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Marly's Choice

Lora Leigh

Marly’s Choice


Lora Leigh

Marly’s Choice




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Lora Leigh

Marly’s Choice



The following material contains strong sexual content meant for mature readers.
MARLY’S CHOICE has been rated NC17, erotic, by three individual reviewers. We
strongly suggest storing this electronic file in a place where young readers not meant to
view this ebook are unlikely to happen upon it. That said, enjoy…

Lora Leigh

Marly’s Choice



Marly’s eyes opened slowly, blinking in awareness that he watched her. Cade stood beside
her bed, his body hard and aroused, his eyes nearly black as he stared at her naked body. Those
eyes focused between her thighs, where her fingers moved slowly on her smooth flesh, the small
bud of her clit clearly visible as she massaged it sensuously.
Her breath halted in her throat. He stood naked, his erection long and thick, one hand
massaging it with slow, even strokes, his lashes lowered over the lust filled look in his eyes.
Breathing harshly, Marly watched him lower himself beside her. She shook,
recognizing the dream, but needing him so badly, she could only pray that this time, this
time it was real.

He stretched out on his side, one arm going beneath her neck, bracing himself on his elbow,
his other hand touching her cheek gently. His body was hot and vibrant, heating her blood, her

“Do you know how beautiful you are, Marly?” he whispered, his voice low and rough, his
head lowering to caress the corner of her lips with a soft, heated touch.
Marly could only whimper. She couldn’t answer him. She didn’t have the breath to.
Then she didn’t have the chance. His lips moved over hers, parting them. His tongue licked
sensually at her lips, sliding into her mouth, taking her in a kiss so heated it
Caused every nerve in her body to zing to life.

She arched against the hand that moved to her stomach. Hard and wide, warm and work-
calloused, moving over her skin, sliding slow and sure to her heaving breasts. Her arms went to
his shoulders as she turned to him. She wanted to rub against him. To luxuriate in the warmth
and maleness pressed so intimately against her body. The heated length of his shaft lay along her
hip, searing her with the erotic touch of the silk-encased steel.

“I’ve stayed away as long as I could,” he growled against her lips, his hand palming her
breast, his fingers rasping over her nipple, making her cry out at the pleasure. “As long as I
could, Marly. I have to have you now.”

His head lowered, his mouth covering the tip of a breast, drawing it into the heated warmth,
suckling in strong, rhythmic motions at her swollen flesh. His tongue flayed the tender tip with
slow, hot licks, his mouth drawing on her with all the sexually charged intent in his hard body.

“So beautiful.” He moved over her, pushing her onto her back, his lips roaming from one
breast to the next.

He licked and sucked. His hands pushed the mounds together, making the hard points
quicker to access, making Marly arch desperately against him, needing more. She had known it
would be like this. Mind destroying when he took her into his arms. Driving her crazy with the
sensual demands he would make of her.

He moved lower…his lips sipping from the skin of her abdomen, his body moving further
toward her aching center. Fiery need flayed her body, destroying her, rebuilding her. Her
breathing harsh, her body humming, Marly watched Cade spread her legs, his eyes centered
between her thighs, his lips sensually full. She whimpered. His hands, large and work roughened,
Lora Leigh

Marly’s Choice


ran along her thighs, his fingers moving slowly to her swollen, wet flesh. Her entire body ached,
pulsed, begged for possession.

“I’m going to lick every drop of cream from your body, Marly,” his voice, dark and rough,
feathered over her. “Starting now.”

His head lowered, and Marly cried out as his tongue swiped through her pouting flesh. She
cried out moments later, feeling him circle her hard clit with torturously slow movements. Her
hips arched to him, her thighs quivering with tension, the need to climax, to sate the hunger
rising in her body, overwhelming her senses. His fingers moved to the soft lips, pulling them
apart gently, his greedy tongue moving lower to catch the flood of juices spilling from her body.
He lapped at her, his mouth sucked at her, his tongue licking her, drawing the sweetness into his
mouth, driving her to the brink of insanity.

“I can’t stand it,” she whispered, her hands tangling in his hair. “Please, Cade, please take

“Not so fast, Marly.” His hand pressed against her stomach, holding her to the bed. “I’ve
only begun. You were warned. Weren’t you warned about what I would want from you?”

His expression was tight and hard, his eyes nearly black when he raised his head, staring at
her from between her splayed thighs. She shuddered, suddenly fearful. She had prepared herself,
had made certain she could take what he would need, but now she wasn’t so sure.
She felt his fingers spreading the thick essence around her vagina, running slowly, teasingly
to the tight little hole, lower. She jerked as his finger dipped in, then retreated, spreading more of
her lubrication, preparing her. With each pass, his finger would slip further inside her anus.
Marly fought to relax against the building tension of her own out-of-control desires.
Her thighs tightened, her moans keening whimpers in the silence of the bedroom as he
inserted first one, then two fingers into her. He moved slowly, stretching the small opening as
his mouth continued to sip from her velvety inner lips, his tongue stroking her into an inferno of
need while his fingers stretched her nether hole with deep, slow thrusts. Dipping out, drawing
more of her natural lubrication as it pulsed from her cunt and spreading it to the tight little hole
he was preparing with sensual, slow thrusts of his fingers.

“I want you to come for me.” His voice sounded raw and sensual. He whispered the words
against her straining clit, ignoring the grinding motions of her hips, the plea in her cries. “I
want you to scream for me, Marly. Scream…”

His fingers thrust deep and hard, his tongue spearing into the gripping channel of her
vagina. She was close, so close. She arched into him, her breathing suspended, her throat closed
against the scream building.

“No scream, no climax.” The dream shattered.

Marly’s eyes flew open on a cry of protest, and silence greeted her. An empty room, an empty bed, an empty body. Her thighs quivered from her fight for release. Her breasts were swollen and throbbing, the nipples aching and hard. She whimpered in distress, turning into her pillow, her body curling into a tortured ball. She needed him. God help her, she needed him so bad she knew it would kill her. Her body ached and pulsed in time to the harsh thump of her blood through her veins, her fingers curling into the mattress, her eyes closed tight on the building fever in Lora Leigh

Marly’s Choice


her body. He was her dream, her only fantasy, and Marly knew she would never survive if he didn’t touch her soon. Cade. Her Cade.

She had loved him forever. Since she was fourteen, thrown on him by her mother, his stepsister, in a desperate bid to hide Marly from her stepfather, Jack Jennings. He had been a deviant pervert intent on molesting her at every chance. When her mother, Annie, saw Jack’s obsession with Marly, she had tried to leave, and to hide. But he kept finding her, and each time he had hurt Marly worse. Finally, Annie had given up. She had brought Marly to the only place she could think of where she would be safe, then Annie had disappeared, hoping to draw Jack away.

Marly missed her mother. It had been six years since she had seen her, and she wondered daily what had happened to her. But she had been right, bringing Marly to the ranch. Cade and his brothers protected her, even if their father hadn’t. But Joe was dead now. His burial the next day would end his reign of misery. The old bastard had lived to hurt anyone he could. He had finally died in his own bed, cursing Cade, and the miserable luck that had him tied to the small county of Madison, Texas.

She rolled over on the bed, burying her head in the pillows, trying to find sleep again. She wished she could sneak into Cade’s bed, rub herself against him, feel him hard and hot as he made love to her. She suppressed her groan, thinking of the last two years of preparation, the lengths she had gone to, the acts she had committed. Technically, she was still a virgin. The hymen was still present, but Marly knew technicalities didn’t always count. She was determined to get Cade’s attention, and keep it. She couldn’t do that if she was as pure as snow. And she sure as hell wasn’t pure anymore. Now, she was just horny and impatient, and very nearly out of control.

She was naked and willing. Her lips glistened with moisture, swollen and full from his
kisses, her deep blue eyes were dark and glittering with need. Cade could feel his erection
throbbing with need, pulsing with demand.

He watched, his breathing harsh, overly loud in the silence of the bedroom as she slowly
went to her knees before him. Long, long black curls tangled in his hands as moist, heated lips
closed over the head of his cock. He growled fiercely as lightning raced up the thick length of his
flesh and seared his belly. His scrotum tightened painfully, his erection throbbed with the pent
up need to spew itself into the tight, waiting depths of her mouth.

“Suck it,” he whispered, his voice sounding demented even to his own ears. “Suck it deeper,

He was thrusting slowly into her mouth, groaning at the suckling sounds she made, at the
tightening of his body. He wanted it to last forever. He wanted the pleasure to never end. It was
incredible, her mouth so tight and hot, her tongue licking over him, a wash of searing, agonizing

He looked down at her, watching as her mouth tightened on him, barely taking half his
length, her mouth stretched over his flesh, her cheeks hollowing as she drew on him. She wanted
Lora Leigh

Marly’s Choice


it. She wanted him thrusting into her until he released every drop of his seed into her waiting
mouth. She was hungry for it. Hungry for him.

He thrust harder, faster, feeling the moan that came from her throat, echoing along his shaft.
It made his body shudder. Her hands were on his scrotum now, tightening, stroking him, her
mouth suckling him until he was crazy to release.

“I’m going to come—“ he thrust harder against her mouth, feeling the moist, heated motions
increasing as her tongue flickered over his flesh. “I’m going to come, Marly.”

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