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She nodded her head vigorously, undulating on the bed and her sex flushed darker even as he watched. “Yes, I love the taste of your cock,” she told Patrick. She licked her lips and opened and closed them several times. “I want you to fuck my mouth. Give me all of that cock. Right here,” she moaned and licked her lips again. “I want to taste your cum on my tongue.”

“Fuck,” Patrick cried and used his hand to guide the head back to her mouth. She opened wide this time and sucked him deep the first time. She was done playing and if he thought that she would kill him before he hadn’t known what he was talking about. He was fixated on the way his thick girth stretched her lips wide, the slight scrape of her teeth along his shaft as she sucked him deep before easing off his length. And when only the mushroomed head remained in her mouth she worked her tongue in the groove just underneath and sucked hard on him. He wasn’t going to last at all.

His gaze latched on to Alex’s and he confessed just that. “I ain’t going to last buddy. Fuck!” he cried as she sucked him deep once again. No he wasn’t going to last at all.

Alex stepped up to the bed and moved to his knees on the mattress behind her. She was sheer perfection and he had yet to feel her slick walls tightening around him. She was flushed, her lips spread wide, the opening to her pussy wet and ready to be filled by him. He’d never been so happy before that a woman wanted hard and fast. Because that was all he could give her this first time. It might last three minutes depending on just how sweet she was. But somehow he knew it wouldn’t last much longer than that.

He lined up and slammed home with one hard thrust of his hips against hers. She cried out around the cock in her mouth but didn’t let it go. Alex pulled all the way out loving the feel of her pussy grasping him like it didn’t want to lose him. With a harsh groan he plunged deep again and she took him moving back into his thrust with her body. And that one small movement shattered the remains of his control. He grabbed her hips firmly between his hands and rode her like a battering ram. He wanted to slow down, wanted to savour her, wanted to do so many other things both to and with her but now was not the time. Those things would have to wait until the next time. This time he took like an animal and she blew him away with the way she not only took what he gave but used her body to demand more. Her hips slapping against his as she strained closer to him, her back arching so high that her belly almost hit the mattress. And the entire time she never let go of the cock filling her mouth and from the glazed look on Patrick’s face she wasn’t slacking on the sucking action she was giving him either. Yeah, Alex had found the perfect woman, the one who would be able to satisfy his every desire and whim. Maggie would probably have some demands of her own as well and damned if he didn’t relish the thought of being the man to fill them for her.

Patrick’s bellow filled the room and his hips locked in a forward position and Alex could tell by the expression on his buddy’s face that it was one hell of an orgasm. Alex’s face would have a similar expression in just a few minutes. He watched as Patrick finally stepped back from Maggie, his cock releasing with a loud pop as if she was reluctant to let the spent flesh go. And with Patrick no longer in the picture Maggie turned into a wild cat beneath him, bucking and thrusting back at him. He tightened his grip hoping that he wouldn’t leave bruises on her white skin but afraid that he would anyway. She dropped her arms down on the bed and buried her head on them and a keening cry filled the air telling him just how close she was to orgasm. She turned her head and looked back at him. Her eyes were glazed and there was a spot of white on her bottom lip that he figured was a remnant of Patrick’s cum. “Fuck me,” she demanded in a guttural voice slurred by the intensity of her desire.

Alex held tight and stroked faster between her thighs lifting her hips slightly off the mattress with every thrust. Three strokes, four strokes, and on the fifth she broke. The walls of her pussy closed over him gripping and working his dick, her cries of completion the headiest aphrodisiac he’d ever known. On the eighth stroke he was joining her with an orgasm so intense that he saw black dots that made him fear for his sight. The person who said masturbation could make you go blind had obviously never known a woman like his Maggie. He roared out as the thought filled his head. His Maggie. Fuck, he’d fallen in love with a woman that he didn’t know. A woman whose very life he may shatter depending on how well she knew the man he and Patrick were here to investigate, Dom Alexander Houston.

Chapter Three

Maggie didn’t think that she could move and prayed that they wouldn’t ask her to. Alex was behind her on the bed lying crosswise with his hand firmly planted on her ass. It was as if he was afraid she was going to spring up and leave. Hell, the man had just given her the best sex of her life so he had nothing to worry about. As a matter of fact after this episode she was sad that she couldn’t marry him and spend the rest of her life with him. He was everything that she had been searching for sexually in a man. But sex wasn’t everything and she would never give her father the satisfaction of getting what he wanted from her. And the old man had been very clear on how he expected her to seduce one of the men into marriage. She had just played with his plan a little bit. She almost laughed out loud but, thankfully, caught herself. Instead of seducing one man, she had engaged in an amazing sex session with both of them. Hell, she could go a few more times if they were up to it. She stretched and groaned and did laugh when she heard Patrick moan from his reclined state beside her.

His feet were on the floor with only his hips and upper body lazing on the bed. He must have had one hell of a glance at her breasts when she arched up. Maggie glanced his way and smiled when she saw his cock full and hard again. His thick staff bobbed up against his stomach and Maggie reached out to cup him in her hand, to caress the soft skin that covered the steel length. Patrick groaned again and she felt more than saw Alex turn his head to see what they were doing. She stroked him from balls to tip spreading some of the pre-cum leaking from the head with her fingers.

The male penis had always fascinated Maggie. They all looked remarkably the same when in the flaccid state but when a man was aroused… Wow. That was when they became works of art. Each one different and unique. Hell the two men in the room with here were a perfect example of this. Patrick was so thick that her fingers couldn’t encompass the width of him. The head was a mushroom shape, blooming over the top of the shaft, and amazingly was about a half an inch thicker than the rest of his cock. It was a true mushroom cock.

Alex on the other hand was long, so damn long but nowhere near the thickness of Patrick. The head of his cock barely tapered making the entire length the same width. Where Patrick only reached midway to his belly button, Alex was all the way up to his. And as she glanced back to see what he was doing at this moment she saw that he was also hard as stone and slowly guiding his hand along the beauty between his thighs. She desperately wanted to do that for him, wanted to taste him in the same way that she had Patrick. Felt a desperate urge to replace Patrick’s taste with Alex’s. What was it about this man that screamed at her and brought out emotions that she had never engaged in during sex before? It was much more than his pretty looks and that sexy British accent, though those were fantastic. No, it was something about the man himself that called out to the woman inside her, the one she tried to hide from everyone. She went to try and roll over to her hands and knees but both men stopped her.

“On your back this time baby,” Patrick said. “I want to eat a little more of that sweet cream of yours before I slip my cock inside you.” He glanced over at her as he stood up from the bed and reached for one of the condoms lying on the floor. “Are you okay with that? You want me to fuck you? Put my cock in that tight pussy until we both explode with pleasure?”

Damn he was good. A man who knew how to sway a woman to what he wanted. And that southern boy charm was as evident as the Texas drawl that left his lips. Hell yeah she wanted him inside her but some devil inside her made her glance at Alex as if seeking permission. What the hell was up with that? That just pissed her off. He was nothing to her but a casual lay that she might or might not see again. But then Alex smiled at her and reached out to stroke her hair. And his voice, his voice was like warm water trickling over her sensitised skin.

“I want to see him fuck you as much as you want him to. Almost as much as he wants to. I want to watch him pleasure you, watch you come with him inside you.” His fingers came up and traced over her lips. “And I want to feel this incredible mouth sucking my dick while he’s doing it.”

Maggie couldn’t help it, she moaned deep in her throat and it came out sounding like a purr. Like she was a damn cat being stroked by her master. But damn it all she wanted that more than anything. She did her best to give him a sultry smile, arching her back up off the bed, her breasts reaching towards the ceiling and her legs spreading wide. Unfortunately she was facing the wrong way and her mouth was at Patrick and her thighs were spread by Alex. And the damn man grinned as if he knew she was trying to shake off the affect he was having on her. He reached his hand out and dipped it between her spread thighs, plunging two fingers into her sheath and spreading them to stroke along the walls as he thrust in and out with them. Maggie moaned and cried out realising just how sensitive she still was from sex with Alex. She closed her eyes and lost herself in his hands. She knew that it was Patrick at her breasts when a warm mouth wrapped one of her nipples and sucked greedily at it while fingers plucked at the other one. Then Alex’s fingers disappeared and she did open them wide only to squeeze them tight when she felt his tongue taking over. His thumb played with her clit rubbing in lazy circles around the nub while his tongue plunged inside her pussy and undulated before he pulled it out and licked along her labia. God he was perfection there as well. Was there anything the man didn’t know how to do? Then she just didn’t care anymore as he brought her to the brink of orgasm and held her right there at the edge for what seemed an eternity before pushing her over.

She came in waves until her body felt like it was floating on the surface of a warm pool of water. She felt warm and secure, totally sated and damn it, happy. These were things she didn’t associate with sex. Sex was sex. A need that the body required to expend certain energy. It was not about romance and heaven forbid she ever used the “L” word unless it was lust. What were they doing to her? What magic did one man have that he could even direct her pleasure at the hands of another? And why was she even now licking her lips with the anticipation of having him in her mouth? She flicked her eyes open but it wasn’t the Cheshire grin on his face like she expected. No, his cheeks were flushed and his eyes were hooded. His face was still wet from her pussy and somehow she knew that he would not let her walk away until he was ready for her to. And that terrified her more than anything else in the world.

He walked slowly up to the foot of the bed where her head was and stopped far enough away that she could only look at him but not touch him yet. She licked her lips again and his eyes darkened from the sky blue to a deeper darker midnight shade. She heard the rip of a package and broke away from Alex’s gaze to watch Patrick sheath his cock and move onto the bed between her legs. He lifted them high so that they were over his shoulders and bent over her, lining his cock up with her pussy. He ran the length up and down her labia coating his condom covered cock in her juices before tucking the head into her pussy and starting a slow in and out friction that had him sinking a little deeper inside her with every stroke. She closed her eyes and arched up further, wanting all of him buried in her now. She wanted him to fuck her to the point that she forgot about the other man in the room. But as if he read her mind, Alex’s dark chuckle filled the room and she felt the liquid tip of his cock rubbing over her cheek. She kept still, kept her eyes squeezed shut and tried like mad to focus all her attention to what was happening between her thighs were Patrick was finally buried to the balls. Her sheath flexed around him trying to adjust to his width and his groan told her exactly how much he was enjoying that.

“Tight,” Patrick rasped as he began a slow rhythm his hands planted firmly on the bed beside her hips. This was nothing like Alex’s fast animalistic pace and damn it, where had that thought come from? “You’re perfection Maggie. Sheer perfection. I could fuck you forever.”

“Hmmmm…” Alex spoke, his husky accent sending shivers over her and her eyes sprang open and locked with his. “Yes, she is sheer perfection Patrick. A woman made to be pleasured and to give pleasure.” He moved his cock along her cheek again and she couldn’t stop her face from turning toward him and letting him coat her lips with the fluid already slipping from the head. “Open up Maggie. Open up and let me feel that wicked tongue caress me. Let me feel the back of your throat as you swallow me.” He pushed gently against her lips and she knew that it was only a matter of seconds before she gave in, before she opened wide and took everything he had to give her. “Open up Maggie,” Alex’s eyes locked with hers and for a brief moment there was something there, some emotion that Maggie didn’t think that either of them were ready to deal with. How the hell did you fall for someone in one moment of madness? Then the eyes changed and the plea became a demand as if he were afraid of the feelings charging the air between them as well. “Open up Maggie and suck my dick.”

That was what she needed to hear, that thick British accent demanding to be pleasured, not the husky plea of earlier. She needed it to be just about sex, just sex and mutual pleasure and nothing more. Never anything more. She opened wide and with one thrust he was filling her mouth and then some. Even when he hit the back of her throat there was still a bit of him that wouldn’t fit in her mouth and she reached up to use her hand on that last bit. But Alex stopped her grasping her hands and leaning over her to brace them above her head while he continued to stroke in and out of her mouth.

BOOK: Maggie's Ménage
11.43Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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