’ve
had that shower afterward.”

She glanced up at the clock counting down their time
together. This was all they had. All she had. One perfect moment with Filid.
Everything she wanted but she still couldn’t keep him. She got up before he
could read the heartbreak on her face, it was bad enough he’d sense something
was wrong.

He would never be hers.

Chapter Two


He knew something wasn’t right as he watched her walk into
the bathroom. But he didn’t know what to say. The time to tell the truth had
well and truly been blown out an airlock. Another male might get up, shower and
walk out, but he wasn’t ready to leave Silva after only just finding her.

“Are you in a rush to leave?” he called out. What was he
doing, they had
left, not days. Was he only prolonging the sense
of loss he’d feel when he walked away from her again?

There was a pause, then the shower was turned off and she stuck
her head out of the bathroom. “Are you?”

He glanced at the clock on the wall. “Not particularly.” He
wished they had longer, much longer.

Filid got up and walked toward the bathroom. She grabbed a
towel and hid all that lovely golden, spotted skin before moving out of his way
so he could wash alone. Not quite what he wanted.

He wasn’t sure what he wanted.

But she hadn’t said she was leaving yet. That didn’t mean
she wouldn’t slip out while he was cleaning himself. He washed as fast as he
could and kept an ear out for the click and hiss of the door. Nothing.

She was still there, waiting for him, uncertain and yet

He was getting hard again. Staying wasn’t a good idea…and
yet he couldn’t bring himself to leave. If she was still there, he’d take
whatever he could get, as he knew he’d never get the chance again. Did she feel
the same?

Was she pretending that she didn’t know him? When all
looked so similar would she really be able to spot him in a crowd? He almost
laughed at the idea that he was standing in for her memory of him. However, he
hoped that was the case. He wanted to be on her mind as much as she was on his.

This had seemed like such a good idea in the bar. He patted
himself dry to avoid catching the towel on his skin. Most places didn’t use
fabrics that catered to his skin, but he’d adapted. In the APM there was no
other choice, all species were treated the same.

Filid wrapped the towel around his waist and went back into
the bedroom. Silva was sitting on the bed, wrapped in the towel with her long
brown hair falling around her. He loved the feel of her hair on his skin. Next
time she was on top so her hair could trail over him, the ends tickling his
chest or against his lips. What would her hair feel like wrapped around his cock?

Neither of them spoke. It was kind of awkward when the
one-time fling started edging toward a two-time thing.

She watched him for a moment, hesitation and desire clouding
her thoughts as if she didn’t know what to do next. “Are you making up for all the
fucks you don’t get?”

He gave her a small smile. “I have to make the most of every
piece of shore leave… I’d be more than happy to spend my time on the Moon with
you.” And that was the truth, even if he’d rather have her admit to knowing who
he was. For a moment he was tempted. But what if she dressed and left, he
didn’t want his fantasy plummeting toward the nearest planet in a fiery wreck.

She raised one eyebrow. He wanted to kiss it. “There’s lot
to see on the Moon.”

“There’s a lot to do here.” And right now he couldn’t care
less about the shows or the gambling, the voyeur rooms or the sex for sale. He
had everything he’d wanted for the last six years right here.

Silva gave a slow nod as if considering. “What did you have
in mind?”

What didn’t he have in mind? He was going to suggest
something safe but the desire he’d always had around her formed on his lips
instead. “I want to feel your hair over every piece of my skin.”

Few understood his fascination with hair. Many
found it disgusting. Not him. From the first time he’d seen her he’d wanted to
unravel her braid and run his fingers through the long brown strands. That
desire had quickly escalated into something that he could never ask anyone to
do…unless he was paying, and he refused to pay.

“Every piece?” Her gaze dropped from his face to his groin.
For the moment he was glad of the towel. How had she known?

He swallowed, he had to be honest as he might never get
another chance. “Especially that piece. And I want to feel your mouth around a
tentacle while I fuck you.”

Her lips turned up in a half grin. “Is that like getting
head job while getting fucked?”

It was toe-curling good and it had been a long time since
anyone had done that for him. Not everyone liked to play with his tentacles but
Silva hadn’t hesitated. But then she hadn’t back when he’d flown with her
either. She’d asked questions and touched them once before pulling away, the
heat clear in her green eyes. Working with her and not breaking any rules had
been hard—almost impossible.

He grinned. There were no rules to break now. “I can tell
you’re curious. What do you want?” For a moment he wished he could read her
mind as easily as
. He wanted to know exactly what she was thinking,
not just the vague emotion, when she looked at him that way.

Her eyelashes fluttered and she glanced away for a moment.
He was half hoping that she’d break this charade, but when she looked up the
simple lust was back and all other thoughts were gone. Perhaps this was all
they had but he didn’t want to believe that. They’d worked so well together.
Had spent so many
talking and laughing. If he kept talking he’d
slip up and reveal that he knew who she was, and she obviously didn’t want
that, assuming she did know who he was in the first place.

He should’ve taken the opportunity and left after the shower
instead of lingering, but as always walking away from Silva was harder than it
should be. Since he was here he wasn’t going to waste a moment.

He let the towel drop to the floor, then strode over to the bed
and kissed her, hard. “You didn’t tell me what you wanted.”

“You.” She leaned back, pulling him with her. The desire in
her eyes was burning for him.

He pulled off her towel so she was bared to him again and he
placed kisses all over her body, taking the time to tease each nipple into a
hard peak before moving lower. He liked the way she tasted, the way she moved
when his tongue flicked over her clit and pressed into her slit. But he was
also aware that her skin was soft and fragile compared to his. She had to be
slick with need, otherwise just the simple act of rubbing her clit could create
too much fiction and hurt her. He didn’t want to think what that would mean if
they were together long term. He supposed there were special lubes available.

Maybe it was a good thing that wasn’t an option. He might
damage her, and the last thing he wanted to do was harm her in any way.

His tongue thrust into the folds of her cunt, the taste of
her sweet on his tongue. She lifted her hips, offering herself to him. He delved
deeper and she gasped, her fingers brushing over his tentacles, caressing and
stroking. The sensation reverberated through his body all the way to the tip of
his cock.

This time he knew she was doing it deliberately to turn him
on. Just knowing that made it more intense. As much as he’d like to slide his
fingers into her, he let his tongue do the work, the taste of her juice made
his blood heat, and the way she squirmed as if she couldn’t get enough urged
him on. She was close. Her desire washed over him until he wasn’t sure where
hers ended and his began.

“Turn around.” Her voice was breathy as if she was only just
holding on to control.

He looked up at her. Silva gave one tentacle a gentle tug to
reinforce the point, but it wasn’t enough to hurt him. It was as if she knew
exactly what to do to him. As if she could read his thoughts. She wanted to
taste him while he tasted her. He moved over her, enjoying her surprise when he
didn’t do as asked and her pleasure when he kissed her. Then he rolled onto his
back. She was going on top one way or another so he could also enjoy the
trailing of her hair over his skin.

Silva propped herself up on one elbow, a smile curving her
lips, then she straddled his face. Her spread slit was before him, slick and
waiting to be touched and teased. As he ran a finger over her folds she
shivered and her hips bucked.

He placed his hands on her ass and moved her closer so he
could lick her clit. She made a little noise but it was drowned out by the need
to be touched. He could feel what she wanted as clearly as he felt his own

She leaned forward, her hair dancing over his skin, part
tickle, part caress. She moved her head, kissing his shaft, and her hair slid
over his inner thigh. His balls tightened. Then the silken strands touched his
cock, deliberately, as she wrapped a length around his shaft and fisted him.
Her lips and tongue teased the tip. He almost forgot how to breathe. The
fantasy he’d held on to for so long was happening.

His heart beat faster. He’d never forget the feel of her
hair gliding over his skin or the way her tongue danced over his cock and her
breath on his sac.

It was too much. He wanted to come inside her this time. It
might be the only time. He quashed the thought fast, aware that her core was
too delicate for too much rough treatment from his skin. Instead he
concentrated on making her come first, his tongue dipping into her core as his
fingers played with her clit. She was moaning as her hips moved. So close…

Silva moved, easing away from him, and sat up so she could
glance over her shoulder at him. “If I ride you, can you make it quick?”


She nodded.

Not many women would ask for it to be quick. They both
glanced at the countdown on the wall. It would have to be, they were running
out of time before the door would open and refuse to close until the room was
empty of life signs.

“Get on then,” he said before she could think about what the
clock meant.

She turned around and eased herself onto his cock. A ripple
of heat ran through his blood as he watched her take him into her core, her
hair falling around her. She didn’t look like the fearless pilot he’d once
worked with anymore. She looked like a woman intent enjoying herself for as
long as possible.

Not that she hadn’t once worn a similar expression after
shooting a ship and knocking out its engines in a piece of precision flying.
Pure joy. It was contagious. He’d never forgotten what her happiness felt like.

However, this time it was because of something he was doing.
He grabbed a lock of hair and pulled her forward. He let her set the pace.
After a few strokes her core tightened and she moaned against his lips. Keeping
to his promise to be quick, he gave into the sensation of Silva riding him and
the desire that filled her thoughts. Two more thrusts and he let go. His cock
twitched as he came within her.

The release was just as sweet the second time around. Maybe
sweeter as it felt as though he’d been waiting six years for that moment.

She lay on his chest as if any movement was too much, and he
didn’t want to make her move. He traced shapes on her back and stroked her
hair. He could get used to this. It was so close to what he’d imagined over the
years, only better. She was actually here in his arms after all this time.

The words were on the tip of his tongue, the confession that
he knew her and wanted her, wanted more than this, but then she moved. She
kissed him once and got up, gathering her uniform and her bag.

He closed his eyes and tried not think about her leaving. It
was best he continue the game and walk away…just like he had before.

* * * * *

In the tiny bathroom Silva ran her fingers through her hair,
untangling the strands so she could re-braid it. Filid moved behind her and did
it for her. He placed a kiss on the back of her neck, a gesture that was almost
too intimate for the strangers they were pretending to be. It had always been
complicated between them. Today was no different. She looked at him in the
mirror and was so tempted to say something but didn’t know what.

What could she say now? Besides, he hadn’t given any
indication that he knew her. If she confessed and he stared blankly, today
would be obliterated into space junk. Her heart couldn’t deal with that.
Instead she smiled, part of her wishing it could have been different between

“Is it your first trip to the Moon?” It wasn’t an APM
standard stop even though their ships passed it regularly.

“Yes.” He tied off her braid but seemed reluctant to let her
go just yet, his fingers toying with her hair. She felt the same.

“So what else are you going to do while you’re here?” It was
a personal question that she probably shouldn’t be asking. Maybe he’d go
looking for more sex, not drugs, otherwise the APM would charge him, and Filid
always obeyed the rules. Always. If he hadn’t six years ago where would they be

“I need to see my cousin. He works here as a registrar.”

“Births, deaths and marriages?” Decadent Moon might be a
pleasure resort but behind the scenes were the staff who ran the place. There
was a small city devoted to keeping the Moon operating from engineering to the
dancers and bartenders. Then of course there were the people who came here to
get married or divorced. After leaving the APM she’d thought about taking a
shuttle job that ran supplies between the commerce stations and the Moon.
Fortunately she’d been saved by a job offer from the Bird Cruise Liner Company.

Filid nodded. “I haven’t seen him for years.”

“If you get time you should catch a show, they’re really
something.” Sensual and full of flesh. They were designed to get patrons’ blood
pumping. She’d seen her share of them over the years.

He frowned. “You come here often?”

“Most liners stop here. I’m hoping to switch to the
next year. The seven most dangerous planets tour.” While she’d already
hiked one, seeing the other six was on her list of things to do before going
back to
… But she was always adding to that list, finding
excuses and reasons she shouldn’t go home.

BOOK: LunarReunion
4.92Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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